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This past year marked a monumental step forward for the Apple ecosystem. Extensions brought inter-app conectivity to iOS. Yosemite brought the design of iOS to a new peak with beautiful blurs, a minimalist focus on content, and continuity. These are the tools we’re using to build something amazing at Pushbullet.

Pushbullet enables you to better integrate your Mac and iOS device. When you're working from your computer, the app will instantly push notifications from your phone to your desktop, allowing you. Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web. AirDroid is probably one of the best.

Alternative products to Pushbullet for Mac9 alternative and related products to Pushbullet for Mac. Pushbullet for Mac. Send your iOS notifications to your Mac. Zendesk for Startups. Every customer counts when you're a startup. 9 Alternatives to Pushbullet for Mac. Today we’re making a huge improvement to Pushbullet’s public API by adding support for reliably sending SMS and MMS messages (including picture messages)! The new SMS API calls we’ve added make it easy to programmatically send text messages, group messages, and even picture messages.

Pushbullet doesn't plan on releasing a native Mac app until some time in early-2015, but for now we can use MohammadAG's solution. His free Pushbullet OS X client does not come with SMS reply or universal copy-and-paste, but it can push out notifications just like the browser extensions do.

Pushbullet connects your devices in ways no one has imagined. Seeing your phone’s notifications on your computer and copying and pasting across devices make your devices feel like one. For some, however, this functionality has been missing. Today, we’re excited to share with you our biggest launch ever.

See our new apps in action here:

Get the apps here!

Share Anything, Anywhere

Share extensions are the most exciting feature of iOS 8 for us at Pushbullet. You can now send files, links, photos, and anything else without leaving your current app. No more copying links and then opening Pushbullet to share. What’s more, you can even send multiple files at once - try it from the Photos app, its awesome!

Pushbullet Ipad

Abuses of this photobombing power are left as an excercise for the reader, but cute pet pictures are a good place to start.

Share extensions are great for files, but sometimes the app you’re using doesn’t work with them. Sometimes you just want an easy way of bringing text or a link from your mobile to your computer, or vice-versa. With Universal Copy & Paste, you don’t even have to think about, you just paste. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Bigger than iPhone 6+

Having Pushbullet on your phone is great, but you should be able to use Pushbullet everywhere so we made Pushbullet work great on iPad too. This lets you enjoy all of your pushes on your favorite device. Need to share a link or file while your’re browsing reddit working? You’ll now be able to use our share extension and Universal Copy & Paste on iPad too.

A Trip to Yosemite, Pushbullet Edition

The Pushbullet Mac App is now availble free in the Mac App Store. With our Mac app, you can send files and view notifications at any time. You can also view your pushes and filter them by channel, friend, or device. You can also drag-and-drop files on to the app itself or the dock icon to easily push them.

Mirror, mirror, on the … Mac

We’ve been asked time and time again to bring notification mirroring to iOS. Seeing mobile notifications on desktop is really quite magical. Using Bluetooth LE, you can now see, act on, and dismiss your iOS notifications right on your Mac. Your notifications will stay synced with your phone.

Walk away from your computer? Your notifications leave with you, no longer visible on your desktop, keeping them private. Want to control what notifications you see at work, versus when you’re at home? No problem. Your notification settings are per installed Mac app, so you have total control over what you see, and where you see it. There’s even first class support for Android notifications too.

All Pushbullet, All the time

Want to close the desktop app, but still want to get updates from Pushbullet? No problem. Close away. You can push at any time from the menulet app in the top bar. You can even view your recent pushes and notifications, right there or in Notification Center.

Safari Has Joined The Party Too

Our new Safari extension makes sending links to your phone a snap. You can click on our extension icon, or simply just right-click on a link or the page to send it to any of your devices.

A New Frontier

We’ve worked hard to bring an amazing Pushbullet experience to iOS and OS X. There are a lot of delightful details in the apps that we hope you enjoy, and this is just the beginning.

We’d like to welcome you to the beginning of Pushbullet for Apple, and say thank you for your support. For those of you who are just joining us…

PS: You can now sign in with Facebook everywhere.

Updating Our Chrome Extension After Our Google Scare

Three weeks ago Google was close to removing our Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Fortunately things ended up working out. Not fun though!

To meet Google’s requirements and stay in the Chrome Web Store we needed to remove a few permissions from our extension. It has become clear over the past few weeks, however, that those permissions enabled our extension to work better than it does now without them.

Pushbullet for microsoft edge

Our Chrome Extension Is Safe

By Ryan Oldenburg on May 15, 2020

This is a follow-up to Wednesday’s Let’s Guess What Google Requires In 14 Days Or They Kill Our Extension.

Let’s get the good news out there right away. Our extension has been approved!

Let's Guess What Google Requires In 14 Days Or They Kill Our Extension

Pushbullet Macrodroid

We at Pushbullet have received some bad news from Google. It appears our extension will be removed from the Chrome Web Store if we don’t make required changes within 14 days. Not good! The bigger problem? Google hasn’t told us what those required changes are.

On-Demand Exports Of Your Pushbullet Data

By Ryan Oldenburg on January 27, 2020

Starting today, you can request an export of your Pushbullet data with just the click of a button.

Did you know Pushbullet is now officially 7 years old? 7 years is a long time! To celebrate, we wanted to do a little something special and that’s what we’re sharing with you today.

Improving Our SMS API

Today we’re making a huge improvement to Pushbullet’s public API by adding support for reliably sending SMS and MMS messages (including picture messages)!

Pushbullet Macbook Pro

The new SMS API calls we’ve added make it easy to programmatically send text messages, group messages, and even picture messages.

A Better Looking And Easier To Use Browser Extension

Pushbullet Edge Extension

By Ryan Oldenburg on December 18, 2019

Pushbullet For Mac Alternative

Earlier this year we updated our Android app's user interface to a much cleaner and more modern design. The feedback we got from you all on that update was overwhelmingly positive which was amazing. After receiving so much positive feedback it was clear we needed to bring that same new level of polish to our other apps.