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PUMPS FROM THE DUMP,Suresh Vaidyarajan Arvind Gupta. Illustrations by Avinash Deshpande,Published by Vigyan Prasar. C 24 Qutub Institutional Area,New Delhi 110016 India. Price Indian Rupees Twenty only,Send your comments to arvindguptatoys hotmail com. PUMPS FROM THE DUMP,Every little child does it,Making things from odds and bit.
The whole world is a garbage pit,Collect some junk and make a kit. You ll never be at a loss,Make do what you come across. Con rod piston suction port,All these parts you don t import. Little things all strewn around,A soda cap lying on the ground. A hose a spoke a hollow stem,Lids and bottles all of them.
Use these things to make a pump,A pump assembled from the dump. A pump to make the water pump,To quickly empty out the sump. Making pumps will bring great joy,For each of them is a working toy. Play with them and get a feel,What s a valve and what s a seal. It s best to try a theory out,Then you ll know it inside out.
Think adapt and improvise,That s the rule of the wise. Several pumps go up and down,While many pumps go round and round. Pumps are made of many parts,But the best pump is the heart. Pumps bring water to the field,And thus better food crop yield. Pumps lift water from the well,Life without a pump is hell.
Various Valves, A valve is the heart of a pump And there are many many to make simple valves. using very ordinary materials,What is a valve, A valve is a device which enables water or air to flow in one direction only It prevents the. flow in the reverse direction A valve is like a traffic policeman on a one way road He. allows traffic to go in one direction only and stops all traffic in the reverse direction. He always says GO to traffic in one direction and STOP it in the opposite direction. How to make a hole in a bottle or a lid,Take a film reel bottle and poke a hole in its. base with a divider point,By rotating a taper scissors in this hole you. can make the hole bigger,A hole of 8 mm in diameter should be good.
You must ensure that the edges of the hole,are clean without any burrs or protrusions. You can also make neat holes using a,shoemaker s punch. Balloon Valve,Cut a balloon about 2 5 cm from the mouth end. Stretch the mouth of the cut balloon and slide it on the. threaded end of a toothpaste tube, If you blow in from the tube then the balloon will open and. allow air to pass through But if you suck from the tube end. then the balloon will close and shut the passage of air. This makes a very efficient valve,Marble Valve, Make a hole of about 8 mm diameter in the center of the.
film reel bottle lid Place a glass marble on it, This valve will allow water to flow from bottom up but. will prevent passage of water from the top to the bottom. The problem with using steel ball bearings is that they. quickly rust in water,Flap Valves, Cut a 1 x 1 5 cm flat piece from an old bicycle rubber tube This flap can be hinged to the. outer base of the bottle by applying a rubber adhesive like Fevibond on half the flap and. sticking it However the rubber adhesive tends to come out especially if you use the pump. in water So it is better to affix the flap by putting a staple on one side Later the two prongs. of the staple can be bent using a long nail In this way the flap valve is mechanically and. permanently attached to the bottle If you suck through the bottle the flap will shut the hole. and the valve will be closed If however you blow in then the valve will open and allow. passage of air You could affix the flap valve either on the outer base of the bottle as shown. or else you can fix it inside the bottle base too Where you fix the valve would depend upon. Plastic Strip Valve, One can also make a very efficient valve using the brass body of an old bicycle tube and a. strip of plastic sheet cut from an old milk bag Make a hole in the strip and slip it inside the. brass valve body Then bend the strip on the circular seat of the brass body Slip this valve in. the base hole of a film reel bottle and affix it with a lock nut If you blow through the brass. body air will pass through But if you try to suck through the valve body the air will be. stopped This is a very efficient valve Think of several other kinds of valves. Inertia Pump, This is a simple and perhaps a most amazing pump Any hollow tube PVC pipe. papaya stem or a short length of bamboo can be made to pump up water. 1 Can your convert a bamboo tube into a pump,Any hollow tube a PVC or metal pipe a short.
length of bamboo or even a 30 cm long papaya,stem can be made to pump up water. Take a short length of bamboo,Using a poker make a hole in the nodes so that. the bamboo becomes a connected hollow tube, In villages is often easier to find a hollow plant. item like papaya stems The nice thing about,the papaya stem is that all children can have fun. with their pumps and own them too, 2 Take a 40 50 cm PVC pipe the kind which is used for household electrical wiring.
Rub its ends on sandpaper to make than smooth Hold the pipe with your left hand and move. it up and dawn into a bucket of water Keep the palm of your right hand or the top of the. pipe and open and close it with each up and down reciprocation like a hinge Soon water will. start squirting out In this case the up down motion of the left hand does the pumping while. the right palm acts like a valve The use of the hand palm gives an excellent physical feel for. How does this pump work, When the pipe is plunged in the water because of the inertia of the water a bit of the water. rises in the pipe Air is expelled as the palm is lifted and the top of the pipe is open Now the. palm closes the top The water which has risen cannot go down With every stroke a little. water rises in the pipe and ultimately squirts out Try and find the maximum height to which. you lift water by this means Modifications of this simple inertia pump are still used in parts. of Andhra Pradesh India for lifting water, This pump is akin to the Inertia Pump There is a difference however. In this pump a foot valve replaces the hand palm valve. 1 Take a film roll plastic 3 Wrap the rubber strip. 2 Take a 30 cm long,bottle and make a 8 mm tightly on one end of. PVC pipe with an, hole in the center of its the pipe and secure it in. outer diameter of,base Cut a 1 5 x 1 cm place with a bit of.
2 5 cm Cut a strip,piece of old cycle tube rubber adhesive like. from an old bicycle,Apply rubber adhesive Fevibond This end of. tube 2 x 20 cm long,Fevibond to one side of the pipe should be just. this rubber flap and stick thick enough to fit into. it inside the bottle you the mouth of the film,can also staple it The roll bottle. flap valve will open and,close like a hinge,6 Now hold the pipe with one hand.
5 Attach a right angle bend to the top of,and move it up and down in a bucket. of water Soon water will out from,the PVC bend on each down stroke. Toothpaste Tube Pump, This pump is just like the Jerk Pump The only difference is that the materials used. both for the pipe and the valve are very different. 1 Old toothpaste tubes are not for 2 Cut a balloon about 2 5 cm from the mouth. throwing Take a tube and cut it 2 cm end Stretch the mouth of the cut balloon and. from the mouth end Clean it up With slide it on the threaded end of the mouth of. a nail make a hole in the tube near the the tube This makes a very efficient valve. crimped base, 3 Insert this valve end in the big toothpaste tube 4 Hold the tube with your hand. as shown Also insert a plastic straw a Frooti and move it up and down into a. straw or an old refill in the hole near the mug of water After a couple of. crimped end The cut balloon allows flow of strokes water will start squirting. water in one direction Water can enter the tube out. from below but cannot come out from that end,The cut balloon is a very efficient valve.
Adding a piston and a delivery valve to the previous Jerk Pump can make the Tube Pump. 1 Take 20 cm long 2 For the piston cut two 3 Hold the pump in. PVC pipe with and circular pieces of cycle water and reciprocate. outer diameter of tube rubber so that they the cycle spoke On. 2 5 cm Cut a 2 x 20 move snugly inside the each upstroke the. cm long strip from PVC pipe bore Make suction valve opens. an old bicycle tube holes in the center of these sucking the water in the. Wrap the rubber washers and after tube The delivery. tightly on one end of inserting them in the valve valve remains closed. the pipe and secure it body tighten them with a On each down stroke. in place with rubber lock nut insert a little the suction valve. glue or tie it up with matchstick in the valve remains closed and the. string This end of stem and assemble it in delivery valve opens. the pipe should be the valve body with the allowing water to rise. just fat enough to fit brass cap Tightly tie a in the PVC pipe and. into the mouth of a cycle spoke to the valve gush out of the bend. film reel bottle body with thread The with a great force. Insert the pipe in a spoke becomes the,film reel bottle connecting rod Make a. which has a flap small hole in the PVC,valve in its base pipe bend for the spoke. 1 For making this 2 With a sharp scissors 3 Make a 2 mm hole in the. pump you will require cut and remove the center and a 6 mm hole for the. a black film roll outer circle of the cap delivery valve port Apply. bottle one more cap The inner circle will rubber adhesive to a 2 x 1 cm. a cycle spoke old make a superb piston piece of bicycle rubber tube. cycle tube an old Rub it a little on and stick to the cover of the. refill simple hand sandpaper so that it is hole This rubber will act like a. tools and Fevibond a free inside the bottle hinge and open and close like a. rubber adhesive the cylinder valve,6 Take another film roll bottle and. 4 Cut a 12 cm long 5 This is the piston,make a 6 mm hole in it Apply. piece from a bicycle delivery valve and,rubber adhesive to a 2 x 1 cm piece.
spoke Fix the connecting rod,of tube rubber and stick it on one. piston on the spoke assembly,side to cover the hole This is the. thread with the help,of two bicycle suction valve,nipple nuts. 7 Make a 3 mm 8 Insert the spoke through the 9 This model does not have a. hole in the center bottle base and snap the handle as there is in a regular. of the bottle base suction valve lid to complete hand pump. so that the cycle the hand pump assembly Can you think of a way of. spoke can move Keep the pump in a bowl of attaching a regular handle. freely in it Make water and move the spoke up The length of the bottle limits. another hole on and down After a few the stroke of the piston You can. the curved surface priming strokes large quanta put two film reel bottles with. near the base and of water will gush out Both their mouths facing each other. fix an old refill or the rubber washers stuck and slip a piece of old cycle tube. Frooti straw in it only on one side as hinges act to keep them together. This is the as very efficient valves This By doing this you will double. delivery pipe is a superb model to the length of the cylinder Now. understand the working of a much more water will come out. real hand pump of the pump with every stroke,2 Hold the pen body in. 1 Tie a meter long string to the your hand and begin. top of a carrot Slip the free end making circular, of the sting through empty ball motions the potato.
pen body Then tie it to a small must swing in a circle. potato As you increase the,speed of rotation the,carrot will rise There is. a force associated with,the rotation of the,potato This force pulls. away the center of the,circle and is called,Centrifugal force. 3 This simple sprinkler 4 When water 5 Water will keep sprinkling. works on the same starts coming out as long as you continue. principle Take a one out from the spinning the tube This way. meter long flexible other end of the you can drain out the whole. plastic tube the one tube start bottle The centrifugal force of. used as a petrol pipe or rotating it and rotation is enough to suck and. a mason s level tube slowly raise it lift water from a height of. Keep one end of the almost a meter You can make,tube immersed in a a simple foot valve using a. bottle of water and suck cycle steel ball and a pen body. from the other end as a seat,Spray Pump, This is a very common household pump used for spraying insecticides.
to kill mosquitoes and other pests, 1 Make a slit in a plastic straw about one third from one. end Bend the straw at the slit and place the short. section in a glass of colored water Make sure the slit is. no more than 5 mm above the surface of the water, Blow hard through the straw You will see that water. enters the straw from the glass and comes out through. the slit like a spray, 2 You can fix the same straw in a film reel bottle by. making a small hole in the center of the lid Make one. more hole near the rim of the lid for the air to enter If. you fill the bottle with a mixture of ink and water than. you can catch the spray once you blow on an old,newspaper How does this pump work When you blow. hard air comes out with great speed from the end of the. straw This high speed of air creates a low pressure. zone at the cut Because of the low pressure on the top. of the vertical straw water gets sucked up from the. bottle and gets blown as spray, 3 The familiar spray pump used in the house for spraying insecticides.
for killing and driving away mosquitoes is based on the same principle. Bellows Pump, With this very efficient pump you can inflate a balloon with air or fill it with water. This pump will also make a great Pichkari for Holi. for with every down stroke of the pimp 40 ml of water comes gushing out. 1 For making the pump you will need two film reel, bottles 15 cm of old cycle tube an old refill or a. Frooti straw and some rubber based adhesive like,Fevibond or Vamicol. 2 Make a hole in the base,3 Make a 4 Cut two circular 5 Apply. of the film reel bottle A by,similar washers about 1 5 Fevibond.
using a divider point,hole in cap an in diameter from to the cap. Widen this hole by gentle,B a cycle rubber tube and paste. rotating the pointed end of,Apply Fevibond on one,a scissors The hole should. half of the area of washer,be about 1 cm in diameter. the two washers,and should not have any, 6 The washer 7 Paste the 8 Take 9 Press fit a short.
stuck on one side other valve on another film thick stiff plastic. act like a hinge It the base of the reel bottle B straw for a delivery. can open and film reel bottle and make a pipe Fix the cap. like a valve,close This is the small hole on with the delivery. This is the SUCTION its cylindrical valve to bottle B. DELIVERY VALVE surface,10 Cut a 15 cm,long piece from. an old cycle tube,Stretch and slide,the tube over,both the bottles. as shown The,bottles will be,separated by 7,cm of cycle tube. The rubber tube,acts like a pair of,11 Now hold the lower bottle in.
water and press the top bottle B,downwards After a few initial. strokes water will start gushing out,of the delivery tube Instead of. pressing the top bottle up and,down you can also squeeze it. Then the water will be squirted all,around as in a sprinkler. 12 The Bellows Pump is based on a chance discovery that old bicycle tubes fit very. snugly into film roll bottles Bicycle tubes come in several widths so ensure that. your bicycle tube fits on snugly or a bit tightly on the film bottles. Also ensure that the rubber tube flap valves sit flat a their seats If the valve rubber. is curved than there will be a crevice left and there will at be proper sealing. With this extremely efficient pump you can inflate a balloon with air. If you can fill a balloon with air then that is enough proof that indeed it is a great. pump and that there is very little leakage from the valves.

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