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Acknowledgements,We would like to acknowledge the following. organizations and individuals for their,contribution to this project. Latrobe University,Project supervisor Dr Diane Jacobs. Pauline Greenwood,Amanda Harris,Shelly Newton,and all the other parents of children with an ASD. who generously shared their experiences but,wished to remain anonymous.
Written by,Elizabeth Ford,Gabriella Ptasznik,Megan Blumberg. Samantha Clayton,Sara Beeching,Introduction 1,Physical Changes Information for Parents 2. What are the physical changes that occur during puberty 2. Talking to your child about puberty 2, Strategies to use when talking to your child about. Menstruation 4, Strategies to prepare your daughter for her period 4. Talking about ejaculation with your son 4, Strategies to help your child with hygiene including wet dreams 5.
Talking to your child about the importance of hygiene 5. Strategies to help your child develop healthy hygiene. routines 6,Masturbation 6,Physical Changes Information for Girls 7. What is puberty 6,Physical changes for girls 7,Keeping clean 7. Guide to showering 8,What is a period 8,Menstruation step by step 8. Masturbation 9,Guide to feminine hygiene 9,Physical Changes Information for Boys 10. What is puberty 10,Physical changes for boys 10,Pimples 10.
Keeping clean 10,Guide to showering 11,Different dreams 11. My penis 11,Voice changes 11,Masturbation 11,Step by step masturbation 12. Social Changes Information for Parents 13,Social changes during puberty 13. Social interest 14,Strategies to help your child with social skill. development 14,Liking someone more than a friend 15.
Strategies to help your child with romantic relationships 16. Stalking 16,Strategies to help your child deal with stalking. behaviours 16, Strategies to help your child deal with good touch. verses bad touch 17,Masturbation management and private verses public. Strategies to help your child with private verses public. Social Changes Information for Adolescents 20, Liking someone differently to how you like a friend 20. Signs that people show when they are your friend 20. Signs of disinterest 20,Stalking 21,Defining touch 21.
Things that should be done in private with no other. people around girls 22, Things that should be done in private with no other. people around boys 22,Masturbation management 23,Places that are okay to masturbate 23. Places that are not okay to masturbate 23,Circle of friends activity 24. Emotional Changes Information for Parents 25,Mood changes 26. Emotional awareness and regulation 27, Strategies to help your child distinguish between different emotions 28.
Regulating mood 29, Strategies for helping your child to regulate their mood 29. The Alert Program 29,Understanding the emotions and perspectives of. Strategies for increasing empathy and understanding. of other people s perspectives 31,Depression 31, Symptoms of depression in neurotypical individuals 32. Possible behaviours reflective of symptoms of depression. in individuals with an autism spectrum,disorder 32. Strategies to help lowered mood in adolescents with. an autism spectrum disorder 33,Anxiety 33, Strategies for parents to decrease anxiety provoking.
situations for individuals with an autism spectrum. disorder 34,Girls PMS and emotional changes 36,Strategies for managing the emotional symptoms of. Anger aggression and problematic behaviours 36,Factors that may cause worsen aggressive or. problematic behaviours 37,Strategies for managing problematic behaviours 38. Medications to manage problematic behaviours 38,Self identity and self esteem 39. Strategies to encourage self identity and self esteem 40. Bullying 41,Strategies to manage bullying 41,Emotional Changes Information for Adolescents 43.
Understanding personal emotions Happiness 43,Understanding personal emotions Sadness 43. Understanding the emotions and perspectives of,Managing Behaviour Becoming angry 44. Visual schedule When you get angry or frightened 44. Visual schedule When you feel worried or nervous 44. Managing PMS 45,Managing Bullying 45,Increasing self identity and self esteem 45. Useful Contacts 46,References 47,Introduction, This resource has been developed to provide parents families. friends and caregivers information to assist teenagers with an Autism. Spectrum Disorder ASD including Asperger s Syndrome and. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. PDDNOS to recognize and manage the emotional physical and. social issues that individuals diagnosed with an ASD will encounter. during puberty, An individual with an ASD may present with a diverse range of needs.
and skills To produce a single resource to meet the needs of all. individuals with ASD is not feasible Therefore the information. provided in this resource has been developed for both male and. female teenagers who have a diagnosis of high functioning autism. spectrum disorder HFASD which is a diagnosis of ASD combined. with a full scale intellectual quotient FSIQ greater than or equal to. 70 However information has been provided throughout the resource. that can assist parents families friends and care givers to tailor the. resource to meet the needs of their teenager with ASD regardless of. intellectual capacity, This resource has been designed to fill the gap that has been found. to exist in current information and data Investigations determined. that the vast majority of the information available regarding changes. in adolescence for the HFASD population was a directed to. professionals parents and care givers of teenagers with an ASD. and b discussed predominately physical changes and masturbation. In addition to investigating the available research literature 13. parents of both male and female adolescents with a diagnosis of an. ASD were interviewed These interviews identified that parents had. difficulty discussing puberty with their child particularly the. associated physical changes in a way that was meaningful to. adolescent with an ASD Parents also highlighted concerns regarding. a focus on negative or problematic issues relating to puberty and. adolescents with an ASD All parents reported that being able to. easily access an appropriate resource addressing the physical. emotional and social changes would be of great benefit. Introduction, Information in this resource has been divided into three sections. Physical social and emotional Each section is prefaced for the. parent or care giver with specific details on each area of change. during puberty how to use the resource and adapt it to each. teenager s specific needs and skill level This is followed by. information directed to the teenager with ASD including visual. schedules and descriptive stories,PHYSICAL CHANGES milestones occur in the same. succession for all individuals however,INFORMATION FOR the age at which they occur often. PARENTS varies significantly Marieb Hoehn,The physical developments sexual 2007.
and body changes that occur during, adolescence occur alongside For males the major event that. important psychological and social proclaims the onset of puberty is the. changes that mark this period as a enlargement of the testes and scrotum. critical stage towards becoming an between the ages of 8 and 14 Marieb. adult WHO 2011 The continuity of a Hoehn 2007 Following this the. familiar routine is vital for individuals penis starts to grow and the young. with an Autism Spectrum Disorder man will start to become sexually. ASD as they have particular difficulty mature This is frequented by. coping with change Thus in order to unexpected and often embarrassing. relieve the pressure and stresses of erections and wet dreams sexually. understanding the changes that are orientated dreams which cause the. taking place it is essential young man to emit semen during his. to explain sleep as a consequence of surging,to your levels of testosterone. processes For females the initial sign of puberty,that are is evidenced by budding breasts which. occurring appear between the ages of 8 and 13,during this Marieb Hoehn 2007 This is. time followed by armpit and pubic hair The,young woman s first period may occur.
approximately two years later,This material is designed to assist. you and your child with, 1 Understanding how the body Talking to your child about puberty. changes during puberty including Typically the time at which an. General body changes adolescent even without an ASD. Menstruation goes through puberty can be stressful. Masturbation for all family members Although when, 2 Understanding good hygiene a child has an ASD these stressful. practice times are compounded and may,become more complex Artclesbase. What are the physical changes that,Physical Changes.
As a parent it is common to wonder,occur during puberty. when the appropriate time is to,During the pubertal years a group of. commence discussions regarding,interacting hormones cause the. puberty with your child However,changes of puberty Puberty marks the. children with an ASD commonly need,period when the reproductive organs.
a longer period of time to comprehend,grow to adult size and start to become. and accommodate themselves to any,functional This occurs due to rising. changes that occur in their lives Thus,levels of testosterone in males and. according to your child s specific,oestrogen in females Pubertal. personality you will need to decide, how much preparation time he she If you notice that your child.
needs to understand the changes frequently asks questions at. associated with puberty The National inappropriate times it may be. Autistic Society 2011 helpful to establish a fixed. response which can be utilized,by all family members For. To ensure that your child is example a response may. adequately prepared for the include That s a fantastic. changes that will occur are question but let s talk about it. occurring you may inform your child when we are at home National. from a young age that you are Children s Bureau Sex. always available to talk about any Education Forum 2003 Ensure. questions he she might have that you do revisit your child s. regarding their body This will serve question when you return home. to highlight that pubertal changes otherwise your child may be. are part of a normal occurring hesitant to ask you questions in. physical process and he she should the future The National Autistic. not be ashamed These preparatory Society 2011,conversations will also help. maintain your child s self confidence Always answer in a positive tone. so that your child feels,The National Autistic Society. comfortable to approach you,again Autism Society of. America 2011,When explaining different female, Strategies to use when talking and male body parts be sure to.
to your child about puberty use the correct medical. terminology as abstract concepts,Expect your child to ask a variety. are particularly difficult for many,of awkward why questions It is. individuals with an ASD to,particularly important with. comprehend Autism Society of,children with an ASD that you try. and stay patient and sensitive America 2011, when answering their questions Ensure that you frequently.
National Children s Bureau Sex remind your child that he she. Education Forum 2003 should be happy with their body. Always be honest with your child It is helpful to view puberty as. It is also okay to just say I don t just another step of your child s. know or how about we look it up developmental process. together The National Autistic,Physical Changes,Welcome and celebrate this time. Society 2011 and proceed forward in your, Make sure you are 100 certain future together Autism Society of. with your answer as you may America 2011,confuse your child even more by. not providing a clear and,accurate response The National. Autistic Society 2011,MENSTRUATION Make a mark on your daughter s.
Menstruation when a underwear to indicate exactly, girl gets her period is where the sanitary pad should be. the principle stage of placed in her underwear,female puberty It is. one of several physical Go to the supermarket with your. signs that a girl is daughter and ask her to choose a. developing into a grown variety of different sanitary pads. woman Your daughter with you,may be excited or even Watch a video about. feel afraid or anxious menstruation online, prior to getting her first http kidshealth org teen sexual. period During health girls,adolescence most girls, have very little understanding of how When your daughter gets her first.
the reproductive organs function which period plan a party to celebrate. causes this change to be even more her entry into womanhood. confusing Kids Health 2011, It is important that your Talking about ejaculation with. daughter is aware and your son, prepared for her period As mentioned earlier one of the. main indications that your son is,going through the puberty is the. noticeable enlargement of the, Strategies to make sure that scrotum and testicles Marieb. your daughter is prepared for Hoehn 2007 As your son. her period progresses through puberty the, Autism society of America size and shape of his penis will.
2011 develop along with his sexual,maturity Autism Society America. 2011 During puberty your son, Use red food dye in your may have erections at peculiar or. daughter s underwear to mimic unexpected moments and will. what the blood may look like also begin to ejaculate semen. when she does begin to get her Initially many boys are unsettled. period when they see the appearance of, You may like to describe a semen for the first time however. sanitary napkin as a very large you should reinforce to him that. Physical Changes,bandage this is a normal step of puberty. and will eventually stop Autism, Use the visual aid provided to Society America 2011.
describe the steps involved in,changing a sanitary pad. A female should model the steps,involved in wearing and changing. a sanitary pad, While talking to your son Ensure that you use a calm and. about erections may be sensitive voice when explaining. an awkward and what has happened Autism,uncomfortable topic to Society America 2011. approach especially if your, child has an ASD it is Relate wet dreams and erections.
imperative to explain these to the other changes he is noticing. events prior to them with his body during this time. occurring Remind him that all these changes,are normal and help him grow into. a man Autism Society America,Strategies to help your 2011. child with hygiene, including wet dreams Talking to your child about the. The majority of Individuals with an importance of hygiene. ASD have greater strength in Accompanying the aforementioned. learning with visual material physical pubertal changes that occur. Therefore you may find it useful to both young females and males. to take pictures that relate to some comes new and often unfamiliar daily. of the steps that are included in hygiene routines Thus educating. the visual aid in order to ensure adolescents about hygiene skills is. that the aid is as familiar and pivotal as they learn the importance of. effective as possible Once you modesty responsibility and self care. have taken the appropriate photo This is especially crucial throughout. you may want to stick them beside puberty as cleanliness is a contributing. the steps already provided For element to their health and self. example it may be useful to take confidence,a photo of your child putting on. deodorant or washing their face,Use the tailored tales provided in.
this resource to discuss the basic,physical changes that occur with. Remind your son that ejaculation,wet dreams and masturbation are. all perfectly normal Autism,Society America 2011,When your child has an erection. Physical Changes, or a wet dream it is likely that he Establishing strong hygiene. is unaware of what is happening routines are a vital life skill. to him Thus it is important to not However for many individuals with an. overreact or underreact Autism ASD developing these habits may be. Society America 2011 When this complicated and difficult Moreover. occurs change the sheets children who do not have an ASD are. together and use the tailored tales naturally unreceptive to a child with. provided to explain what has poor hygiene Consequently your child. happened with an ASD may experience further,social ramifications such as a child.
teasing your son daughter that he she to having friends. smells bad It is for these reasons that may encourage. ensuring your child forms healthy your child to focus. hygiene routines is critical on complying to a,healthy hygiene. routine American,Strategies to help your child Autism Society. develop healthy hygiene 2011,Be sure to be specific and precise. when communicating with your, Use the visual aids provided to child For example reiterate that if. help show your child a healthy your child smells like sweat. hygiene routine in a sequential people will not want to be around. format him her American Autism Society,Model the steps of the visual aid.
for your child,MASTURBATION, Place the visual aid in the location A behavioural result of surging. where they are most likely to be testosterone and oestrogen levels in. used For example place the young males and females is. showering visual aid on the masturbation Don t be alarmed if your. bathroom wall or on the outside of adolescent child masturbates as it is a. the shower perfectly normal and expected,Associate hygiene behaviours and. routines to something concrete It is best to assure him her. For example highlight the that this is normal and, significance of personal hygiene to encourage him her to. your child by explaining that in masturbate in a private place If you. order for him her to have friends notice that your adolescent child is. he she needs to make sure they masturbating constantly you should. stay clean American Autism seek help from your family doctor. Society 2011 You may continue,by stating exactly what needs to. be done for this to occur For Additional strategies and. example brush your teeth every information regarding how to talk. morning and before you go to bed to your child about masturbation. have a shower every day and wear are provided in the social section of. Physical Changes,deodorant this resource When explaining.
masturbation to your child use the, To ensure that your child changes tailored tales provided in this section. their behavior or forms an ideal,behavior highlight to your child. why they should care about their,personal hygiene This will give. them motivation to want to change,For example relating staying clean. PHYSICAL CHANGES BODY CHANGES,My body shape will change.
INFORMATION FOR,ADOLESCENT GIRLS HEIGHT,I will grow taller. WHAT IS PUBERTY,My hips will widen,I once was a child but now I am. growing up My body is changing as I,GROWING BREASTS. become an adult this is called puberty,I will notice small bumps underneath. Pubertal changes are different for boys,my nipples which may feel slightly.
tender My breasts will continue to,grow and I will need to wear a bra A. PHYSICAL CHANGES FOR GIRLS bra will support my breasts. I was once a baby then I was a girl,I am now an adolescent which means GROWING HAIR. I am becoming a woman and I will I will grow hair in places where there. notice some changes with my body was none,I will start to grow hair on my private. areas and under my arms In the,beginning my hair may be thin and soft. but as I grow older it may get thicker I,may want to shave the hair under my.
armpits This may help me in keeping,this area clean. When I am growing up I may notice,red spots on my face these are called. pimples I can wash my face to keep,my skin clean I may need to put some. cream on my pimples this may feel,different that is ok It is best if I leave. these spots to go away,KEEPING CLEAN, Childhood During Adulthood I will notice that I am sweating more.
than I use to because my sweat glands,Physical Changes. Pubertal changes may occur at are becoming more active Sweating is. varying rates and times Your child when my body releases small amounts. needs reassurance that these changes of fluid in order to make sure I am not. are normal and they may not develop too hot I may notice this when it is hot. at the exact same rate as their friends outside when I am nervous or when I. Better Health 2011 am playing sport Most people dislike. the smell of sweat so I need to make,sure that I wash myself every day. After my shower I should use,deodorant under my arms This may. feel strange and different that is ok, Deodorant will help stop my body period every 28 days sometimes it. smelling badly I can also carry may be sooner or later this is ok. deodorant in my bag just in case I feel When I get my period blood comes out. that I am sweating too much and I am through my vagina A few days before. starting to smell I get my period I may feel more upset. about things I might feel angry I might, STEP BY STEP IN THE SHOWER feel sad I might feel frustrated or I.
FOR GIRLS might feel other emotions, 1 I will wash my face arms Feeling this way is normal and usually. stomach feet and legs with stops when my period starts. soap and a face washer My breasts and stomach may feel sore. 2 I will wash under my armpits at this time This is normal Placing a. with soap hot water bottle on my stomach and, 3 I will wash around my vagina having some pain relief medication. with soap may help me feel less sore,4 After the shower. I will dry my armpits with If your child experiences any of. a towel these emotional changes, I will dry my vagina with a mentioned above please refer to. towel the emotional section of this,I will put deodorant under resource.
my armpits If your child experiences pain, 5 I will get dressed into clothes please amend as appropriate. that are clean e g heated wheat bag for hot,water bottle etc. The above routine may be adapted, for your child specifically For I may have my period for 4 to 7 days It. example if your child performs may be shorter that is okay If it is. other routine based activities during longer than 7 days I will talk to an adult. after her shower time ie Using that cares about me When I first get. pimple cream or putting her towel in my period it may only come every few. the laundry this may be added months but as I get older it may come. more regularly Better Health 2011, You may find it useful to take pictures I will need to use a pad or a tampon so. that relate to some of the steps that my clothes don t get stained These. are included in the visual aid in order come in many different shapes and. to ensure that the aid is as familiar and sizes, effective as possible Once you have Periods are private I may want to talk.
taken the appropriate photo you may about my period with my good friends. want to stick them beside the steps and parents This is ok I should only. Physical Changes, already provided For example it may talk to these people about my period. be useful to take a photo of your child, putting on deodorant or washing their MENSTRUATION STEP BY STEP. face I will change my pad at least every four,WHAT IS A PERIOD I will wash my hands. As my body changes and I become a I will go to the toilet and close the door. woman I will get my period I will pull down my underwear and sit. A period is also known as on the toilet,menstruation Most women have a. I will take the dirty pad off my me too I need to make sure that the. underwear person I am touching likes it as much,I will wrap the dirty pad up in toilet as I do.
I will put the dirty pad in the bin Additional information. I will un wrap a clean pad regarding good touch and. I will take the sticky strip off bad touch is included in. I will stick the clean pad in my the social section of this. underwear booklet,I will wipe my vagina with toilet paper. I will pull up my underwear,I will wash my hands,If your child prefers to use tampons. you may create your own similar,step by step guide in order to assist. your child with this process,Assure your child that everyone is. different and every girl s period may,be longer or shorter than her own.
It may be useful to accompany this,step by step guide with relevant. pictures or photos of your daughter s,choice to practically guide her through. this process,MASTURBATION,As my body changes I will start to feel. new sensations that feel nice I may,touch parts of my body because it. feels good This is okay This is,private and should be done only in a.
private place For example my,bedroom with the door closed or my. bathroom with the door closed Other,people may dislike me talking about. masturbation so I will keep it private,STEP BY STEP MASTURBATION. Physical Changes,1 Close my room door,2 Close my blinds. 3 Touch myself where it feels nice,4 Clean my hands.
5 Go out of my room,Although I enjoy touching myself and. sometimes may enjoy others touching,PHYSICAL CHANGES HEIGHT. I will grow taller,INFORMATION FOR,ADOLESCENT BOYS MUSCLES. I will grow muscles in my arms legs, WHAT IS PUBERTY chest and all over my body This will. I once was a child but now I am make me stronger and heavier. growing up My body is changing so I,can become an adult this is called GROWING HAIR.
puberty These changes are different I will grow hair in places where there. for boys and girls was none I may start to grow hair on. my face private areas under my,arms on my back and on my legs The. Pubertal changes may occur at hair on my body may grow thicker as I. varying rates and times Your child get older,needs reassurance that these. changes are normal and they may The hair on my face may feel strange. not develop at the exact same rate this is ok If it is uncomfortable I can. as their friends talk to mum or dad about shaving with. a razor and cream or with an electric, PHYSICAL CHANGES FOR BOYS razor If I don t shave the hair on my. I was once a baby then I was a boy face I may grow a beard and. I am now an adolescent becoming a moustache,man and I will notice some changes. with my body PIMPLES,When I am growing up I may notice.
red spots on my face these are called,pimples I can wash my face to keep. my skin clean I may need to put some,cream on my pimples this may feel. different that is ok It is best if I leave,these spots to go away. KEEPING CLEAN,I will notice that I am sweating more. than I use to because my sweat glands,are becoming more active Sweating is.
when my body releases small amounts,of fluid in order to make sure I am not. too hot I may notice this when it is hot,Physical Changes. outside when I am nervous or when I,am playing sport Most people dislike. Childhood During Adulthood the smell of sweat so I need to wash. every day After my shower I should, Pubertal changes may occur at use deodorant under my arms This. varying rates and times Your child may feel strange and different that is. needs reassurance that these ok Deodorant will help stop my body. changes are normal and they may from smelling bad I can also carry. not develop at the exact same rate deodorant in my bag just in case I feel.

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