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Important Test Tips, Use correct punctuation for writing tasks full stops. capital letters commas etc, Answer the question If the question asks you to write or. speak about sport write or speak about sport NOT, Keep strictly within the word limit given for writing tasks. Respond quickly and keep speaking during speaking, tasks The microphone will close after 3 seconds of silence. and stop recording, Write ENTIRELY in capital letters Only use capitals when.
needed at the beginning of sentences names etc, Click Next N before you have completed the task and Image by Lucy Vigrass. are ready to move on,Test Tips 2,Introduction to Test Tips. Read aloud,Repeat sentence,Speaking Describe image. Re tell lecture,Answer short question,This resource provides a wealth of test tips. Summarize written text,for anyone preparing for PTE Academic Writing.
Write essay, You can use the information to help Multiple choice choose single answer. develop useful strategies to answer the 20 Multiple choice choose multiple answers. item types in PTE Academic Reading Re order paragraphs. Reading Fill in the blanks, Two tips are included for most item types Reading writing Fill in the blanks. and they are presented in the order in Summarize spoken text. which they appear in the test as follows Multiple choice choose multiple answers. Fill in the blanks,Highlight correct summary,Multiple choice choose single answer. Select missing word,Highlight incorrect words,Write from dictation. Test Tips 3,SPEAKING Read aloud, Use punctuation to help you decide where to pause when you read.
You have 30 40 seconds to look at the text before the microphone opens so use this time to break the text up into. meaningful chunks using the punctuation as a guide This will show you the places where you can make a tiny pause and. alter your intonation going up when you begin reading a chunk and falling a little when you end a chunk. Using appropriate pausing helps you to read more fluently and give the full meaning of the text This will improve your score. Look at where the pauses are indicated in the example. Photography s gaze widened during the early years of the twentieth century and as the. snapshot camera became increasingly popular the making of photographs became. increasingly available to a wide cross section of the public The British people grew. accustomed to and were hungry for the photographic image. Stress the words that carry important information, When you read the text stress the words that help to convey meaning by reading them in a slightly louder voice and adding. emphasis to key syllables e g development Also use rising and falling intonation patterns to show how the ideas are linked. or are coming to an end Look at the patterns in this text the stressed words are underlined and the rising and falling. intonation is marked by up and down arrows, The development of easy to use statistical software has changed the way statistics is being taught. and learned Students can make transformations of variables create graphs of distributions of. variables and select among statistical analyses all at the click of a button However even. with these advancements students sometimes find statistics to be an arduous task. Speaking 5,SPEAKING Repeat sentence, Listen to the phrasing of the sentence as it is read aloud. You will be scored on the correct word sequences that you produce for this item type so the more phrases you understand. the better your reproduction of the sentence will be For example there are three phrases in this sentence separated by. and each one carries a separate message that has its own meaning. Next week s tutorial on Tuesday has been cancelled. If you listen for meaningful phrases in the sentence you will have a better chance of repeating what you hear accurately. Copy the stress and intonation patterns of the sentence you hear. Make a mental note of the way the speaker uses stress and intonation on the recording These patterns help to convey. the meaning Speak calmly and clearly copying this stress and intonation For example look at the pattern in the example. the stressed words or syllables are underlined and the falling intonation is marked by down arrows. I m going to attend the briefing for students,Speaking 6. SPEAKING Describe image,Focus on the main information in the image.
When you look at the image ask yourself What is the main idea being shown by the image and What are the details relating. to the main ideas Use your erasable noteboard booklet to note down key ideas and phrases that relate to the main. information and the explanatory details These can be put into sentences when you start to speak. Speaking 7,SPEAKING Describe image,Organize your description of the image. If you organize what you say you will get a better score This is because a well organized answer is more likely to cover the main. information as well as the additional details and also talk about implications or conclusions based on the information Look. at how this sample description is organized, General content The graph er describes the main countries to which New. Zealand exports goods, Um Australia is the largest single country New Zealand exports. 21 of its goods there and this is followed by the USA which er. receives 14 of New Zealand s goods, Main point The next largest markets in order are Japan 11 China 6. and the UK 5 43 of New Zealand s exports go to countries. other than these big markets, Other details and New Zealand is very dependent on the Australian market as a.
conclusion destination for exports perhaps it needs to diversify and seek. other markets such as building up exports to China. Speaking 8,SPEAKING Re tell lecture, Make good use of the image to predict the topic of the lecture. You have 3 seconds before you listen to the recording to quickly look at the image on the screen Use this time to think about. the vocabulary you might hear This will give you an idea of the topic of the lecture and help you predict what you will hear. when the recording begins,Vocabulary,space travel,exploration. Speaking 9,SPEAKING Re tell lecture,Make good use of the 40 seconds speaking time. You only have 40 seconds to speak and make sure that you include all the main points of the lecture If you repeat ideas. correct yourself or hesitate you will use up valuable time and lose score points So keep talking and ignore any mistakes that. Speaking 10,SPEAKING Answer short question, Do not pause for too long when you answer the question. You hear a short question and then the recording status box will change to recording. Start your answer as soon as this happens If you wait for more than 3 seconds. recording will stop and the item status will change to completed which means that. you have lost your chance to give your answer, When you have started talking don t stop for more than a second or two until you.
have finished If you stop for 3 seconds whilst speaking the recording status will. change to completed even if you haven t finished and you won t be able to. continue answering, If the status changes to completed you have to click Next to move on to the next. item This also applies to speaking item types Read aloud Repeat sentence. Describe image and Re tell lecture,Speaking 11,SPEAKING Answer short question. Do not try to give a long answer, The instructions for this item type tell you how to answer the question. You will hear a question Please give a simple and short answer Often just one or a few words is enough. There is no point in saying more than you need to say Marks are awarded for a short accurate answer There are no extra. marks for additional words, For example for this question What type of periodical is published on a daily basis both these answers would score the same. newspapers,It s newspapers that are published every day.
Speaking 12,WRITING Summarize written text,Make sure your response is in the correct form. When you have written your response check to make sure that it is only one sentence with a capital letter at the beginning. and only one full stop at the end, Your response must be between 5 and 75 words so check the word count using the Total Word Count counter below the. response box If you write fewer than five words or more than 75 words your response will not be scored. Check the word count after you,have typed in your response. Writing 14,WRITING Summarize written text,Practice using compound and complex sentences. Your response must be expressed within one sentence so you will need to use a complex or compound sentence to be able. to summarize the main point of the passage and also briefly mention the supporting detail For example look at the clause. structures used in these summaries to link supporting ideas to the main point. Pronoun which,Introduces a relative,clause creating a.
complex sentence,Conjunction and joins two,simple sentences together to.

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