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Delivering Solutions Reliably, Since 1976 power companies have relied on test solutions from Red. Phase Instruments to provide essential assessment data of vital electrical. and utility infrastructure, A trusted quality manufacturer our equipment is built to withstand the. rigors of continual field work and long term use by service personnel. With some products still in service after 25 years we are a constant and. reliable utility partner that provides quality test equipment and engineer. ing services at the most technical level, Our equipment is a direct reflection on our customers needs with almost. all of our products borne of collaborative technical agreements between. Red Phase Instruments and our power or utility clients. With an approachable and professional attitude Red Phase Instruments. technical staff are easy to reach providing utilities with the security and. confidence that assistance and advice is only a phone call away and. with our open door policy our clients are secure in the knowledge that. we are always available for direct discussion and demonstration on our. current products new ideas and customization programs. www redphase com au Page 1,Table of Contents,Instrumentation Equipment 4. Current and Potential Transformer Testing Offline,CT Testing Online.
CVT Testing,Burden Testing,Installation Commissioning 5. Watt and Phase angle meters,Partial Discharge 6,Statistical. Sensors Types,Location detection,Meter Testing 7,Polyphase field meters. Bench and Online meters,Phantom Loads 8,Linear and adjustable phase. Earth Testing Equipment,1 5kVA Earth Injection system 9.
2kVA Earth Injection system 10,8kVA Earth Injection system 11. 4022B C Continuity Tester 12,4051 Lightning Impulse Tester 13. www redphase com au Page 2,New Products,For the Measurement of. Universal CT PT test system Metering CT s,Protection CT s. PT s at Full load,For the Measurement of, Lightning Impedance Tester Lightning impulse impedance of.
grounded structures such as pylons,and other metal structures. For the Measurement of,Impedance earth and,8kVA Earth Injection structural potentials and. current distributions of large,or interconnected grounding. www redphase com au Page 3,Instrumentation,590G V2 Offline Measurement CT Tester. Portable field service metering CT test system,used in the measurement of full load CT and no.
load PT ratio and phase errors in accordance,with existing and customizable test standards. With a ratio error resolution to 0 02 the test,set allows for measurement to 0 1 class accuracy. 590J Universal full load CT and PT Tester,Portable field service unit. Able to perform the following offline tests,Full Load PT testing. Protection CT excitation measurements,Measures full load CT ratio and phase errors in.
accordance with existing and customizable test,505B Live CT Admittance tester. Battery powered field portable instrument for,checking metering CTs and secondary metering. circuits Measures for,1 6kHz admittance on a CT secondary and or. complete metering loop,50Hz or 60Hz CT secondary current. Live VA burden of the metering loop from the test,block or at the CT secondary terminals.
590K Full Load CVT Analyzer,A comprehensive portable CVT test system. Tests CVTs rated to 550kV,Rated ratio accuracy to 0 05. 50 and 60Hz versions available,Measures up to 3 CVT secondary s at once. Measures CVT ratio and phase errors at different,burdens power factors and test points. Multiple test point standards to choose from,590F Online Live CT test accessory.
Used in conjunction with the 590G V2 above the,590F comes in both HV and LV configuration for. testing CT s at Live Loads up to 100kV,Electronic compensation greatly improves. accuracy over an operating range of between,5 to 100 of nominal input current. 704 Hand Held CT Burden Tester, Battery powered tester is ideal for carrying out a. quick burden check in C T metering and,protection circuits.
The clipon C T is connected to the C T,secondary wiring and the crocodile clips. attached to the C T terminals It calculates the,burden as the ratio of voltage over current. www redphase com au Page 4,Installation Commissioning. For Utilities Contractors and Educational Institutions. 597C Phase angle Meter,With both Voltage direct current or current via. clipon CT the 597C is able to measure phase,angle to 0 1 deg accuracy over a voltage range of.
10V to 500V and 50mA to 50Amps via direct,current measurement. The clipon option allows measurement of,currents up to 500Amps. 632A Watt and Phase angle Meter,With voltage ranges of 50V 160V 500V and a. Current inputs ranges of 1A 3 2A and 10Amps,this instrument is invaluable as a desktop. measurement tool for utilities world wide as well,as an excellent laboratory asset in educational.
institutions,633 Phasor Meter,This instrument demonstrates the properties of. phasors and real imaginary number notation for,students and engineers alike. The 633 gives the phase displacement and,magnitude of the parameter under investigation. It has 50 and 500V ranges and 1 and 10A current,range including a 500V range reference voltage. 4014 Quad Ammeter,The Model 4014 integrates four ammeters for the.
direct and simultaneous reading of four 4 CT,secondaries up to 10A during the setting up or. checking of protection systems while they are in,service with normal 50 or 60Hz primary currents. www redphase com au Page 5,Partial Discharge,Statistical and Precedence Detection. PDT 832B Portable Partial Discharge PD,Important utility assets such as cables. transformers and switchgear can be monitored for,destructive dielectric breakdown due to high.
voltage discharge events which can lead to,eventual equipment failure. The 832B combined with purpose designed,electromagnetic and acoustic sensors is a. statistical 3 or 4 channel PD event monitor with,the flexibility of sensor gain and frequency. adjustment This allows the operator to target and,view the discharge events of interest in a. magnitude distribution plot across the mains line, frequency phase angle Statistical interval event capture and recording can be.
easily adjusted for or the operator can view the PD events in real time. 834B 835B 836B Sensors for PDT 832B, Ultrasonic HFCT Noise Sensors shown below cover a PD bandwidth up to. 10MHz Varying combinations may be used for different applications. PDT 110 Portable Partial Discharge PD, Dual channel Partial Discharge locator with a colour. touch screen interface for easy parameter adjustment. and visual feedback As standard it comes with two,TEV or Capacitor coupled high frequency sensors. Other optional sensors that have been purpose, designed for use with the 110 are our ultrasonic and. high bandwidth HFCT sensors,Combined they provide a powerful and flexible PD.
analysis tool with the ability to determine PD location. using varied sensing methods, For ease of transportation the 110 PD locator comes. in its own carry case and separate accessories bag. The carry case is ergonomically designed and comes with a neck strap for. portability during field use,www redphase com au Page 6. Meter Testing,KWh Meter Testing with and without load. 471 Single phase 30 Amp kWh meter Tester, Robust single phase kWh meter test unit with a 30 Amp. Phantom load, Built to last the 471 is not a solid state unit hence far.
more fault tolerant than switch mode types,Wide input range to 270V. Output current settings 0 5 1 1 5 2 3 5 10 15 20 30A. PF settings 1 0 30deg lag 60 deg lag Tolerance 5, Comes with 1 8 metre test leads and M6 adaptor set to fit. most meter terminals although M5 and M8 sets may be supplied as an option. 689 V2 Three Phase 100A KWh Meter Tester, This latest instruments from Red Phase is a combined. Meter Tester and 100A Phantom Load, The Model 689 V2 can inject up to 100A 3 phase into. direct connected meters using the internal switch mode. current source, A set of plug and socket adaptors is supplied for popu.
lar M6 screws used in most meter terminals, It also has a 10A injection circuit for testing CT oper. ated meters For operator convenience and safety there is a switch on the. front panel so that both CT Customer load and Phantom load testing can be. done without changing the test lead connections, The backlit LCD display shows all the information needed in typical meter test. ing operations Up to 100 test records can be stored for later downloading. All the accessories needed to test disc and electronic meters are supplied as a. package with the Model 689,691 Poly phase Reference Standard. The Model 691 is packaged in a 19 style,bench top case with all connections on the. front panel for use in Meter test benches,It has inputs for comparison with another.
poly phase standard or 3 separate single,phase standards for verifying calibration. 809F Online meter verification,In situations where high revenue is. measured by electronic kWh meters it is,important to be 100 sure of the. metering accuracy Our Model 809F is an automatic meter verification panel. which continually tests 5 or more meters in a substation It will cycle through. each meter and test its output pulse accuracy for both real and reactive power. www redphase com au Page 7,Phantom Loads,Linear and Power Factor Loads. 462F 10A Phantom Load,The 462F is designed for use with any field test.
set to test polyphase C T meters,It can be powered from the metering test block. and will test nominal 240V 3 phase 4 wire star,connected L V meters or nominal 63 5V star. connected H V meters It can also test nominal,110V 3 phase 3 wire delta connected meters. The 462F can be used with the Red Phase Instruments Model 679 polyphase. meter tester, The 3 current outputs are variable from 0 to 100 in 1A and 10 A ranges in. coarse 10 and fine 1 increments Phase angle power factor settings are. available from 60 LEAD to 90 LAG in 15 increments,467 200VA Linear Phantom Load.
Three phase phantom loads are used for ener,gising CT primaries during commissioning or. routine testing The 467 can deliver up to 200VA,and the operator is able to adjust the current. injection amplitude from zero to full scale,Shrouded safety plugs and sockets are used to. connect the cables to the front panel The input,required is 240V 415V 3 phase 4 wire and this. is protected with a 3 pole circuit breaker,472 Poly Phase Phantom Load.
3 phase 4 wire 240V 415V 50Hz earth,A 3 phase 10A circuit breaker is used to protect. The Neon indicators show which phase is live, Output configuration is switchable from star to delta. 3 phase 4 wire star 240V 415V nominal,Maximum 0 7A 160VA. The output voltage is controlled by 3 Variacs and is adjustable 0 110. The output is not isolated from the mains supply,3 phase 3 wire delta 110V nominal. In this configuration the output from the 472 is isolated from mains supply. The N terminal is earthed to chassis and mains earth. The output of VA and VC terminals is 110V nominal w r t N terminal. The output voltage is controlled by 2 Variacs and is adjustable 0 110. www redphase com au Page 8,Earth Testing,1 5kVA Earth Injection System.
The System, Complete Earth Injection system with a selectable output voltage up to 280 V. and current injection settings to 55 Amps the 1 5kVA injection system is ideal. for medium to large ground system and small to long haul transmission. With a selectable injection frequency from 45 to 65 Hz combined with a. Frequency Selective multi meter measureable voltage signals may be taken. without interference from background line frequencies. Used for determining,Earth grid impedance,Fall of Potential. Step potential,Touch Potential,Branch and split currents. Feeder transmission line integrity,The injection system comprises. 4023 Coupling Transformer Multi Voltage Current isolation transformer. 4024B Current Injection unit,4025D Frequency Selective Multi meter.
4025E Frequency Selective Multi meter with GPS,www redphase com au Page 9. Earth Testing,2kVA Earth Injection System,The System. With a selectable output voltage of up to 800V the 2kVA frequency selective. earth injection system is the next generation in the evolution of Red Phase. Injection equipment, Included is a GPS feature for terrestrial or grid profiling as well as. measurement synchronization of phase angles in current branching tests. An added feature of the GPS is the ability for the frequency selective multi. meter to indicate to the operator the angular displacement between the. potential path and injection path which is very useful when performing. potential and impedance tests over large grounding systems. Selectable current settings from 3 2 to 20 Amps, Selectable injection frequencies from 40 to 70 Hz allow for tuned current. injection into the grid of interest, Resulting tuned potential measurements may be taken without interference.
from background line frequencies,Used for determining. Earth grid impedance Angular,Fall of Potential Displacement. Step potential,Touch Potential,Branch or split currents. Injection system comprises,4025E Frequency Selective Multi meter with GPS. 4046 Injection unit, 4047 C Coupling Transformer Multi Voltage Current isolation transformer.
www redphase com au Page 10,Earth Testing,8kVA Earth Injection System. The 4046 4047C Injection System, The 8kVA Complete Earth Injection system is the largest and most powerful of. the Red Phase Injection systems Specifically designed to cope with harsh. terrestrial environments and perfect for testing long haul feeder or. transmission line systems, Includes an optional GPS feature for terrestrial or grid profiling as well as. measurement synchronization of phase angles in current branch tests. An added feature of the GPS is the ability for the frequency selective multi. meter to indicate to the operator the angular displacement between the. potential path and injection path which comes in useful when performing. potential and impedance tests over large grounding systems. Three Phase Power is required to achieve the selectable voltage current. settings from 10Amps 800V to 90Amps 90V, With a selectable injection frequency from 40 to 70 Hz combined with a. frequency selective multi meter measureable voltage signals may be taken. without interference from background line frequencies. Used for determining,Earth grid impedance,Fall of Potential.
Step potential,Touch Potential,Branch and split currents. Feeder transmission line integrity,Complete Injection system comprises. 4025E Frequency Selective Multi meter,4041 Current Injection unit. 4042 Coupling Transformer Multi Voltage Current isolation transformer. www redphase com au Page 11,Continuity Testing,Remote Continuity Tester. 4022B C A Remote Continuity tester for bonded structures. The integrity of buried conductors and earth bonded structures is difficult to. determine In small systems a periodic resistance check will highlight any. breakages In larger systems a D C continuity check is likely to be of use. The Model 4022B C is used to test the continuity of connections and bonded. structures within an earthing system or grid, Such structures include the equipment itself or peripheral elements such as a.
station s fencing and equipment barriers,New features. An internal power source An internal sealed lead acid battery allows operators. the freedom to move the test equipment to various earth points around the grid. without the need for a mains extension cable, Lasting for up to 3 hours from full charge the unit also comes with a low battery. shutdown feature and battery status indicators, The 4022C comes with ergonomic pistol grip probes for rugged duty applica. tions The probe pins are hardened stainless steel and rotate when pressed onto. a bonded structure making for easier connection to metal surfaces through cor. roded and painted surfaces,Performance, Operating range and resistance resolution is 0 to 1999 milli ohm. Accuracy is 1 nominal,Built in calibration check,www redphase com au Page 12.
Earth Testing,Impulse Impedance Tester,Model 4051, The lightning impulse impedance tester is used to measure the impulse ground. impedance of a transmission pylon footing or other grounded structures with. out the need to disconnect the overhead ground conductor. Portable and battery operated the 4051 tests a grounded structure s lighting. impedance by applying a selected impulse profile signal of up to 800V directly. to the Pylon footing The resulting peak load voltage and current is measured. and the impedance figure is determined from this, The following 7 impulse profiles can be applied and measured for. 2 1 2 50us V or I,6 10 350us t us,7 0 25 100us,www redphase com au Page 13.

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