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There are three assistants, which will provide you with useful information, context sensitive help and documentation and all actions you may execute for the current management form in the workspace and tab.

Info Assistant

Info assistant provides all available information for the current / selected object in the workspace. It's great not only for getting detailed information but for learning and understanding what is the system structure of PostgreSQL and how it works. For SQL editor here are all statement execution specific status parameters and time measurements. There is detailed information for all result columns, datatype, table / view relation, default value and more.

Help assistant presents context sensitive help from the official PostgreSQL documentation. There is a toolbar with search, go forward and back functionalities too. In such way desired keywords may be found inside the current help document.

Action Assistant

Action assistant gives a list of all possible actions that may be performed in the context of the current / selected object in the Workspace.


Why yet another PostgreSQL GUI client? Why not just pgAdmin?

Well, pgAdmin is great for its feature-richness. However, I found its UI is clumsy and complicated. I know there is a list of PostgreSQL GUI Tools. However, they are either web-based, Java-based* or don't support the features I want. In the good old MySQL world, my favorite client is Sequel Pro, but its support for PostgreSQL doesn't seem to be happening. So, I decided to make one myself.

* No offense to the Java community. I am a Java developer myself and I like JVM a lot. I just dislike Java desktop apps personally.

Is PSequel open source?

No. There is no plan to open source it at this moment.

Is PSequel a forked version of Sequel Pro?

No, PSequel is written from scratch in Swift 2, although PSequel's UI is highly inspired by Sequel Pro.

Why macOS 10.10+ only?

I am developing PSequel in my spare time. By supporting macOS 10.10+ only, I can keep the codebase simpler and save time by not testing it in older versions of macOS. And, less code, less bugs.

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What's the current status of PSequel?

PSequel is still in its early stage. My plan to implement most features in Sequel Pro. If you think a feature is important, please let me know and I'll adjust its priority based on its popularity.

How do I report bugs or suggest new features?

Postgresql Client For Mac Os

Use Github issue tracker. Please try not to create duplicate issues. If you are reporting multiple bugs or suggesting multiple features, please create separate issues for each bug/feature. Please include your macOS, PostgreSQL and PSequel versions when reporting a bug. If you don't have a Github account, you could report bugs here.

How do I support the development of PSequel?


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If you like PSequel, please report bugs and/or help spread the word.