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To open a DjVu file on Mac, you need to download a DjVu viewer Mac OS X. DjVu viewer Mac OS X is a.djvu file reader enabling you to open and view DjVu files on Mac and convert DjVu to PDF mac. Although there are many types of DjVu viewer Mac OS X on the market, the basic functionality is almost the same. The following introduces how to open. Djvu Browser Plug-ins and Desktop Viewers. Cuminas Official DjVu Browser Plug-in (Free - Win/Mac) DjVuLibre DjView (Free - Unix/Linux/Win/Mac) WinDjView and MacDjView Desktop Viewers (Free - Win/Mac) Old (but useful) DjVu software for Windows. DjVu Solo 3.1 (exe, 2.1 Mb) DjVuVersion Command Line Utility (zip, 20 Kb). Spotlight Plugin for DjVu(Free - Add-on for Mac OS X 10.4 and later) JSSINDEX(Free - JavaScript Search Engine) SearchPDF(Commercial - Supports DjVu and PDF on Windows web servers).

Introduction to DjVu

How to Install FBReader DjVu plugin for PC or MAC: Get started in downloading BlueStacks emulator for PC. Immediately after the installer completes downloading, double-click on it to get you started with the installation process.

DjVu is a an image format that can efficiently display images and textual materials that have been scanned into digital form. It is viewable through a browser plug-in in the same fashion as PDF files are with the Adobe Acrobat browser plug-in, see the next section for further information on getting the plug-in for your computer. If you are interested in more information about DjVu visit the DjVu Zone. In particular visit the introduction entitled What is DjVu? to gain a basic understanding of DjVu technology.


Downloading the Browser Plug-in

The DjVu browser plug-in is available for free for all the major computing platforms.

Click on one of the following Icons to begin downloading the plug-in for your machine:

For Windows or the Macintosh

For Unix/Linux

Installing the Plug-in

Note: The information in this section is for Windows and Macintosh users only.

Download Speed: The size of the installation files for the DjVu plug-in is quite small, much smaller than the comparable Adobe Acrobat Plug-in for PDF files, so you shouldn't have to wait to long for download. The plug-in is provided freely by the Lizard Tech Company.

Windows Users

Windows users can generally be divided into two camps: (1) those that use Internet Explorer exclusively and (2) those that use, at least for part of the time, a browser other than Internet Explorer. Once you've clicked on the Windows download link on the the LizardTech download page that you will be taken to after clicking on the Windows/Mac download icon above, you will have two installation choices presented to you:

  1. Autoinstall
  2. Manual install

If you fall into the Internet Explorer camp you should choose the first option, Auto-Install. This is the fastest installation option. Once you accept the license the plug-in will automatically be downloaded, installed, and integrated with Internet Explorer.

If you use a browser on Windows other than Internet Explorer you should choose the second option, manual install. This option will allow you to choose which browsers, including Internet Explorer, the DjVu plug-in will be configured to work with.

Macintosh Users

Choose the appropriate download link for your Mac OS and follow the standard installation procedure for installing applications that come bundled in .hqx file for your Macintosh platform.

Using the DjVu Plug-in

Once you've installed the DjVu plug-in any link that points to a DjVu file should launch the plug-in and show you the document within your browser.

Instructions Windows Users

The DjVu plug-in has a large number of useful features that can enhance your browsing experience. For example, you can set your preferences for viewing with the DjVu plug-in by right-clicking anywhere on the document that is currently being displayed. The following menu should appear.

Select the preferences option as highlighted in the picture above and the following window will appear:

You can change the default zoom of your documents or how light or dark they appear using the above menu. To go over the full options available to you should read the official help files for the plug-in. To view these right click on the displayed DjVu document and select the help option at the bottom of the page.

Plug In Djvu For Mac Osx

The DjVu Toolbar

The toolbar that appears at the top of the plug-in allows you to manipulate the display of the DjVu document, save it to your local machine, move from page to page within the document, and search for text within the document. The toolbar is displayed below and the function of each icon on the toolbar is listed.

Djvu Reader Pro For Mac

Plug In Djvu For Mac

A particularly useful feature is the find text feature. To activate this click on the binoculars icon on the toolbar. When you do this the following window should appear:

Type the word or phrase you wish to look for in the above box and if it is present you will be taken to the point in the document where it appears.

Having Trouble with DjVu?

If you are having trouble with viewing the DjVu documents of the New Jersey Digital Legal Library or if you are having trouble installing the plug-in on your personal computer send email detailing the problem to njlegallib. If you are a public patron in the Rutgers-Newark Law Library please let the attendants at the circulation desk know of your difficulties with DjVu and they will contact computing services which will install the proper software to view the documents.

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DjVu is a digital document format with advanced compression technology and good performance value. One of its main advantages are its small file size. The size of a page from a color magazine saved in the DjVu extendable does not exceed 70 KB. DjVu permits the distribution on the web and on DVD of quite high resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents, photos.

However, because of the stagnation of DjVu and the limited advancements of the browser plugin we want to turn DiVu format into PDF for better compatibility. Converting documents from DjVu into PDF is not a very difficult thing. Today, we will offer some free and great solutions for our visitor.

Convert/Change DjVu Documents to PDF Format on Mac


It is a GPL implementation of DjVu maintained by the original inventors of DjVu. The Windows and Mac version offers a viewer/plug-in which can easily convert DjVu to Adobe PDF on Mac or Windows computer.

Step 1: Install and open this source program. Click 'Export as' from its 'File' menu. This will allow you access the 'Export' window.

Step 2: The export window as follows of DjView. You can do some settings for better conversion. You can set export the document, current page or set a page range as you like. On 'Destination' section, choose 'PDF Document' from 'Format' drop-down list. And choose a location to save the output file. If you make sure all things are OK, press 'OK' button to start conversion.

Don't think of so simple. I think this free DjVu to PDF Converter Mac program will make you satisfied. By the way, if you would like to convert your PDF document to other editable formats like Word, HTML, Text, ePub and more. PDF Converter Mac is a great choice for Mac users.

Free Online Converter -

It lets you convert documents online. You can convert your files totally free or charge. The range of supported formats are certainly impressive, like DjVu, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text document and more. A similarly wide range of image files are supported including JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2......

Related Free DjVu to PDF Converter provides only two clicks to finish your conversion. Just click 'Browse' button to upload your files, then press the 'Convert' button to start the conversion online.

Zamzar is a very familiar with everyone. It supports many input and output formats to convert, including some video, audio, eBook, document files and more.

Each method sounds perfect, according to your personal preferences to select a desktop program or an online method to convert your DjVu to Adobe PDF format.

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