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Contact 916 574 7900,www pharmacy ca gov,Find information by. Subscriber alert,Self assessments,On line law index. Protection of the public shall be the highest, priority for the California State Board of Pharmacy. in exercising its licensing regulatory and,disciplinary functions Whenever the protection of. the public is inconsistent with other interests, sought to be promoted the protection of the public.
shall be paramount,Street value of common controlled substances. Dilaudid 4mg 15 00 20 00 per tablet,Fentanyl 10 00 per patch. Hydrocodone 1 00 5 00 per tablet,methadone 10 00 per tablet. methylphenidate 5 00 per tablet,morphine 30 00 per 10 tablets. MS Contin 60mg 20 00 per dose,Oxycodone 80mg 12 00 40 00 per tablet.
Oxycontin 80mg 35 00 50 00 per tablet, promethazine Codeine LA 200 300 sometimes 600 pint. Tussionex 30 40 per pint,diazepam 5mg 1 00 2 00 per tablet. Vicodin ES 5 00 per tablet,Xanax 2mg 3 00 5 00 per tablet. National Prescription Drug Threat Assessment 2009 California. Pharmacists tend to think only of how much a drug costs or sells for. not the street value of the drug,Oxycontin 30mg IR 1 00 mg Opana 35 00 50 00 tab. Board deals with the other 5,Only when something is wrong does it get.
reported to us,We don t receive reports from the 95 of. pharmacies where things are fine,2 ways to obtain the prescription drugs. 1 Steal from a manufacturer wholesaler,pharmacy or patient. Robbery break in employee theft sell the drugs,2 Obtain a prescription and find a pharmacy. to dispense,sell the drugs on the street illegally.
Internet developed illegal controlled substance,Ryan Haight Act reducing availability of. controlled substances on the internet,Reduced U S illegal sales outlets. Not as much impact on overseas websites,More prescription controlled substances purchased. on the street more need for drugs on the street,Pharmacy employee theft increased to supply. controlled substances sold on street,Patients who are doctor shoppers.
Employee theft for self use of drugs,Recent efforts by the DEA to stem the. seemingly unrestricted flow of controlled,substances into the supply chain. impact on wholesalers,impact on pharmacies,Impact on supply. Basic law of economics supply demand,What will happen if the flow of controlled. substances drops,What will happen to patients in need.
2000 TEN YEARS AGO,manufacturing losses rare,wholesale losses rare usually losses within the. wholesale premises,pharmacy losses varied and small. some self use,2010 TODAY,Manufacturing,Eli Lily Warehouse 75 million. Eli Lily truck 37 million,Teva truck 11 8 million,Novo Novodisk truck 11 million. Astellas truck 10 million,Unknown company 8 million.
GSK Warehouse 5 million,Exel Distribution Center 3 million. Dey Pharmacueticals 2 trucks 2 million each, CBI Bio Pharmaceutical Summit on Finished Product Supply. Wholesaling,Internal losses,In Transit losses, Manufacturer to wholesaler concealed losses in large. Wholesaler to pharmacy,Theft from,wholesaler s delivery vehicle and drug contents. contract delivery drivers,contract mail delivery services UPS Fed Ex.
2013 Pharmacy, Total number of pharmacies reporting losses has increased. Total amount of controlled substances lost increased. Individuals stealing from pharmacy, Pharmacy technicians clerks delivery drivers steal to sell and or self use. Pharmacists usually steal to self use,More frequent theft by females than anticipated. Employees knowing someone or affiliated themselves with gangs. Avoid stealing becoming a supplement to regular income. Specific drugs lost more frequently,Vicodin products. Alprazolam,Promethazine Codeine,Diverter groups,Find unethical prescribers to write Rx.
Prescriptions dispensed by unethical pharmacies, Dispensed prescriptions sold or turned over to drug dealers. Drugs sold on the street by drug dealers,Gang involvement. Encourage pharmacy staff to steal from pharmacy stock. Your staff are targets,Demographics of a thief changing. Responsible for armed robberies,Responsible for night break ins. Organized Crime Involvement theft at all levels of distribution. Diverter groups gang involvement and,organized crime brings a criminal element into.
pharmacies not previously experienced,Criminals know. Profit high with prescription drug diversion,Chances of prosecution reduced if caught. Sentences related to prescription drug convictions.

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