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Thanks for downloading the tradingEDGE eBook, We ve written this eBook to be accessible to beginners but it is not a beginner s guide The. tradingEDGE is really for improving traders looking to develop their skills and get theEDGE. It s designed to help you make money from sports trading straight away It isn t packed full. of waffle or hype to sell some magic bullet wonder system If that s what you re looking for. you ll be disappointed, It is loaded with practical trades and techniques you can apply immediately The strategies. you ll find in here for free are superior in quality to many of the paid premium guides you ll. see on sale Don t waste your money start here instead. In effect we re giving away giving away free money with our practical sports trading advice. that actually works, Why would we do that Well we want you to know we re serious about building long term. profits for our members at sportstradingedge com and to demonstrate we ve got theEDGE. to do it for you too, Not everyone who downloads the eBook will join the service many won t even read it but. of those who do a small number will recognise that our approach and strategies are the. way to long term profits, If you like what you see here and make money from it we hope you ll join as a member of.
STRATEGY 16 THE SNOWBALL 51,1 The Sports tradingEDGE. Introduction, Successful sports trading needs a demonstrable EDGE A tradingEDGE can be defined in many ways. inside knowledge research mindset statistical analysis strategy lateral thinking They all play a. role but at Sports Trading Edge we combine all these factors to grow the profits of our members. At the core of the Sports Trading Edge service are low risk strategies that have been proven over. years of use and constant refinement by our team to generate a fantastic return on investment We. do the research make the selections manage the trades and support our members via the forum. and chat room to make consistent profits, You don t need to be a full time trader to use the service though many of our members are as the. trades can be made in the morning in as little as 10 minutes Unlike the financial markets sports. markets operate in the evenings and weekends meaning you can earn a second income with Sports. Trading Edge without affecting your normal routine. Sports Trading Edge members regularly report annual tax free income of 5 000 10 000 15 000. and sometimes much more, Though we provide the selections Sports Trading Edge is not a tipping service it is closer to a degree. level education in sports trading The skills you ll learn as a member of the service will stay with you. for years to come and are just part of your journey in this exciting and lucrative industry. Gambling v Trading, The Sports Trading Edge service is not for everyone It s not for gamblers who want to receive tips.
they are well served by the tipsters shysters and scammers peddling magic systems with wild claims. and little evidence 95 of people will lose money gambling with this advice. Sports Trading Edge is for those who want to gain an education in sports trading techniques from a. team who are proven to be profitable in the long term It s for those who want to liberate. themselves from following loss making system after system so they can really understand how to. trade and make a substantial second income maybe even a full time income from trading the. sports markets, With the advent of the exchanges the betting industry has had to change and you have to alter your. own approach or suffer long term The reason this service has been so profitable is because we take. the opposite view to most people applying lateral thought and opposing the crowd. The first rule is not to lose, Our objective is always to protect your position and ensure you have a steady income stream Forgo. a percentage of a big win in return for protection 25 guaranteed is better the 100 but only if. you re right Your plan must be to be in this business for a substantial length of time By adopting. this approach your long term success will outweigh any short term pain. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. What we do, The Sports Trading Edge team have spent more than 10 years on the front line of professional sports. trading Our expertise has been hard won with thousands of hours spent in the markets across a. spectrum of sports, Our team understand that success in sports trading is about the long term It means having the.
patience and discipline to safe guard stakes and protect profits It s not about getting rich quickly or. jumping from system to system It s about developing consistently profitable strategies yet retaining. the flexibility to adapt to events as they unfold, We accept that risk is inevitable if we are to make a profit but we minimise it at every opportunity. We understand that the first trade we must win is in our own heads so we control our emotions and. don t get caught up in the excitement of the event. Our strategies have been tested analysed developed refined and proven We trust them and they. get results,The Service, Sports Trading Edge is a subscription service that provides our members with daily selections of. strategy led trades through our daily eColumn theEDGE Sports Trading Edge is in the business of. helping our members to adopt a strategic mindset and apply our trades to profit from the markets in. the long term To support this our members get inclusive access to our forum The forum is a. comprehensive knowledge base of best practice for trading a multitude of sporting events and. Members can also access our chat room at any time and speak directly to one of our team of. professional traders There are some really smart people in the chat room not just the Sports. Trading Edge team and you ll often pick up a profitable trade in play If you re shy then you can. email us and we ll answer your question personally. The chat room is our platform for our live trading sessions The Sports Trading Edge team regularly. run live trades usually evenings and weekends where we call the trades live in play and you can. follow along as the strategy unfolds We always keep liability low to encourage beginners but it s not. uncommon to cover a month s subscription in a single trade Not bad while you re learning. We also provide premier strategies to all members when they join and dependent on your. membership level there are further discounts on new strategies seminars training courses as well. as exclusive live trades where the real money is made. What s in it for you, Sports Trading Edge delivers an education in professional strategic sports trading with a lateral. perspective and unique approach that no other advisory service can match Our support and hand. holding instructions help complete beginners build a trading bank from scratch and generate. consistent long term profits that will turn a hobby into a healthy second income. If you understand that success doesn t happen over night. Nor can it be found in a wonder internet system, If you can accept there ll be losses on the way but can learn the lessons losing teaches. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL.
And you re prepared to invest your time to learn the markets and the way they move. Then we absolutely know our tradingEDGE can help you become one of the tiny percentage of. people who consistently profit from Sports Trading. Think this might be for you, To access all the premium features of the Sports Trading Edge service you ll need an active. subscription We have three membership options monthly quarterly and annual As well as PAYG. telephone and SMS options If you re not sure what s right for you then you can compare. membership options here,What Membership gives you, You ll learn to think like a professional investor and build long term profits. Become expert at minimising risk and locking in profits. Grow a second income watching sports,Expert advice across a portfolio of sports. Build a trading bank from scratch,Daily trades it takes minutes to execute. Profit from live on line trading sessions,Receive personal 1 2 1 support.
Daily trades it takes minutes to execute,Trades suitable for any skill level. Step by step instructions,Access to members only forum chat. Shared community knowledge,www sportstradingedge com. DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. 2 Getting ready to trade,Avoiding boom and bust, A true ish story about a professional punter I once knew We ll call him Neil On a wet Wednesday. at Newbury race course Neil looked me in the eye and said Get yer self a method that wins a lot. son then as quick as he appeared he disappeared in to the crowd Stating the obvious Well. apparently not, Neil seemed to be constantly battling to make an income from gambling he was looking for value.
but only at high stakes 10 1 was of no interest to him Neil would only look at 16 1 or better He. was great at telling war stories about big winners at 33 1 and use to joke he needed a Securicor van. every few months to collect his winnings from the bookies Sounds great doesn t it Well not really. as the rest of the time he was burying bills under the carpet There were simply no winners to pay. To avoid the hand to mouth existence of poor old Neil we need to find a tradingEDGE that delivers. consistently The gambler will always go for the buzz of a 20 1 winner the trader is far more. interested in 2 1 winners but more of them 11 winners at 2 1 will always be better than one at. 20 1 It may not be as exciting but you ll be richer and after all isn t that what you re trading for Fun. At Sports Trading Edge we always advocate protecting your profits by giving a bit back in each trade. Gamblers like Neil just don t get this Why give up your profits Well if we give up around 20 on a. winning trades but do the same when we lose we save about 40 on losing trades The overall. result is a net gain We d actually need to go on a huge winning run to be worse off than the. gamblers I ll take our long term profitability over chasing winners every day of the week. Why traders lose money, It is a widely quoted that the vast majority of traders eventually lose some or at worst all their. money It is also interesting to note that many highly qualified and intelligent people come to the. market and are very surprised when they find out how difficult it is to make money. Be very wary of anyone who tells you it s easy to make money from sports trading Like anything. worth having success in sports trading requires hard work and lots of it In order to simplify matters. we ve created a list of the top 10 reasons which hamper people s progress and ultimately the reason. they either lose money or quit,1 Attachment to money. 2 Fear and Greed,3 No Trading Plan,4 Impatience,5 Unwillingness to accept you are wrong. 6 Lack of market understanding,7 Under capitalization over staking. 8 Inadequate risk controls,9 Lack of interest in the sports they re trading.
www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. 10 Excessive Leverage, The cumulative result of the above problems is normally enough to finish most traders off To. succeed as a sports trader you must be willing to adapt your approach and refine you re skills If it. were easy then everyone would be successful and there would be insufficient profit s to go around. Strategies will not always win, That s a rubbish sales pitch for a book about trading strategies it is however honest A strategy is. there to give you a tradingEDGE it is not a system if such a thing exists that will always win Over. time a tradingEDGE will mean you profit but there will always be losing trades and maybe losing runs. as the market corrects its variance, Finding the right strategy and learning the sports and the markets you ll trade is something that. anyone can do given enough time You can change your system and gather more information but. changing the way you think is altogether harder It doesn t matter how good your strategy is or how. much you know about the markets if you implode in the heat of the moment. 5 key trading success factors, Outlined here are some of the most consistent attributes displayed by professional sports traders.
1 A demonstrable tradingEDGE, Many people start out trading watching an event trying to guess what will happen next This is an. extremely difficult pursuit as sport is very unpredictable Trying to guess what will happen next is a. pure gamble but the beauty of trading is that we don t need to accurately predict what will happen. to profit We can predict far more accurately what will happen next in the market as long as we. have an idea of what is likely to happen this is where you ll find a tradingEDGE. Good trading is not about picking winners or guessing correctly what will happen during an event. it s about taking good positions Those who feel value is a myth and focus just on making money can. often succeed in the short term Over the long term however the most successful traders will create. more profit by understanding that value is not just a vague concept instead value is your. tradingEDGE and knowing that is probably the biggest leap you can make as a trader. 2 The right strategy, As a member of Sports Trading Edge you won t be short on strategies if anything you ll have too. many What you need to do is find the sports and strategies that suit your personality and trading. style You also need to invest time in match selection and understanding when to trade and when to. walk away You need the patience to use the strategy consistently over at least the medium term. before deciding if it fits your objectives You ve also got to enjoy it If you find cricket boring and. can t get excited by the profits then don t put yourself through the pain Find a sport you enjoy and. trade that instead,3 Low staking, If you can t make money with small stakes then you won t make money with big stakes Many. traders rush too quickly to play with larger stakes believing that a small return on 2 stakes for 90. minutes trading is a waste of time This is absolutely not the case You need to serve an. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. apprenticeship of many hours in the market learning how the price moves and honing your. strategy s tradingEDGE, At Sports Trading Edge we strongly recommend using no more than 5 of your trading bank in each.
trade If you start with a bank of 500 5 allows a stake of 25 per trade Do we suggest you start. there No 5 is the maximum You should start with 2 minimum stakes and focus on consistently. not losing before you even think about making profits Once you have the required experience you. should gradually increase your stakes to 5 of your trading bank. If you suddenly increase you stakes you can suffer anxiety You ll have developed a comfort zone. with smaller stakes if you suddenly stake more your mind reacts in a strange way and you can. freeze under the pressure what was easy at 2 50 suddenly becomes impossible at 25 The more. anxiety you feel when trading the clearer the indication that you re over staking if you feel your. pulse racing or blood pressure rising you re out of you comfort zone and should drop your stakes. With less at risk you ll have the freedom to experiment and learn at your own pace At 2 stakes you. can fine tune you re your strategy without the need for paper trading which without any money at. stake never seems to give an accurate representation of real trading. 4 Record keeping, Are you reading this We ll done You re in the minority who recognise the importance of record. keeping as an essential barometer of your trading success When we first hear how keeping results. of our trades is vital many will think is sounds like too much hard work and not much fun. I don t know any serious trader who doesn t keep records of each and every trade They go way. beyond the basic spread sheet of numbers and take detailed notes describing what they did why. they did it and how they felt at the time For me I write a short summary of my trades on my. Google page I even write during cricket trades to help my decision making that won t work with. other sports, Without notes you won t see patterns of success and you re in real danger of repeating the same. mistakes without even realising Notes are the key factor in rectifying issues and improving your. tradingEDGE The times when I have let my note taking lapse I ve regretted it. 5 The right mindset, After record keeping probably the most overlooked aspect of trading and arguably the most. important If you don t accept the importance of trading psychology you ll never crack trading Even. if you accept it and understand it that s often not enough You need to work at it Getting the. correct mindset is a skill more than being able to read the market or use a strategy A good trading. mindset doesn t just happen naturally Developing a calm disciplined detached trading persona. requires work the human brain isn t wired that way so you have to rewire it. Getting Started, The first and most important thing to do is to set aside a trading bank that you can afford to lose. Ideally you ll be able to use our matched betting guide to build a bank of other people s money to. trade with That s a great way of not getting attached to it If you can t do that then make sure you. are trading with money that you DO NOT need for any purpose other than trading A starting bank. of 500 is ideal but 50 is about the minimum you can get away with it. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL.
P a g e 10, Now I don t want to sound pessimistic but you need to emotionally write off that money as it is very. likely you ll lose most if not all of it Most novice traders will burn through at least one trading bank. maybe 2 or 3 Personally I blew four 500 banks and 65 of my fifth before I cracked it saw an. income of 36 000 over the next 12 months Detaching yourself from the money emotionally and. psychologically is critical to relaxing when you start out I rationalised it by imagining I was paying. for a degree course at the University of Betfair where every loss was my contribution to my tuition. fees This way I felt I was paying for every lesson a leant which made me pay attention in class. Read through the tradingEDGE ebook and the strategies that come with your membership and. decide what you want to trade At this point it s fine to experiment until you find what you re most. comfortable with Most people find something that sparks their interest and will later choose to. specialise it could be football horse racing or rugby For me it was cricket but the trading skills I. leant along the way make me comfortable trading a range of sports Others will choose to specialise. and this is to be encouraged, Don t expect every trade to be a winning trade Sometimes you will lose It s part of the game and. impossible to avoid In fact don t even thin k about winning or making money Focus instead on not. losing profits will come later Your objective at this point is to learn. You need to learn when to scratch the trade and do it quickly. Learn when to accept a loss and to do it quickly,Learn the discipline to never ever chase losses. Gain the maturity to accept the losing trades and move on. This period of your development is about developing your trading discipline Set out your rules and. stick to them ALL gamblers see what could have been if only and trading is no exception There. will be plenty of times when you could have done better by waiting longer You ll tend to dwell on. this but forget the times when your actions saved the day and waiting longer would have been. expensive The latter is more important in the long term when protecting the downside. Keep a positive mindset be willing to be wrong and expect the unexpected. Stake size, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to start with small stakes Ignore the youtube com. videos that show 100 stakes or more These are deigned to impress usually to sell some service. or system and make no mistake 100 stakes are not suitable for beginners 100 stakes requires a. trading bank of 2 000 and whilst you may be able to afford this you will quickly lose this unless. you ve developed the experience to trade at this level Throughout this eBook our examples are. worked on the basis of a 500 bank and liabilities to a maximum of 25 per trade If you re a. complete beginner replace 500 with 50 and 25 with 2 50. When you re inexperienced the tendency is to freeze in a panic if the market starts to move against. you If you have placed a 2 50 bet and freeze it may cost you a few pennies to close the trade for a. loss If you do the same with a 100 then you ll lose an awful lot more It s also much harder to get. 100 matched compare to 2 50 There are some circumstances when 100 added to the market. will affect the markets price 2 50 certainly won t. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL.
P a g e 11,The golden rule, Don t lose Seems simple but the only way not to lose is not to trade Trading is inherently risky and. losing is inevitable but we must accept risk if we are going to make profits The risk we have to. accept is that we will lose money Catch 22 If we can t avoid losing the next best thing is to minimise. our losses we call it protecting the downside Like a game of poker the first objective is to stay at the. table to do this you need to be able to fold so you can be in the hands you have the best chance of. winning In trading terms folding means admitting you were wrong and accepting a loss We ll then. look for times when we have a tradingEDGE and we ll embrace the risk when the probability of. profiting is in our favour Easy to say hard to do,Learn from your mistakes. Coming to terms with errors and particularly losses is the key to success in sports trading Many. beginners get put off by the losses and mishaps that happen along the way and give up If you give. up then you ll never see the upside The upside is always there but a lot of people will never see it. Inexperience bad luck and a lot of psychology prevents many traders realising their potential. It ll take time but if you can learn to treat the positive and negative with equal weight you ll be a lot. more balanced in your trading emotions Unfortunately psychology tends to make us focus on the. negative Many people will think that positive thinking is a load of hot air but it s not and having a. positive mindset particularly when dealing with failure is essential for trading success. We need to look at the mistakes we make and the losses we suffer as learning experiences A good. analogy is how you would go about finding your way out of a maze Can you imagine stopping at the. first mistake or giving up because you keep making errors No to solve the maze you try to. remember where you went wrong and avoid the same mistake until eventually you succeed Trading. is the same just we get financially punished for each mistake In my experience though you learn. more from a lesson you ve paid for than one you got for free. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. P a g e 12,3 Trading Psychology,Introduction, It is well quoted statistic the 95 of traders lose money You ve probably heard this but I ve seen. little evidence to back it up I did a little research couldn t find any specific reliable sports trading. data largely I assume because it is an unregulated market Instead I looked at the financial industry. where data was a little more available What I found was that the situation was a bit brighter with. only 71 2 of traders losing money Whilst this isn t great news the numbers are better as rather. than needing to be in the top 5 to make money we only need to be in the 28 of traders to profit. You should take some comfort from those numbers as most financial organisations do make money. recent history aside and the profits of the 28 8 who are profitable more than offset the losses of. the 71 2 who lose money In this section we re going to look at the key psychological attributes of. those profitable traders,Don t skim this section, The majority of what you ll read in this section will seem like little more than common sense If.
you re new to trading you ll probably think this is so simple surely everyone knows this Just cut to. the good stuff and give me the trading strategies If however you ve been trading for a while and. have got over the initial euphoria of making money and suffered some losses then welcome back. You ll now be able to relate to these points that made no sense to you when you started. The best advice I can give to new traders is to read this section move onto the trades and then re. read this section when you inevitably have a trade go against you and you experience the emotional. turmoil that goes with that Don t say I didn t tell you. Trading Psychology, We all know we shouldn t chase losses trade without a plan over stake take things personally be. impatient and loads of other trading rules If when you break them the advice is to take a break. use relaxation techniques or lower your stakes, None of this gets to the underlying issue though of why we break these simple rules If you don t get. to the root cause of why you struggle with the mental side of trading then you ll never overcome it. Many techniques can stop problems for a short period but they are just a temporary solution You. have to work harder and look deeper into what actually makes you chase losses go on tilt lose your. head stray from your strategy risk to much or fear the market Whatever it is it s unlikely to go. away unless you deal with it, You shouldn t expect to have the mindset where nothing ever fazes you and you never experience. any emotion That s a fallacy We re all human after all and trading like a robot just isn t possible It s. all about finding and maintaining a balance of control. If you get outwardly angry or see red after making trading errors it doesn t mean you re too. emotional it s just that you ve lost control of your emotions There was some emotion at play which. caused you to do what you did It could be fear anxiety frustration uncertainty impatience but. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. P a g e 13, whatever it was you couldn t control it Therefore you have to work out what emotion it was and.
that means being aware of when it starts and stopping yourself before it overwhelms your decision. Frustration, Many of us don t realise just how frustrating sports trading can be Many think it will only surface. when we make a major error In fact frustration is always right on the brink ready to explode at the. most minor of incidents Early in my trading career I became very frustrated by Scalping when I. would seemingly be one second away from being matched only for the market to be suspended I. don t know how many times this happened to me probably not that often but if felt like an awful. This frustration would lead me to try and force wins recover losses and get even with the market. No matter what I did it just wouldn t work for me and I ended up spiralling downwards into anger. and despair, The underlying issue as to why I d get so easily frustrated is just pure impatience I want to be. successful yesterday and any error became a setback to my progress I just needed to keep telling. myself that there s no need to rush, I had to learn to accept that I would make mistakes and be unlucky I had to give up my impatience. for success and let go of being a perfectionist In doing so I learnt to stay calm and do the right. things there were still losing trades and bad days but they became far less frequent and bothered. me less when they happened, Frustration can be dealt with in three phases awareness relaxation and reflection By becoming. aware of your emotions and particularly what triggers them you can prepare yourself to relax and. stay calm as soon as you feel the first flushes of frustration Deep breathing positive self talk and. success reinforcement are very effective techniques. Positive self talk, The power of visualisation self belief and a positive mental attitude are well documented in.
professional sport They are equally important tools in sports trading psychology we advise our. members to rehearse their move against a strategy in advance of a trade and then during the trade. to be reminding themselves that they are in control of their behaviour and have the power to react. to the market in a disciplined manner,Emotional Pressure. When we trade we re in a constant battle with our own natural emotions as we are looking to go. against the probability of the current outcome and predict what is going to happen in the future. Our fight or flight response can easily kick in at these moments which does nothing for our ability to. keep calm Emotional pressure is inevitable it s only natural but we have to learn to deal with it. We ll always get anxious when we re facing a loss but successful traders just get better at accepting. and dealing with these emotions, When you rely on trading as a source of income these emotions are much much stronger The. pressure stress and anxiety involved in full time trading is immense and even experienced traders. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. P a g e 14, aren t immune from doing silly things Some of the mistakes full time traders make would surprise. the amateur As a part time trader you can always reload your bank if it gets blown but if it s your. only source of income its game over, This pressure in the heat of the moment can make you do stupid things and the more mistakes you.
make the worse your emotional state becomes Before you know it it s too late and you ve pressed. the self destruct button or clicked the mouse All the experience in the world won t save you when. you are straining under the pressure of bills to pay a roof to keep over your head or a family to feed. The anxiety of needing money can cause you to lose patience and make you start trying different. ways to make cash such as betting on other sports changing strategy or forcing opportunities that. don t exist, The golden rule here is only trade with money that you can afford to lose. Daily Goals, This is a much discussed topic that divides opinion to set or not to set financial goals Many believe. that monetary goals are a hindrance particularly daily ones I believe financial goals only serve to. add pressure to you before each trade and that pressure and stress is only going to increase every. time you have a losing trade This can lead to building a dangerous attachment to money and an. overwhelming desire to chase losses, Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve daily goals A day is just a period of time. why should it matter how well we do in a particular 24 hour period If we have a good day followed. by a bad day it doesn t mean we re becoming a worse trader It just means that we made more. money in the first 24 hours than the last In the grand scheme of annual profits it means very little. Yet so many traders can t see past what they achieved the previous day I ve heard many stories of. traders on a losing day staying up all night to trade foreign markets to recover a loss before bed I. know I ve done it, Do you really want to start tomorrow thinking have I made back my losses Am I on target What. shortfall do I need to make up, A day is a short insignificant period that needn t be labelled as good or bad and it certainly shouldn t.
affect how you approach the next day It s so easy to waste energy worrying about hitting targets. We must accept that each day will bring different opportunities and challenges If we recognise that. a day is a tiny fraction of a year then we can be liberated from daily pressures and free to trade. correctly without making an already challenging task harder. Over Confidence, A key factor in trading psychology is striking a balance between over and under confidence Both are. equally dangerous but we seem to notice over confidence less as we are quick to congratulate our. trading prowess, When we are under confident we tend to play it safe We may miss opportunities exit trades too. early or develop a fear of the market but rarely will we suffer heavy losses When we become over. confident we can lose our focus and over stake as we feel invincible If we become complacent and. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL. P a g e 15, start thinking we ve made it the markets have a nasty habit of kicking you in the teeth For me this is. invariably when I have a huge green that I fail to hedge the moment before the market shifts. With over confidence it is all too easy to write off an error because we were unlucky but we need. to look at the root cause of that error and the psychology behind it What really made us commit. that mistake Often it s easy to tell when it was related to a negative emotion such as fear anxiety. stress or anger But when it happens due to over confidence most people fail to register that. emotion as the source of a trading error, To be successful as a sports trader you need to adopt the correct mindset and create a core set of.
beliefs that will set you apart from the norm The following 12 points are the ones that research has. shown are present in the most profitable sports traders. 1 Take personal responsibility for your trading performance and results. 2 Adopt a mastery approach,3 Embrace risk,4 Get comfortable with uncertainty. 5 Accept the reality that losses are part of the business. 6 Focus on managing risk not picking winners,7 Trade for profits not excitement. 8 Emphasise process over results,9 Take a long term view. 10 Enjoy small wins,11 Adopt a positive attitude to money. 12 Believe you can be a winner,Remove the attachment to money.
Our attitude to money is a very emotive issue We all have differing attitudes based largely on our. experience of money growing up and early in our careers We ll tend to fall into one of two broad. categories spenders or savers Whichever we are doesn t really matter as attachment to money in. trading is generally a bad thing, If we look at a trade in monetary terms then something very odd can happen to our brains We can. mentally start spending our profits or feel the pain of our losses before we ve realised either. Successful traders are able to put to one side the fact that money is in play They can do this because. they have very carefully structured trading plans and use tight risk controls They tend to think of. achievement in terms of success when compared their trading blueprint rather than the number of. pounds taken out of the market, Traders who are attached to money will always be looking at a trade in terms of pounds and pence. and will never be able to detach themselves from the fact that the ultimate measure of their market. success or failure is the bottom line This can lead to fear of the markets particularly for savers and. fear for traders is debilitating If you feel that that you may be attached to money you need to solve. this before you place another trade To help solve it you can. 1 Trade with other people s money ideally with bookies bonuses or previous profits. www sportstradingedge com, DTM Sports Trading Edge Ltd Locke Street Newport NP20 5HL.

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Symbolic Implicit Monte Carlo radiation transport in the ...

Symbolic Implicit Monte Carlo radiation transport in the

Symbolic Implicit Monte Carlo radiation transport in the difference formulation: a piecewise constant discretization Eugene D. Brooks III, Michael Scott McKinley, Frank Daffin, Abraham Szoke This article was submitted to Elsevier Science 19 April 2004. DISCLAIMER This document was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States ...