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PCL 5 Printer LanguageTechnical,Reference Manual,HP Part No 5961 0509. Printed in USA,First Edition October 1992, This document contains proprietary information which is protected by. copyright All rights are reserved No part of this document may be. photocopied reproduced or translated to another language without. the prior written consent of Hewlett Packard Company The. information contained in this document is subject to change without. Printing History, This manual was created using HP Tag Vectra software on an. HP Vectra Personal Computer The body text is printed in Helvetica. fonts The camera ready copy was printed on an HP LaserJet IIISi. printer with Resolution Enhancement technology REt and was then. reproduced using standard offset printing,First Edition October 1992. This document is the current edition of the technical reference manual for PCL. 5 and earlier printers It replaces the September 1990 edition of the HP PCL 5. Printer Language Technical Reference Manual p n 33459 90903 If you have. ordered another PCL Technical Reference document this manual and the PCL. 5 Comparison Guide are the updated replacement documents. Trademark Credits, Intellifont and Garth Graphic are U S registered trademarks of Agfa.
Division Miles Inc CG Triumvirate and Shannon are trademarks of. Agfa Division Miles Inc CG Bodoni CG Century Schoolbook CG. Goudy Old Style CG Melliza Microstyle CG Omega CG Palacio. CG Times and CG Trump Mediaeval are products of Agfa Division. Miles Inc CG Times a product of Agfa Division Miles Inc is based. on Times New Roman a U S registered trademark of Monotype. Corporation plc PCL and Vectra are U S registered trademarks of. Hewlett Packard Company Resolution Enhancement is a trademark. of Hewlett Packard Company IBM is a registered trademark of. International Business Machines Corporation Microsoft Windows. and MS DOS are U S registered trademarks of Microsoft. Corporation TrueType and Macintosh are registered trademarks of. Apple Computer Inc PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe. Systems Inc Centronics is a U S registered trademark of Centronics. Corporation ITC Avant Garde Gothic ITC Benguiat ITC Bookman. ITC Cheltenham ITC Galliard ITC Korinna ITC Lubalin Graph ITC. Souvenir ITC Zapf Chancery and ITC Zapf Dingbats are U S. registered trademarks of International Typeface Corporation ITC. Tiffany is a trademark of International Typeface Corporation Futura is. a U S registered trademark of Fundicion Tipografica Neufville S A. Serifa is a trademark of Fundicion Tipografica Neufville S A Letraset. is a registered trademark of Esselte Pendaflex Corporation Revue. and University Roman are trademarks of Esselte Pendaflex. Corporation Helvetica and Times Roman are trademarks of Linotype. AG and its subsidiaries Univers is a U S registered trademark of. Linotype AG and its subsidiaries Antique Olive is a trademark of. Monsieur Marcel OLIVE Arial and Gill Sans are registered. trademarks of The Monotype Corporation plc,Inside This Manual. What You Can Learn From This Manual, Hewlett Packard has developed a standard set of printer features for. use in all HP printers Printer features are accessed through the. corresponding commands of Hewlett Packard s PCL language This. manual describes the PCL 5 printer language This includes. descriptions of the commands available for Hewlett Packard PCL 5. LaserJet printers and the basic requirements of PCL language. programming With the release of new LaserJet family printers there. are new features added which supplement the existing PCL base set. Features of future printer releases are not covered in this document. The new features are described in the latest version of the PCL 5. Comparison Guide Programmers should familiarize themselves with. the information provided in the PCL 5 Comparison Guide in addition. to the information in this document,Experienced Users. This manual was written for people with some programming. experience Many of the concept discussions assume some. programming knowledge, When writing a PCL language program you should know the PCL. language concepts and commands presented in this manual and. should be aware of the differences in implementation of the PCL 5. printer language for the various HP LaserJet printers as described in. the PCL 5 Comparison Guide,Non technical Users, Many software applications word processing software spreadsheets.
etc allow you to embed printer commands as escape sequences in. the body of your documents This manual presents the full syntax and. explanation of all the commands supported by PCL 5 LaserJet. printers These commands enable you to take advantage of the. LaserJet printer s advanced feature set, Note Since actual implementation of printer commands within software. applications varies from package to package specific examples are. not given For examples of printer command usage with many popular. software packages refer to HP s Software Application Notes. provided with the printer The most current versions of software. application notes can be obtained through the HP Forum on. CompuServe by fax using the HP FIRST fax service or through. HP s literature distribution Refer to Appendix A for more information. Chapter Summaries, A brief description of each chapter is provided below. Chapter 1 Introduction to HP PCL, This chapter gives a brief history of the development of the PCL. language describes the PCL language levels architecture and. describes the PCL command structure control codes and escape. Chapter 2 The Page, This chapter introduces the idea of the logical page and identifies the. area in which printing can occur It also describes the PCL coordinate. system and the HP GL 2 picture frame,Chapter 3 The Print Environment.
This chapter introduces the printer s feature settings collectively as. the print environment It includes descriptions of the factory default. environment user default environment and the modified print. environment The effect of printer reset functions is also described. Chapter 4 PCL Job Control Commands, This chapter describes the commands which provide job control. Job control commands are usually grouped together and sent at the. beginning of a job Job control includes restoration of the User Default. Environment selection of the number of copies of each page to be. printed duplex print commands and unit of measure specification. Chapter 5 Page Control Commands, This chapter describes the commands providing page format control. Page format control allows you to select the page source size. orientation margins and text spacing,Chapter 6 Cursor Positioning. This chapter describes how to position the cursor within the logical. Chapter 7 Fonts, This chapter describes basic font information including font. characteristics,Chapter 8 PCL Font Selection, This chapter describes how to select a font for printing using the font.
characteristics commands The underline feature is described at the. end of the chapter,Chapter 9 Font Management, This chapter describes font management which provides. mechanisms for downloading and manipulating soft fonts. Chapter 10 User Defined Symbol Sets, This chapter describes the capability of some PCL 5 printers to. enable users to define their own symbol sets for special needs. Chapter 11 Soft Font Creation, This chapter describes how to organize font character data for. downloading to the printer,Chapter 12 Macros, This chapter describes macro commands which store a block of PCL. commands and data which can be used repeatedly without redefining. the block The macro function reduces the number of commands that. must be sent to the printer,Chapter 13 The PCL Print Model.
This chapter describes the PCL print model which allows for special. effects when printing,Chapter 14 PCL Rectangular Area Fill Graphics. This chapter describes how to define and fill a rectangular area with. one of the predefined PCL patterns or with a user defined pattern. Chapter 15 Raster Graphics, This chapter describes how to download raster graphics to the printer. and includes various techniques for reducing the amount of data. needed to define the raster image,Chapter 16 Status Readback. This chapter describes the PCL status readback features Status. readback enables you to obtain PCL status information from the. printer such as available printer user memory a list of fonts and. symbol sets and the ID numbers of macros and user defined. Chapter 17 An Introduction to HP GL 2 Vector, This chapter introduces basic information for HP GL 2 It lists the. vector graphics commands and describes the HP GL 2 command. syntax An overview of several important topics is also provided such. as the PCL Picture Frame concept scaling pen status and location. and absolute vs relative pen movement,Chapter 18 The Picture Frame.
This chapter describes how to set up an area on the page for printing. vector graphics the PCL Picture Frame It discuses the commands. necessary to define and position the picture frame along with the. commands used to enter and exit HP GL 2 mode,Chapter 19 The Configuration and Status Group. This chapter describes the commands used to set default conditions. and values for programmable HP GL 2 features It also explains the. commands used for scaling establishing a soft clip window and. rotating the HP GL 2 coordinate system,Chapter 20 The Vector Group. This chapter provides information about pen movement and drawing. lines arcs and circles It also covers a way to encode coordinates for. increased print speed,Chapter 21 The Polygon Group. This chapter explains the polygon mode and how it is used to draw. polygons subpolygons and circles The commands for drawing and. filling wedges and rectangles are also described in this chapter. Chapter 22 The Line and Fill Attributes Group, This chapter describes the commands used to vary the line types and. fill patterns used to create HP GL 2 graphics,Chapter 23 The Character Group.
This chapter contains information about the commands used to print. text labels in HP GL 2 mode This allows you to print HP GL 2 labels. in almost any size slant and direction using proportional or. fixed spaced scalable fonts,Chapter 24 Programming Hints. This chapter provides programming information for use during the. development of PCL software,Related Documentation, The following related manuals provide further information about. HP LaserJet printers including their features and functions. PCL 5 Comparison Guide, This document contains supplemental information for programming. PCL 5 LaserJet printers It identifies how different HP PCL 5 LaserJet. printers implement the commands described in the HP PCL 5 Printer. Language Technical Reference Manual It provides printer specific. information on feature sets paper handling fonts and the printer s. control panel,Intellifont Scalable Typeface Format. This document provides information for designing scalable fonts using. Agfa s Font Access Interchange Standard FAIS This document can. be obtained from Agfa Division Miles Inc by writing to the address. below or by phone,Agfa Division Miles Inc,Typographic Systems.
OEM Technical Support,90 Industrial Way,Wilmington MA 01887. 508 658 5600,TrueType Font Files, This document which provides information for designing scalable. fonts using Microsoft Corporation s TrueType font scaling technology. has been made available in downloadable form on both CompuServe. and Internet Contact Microsoft Corporation for details. Printing History iii,Trademark Credits iv,Inside This Manual v. What You Can Learn From This Manual v,Related Documentation x. PCL 5 Comparison Guide x,Intellifont Scalable Typeface Format x.
TrueType Font Files x,Introduction to HP PCL,PCL Printer Language Architecture 1 2. What are Printer Commands 1 3,Control Codes 1 3,PCL Commands 1 3. HP GL 2 Commands 1 4,PJL Commands 1 4,Syntax of Escape Sequences 1 5. Two Character Escape Sequences 1 5,Parameterized Escape Sequences 1 6. Logical Page 2 2,Printed Dots 2 3,PCL Coordinate System 2 4.
Units of the PCL Coordinate System 2 5,PCL Units 2 5. Decipoints 2 5,Columns Rows 2 5,Printer Internal Units 2 5. HP GL 2 Picture Frame 2 6,Printable Area 2 7,EN Contents 1. The Print Environment,Factory Default Environment 3 2. User Default Environment 3 6,Modified Print Environment 3 7.
Resetting the Print Environment 3 8,Printer Reset 3 8. Cold Reset 3 9,PCL Job Control Commands,Printer Reset Command 4 2. Universal Exit Language Command 4 3,Number of Copies Command 4 4. Simplex Duplex Print Command 4 5,Left Offset Registration Command 4 7. Top Offset Registration Command 4 8,Duplex Page Side Selection Command 4 10.
Job Separation Command 4 11,Output Bin Selection Command 4 12. Unit of Measure Command 4 13,Page Control Commands. Page Size Command 5 2,PAPER SOURCE COMMAND 5 4,Logical Page Orientation Command 5 5. Print Direction Command 5 9,Text Area 5 11,Left Margin Command 5 13. Right Margin Command 5 14,Clear Horizontal Margins Command 5 15.
Top Margin Command 5 16,Text Length Command 5 18,Perforation Skip Command 5 19. Horizontal Motion Index HMI Command 5 20,Vertical Motion Index VMI Command 5 22. Common VMI Settings 5 23,Line Spacing Command 5 24. Contents 2 EN,Cursor Positioning,Absolute vs Relative Cursor Positioning 6 2. Cursor Positioning Units 6 3,PCL Units 6 3,Decipoints 6 4.
Columns Rows 6 4,Horizontal Cursor Positioning Columns Command 6 5. Horizontal Cursor Positioning Decipoints Command 6 6. Horizontal Cursor Positioning PCL Units Command 6 7. Horizontal Cursor Positioning Control Codes 6 8,CR Carriage Return 6 8. SP Space 6 8,BS Backspace 6 9,HT Horizontal Tab 6 9. Vertical Cursor Positioning Rows Command 6 10, Vertical Cursor Positioning Decipoints Command 6 11. Vertical Cursor Positioning PCL Units Command 6 12. Half Line Feed Command 6 13,Vertical Cursor Positioning Control Codes 6 13.
LF Line Feed 6 13,FF Form Feed 6 13,Line Termination Command 6 14. Push Pop Cursor Position Command 6 15,Font Sources 7 2. Symbol Set 7 3,Spacing 7 4,Height 7 5,Stroke Weight 7 6. Typeface Family 7 7,Orientation 7 8,Bitmap Fonts and Scalable Typefaces 7 9. Internal Fonts 7 11,Special Effects 7 11,EN Contents 3.

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