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Safety Precautions, To insure safe operations please read the following statements and understand their meaning. Also refer to your equipment owner s manual for other important safety information This manual. contains safety precautions which are explained below Please read carefully. AA WARNING, Warning is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that can cause severe personal injury. death or substantial property damage if the warning is ignored. Caution is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that will or can cause minor personal injury. or property damage if the warning is ignored, Note is used to notify people of installation operation or maintenance information that is. important but not hazard related,For Your Safety, These precautions should be followed at all times Failure to follow these precautions could result. in injury to yourself and others,1 A WARNING A WARNING A WARNING.
Explosive Fuel can cause fires and Rotating Parts can cause severe Hot Parts can cause severe burns. severe burns injury,Do not touch engine while operating. Stop engine before filling fuel tank Stay away while engine is in or just after stopping. Explosive Fuel Rotating Parts Hot Parts, Gasoline is extreme y fiammable Keep hands feet hair and clothing Engine components can get. and its vapors can explode if away from all moving parts to extreme y hot from operation To. ignited Store gasoline only in prevent injury Never operate the prevent severe burns do not touch. approved containers in well engine with covers shrouds or these areas while the engine is. ventilated unoccupied buildings guards removed running or immediately after it is. away from sparks or flames Do not turned off Never operate the. fill the fuel tank while the engine is engine with heat shields or guards. hot or running since spilled fuel A CAUTION removed. could ignite if it comes in contact,with hot parts or sparks from. California,ignition Do not starf the engine, near spilled fuel Never use Proposition 65 Warning. gasoline as a cleaning agent Engine exhaust from this product. I N v Wm J,IDo not touch wires while engine is,contains chemicals known to the.
State of California to cause,running cancer birth defects or other. reproductive harm,Electrical Shock,Never touch electrical wires or. components while the engine is,running They can be sources of. electrical shock,Safety Precautions Cont,A WARNING A WARNING A WARNING. Accidental Starts can cause Carbon Monoxide can cause Explosive Gas can cause fires and. severe injury or death severe nausea fainting or death severe acid burns. Charge battery only in a well, Disconnect and ground spark plug Do not operate engine in closed or ventilated area Keep sources of.
lead before servicing confined area ignition away, kcidental Starts Lethal Exhaust Gases Explosive Gas. Before servicing the engine or Engine exhaust gases contain Batteries produce explosive. equipment always disconnect the poisonous carbon monoxide hydrogen gas while being charged. spark plug lead to prevent the Carbon monoxide is odorless To prevent a fire or explosion. engine from starting accidentally colorless and can cause death if charge batteries only in well. Ground the lead to prevent sparks inhaled Avoid inhaling exhaust ventilated areas Keep sparks open. that could cause fires Make sure fumes and never run the engine in flames and other sources of. the equipment is in neutral a closed building or confined area ignition away from the battery at all. times Keep batteries out of the,reach of children Remove all. je we r y when servicing batteries,Before disconnecting the negative. ground cable make sure all,switches are OFF If ON a spark. will occur at the ground cable,terminal which could cause an.
explosion if hydrogen gas or,gasoline vapors are present. Ignition Coil Spark Plug Carbur etor,Air Filter Blowe r Shrouds. Screen Oil Drain,NOTE Dipstick or oil fill plug is optional and I. may vary depending on engine specification,Figure 1 Typical Command Horizontal Shaft Engine. Oil Recommendations Straight 30 weight oil is preferred SAE IOW 30 oil. Using the proper type and weight of oil in the is not recommended above 32OF Using this oil. crankcase is extremely important So is checking oil substantially increases oil consumption and. daily and changing oil regularly Failure to use the combustion chamber deposits. correct oil or using dirty oil causes premature engine. wear and failure NOTE Using other than service class SG or SH oil or. extending oil change intervals longer than,Oil Type recommended can cause engine damage.
Use high quality detergent oil of API American, Petroleum Institute service class SG or SH Select A logo or symbol on oil containers identifies the API. the viscosity based on the air temperature at the time service class and SAE viscosity grade See Figure 3. of operation as shown in the following table,RECOMMENDED SAE VISCOSITY GRADES. 1 F i O 1 0 3i 4b 60 8 O lb0 I,I 30 20 10 i l 20 0 4 I. TEMPERATURE RANGE EXPECTED BEFORE NEXT OIL CHANGE 1. Figure 2 Viscosity Grades Table,Fuel Recommendations Gasoline Alcohol blends. Gasohol up to 10 ethyl alcohol 90 unleaded, A WARNING Explosive Fuel gasoline by volume is approved as a fuel for Kohler.
Gasoline is extremely flammable and its vapors can engines Other gasoline alcohol blends are not. explode if ignited Store gasoline only in approved approved. containers in well ventilated unoccupied buildings. away from sparks or flames Do not fill the fuel tank Gasoline Ether blends. while the engine is hot or running since spilled fuel Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether MTBE and unleaded. could ignite if it comes in contact with hot parts or gasoline blends up to a maximum of 15 MTBE by. sparks from ignition Do not starl the engine near volume are approved as a fuel for Kohler engines. spilled fuel Never use gasoline as a cleaning agent Other gasoline ether blends are not approved. General Recommendations Engine Identification Numbers. Purchase gasoline in small quantities and store in When ordering parts or in any communication. clean approved containers A container with a capacity involving an engine always give the Model. of 2 gallons or less with a pouring spout is Specification and Serial Numbers of the engine. recommended Such a container is easier to handle, and helps eliminate spillage during refueling The engine identification numbers appear on decal or. decals affixed to the engine shrouding Include letter. Do not use gasoline left over from the previous suffixes if there are any. season to minimize gum deposits in your fuel system. and to insure easy starting Record your engine identification numbers on the. identification label below Figure 4 for future,Do not add oil to the gasoline reference. Do not overfill the fuel tank Leave room for the fuel to. Fuel Type SERIAL NO, For best results use only clean fresh unleaded REFER TO OWNER S MANUAL FOR. gasoline with a pump sticker octane rating of 87 or SAFETY MAINTENANCE SPECS. AND ADJUSTMENTS FOR SALES,higher In countries using the Research method it. AND SERVICE IN US CANADA CALL,should be 90 octane minimum I 800 544 2444.
Unleaded gasoline is recommended as it leaves less. combustion chamber deposits Leaded gasoline may,KOHLER CO KOHLER WI USA. be used in areas where unleaded is not available and. exhaust emissions are not regulated Be aware,Figure 4 Engine. Identification Label,however that the cylinder head will require more. frequent service,Operating Instructions, Also read the operating instructions of the equipment this engine powers. Pre Start Checklist l Check that any clutches or transmissions are. l Check oil level Add oil if low Do not overfill disengaged or placed in neutral This is especially. important on equipment with hydrostatic drive, l Check fuel level Add fuel if low The shift lever must be exactly in neutral to.
prevent resistance which could keep the engine, l Check cooling air intake areas and external from starting. surfaces of engine Make sure they are clean and,unobstructed A WARNING Lethal Exhaust Gases. Engine exhaust gases contain poisonous carbon, l Check that the air cleaner components and all monoxide Carbon monoxide is odorless colorless and. shrouds equipment covers and guards are in can cause death if inhaled Avoid inhaling exhaust. place and securely fastened fumes and never run the engine in a closed building or. confined area, Cold Weather Starting Hints NOTE Do not crank the engine continuously for. 1 Be sure to use the proper oil for the temperature more than IO seconds at a time If the. expected See Figure 2 on page 4 engine does not start allow a 60 second. cool down period between starting, 2 Declutch all possible external loads attempts Failure to follow these.
guidelines can burn out the starter motor,3 Set speed control at part throttle position. NOTE If the engine develops sufficient speed to, 4 A warm battery has much more starting capacity disengage the starter but does not keep. than a cold battery running a false start the engine. rotation must be allowed to come to a, 5 Use fresh winter grade fuel NOTE Winter grade complete stop before attempting to. gasoline has a higher volatility to improve restart the engine If the start is engaged. starting Do not use gasoline left over from while the flywheel is rotating the starter. summer pinion and flywheel ring gear may clash,resulting in damage to the starter. If the starter does not turn the engine over shut,1 For a Cold Engine Place the throttle control.
off starter immediately Do not make further,midway between the slow and fast. attempts to start the engine until the condition is. positions Place the choke control into the rron y,corrected Do not jump start using another battery. refer to Battery below See your Kohler Engine,Service Dealer for trouble analysis. For a Warm Engine normal operating,temperatures Place the throttle control. 3 For a Cold Engine Gradually return the choke,midway between the slow and fast.
control to the off position after the engine starts. positions Place the choke into the off position,and warms ups. 2 Start the engine as follows, For Rope Start Engines Place the starting 1 Remove the load by disengaging all PTO. rope knot in the slot in starting pulley Wrap the attachments. rope around the pulley Pull the starter handle, with a smooth steady motion Move the throttle control to the slow or 6610w. idle position Allow the engine to run at idle for, For a Retractable Start Engine SLOWLY pull 30 60 seconds then stop the engine If the. the starter handle until just past compression carburetor on the engine is equipped with a fuel. STOP Return starter handle pull firmly with a solenoid move the throttle control back up. smooth steady motion to start Pull the handle between half and full throttle just before stopping. straight out to avoid excessive rope wear from the engine. the starter rope guide,Turn ignition switch off On engines so.
Extend the starting rope periodically and check its equipped press and hold stop button until. condition If the rope is frayed have it replaced engine comes to a complete stop. immediately by your Kohler Engine Service,Dealer Battery. A 12 volt battery is normally used Refer to the, A WARNING Accidental Starts operating instructions of the equipment this engine. Before extending and checking the retractable starter powers for specific battery requirements. rope remove the spark plug lead to prevent the, engine from starting accidentally Make sure the If the battery charge is not sufficient to crank the. equipment is in neutral engine recharge the battery see page 10. For an Electric Start Engine Activate the Operating. starter switch Release the switch as soon as the Optional spark arrestor mufflers are available from. engine starts your Kohler Engine Service Dealer Check your local. laws and statutes regarding engine spark arrestor,muffler requirements. Angle of Operation, This engine will operate continuously at angles up to AA WARNING Hot Parts.
30 Check oil level to assure crankcase oil level is at Engine components can get extreme y hot from. the IF mark operation To prevent severe burns do not touch. these areas while the engine is running or, Refer to the operating instructions of the equipment immediately after it is turned off Never operate the. this engine powers Because of equipment design or engine with heat shields or guards removed. application there may be more stringent restrictions. regarding the angle of operation Engine Speed,NOTE Do not tamper with the governor setting to. NOTE Do not operate this engine continuously at increase the maximum engine speed. angles exceeding 30 in any direction Overspeed is hazardous and will void the. Engine damage could result from insufficient engine warranty. lubrication,A WARNING Rope Starting Pulley is not,Cooling a Drive Pulley. NOTE If debris builds up on the grass screen or Do not use backup rope starting pulley as a drive. other cooling air intake areas stop the engine pulley Using starfing pulley as a drive could loosen. immediately and clean Operating the engine flywheel fastener resulting in bodily harm. with blocked or dirty air intake and cooling,areas can cause extensive damage due to. overheating,Maintenance Instructions,A WARNING Accidental Starts.
Before servicing the engine or equipment always disconnect the spark plug lead to prevent the engine from. starting accidentally Ground the lead to prevent sparks that could cause fires Make sure the equipment is in. Maintenance Schedule, These required maintenance procedures should be performed at the frequency stated in the table They should. also be included as part of any seasonal tune up,Frequency Maintenance Required. l Fill fuel tank,Daily or Before l Check oil level. Starting Engine l Check air cleaner for dirty loose or damaged parts. l Check air intake and cooling areas clean as necessary. Change oil,Every 25 Hours,l Service precleaner element. l Check gear reduction unit,Every 50 Hours,l Remove cooling shrouds and clean cooling areas.
l Replace air cleaner element,Every 100 Hours,l Check spark plug condition and gap. l Have bendix starter drive serviced213,l Have breaker points checked2. Annually or,Have ignition timing checked2,Every 500 Hours. l Have valve and tappet clearance checked2,l Have cylinder head serviced214. Perform these maintenance procedures more frequen fly under extreme y dusty dirty conditions. Have a Kohler Engine Service Dealer perform this sewice. 30r annually whichever occurs first,4250 hours hhen leaded gasoline is used.
Check Oil Level NOTE Make sure the oil level is checked BEFORE. The importance of checking and maintaining the EACH USE and is maintained up to the F. proper oil level in the crankcase cannot be mark on the dipstick This includes engines. overemphasized Check oil BEFORE EACH USE as equipped with Oil SentryTM. Change Oil, 1 Make sure the engine is stopped level and is For a new engine change oil after the first 5 hours. cool so the oil has had time to drain into the of operation Thereafter change oil after every 25. sump hours of operation, 2 To keep dirt grass clippings etc out of the Change the oil while the engine is still warm The oil. engine clean the area around the oil fill tube will flow freely and carry away more impurities Make. dipstick before removing it sure the engine is level when filling checking or. changing the oil,3 With threaded plug type dipstick remove and. wipe oil off reinsert but do not turn plug in To Change the oil as follows. check oil level shoulder plug on top of hole After. checking again turn plug all the way into 1 To keep dirt grass clippings etc out of the. crankcase With extended oil fill tube and engine clean the area around the drain plug and. dipstick push dipstick all the way down in tube dipstick before removing it. then take reading,2 Remove the oil drain plug and dipstick Tilt the. 4 If the level is low add oil of the proper type up to engine slightly towards the oil drain to obtain. the F mark on the dipstick Refer to Oil Type better drainage Be sure to allow ample time for. on page 4 Always check the level with the complete drainage. dipstick before adding more oil, 3 Reinstall the drain plug Make sure it is tightened.
NOTE To prevent extensive engine wear or securely,damage always maintain the proper oil. level in the crankcase Never operate 4 Fill the crankcase with new oil of the proper type. the engine with the oil level below the IL to the F mark on the dipstick Refer to Oil. mark or over the F mark on the Type on page 4 Always check the level with the. dipstick dipstick before adding more oil,5 Reinstall the oil fill cap or plug and tighten. F Mark NOTE To prevent extensive engine wear or,damage always maintain the proper oil. 0 perating,level in the crankcase Never operate,the engine with the oil level below the L. mark or over the F mark on the,Service Precleaner and Air Cleaner Element.
This engine is equipped with a replaceable high, Figure 5 Oil Level Dipstick density paper air cleaner element Some engines are. also equipped with an oiled foam precleaner which, Oil SentryTM surrounds the paper element See Figure 6. Some engines are equipped with an optional Oil, SentryTM oil level monitor switch If the oil level drops. below an acceptable level the Oil SentryTM will either. shut off the engine or activate a warning signal,depending on the application. 2 Do not wash the paper element or use,pressurized air as this will damage the element.
Replace a dirty bent or damaged element with a,genuine Kohler element Handle new elements. Precleaner carefully do not use if the sealing surfaces are. Air Filter bent or damaged,3 When servicing the air cleaner check the air. Wing cleaner base Make sure it is secured and not,bent or damaged Also check the air cleaner. cover seals and breather tube for damage or,improper fit Replace all damaged air cleaner. components,Figure 6 Air Cleaner Housing Components.
4 Reinstall the paper element air cleaner cover, Check the air cleaner daily or before starting the and wing nut Wing nut must be finger tightened. engine Check for buildup of dirt and debris around to l 2 to 1 full turn after nut contacts cover Do. the air cleaner system Keep this area clean Also not overtig hten. check for loose or damaged components Replace all, bent or damaged air cleaner components 5 When air cleaner element replacement is. necessary always use genuine Kohler parts,NOTE Operating the engine with loose or damaged. air cleaner components could allow unfiltered Clean Air Intake Cooling Areas. air into the engine causing premature wear To ensure proper cooling make sure the grass screen. and failure cooling fins and other external surfaces of the engine. are kept clean at all times,Service Precleaner, Wash and reoil the precleaner every 25 hours of Every 50 hours of operation more often under. operation more often under extremely dusty or dirty extremely dusty dirty conditions remove the blower. conditions housing and other cooling shrouds Clean the cooling. fins and external surfaces as necessary Make sure, 1 Remove the wing nut and air cleaner cover the cooling shrouds are reinstalled.
2 Remove the precleaner from the paper element NOTE Operating the engine with a blocked grass. screen dirty or plugged cooling fins and or, 3 Wash the precleaner in warm water with cooling shrouds removed will cause engine. detergent Rinse the precleaner thoroughly until damage due to overheating. all traces of detergent are eliminated Squeeze, out excess water do not wring Allow the Check Spark Plug. precleaner to air dry Every 100 hours of operation remove the spark plug. check its condition and reset the gap or replace with a. 4 Saturate the precleaner with new engine oil new plug as necessary Use a Champion type RHIO. Squeeze out all excess oil or equivalent spark plug. 5 Reinstall the precleaner over the paper element 1 Before removing the spark plug clean the area. around the base of the plug to keep dirt and, 6 When precleaner replacement is necessary debris out of the engine. always use genuine Kohler parts,2 Remove the plug and check its condition. Service Paper Element Replace the plug if worn or reuse is questionable. Every 100 hours of operation more often under, extremely dusty or dirty conditions replace the NOTE Do not clean the spark plug in a machine.
element using abrasive grit Some grit could,remain in the spark plug and enter the. 1 Remove the precleaner if so equipped from the engine causing extensive wear and. paper element damage, 3 Check gap using a wire feeler gauge Spark plug Fuel Filter. gaps are as follows Some engines are equipped with an in line fuel filter. Periodically inspect the filter and replace when dirty. Battery Breakerless 035 Use a genuine Kohler filter. Magneto 025,Gaseous Fuel Engines 018,Reduction Gear Units. Magneto Battery Only,On engines equipped with a reduction gear unit. remove the oil plug on lower part of cover every,Adjust the gap as necessary by carefully bending.
50 hours of operation to check oil level With the,the ground electrode See Figure 7. engine level the oil level of the unit should be up to. the bottom of the oil plug hole To add oil remove the. 4 Reinstall the spark plug into the cylinder head,vented plug at the top of theunit Use the same. Torque the spark plug to 18 22 ft Ibs,weight and grade of oil as used in the engine. Carburetor Troubleshooting,and Adjustments,NOTE Carburetor adjustments should be made only. after the engine has warmed up, Kohler K241 through K341 engines are equipped with.
one of two basic types of carburetors Kohler or,Walbro fixed main jet or adjustable main jet. The carburetor is designed to deliver the correct, fuel to air mixture to the engine under all operating. conditions The main fuel and idle fuel needles on, adjustable jet carburetors are set at the factory and. normally do not require further adjustment On fixed. jet carburetors the low idle fuel needle is also set at. Ground the factory and normally does not need further. Electrode Gap adjustment The main fuel jet is calibrated and. installed at the factory and is not adjustable,Figure 7 Servicing Spark Plug. NOTE K241 through K341 engines with fixed jet, Battery Charging carburetors operating at altitudes above.
approximately 6000 ft may require a special, A WARNING Explosive Gas high altitude main jet See your Kohler. Engine Service Dealer for further information, Batteries produce explosive hydrogen gas while being. charged To prevent a fire or explosion charge, batteries only in well ventilated areas Keep sparks Troubleshooting. open flames and other sources of ignition away from If engine troubles are experienced that appear to be. the battery at all times Keep batteries out of the reach fuel system related check the following areas before. of children Remove all jewelry when servicing adjusting the carburetor. Make sure the fuel tank is filled with clean fresh. Before disconnecting the negative ground cable gasoline. make sure all switches are OFF If ON a spark will, occur at the ground cable terminal which could cause l Make sure the fuel tank cap vent is not blocked. an explosion if hydrogen gas or gasoline vapors are and that it is operating properly. l If the fuel tank is equipped with a shutoff valve. On engines equipped with an alternator charging make sure it is open. system disconnect plug from rectifier regula for prior to. charging battery l If the engine is equipped with an in line fuel filter. make sure it is clean and unobstructed Replace,the filter if necessary.
l Make sure fuel is reaching the carburetor This Set the adjusting needle midway between the. includes checking the fuel lines and fuel pump for rich and lean settings. restrictions or faulty components replace as, necessary 5 Low Idle Speed Setting Place the throttle. control into the idle or slow position Set the, l Make sure the air cleaner element is clean and all low idle speed to 1200 RPM 75 RPM by. air cleaner element components are fastened turning the low idle speed adjusting screw in or. securely out Check the speed using a tachometer, If after checking the items listed above the engine is NOTE The actual low idle speed depends on. hard to start runs roughly or stalls at low idle speed it the application refer to equipment. may be necessary to adjust or service the carburetor manufacturer s recommendations The. recommended low idle speed for basic, Kohler Carburetor Adjustment engines is 1200 RPM To ensure best. 1 With the engine stopped turn the low and main results when setting the low idle fuel. fuel adjusting needles in clockwise until it needle the low idle speed must not. bottoms lightly exceed 1500 RPM, NOTE The tip of the idle fuel and main idle fuel 6 Low Idle Fuel Needle Setting Place the throttle.
adjusting needles are tapered to critical into the idle or slow position. dimensions Damage to the needles and, the seats in carburetor body will result if Turn the idle fuel adjusting needle out. the needles are forced counterclockwise from the preliminary setting. until the engine speed decreases rich Note the, 2 Preliminary Settings Turn the adjusting needles position of the needle. out counterclockwise from lightly bottomed as, follows Now turn the adjusting needle in clockwise The. engine speed may increase then it will decrease, Kohler Adjustable Jet at the needle is turned in lean Note the position. of the needle,Low Idle High Idle 1, K241 2 I 2 turns 2 turns Set the adjusting needle midway between the.
K301 2 1 I2 turns 2 turns rich and lean settings,K321 2 l I2 turns 3 l 4 turns. K341 2 l I2 turns 3 l I2 turns, 3 Start the engine and run at half throttle for 5 to 10. minutes to warm up The engine must be warm Adjust To. before making final settings Midpoint,4 Main Fuel Needle Setting This adjustment is. required for adjustable main jet carburetors only, If the carburetor is a fixed main jet type refer to. Walbro adjustment,Place the throttle into the wide open or fast.
position If possible place the engine under load,Turn the main fuel adjusting needle out. counterclockwise from the preliminary setting 7 Recheck idle speed using a tachometer Readjust. until the engine speed decreases rich Note the speed as necessary. position of the needle,Now turn the adjusting needle in clockwise The. engine speed may increase then it will decrease,as the needle is turned in lean Note the position. of the needle, Walbro Carburetor Adjustment 3 Start the engine and run at half throttle for five to. In general turning the adjusting needles in clockwise ten minutes to warm up The engine must be. decreases the supply of fuel to the carburetor This warm before making final settings. gives a leaner fuel to air mixture Turning the, adjusting needles out counterclockwise increases 4 Main Fuel Needle Setting This adjusfment is.
the supply of fuel to the carburetor required only for adjustable main jet carburetors. If the carburetor is a fixed main jet type disregard. this setting,Idle Speed Screw,Place the throttle into the fast position. Turn the adjusting needle in clockwise The,engine speed may increase then it will decrease. as the needle is turned in lean Note the position,of the needle Back the needle out approximately. l 4 turn See Figure 10 for best main fuel,performance. Lean turn Lean,NOTE The tip of the low idle fuel and main fuel I.
adjusting needles are tapered to critical,dimensions Damage to the needles and the. seats in carburetor body will result if the,needles are forced I. 1 With the engine stopped turn the adjusting,needle s in clockwise until it bottoms light y. Figure 10 Optimum Main Fuel Setting,2 Preliminary Settings Turn the adjusting. needle s out counterclockwise from lightly,5 Low Idle Speed Setting Place the throttle.
bottomed as follows or to the rich side of,control into the idle or slow position Set the. adjustment,low idle speed to 1200 RPM 75 RPM by,turning the low idle speed adjusting screw in or. Walbro Fixed Jet,out Check the speed using a tachometer. K241 l l I4 turns NOTE The actual low idle speed depends on. K301 1 l 4 turns the application Refer to the equipment. K321 l l I2 turns manufacturer s instructions for specific. K341 1 turn low idle speed settings To ensure best. results when setting the low idle fuel, Walbro Adjustable Jet needle the low idle speed must not. I Low Idle Main Idle exceed 1500 RPM,K241 I 314 turns l l 18 turns.
K301 I 314 turns l l I8 turns,K321 I l a turns l l I4 turns. K341 2 112 turns l l 14 turns,6 Low Idle Fuel Needle Setting. Turn the adjusting needle in clockwise The Appx 118. engine speed may increase then it will decrease,Lean turn Lean. as the needle is turned in lean Note the position,of the needle. Back the needle out approximately l 8 to l 4,turn See Figure 11 for best low idle fuel.
performance,Figure 11 Optimum Low Idle Fuel Setting. Troubleshooting, When troubles occur be sure to check the simple causes which at first may seem to obvious to be considered. For example a starting problem could be caused by an empty fuel tank Some common causes of engine. troubles are listed in the following table, Do not attempt to service or replace major engine components or any items that require special timing or. adjustment procedures Have your Kohler Engine Service Dealer do this work. Possible Cause No Improper Dirt In Dirty Incorrect Engine Ditty Air Faulty. Problem Fuel Fuel Fuel Line Grass Screen Oil Level Overloaded Cleaner Spark Plug. Will Not Start l 0 0 0 0,Hard Starting l l 0 0 0 0. Stops Suddenly l,Lacks Power 0 0 l 0 0 0 0,Operates Erratically 0 0 0 0 0 0.
Knocks or Pings 0 0 0 0,Skips or Misfires 0 0 0 0 0. Backfires l l 0 0,Overheats 0 0 0 0 0,High Fuel Consumption 0 0. Storage Parts Ordering, If the engine will be out of service for two months or The engine Specification Model and Serial Numbers. more use the following storage procedure are required when ordering replacement parts from. your Kohler Engine Service Dealer These numbers, 1 Clean the exterior surfaces of the engine are found on the identification plate which is affixed to. the engine shrouding Include letter suffixes if there. 2 Change the oil and filter while the engine is still are any See Engine Identification Numbers on. warm from operation See Change Oil on page 5,Always insist on genuine Kohler parts All genuine.
3 Change oil in reduction gear unit if so equipped Kohler parts meet strict standards for fit reliability. Refill with the same oil as used in engine and performance. crankcase for season of operation See page 8,Major Repair. 4 The fuel system must be completely emptied or Major repair information is available in Kohler Engine. the gasoline must be treated with a stabilizer to Service Manuals However major repair generally. prevent deterioration If you choose to use a requires the attention of a trained mechanic and the. stabilizer follow the manufacturers use of special tools and equipment Your Kohler. recommendations and add the correct amount Engine Service Dealer has the facilities training and. for the capacity of the fuel system Fill the fuel genuine Kohler replacement parts necessary to. tank with clean fresh gasoline Run the engine perform this service For Sales Service assistance. for 2 3 minutes to get stabilized fuel into the call I 800 544 2444 U S Canada or contact your. carburetor Kohler Engine Dealer or Service Distributor they re in. the Yellow Pages under Engines Gasoline,To empty the system run the engine until the fuel. tank and system are empty Model Designation,The model number designates the cubic inch. 5 Remove the spark plug Add one tablespoon of displacement and the number of cylinders Model. engine oil into the spark plug hole Install the K241A for example designates 24 cubic inch. plug but do not connect the plug lead Crank the displacement 1 designates single cylinder The letter. engine two or three revolutions suffix designates a specific version as follows. 6 Remove the spark plug Cover the spark plug Suffix Designates. hole with your thumb and turn the engine over A Oil Pan Type. until the piston is at the top of its stroke EP Generator Set. Pressure against thumb is greatest Reinstall P Pump Model. the plug but do not connect the plug lead Q Quiet Model. R Gear Reduction, 7 Store the engine in a clean dry place S Electric Start. T Retractable Start,Specifications,Model K241 K301 K321 K341.
Bore inches millimeters 3 25 82 6 3 38 85 7 3 50 88 9 3 75 95 3. Stroke inches millimeters 2 88 73 0 3 25 82 6 3 25 82 6 3 25 82 6. Displacement cubic inches cubic centimeters 23 9 391 29 1 476 31 3 512 35 9 588. Power 3600 RPM horsepower kilowatts IO 7 5 12 9 0 14 10 4 16 11 9. Approx Weight Ibs kilograms 118 53 5 118 53 5 118 53 5 122 55 4. Oil Capacity U S pints liters 4 1 9 4 1 9 4 1 9 4 1 9. Spark Plug Gap, Magneto Ignition inches millimeters 0 025 0 65 0 025 0 65 0 025 0 65 0 025 0 65. Battery Breakerless inches millimeters 0 035 0 90 0 035 0 90 0 035 0 90 0 035 0 90. Gaseous Fueled Engines inches millimeters 0 018 0 45 0 018 0 45 0 018 0 45 0 018 0 45. Spark Plug Size millimeters 14 14 14 14,Spark Plug Type Champion RHIO or equivalent. Breaker Point Gap Nominal inches millimeters 0 020 0 50 0 020 0 50 0 020 0 50 0 020 0 50. LIMITED 1 YEAR ENGINE WARRANTY, We warrant to the original consumer that each new engine sold by us will be free from manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship in. normal service for a period of one 1 year from date of purchase provided it is operated and maintained in accordance with Kohler Co s. instructions and manuals, Our obligation under this warranty is expressly limited at our option to the replacement or repair at Kohler Co Kohler Wisconsin 53044 or at a. service facility designated by us of such part or parts as inspection shall disclose to have been defective. EXCLUSIONS, This warranty does not apply to defects caused by casualty or unreasonable use including faulty repairs by others and failure to provide.
reasonable and necessary maintenance, The following items are not covered by this warranty. Engine accessories such as fuel tanks clutches transmissions power drive assemblies and batteries unless supplied or installed by Kohler. Co These are subject to the warranties if any of their manufacturers. WE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL INDIRECT INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND including but not. limited to labor costs or transportation charges in connection with the replacement or repair of defective parts. ANY IMPLIED OR STATUARY WARRANTIES INCLUDING WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR. PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS WRITTEN WARRANTY We make no other express warranty nor is. anyone authorized to make any in our behalf, Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE, Purchaser must bring the engine to an authorized Kohler service facility For the facility nearest you consult your Yellow Pages or write Kohler. Co Attn Engine Warranty Service Dept Kohler Wisconsin 53044.

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9 Commercial Applications of Bioplastics SciTech Connect

9 Commercial Applications of Bioplastics 9.1 Introduction Biodegradable plastics are the type of plastics that undergo decompo-sition over a period of time under composting conditions. The global biodegradable plastics market accounts for less than 1% of the overall plastics market, however, it is expected to grow at a fast pace over the next 5 ...

Mold Inspection Report - American Home Inspections

Mold Inspection Report American Home Inspections

Mold Inspection Report Prepared For: Teri Smith Property Address: 5 Sheldon Road Damptown, NY 12345 Inspected By: Christian A. Werner 116 Judith Dr.

PROJECT REPORT - University of Texas at Austin

PROJECT REPORT University of Texas at Austin

current VLSI process, the sub-threshold current becomes the one of the major factors of the power consumption, especially in high-end memory. To reduce the leakage power in the SRAM, the power gating method can be applied and a major technique of the power gating is using sleep transistors to control the sub-threshold current. In this project ...



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Attachment 4 Health, Safety, Security, and Environment ...

Attachment 4 Health Safety Security and Environment

health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE). Every Contractor company is empowered and expected to adhere to the requirements of this Plan at a minimum. This Plan provides the framework for communicating specific policies and demonstrating management?s commitment to an HSSE culture that has, as its goal, No Accidents, No Harm