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Thank you for your purchase of an Olympus OM 88 This newly developed automatic SLR camera. features an advanced power focus system programmed exposure control and an automatic film handling. system to let you take beautiful pictures with ease Further if you use this new type of programmed SLR. camera with a Manual Adapter 2 it also permits aperture priority automatic exposure and manual. exposure to give you the possibility of creative visual expressions that are possible only with an SLR. Anyone can enjoy taking pictures with it very easily not only simple snapshots but also highly. sophisticated pictures Before using the camera please study this instruction manual carefully with the. OM 88 in front of you so that you can get the very best performance and service life from your new. Symbols used in this manual,TABLE OF CONTENTS, Preparations for Taking Pictures 3 Using conventional auto flash units 31. Loading the Batteries 4 To take better photographs 33. Checking the Batteries 5 Programmed exposure 34, Mounting the Lens 6 TTL Direct OTF Light Metering 37. Taking Photographs I 7 Display in the viewfinder 38. Loading the Film 8 Using the Manual Adapter 2 39,Taking Photographs 11 OM 88 system 42. Rewinding the Film 13 Notes on the OM 88 with current. Taking Photographs II 14 OM System Units 43, Using the backlight control button 15 Conventional OM Lenses 44. Using the self timer 16 Care and Storage 45,Using OM Lenses 17 Questions and Answers 47.
Taking Photographs III Description of Controls 49,flash photography 19 Specifications 52. Using T series Electronic Flashes Manual Adapter 2 Description of. T18 T20andT32 20 Controls 53, Using the Full Synchro Flash F280 22 Manual Adapter 2 Specifications 54. Taking Photographs IV,Using the OM 88 with the Manual. Adapter 2 24,Mounting the Manual Adapter 2 25,Aperture priority auto exposure 26. Manual exposure 28,Bulb exposure 30,Preparations for Taking Pictures.
The OM 88 is designed primarily for use with Olympus AF Lenses and 50mm. F2 0 PF Lens Regarding the instructions for use of conventional OM Lenses refer. to page 17,Loading the Batteries, Do not use different kinds of batteries or new and old batteries at the same time If. you are not likely to use the camera for an extended period of time remove the. batteries Before changing the batteries set the mode dial at OFF. Open the battery compartment cover by 4 LR03 AAA batteries. sliding the knob in the lower part of the grip Inset the batteries in the correct direction. and close the cover,Checking the Batteries, Always check the batteries after inserting new batteries when shooting in cold. weather or if the camera has not been used for a long lime. Set the mode dial at CHECK The audible and visual signals will tell you. that the batteries have enough power,As the battery power weakens both the. audible and visual signals become,intermittent Replace the batteries as soon as. When the batteries are completely,exhausted the audible and visual signals do.
not operate at all,Mounting the Lens,if you are using an OM lens refer to page 17. Align the red dots on the body and the lens, Remove the rear lens cap and the body cap as shown push in the lens and turn it slowly. clockwise until it locks Do not touch the,Remove the front lens cap Removing the Lens. Press the lens release button,Turn the lens until it stops. 6 Pull the lens forward to remove it from,the camera body.
Taking Photographs 1, The OM 88 is so designed to allow everyone to enjoy the fascinating world of SLR. photography with ease This chapter explains its basic procedure how to take. programmed exposure pictures see page 34 for details. Loading the Film, Loading and film speed selection for DX film arc automatic. Set the mode dial at P Make sure you are using a DX coded film. This camera does not accept non DX,coded films, Open the camera back by sliding the release Avoiding direct sunlight inset the film. knob cartridge,Take care not to touch the shutter curtain. with your finger or the film leader,Align the film leader with the red mark and.
insert the sprocket teeth in the film,perforations. If the mode dial is at OFF the film will,not advance. Close the camera back,The camera will automatically advance the. film and the exposure counter will show 1, When the film is incorrectly loaded the Film type confirmation is possible through. camera will warn you with audible and the film window in the camera back. visual signals Reload the film,Taking Photographs,The will turn on in the viewfinder If it.
blinks the shutter will trip at 1 60 sec or a,slower In this case use flash or mount the. camera on a tripod Lightly press the,shutter release if the viewfinder display. doesn t show The display in the viewfinder,will remain on for 30 seconds. Set the mode dial at P,Focus on the focusing screen with the power. focus dial Do not touch the lens front part,Look through the viewfinder.
and aim the camera at your, When the dial is turned to the right the lens When turned to the left the lens focuses on. focuses on closer subjects farther subject, The speed of the lens movement changes in accordance with a rotation speed of the dial. Depress the shutter release The film will,automatically advance for the next shot. Rewinding the Film,Film rewinding is also automatic. When the end of film is reached the motor,whir stops midway and if the shutter release.
is depressed the camera will warn you with,audible and visual signals. Make sure the film has come to its end,After making sure the motor noise stops. open the camera back and unload the film,As soon as you open the camera back the. Press the rewind button exposure counter will return to S. The film will be rewound automatically The film is completely rewound into the. Taking Photographs II, The OM 88 is designed primarily for use with Olympus AF Lens and 50mm F2 0. PF lens but you can also use conventional OM Lenses with it This chapter. explains various functions which expand your picture taking possibilities and how.

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