October 24th, 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center

  1. October 24th 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Camp
  • Mellow Meadows Equestrian, Ingleside, Ontario. Mellow Meadows Equestrian Center is a small family operation just 10 minutes North of Ingleside and the 401 and only 10 minutes South of Finch.
  • Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab Center, evolved from a long history of saving animals from neglect and abandonment. It started as the Animal Trust Foundation which was founded May 16, 1973 by Patrica Woodbridge Nelson. Donate special gift today to help provide veterinary care, rehabilitation and adoption efforts horses in need.

Spruce Meadows offers an incredible experience for fans and riders alike. From novice rider development to the Olympics, Spruce Meadows supports show jumping like no other facility in the world. Starting in February with our first Classic Series event, through to our Oktoberfest tournament, there’s over $6 million in prize money to be won for the 2021 season.

Please note, the entire 2020 season has been cancelled. Below are all dates and information applicable to tournaments in 2021 only, and are subject to change.

CenterOctober 24th 2012american meadow
Tournament2021 Dates2022 Dates (tentative)
May Classic IMay 08 - 09May 07 - 08
May Classic IIMay 14 - 16May 13 - 15
'National' CSI 5* presented by RolexJune 10 - 13June 16 - 19
'Continental' CSI 5* presented by RolexJune 17 - 21June 23 - 26
'Canada One' CSI 3*July 01 - 04June 30 - July 03
'North American' CSI 5* presented by RolexJuly 08 - 11July 06 - 10
'Pan American' CSI 5* presented by RolexJuly 15 - 18July 14 - 17
'Champions' Welcome CSI 3*September 01 - 04August 31 - September 03
'Masters' CSIO 5*September 08 - 12September 07 - 11
Oktoberfest IOctober 14 - 17October 13 - 16
Oktoberfest IIOctober 21 - 24October 20 - 23

October 24 & 25, 2020 HEAD OF THE SCHYULKILL REGATTA. In one of the nation’s largest and most festive rowing events, athletes of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to Olympic-level racers, meet and compete on the Schuylkill River. (215) 280-0483, hosr.org. October 24 & 25, 2020 IKEBANA AND BONSAI EXHIBIT. THE MEADOWS EQUESTRIAN CENTRE TRI EQUESTRIAN NI SCHOOLS SJ LEAGUE WEEK 3- Arena 1 SATURDAY 24TH OCTOBER 2020 Novice Teams 85cms Start Time: 9am NO Name 1 Rathfriland High School Taylor McKnight Asterix Rosie Herron Solitare Rusty Brown Sarah Craig Rocky Taylor.

October 24th 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Camp

MARKT. by Spruce Meadows Hits Stride
December 02, 2020
MARKT. by Spruce Meadows – the online shopping platform that launched on November 1st - hitting its full stride. Vendors and customers alike are embracing the new retail and market concepts introduced by Spruce Meadows in response to the challenges of COVID-19.
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The 2020 Spruce Meadows Christmas Lights Drive Through Begins November 27, 2020
November 26, 2020
Spruce Meadows in partnership with ATCO, Bennett Jones, Scotiabank and WestJet bring you the 2020 Christmas Lights Drive Through
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The Season of Giving with the Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation
November 13, 2020
Give a gift that gives back this holiday season.
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Launch of the 2020 International Christmas Market, presented by TELUS - Hosted by MARKT. by Spruce Meadows
November 02, 2020
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the International Christmas Market, presented by TELUS. We are pleased to announce that we are celebrating in 2020 by bringing the market to a brand new on-line platform. There will be no on-site activities or shops in 2020.
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