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Number 531, Originally Issued 07 07 2017 Revised 09 06 2018 Valid Through 07 31 2019. Chapter 19 and ACI 318 applicable to concrete 3 2 3 Soil Capacity The allowable soil bearing capacity. foundations such as those limit states described in ACI 318 shall be determined by a registered design professional. anchorage per Appendix D in ACI 318 11 and ACI 318 based on the soil type and final drive force test load applied. 08 and Chapter 17 in ACI 318 14 punching two way during pier installation The final drive force shall not. shear beam one way shear and flexural bending exceed the maximum allowable capacity of the shaft or. related limit states have not been evaluated The capacity bracket used in installing the push pier. of the concrete foundation shall be justified to the. satisfaction of the code official with due consideration to 3 2 4 System Capacity The ASD allowable capacity of the. structural detailing applicable limit states and the Grip Tite Push Pier System in compression shall be the. direction and eccentricity of applied loads including lowest of the following three capacities brackets shafts. reactions provided by the brackets acting on the concrete. foundation 3 3 Installation The foundation footing shall be exposed. to provide access to the location where the push pier will. 3 2 2 Shaft Capacity The tops of shafts shall be braced as be installed The steel bracket assembly shall bear fully and. prescribed in Section 1810 2 2 of the IBC In accordance shall be bolted to the existing foundation footing The. with Section 1810 2 1 of the IBC any soil other than fluid support location may be shaped and prepared as required. soil shall be deemed to afford sufficient lateral support to under the supervision of a qualified design professional to. prevent buckling of systems that are braced When piers are provide a safe and stable lifting point beneath the. standing in air water or fluid soils the unbraced length is foundation wall. defined as the length of piers that is standing in air water or. fluid soils plus an additional 5 feet 1524 mm when The Grip Tite Push Piers shall be installed using a calibrated. embedded into firm soil or an additional 10 feet 3048 mm hydraulic ram with known pressure to axial force ratio The. when embedded into soft soil Firm soils shall be defined as equipment nominal loading capacity shall be minimum. any soil with a Standard Penetration Test SPT blow count 120 of the test load applied The steel tubes shall be. of five or greater Soft soil shall be defined as any soil with pushed through the bracket using the hydraulic ram and. a SPT blow count greater than zero and less than five Fluid support frame to transfer the reaction into the existing. soils shall be defined as any soil with a SPT blow count of structure As the pier tubes penetrate into the soil additional. zero weight of hammer WOH or weight of rods WOR push tube sections shall be added to allow deeper. The SPT blow counts shall be determined in accordance penetration until a suitable bearing stratum is reached The. with ASTM D1586 For fully braced conditions where the hydraulic pressure shall be monitored throughout the. pier is installed in accordance with Section 1810 2 2 of the process and recorded at 2 foot 610 mm intervals or less. IBC and piers do not stand in air water or fluid soils the Installation shall continue until the pressure dial indicates. design shaft capacities shall not exceed the ASD shaft that the piers have reached ultimate test load. allowable compression capacity of 30 759 lbf 137 kN for. steel pipes with corrosion protection Shaft capacities of The test load shall be held for 30 minutes or as specified by. push pier foundation systems in air water or fluid soils shall the registered design professional with no deflection to. be determined by a registered design professional confirm the pier capacity After the push pier capacity is. confirmed the pier shall be permanently locked off by. The elastic shortening lengthening of the pier shafts shall be securing the pier cap with threaded rod and nuts to the top. controlled by the variation of applied loads from the pier tube to provide permanent support. lock off load and the mechanical and geometrical properties. of the nominal 3 inch diameter 76 mm hot rolled steel 3 4 Special Inspection Continuous special inspection in. tubes The shaft elastic shortening may be determined from accordance with Section 1704 8 of the 2009 IBC or Section. equation Eq 1 1705 7 of the 2012 and 2015 IBC shall be provided where. required for the installation of foundation piers and. Eq 1 foundation brackets Items to be confirmed by the special. inspector include but are not limited to the manufacturer s. certification of installers verification of the product. shaft change in shaft length due to elastic shortening manufacturer calibration certification for the installation. inches mm equipment push pier bracket and component configuration. P change in load between the applied load and the and identification inclination and position of the push piers. pier lock off load lbf N final drive force push pier lock off load depth of the. L pier shaft length inches mm foundation piers and compliance of the installation with the. A shaft cross sectional area in2 mm2 see Section approved construction documents and this evaluation report. E shaft steel modulus of elasticity 29 000 000 In lieu of continuous special inspection periodic special. psi 199 900 MPa inspection as defined in IBC Section 202 is permitted. Page 2 of 7,Number 531, Originally Issued 07 07 2017 Revised 09 06 2018 Valid Through 07 31 2019. provided that all following requirements identified below mm and made of high strength DOM Structural Steel. are satisfied 1 The installers are certified by the Tubing conforming to ASTM A513 Type 5 Grade 1026. manufacturer and the evidence of installer training and with a minimum tensile strength of 75 000 psi 517 MPa. certification by the report holder are provided to the code and a minimum yield strength of 65 000 psi 448 MPa. official 2 Structural observations in accordance with the. 2009 IBC Section 1710 2012 IBC Section 1704 5 or 2015 4 1 1 1 Friction Collar A friction collar is connected to the. IBC Section 1704 6 are provided 3 A periodic inspection tip on the outside of the lead tube first tube pushed into the. schedule as part of the statement of special inspection soil in every push pier assembly The friction collar is 3 25. prepared by a registered design professional is submitted to inch O D 0 220 inch thick 31 8 inches long 83 mm x 5 59. and approved by the code official As a minimum the mm x 79 mm and made of high strength ERW Structural. periodic inspection schedule shall include but not be limited Steel Tubing conforming to ASTM A513 Type 1 Grade. to the following 1010 steel with a minimum tensile strength of 45 000 psi. 310 MPa and a minimum yield strength of 32 000 psi 221. 1 Before the start of work verify the manufacturer MPa The friction collar is welded in accordance with AWS. verify the installer s certification by the D1 1 using ER70 welding rod and minimum 3 8 inch 9 53. manufacturer and confirm the push pier and bracket mm filet weld all around. configuration compliance with the approved, construction documents and this evaluation report 4 1 2 FP3BA Bracket The bracket assembly consists of a. bracket tube an angle bracket a top plate a cap plate a. 2 Installation of the first push pier foundation system bracket support strap and two threaded rods with nuts The. verify that the location inclination final drive force bracket tube is 3 875 inch O D 3 125 inch I D 0 375 inch. push pier lock off load and depth of the push piers wall 12 inches long 98 mm x 79 mm x 9 53 mm x 305 mm. comply with the approved construction documents and made of ASTM A513 Type 5 Grade 1026 steel with a. and this evaluation report Verify that installers keep minimum tensile strength of 80 000 psi 552 MPa and a. an installation log minimum yield strength of 70 000 psi 483 MPa The 90. degree angle bracket is 1 2 inch thick 12 7 mm steel plate. 3 First connection to the building structure verify that 10 inches wide 254 mm with 8 inch 203 mm legs in each. installation of the brackets complies with the direction The tube is welded to the angle bracket at 5. approved construction documents and this degrees maximum from vertical The bracket support strap. evaluation report consists of 3 8 inch thick by 2 inch wide steel bar 211 4. inches long 9 53 mm x 51 mm x 540 mm bent into a, 4 End of work verify that the installation log complies horseshoe shape around the bracket tube The top plate is. with the requirements specified in the approved 4 inch thick 51 2 inches wide and 91 2 inches long 19 1. construction documents Verify that installation of mm x 140 mm x 241 mm The cap plate is 1 inch thick 4. all structural connections complies with approved inches wide and 81 2 inches long 25 4 mm x 102 mm x 216. construction documents and this evaluation report mm The angle bracket top plate cap plate and bracket. support strap are made of ASTM A36 steel with a minimum. 4 0 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION tensile strength of 58 000 psi 400 MPa and a minimum. yield strength of 36 000 psi 248 MPa The bracket, The Grip Tite Push Pier System consists of sectional steel components are assembled and welded in accordance with.
tubes lead tubes and extensions couplers and brackets the manufacturer s quality control documentation. The system is an alternative to driven piles described in IBC. Section 1810 3 1 4 The push pier system is intended to 4 1 2 1 Threaded rod and nuts The threaded rods are 3 4. support only axial compression loads inch 19 1 mm nominal diameter by 12 inches long 305. mm ASTM A311 Class B Grade 7 zinc plated steel with. 4 1 Material information a minimum tensile strength of 125 000 psi 862 MPa and. a minimum yield strength of 105 000 psi 724 MPa with. 4 1 1 Push tubes The push tubes or shafts are made from 4 inch 19 1 mm hex head nuts The threaded rods and. nominally 3 inch O D by 0 165 inch thick 76 mm x 4 19 nuts provide a height adjustment mechanism for the pier. mm high strength ERW Structural Steel Tubing, conforming to ASTM A500 Grade 1010 with a minimum 5 0 IDENTIFICATION. tensile strength of 62 000 psi 428 MPa and a minimum. yield strength of 46 000 psi 317 MPa The tubes are The Grip Tite Push Pier System components described in. minimum 36 inches 914 mm long and have a nominal this report are identified by labels that include the report. cross sectional area of 1 47 sq in 948 mm2 A coupler is holder s name Grip Tite Manufacturing Co LLC the. inserted 11 2 inches 38 1 mm into the leading end and product catalog number and description the name and. welded to the tip of each tube The coupler is 25 8 inch O D address of Co Line Welding Inc and the IAPMO UES. 0 188 inch thick 4 inches long 67 mm x 4 78 mm x 102 evaluation report number ER 531 The identification. Page 3 of 7,Number 531, Originally Issued 07 07 2017 Revised 09 06 2018 Valid Through 07 31 2019. includes the IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service Mark of 7 0 STATEMENT OF RECOGNITION. Conformity Either Mark of Conformity may be used as. follows This evaluation report describes the results of research. carried out by IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service on the. Grip Tite Push Pier System labeled in Winterset Iowa to. assess its conformance to the codes listed in Section 1 0 of. this report and serves as documentation of the product. certification The Push Pier System is produced at locations. described in Section 2 11 of this report under a quality. control program with periodic inspection under the. or supervision of IAPMO UES,IAPMO UES ER 531,6 0 SUBSTANTIATING DATA. Brian Gerber P E S E, 6 1 Reports of axial compressive load testing of the Grip Vice President Technical Operations. Tite Push Pier System in accordance with Section 4 3 2 of Uniform Evaluation Service. the ICC ES Acceptance Criteria for Belled Segmented Pipe. Foundation Systems and Devices AC406 approved June. 6 2 Material certificates for the tubes and steel plates used Richard Beck PE CBO MCP. to fabricate the push piers and brackets Vice President Uniform Evaluation Service. 6 3 Fabrication details of the push tubes and bracket. assemblies GP Russ Chaney,CEO The IAPMO Group, 6 4 Reports of testing in accordance with the ICC ES.
Acceptance Criteria for Helical Pile Systems and Devices. AC358 approved September 2017 providing allowable For additional information about this evaluation report please visit. www uniform es org or email us at info uniform es org. loading for the bracket assembly and push tubes, 6 5 The Grip Tite Manufacturing quality control manual and. push pier installation instructions,Page 4 of 7,Number 531. Originally Issued 07 07 2017 Revised 09 06 2018 Valid Through 07 31 2019. Figure 1 The Grip Tite Push Pier System tubes,Page 5 of 7. Number 531, Originally Issued 07 07 2017 Revised 09 06 2018 Valid Through 07 31 2019. Page 6 of 7,Number 531, Originally Issued 07 07 2017 Revised 09 06 2018 Valid Through 07 31 2019.
Figure 2 The Grip Tite Push Pier System FP3BA Bracket. TABLE 1 GRIP TITE PUSH PIER WITH UNDERPINNING BRACKET ASD COMPRESSION CAPACITIES. Allowable Compression Capacity kips 6,Bracket Shaft Bracket. Part No Part No 1 Description Bracket2 Shaft3 Soil5. Underpinning,FP3BA FP3T 21 7 30 74 TBD,For SI 1 inch 25 4 mm 1 kip 1 000 lbf 4 448 kN. Shaft segments are 36 inches long, Bracket capacities are based on compression testing reacting against 2 700 psi concrete footings. Shaft capacities are applicable only to foundation systems that are fully braced. Represents shaft capacity using corrosion protection The capacity is reduced to 24 kips for steel pipe. without corrosion protection, Soil capacities shall be determined by a registered design professional Maximum drive force shall not. exceed 21 7 kips, Foundation system allowable capacities are based on the lowest of the bracket the shaft and the soil.

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