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2 File 770 160,File 770 is Taral 40 photos 4 12 13. available for Andrew Porter photos 9 32,news art 33. arranged trades Brad Foster Cover 39 45 50,o r b y Steve Stiles 38 43 49 51. subscription 8 Alan Beck 16 19 52 53,for 5 issues 15 Marty Cantor photos 4 5. for 10 issues air John King Tarpinian photo,rate is Grant Canfield 3 54.
Karl Lembke photo 6, File 770 160 is edited by Mike Keith Stokes photos 7 46. Glyer at 705 Valley View Ave Art Credits Michael Nelson photo 10. Monrovia CA 91016 Telephone Alan White 2 Alice Lawson photos 11 17. 626 305 1004 E Mail Bill Rotsler 2 18 35 37 Frank Wu 14. Mikeglyer cs com John O Halloran photo 15,Editorial Notes by Mike Glyer. Rich Lynch in China Did you know that the File 770 blog is Sending My Name to Mars I unhesitatingly and unthinkingly added. blocked by the Great Firewall of China my name to a list being sent on a microchip to Mars aboard the Mars. Rich sent an e mailed to tell me about this interesting discovery Science Laboratory rover That s the only way to go If I stopped and. I m in the People s Republic of China on a business trip all this week thought about it at all why would I do it. and discovered that the F770 website is blocked over here I didn t Will anybody ever find that chip Why would anybody read it if. realize that you were such a subversive they did And since earthbound operating systems change all the time. Now you know often ceasing to support previous file types what are the odds that. Rich s Chinese visit was captured in an AP photo he appeared NASA itself won t be able to read the chip by the time astronauts go. seated behind China s Science and Technology Minister and the U S looking for the rover. Secretary of Energy in a snap taken at the 4th Carbon Sequestration Pshaw only a party pooper cares about those questions The cor. Forum CSLF Ministerial Conference in China on September 22 rect response is Yippee My name s going to Mars. Wild Wild Westercon,By John Hertz, At Westercon LXIV West Coast S F Con this year 1 4 July Fair. mont Hotel San Jose California the news of the weekend was site. selection Seattle for 2012 was voted last year Portland Oregon was. the only Westercon LXVI bid to file in time for this year s voting Its. committee lacked many known Portland veterans and its proposals. struck many voters as vague A bid for Granzella s Inn amidst the. California olive country which did not file apparently on purpose and. seemed to be presented as both a joke and a protest outdrew the Port. land bid 42 41 This threw site selection to the Business Meet. ing After three heated hours ably chaired by Kevin Standlee the. Portland committee still had not enough support and the Business. Meeting attended by far more than cast votes before voted the 2013. Westercon to the Granzella s committee which under the By Laws is. not bound by its original proposal but may settle on any site in the. west of North America Gene Anderson of the Portland committee. and Kevin Roche Andrew Trembley of the Granzella s committee Foglio s Girl Genius As noted here earlier I led discussion of three S. were seen in conference At one point Roche spoke opposing his own F classics Leinster s Ethical Equations Anderson s Brain Wave. bid urging voters to consider in earnest and Dick s Man in the High Castle Watching the Masquerade cos. Hugo nominee Maurine Starkey exhibited in the Art Show for the tume competition which was short but sweet I sat with two Sikhs one. first time I remember She noted with pleasure work by Stu Shepherd of whom was at his first s f con and had many accurate remarks A. who had long drawn for Revell I moderated Chris Garcia and Randy Spokane bid for the 2015 Worldcon emerged In the Fanzine Lounge. Smith at the annual Westercon Last Minute Hugo Nominees Review John O Halloran talked of taiko drumming At filking our home. managing somehow to go over the entire ballot in one hour and a half made music Barry Gold sang his wife Lee s No More Need to Pray. session Regency dancing had been hosted by me on Friday Alan of Asimov s Mule and Kate Gladstone s Waldo of Heinlein s. Winston who was otherwise unable to attend the con came on Sunday Waldo Jones Round about midnight Monday with hotel restaurants. to host a second evening for which I borrowed a costume from Roche all closed I left to eat upon returning found the Dead Dog party until. to dress as Vanamonde Von Mekkhan from Guest of Honor Phil the last dog is closed too and reluctantly slept. November 2011 3,Crotchety is Amazing,Steve Davidson The Crotchety Old Fan is. celebrating because he was finally awarded,the trademark for Amazing Stories by the U S.
Patent and Trademark Office on September,28 He originally applied for it in 2008. Davidson is familiar with Amazing Stories,rocky history stumbling along through. bankruptcy when Gernsback lost ownership,through a series of publishers and editors. Teck Publications Ziff Davis Ultimate,where it enjoyed a brief and all too short. resurgence under the tutelage of Ted White,Dragon Publications and through a series of.
corporate buy outs ended up as a Hasbro,toys property and licensed to Paizo Publica. tions which re introduced it as a mass media,geek culture mag until its demise in 2005. By 2007 Hasbro had abandoned the trade,mark Davidson then managing the intellec. tual property department of an R D firm,was routinely reviewing the status of some of. his favorite marks Noting rights to the Amaz,ing Stories mark had lapsed he filed an appli.
cation for the mark in 2008,Davidson s ambition is to revive Amazing. as an online magazine and he has rounded up,a brain trust to advise him. Serving as his board of advisors are four,former editors of Amazing Stories Barry. Malzberg Patrick L Price Ted White and,Joseph Wrzos who edited under the pen. name Joseph Ross Each has extensive ex,perience in the sf genre as an author agent.
editor collector and or historian,News of Fandom,Also Frank Wu has been enlisted to cre. ate the cover for the Davidson s first issue, of Amazing Stories did not fight extradition to California to face To be eligible for the Monica Hughes. murder charges When arraigned in an Al Award a book must be an original work in. 2011 Rebel and Phoenix Winners hambra CA courtroom on July 8 he pleaded English aimed at readers ages 8 to 16 The. The Rebel and Phoenix Awards were pre not guilty to the murder charge first award will be given in October 2012. sented September 24 at Fencon VIII and Gerhartsreiter will be back in Alhambra. DeepSouthCon Superior Court on January 18 2012 for a 2011 SF F Translation Awards. Brad Foster received the Rebel Award for preliminary hearing where a judge will decide The winners of the 2011 Science Fiction and. his work as a fan artist presented by Steven if enough evidence exists for the case to go to Fantasy Translation Awards were announced. H Silver trial at the 2011 Eurocon in Stockholm, Selina Rosen won the Phoenix Award for Long Form A Life on Paper Stories. her work with up and coming authors and her HarperCollins Sponsors Georges Olivier Ch teaureynaud translated. work on Yard Dog Press Toni Weisskopf Monica Hughes Award by Edward Gauvin Small Beer Press Origi. presented the Phoenix Bill Parker received The Canadian Children s Book Centre has nal publication in French 1976 2005. the Rubble Award at the hands of Gary Robe launched the Monica Hughes Award for Ca Short Form Elegy for a Young Elk. for bringing the Worldcon and two years of nadian children s literature Sponsored by Hannu Rajaniemi translated by Hannu Ra. work to Southern fandom HarperCollins Canada the new award will janiemi Subterranean Online Spring 2010. honor children s sf and fantasy fiction and Original publication in Finnish Portti 2007. Clark Rockefeller Faces comes with a 5 000 cash prize A special award also was presented to. Hughes who passed away in 2003 wrote British author and translator Brian Stableford. Murder Trial in LA in recognition of the excellence of his transla. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter a k a Clark over thirty five books and has been called. Canada s finest writer of science fiction for tion work. Rockefeller will be tried in California on Each winning author and translator will. charges of murdering LASFS member John children by critic Sarah Ellis in The Horn. Book magazine receive a cash prize of US 350, Sohus in 1985 He is also a suspect in the This was the inaugural year of. disappearance of Sohus wife Linda whose She won many major literary awards in. cluding the Governor General s Award then the awards given by the Association for the. body has never been found Recognition of Excellence in Science Fiction. Already serving 5 years in Massachusetts known as the Canada Council Prize for Chil. dren s Literature in 1982 and 1983 Fantasy Translation ARESFFT. for kidnapping his daughter Gerhartsreiter,4 File 770 160.
LASFS Moves,to New Clubhouse,LASFS Deals for New Clubhouse. Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society,members voted at the club s April 21. meeting to sell their North Hollywood,clubhouse and buy a new place in Van. A real estate agent had approached,the club in September 2010 with an. offer to purchase the building A price,was agreed upon but the sale depended.
on the club finding a replacement prop,erty This is not as precipitous as it. sounds LASFS has discussed for,years the idea of expanding its existing. facility or moving to a larger building,and set aside some funds for the pur. pose Before long the LASFS Board of,Directors found a new place that met. most of their requirements,The sale price of the old clubhouse.
and the purchase price of the new,building were the same 525 000. Commissions and costs reduced the,amount realize from the sale but the. club s Century Fund made up the dif,ference and will also pay for the initial. remodeling work,The new building is 4400 sq ft, much larger than the combined floor First Meeting at LASFS new Clubhouse in Van Nuys Above Lee Gold fore. space in the two buildings at the old site ground back to camera on her left Barbara Harmon June Moffatt Below. which was around 2100 sq ft The Socializing area viewed from rear of meeting room Photos by Marty Cantor. club s new address is 6012 Tyrone,Ave Van Nuys CA 91401 one block.
north of Oxnard and one block east of,Van Nuys Blvd That s not very far. from where I formerly lived on Wood,man Ave a return address familiar to. some of you long time File 770 sub,This Old Clubhouse LASFS ended. its 34 year run at the Burbank Blvd,clubhouse on Thursday August 25. Taral Wayne happened to be in town,and Marc Schirmeister took him to the.
meeting which Taral documented with,a few photos,Before LASFS bought the property. in 1977 it was owned by a leatherwork,ing business There also was a radio. mast beside the back building which,served a nurses beeper alert service It. was an attractive nuisance Frank,Gasperik once climbed it so the club. eventually took it down,The front building was used for.
socializing and to house the library,The back building was the meeting. room shown in Taral s photos Look,ing at them brings back memories You. November 2011 5, can see the paneling Jerry Pournelle helped install and the free carpet. that Gary Louie salvaged from his employer The column supporting. the roof beam used to be covered with plaques honoring two members. who qualified as Pillars of the LASFS Bruce Pelz and Michael Ma. LASFS bought its first clubhouse on Ventura Blvd in 1973 The. first meeting drew over 100 people enough to stuff the place to the. gills This foreshadowed the club s rapid growth enabling them to buy. the Burbank Blvd place in 1977 For many years weekly attendance. averaged around 150 though it has since dwindled, Mr First Nighter The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society held. the grand opening of its new clubhouse in Van Nuys on September 1. I went early to scout out the parking and reached the clubhouse. around 6 p m in time to greet Karl Lembke and Christian McGuire on. my way I paid my dues to treasurer Elayne Pelz and followed registrar. Michelle Pincus on a guided tour of the new place, The clubhouse occupies a block long commercial building formerly.
divided between several businesses In the new configuration there is a. large meeting area with an enclosed office to one side a spacious so. cializing area and a big section for the club library There. are other substantial nooks and crannies that will be used for storage or. to place things like the soda machine where they won t be in the way. And there s a full kitchen, LASFS held a potluck dinner and Eylat Poliner did heroic labor on. the set up Fans brought cuisine from four continents and Brooklyn. George Mulligan explained at length that corned beef and cabbage is Marc Schirmeister and Mike Glyer. not a native Irish dish, Marc Schirmeister s donation got the biggest reaction an ice chest. full of rare and exotic soft drinks from Galco s Soda Pop Stop in High. land Park CA There was Moxie Old Rhode Island Molasses Root. Of Drinks and Doors, Beer A J Stephens Raspberry Lime Rickey Leninade Fukola Cola by John Hertz. Spruce Beer and Kickapoo Joy Juice You should see what I didn t. buy laughed Marc Reprinted from Vanamonde 952 When I saw an empty Moxie bottle. Long time members present included June Moffatt Barbara at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society s first meeting in our new. Harmon Don Fitch Bill and Jane Ellern Larry Niven and Jerry Clubhouse I should have guessed someone had been to Galco s a. Pournelle shop so much more famous for carrying five hundred kinds of soft. Other members nearer my own vintage included Marty Cantor Lee drink than for its Blockbuster sandwiches that it s less known as. and Barry Gold John Hertz Sandy Cohen Selina Phanara Matthew Galco s Old World Grocery than as the Soda Pop Stop Galco s has as. Tepper Mike Stern Lucy Stern Charles Lee Jackson II Regina and many beers six dozen kinds of bottled water a hundred candies in. Greg Reynante Gavin Claypool Genny Dazzo Craig Miller Jim cluding Clark Bars Nik L Nips and Sen Sen but soft drinks are its. Daniels Tom Safer Doug Crepeau Greg Barrett John DeChancie fame almost any so long as bottled in glass After guessing someone. Mike Thorsen and Chris Marble had been there I should have guessed it was Marc Schirmeister Both. I also saw Tom Khamis Sundance Bekinnie Ed Hooper Wendy guesses would have been correct But neither of those afterthoughts. Wiseman Arlene Satin Janice Olson Nick Young Maryann Canfield. Darnell Coleman and about 25 more whose names I don t know Last Meeting at the old LASFS Clubhouse on Burbank. At 8 p m there was a surge toward the meeting room Marcia Zeff. Blvd August 25 Marc Schirmeister is seated at center. called things to order Karl Lembke took his post as secretary I had. made a strategic choice to stay in the socializing area during the pot. luck rather than stake out a seat at the front of the meeting without. which I couldn t hear what was going on so I didn t stay through the. formal part of the meeting, The main drawback of the new place is the minimal parking avail. able in the immediate neighborhood Arlene Satin told me there are. 17 spaces Curbside parking on Aetna to the west is problematic be. cause city signs forbid it between 9 p m and morning no problem if. you re willing to leave the meeting early Halfway up the same block. is an entrance to a vast Metro park n ride lot where signs threaten. those who aren t transit customers that their cars will be towed I ex. pect in the era of ubiquitous surveillance cameras it wouldn t take. long for somebody to notice a bunch of people leaving their cars at the. far end of the lot then walking away from the bus depot However. these may not be insurmountable problems and the club will try to. work with the city for change, Inside it s certainly a nice space for the club s needs and I m look.
ing forward to seeing it again once they re fully moved in. 6 File 770 160, was a double take unlike understanding the empty bottle. Among the points upon which I concur with Marv Wolfman. is the assessment of this drink Galco s owner John Nese once. told a visiting couple who d driven sixty miles Try a Moxie. then try a Coke The taste is so pronounced it just pops. out That s very true Lloyd Penney says Klingons used to. arrive from Montr al with cases of it Moxie courage may. come from what s needed to drink it or may be like Old Infuria. tor the Algerian wine which the British Navy supposedly served. because it was so bad it would make men fight anyone see e g. I Fleming On Her Majesty s Secret Service p 145 1963. Someone must have actually consumed a bottle of,Moxie Well astounding things happen at the LASFS. This Clubhouse is roomy It has space for our 20 000 book. library No patio we left our home grown lemon tree be. hind Also the Star Wars wallpaper Marjii Ellers hung neatly in. one of our bathrooms The new painted concrete walls are. live i e in the acoustic sense Quiet is not a fannish virtue. we re talkative I d not have it another way maybe we ll hang. arras Given our new neighbor across the street we can tell. people Come to the LASFS and be close to power, Among the attenders was Dr Melissa Conway head of Spe. cial Collections at the Library of the Riverside campus of the. University of California among her six with the Tuskegee Air. men and fifteen printing presses is the Eaton Collection world s. largest publicly accessible collection of SF including the Terry. Carr and Bruce Pelz and Rick Sneary fanzines I introduced her. to Karl Lembke Chairman of the LASFS Board of Direc. tors During the meeting I sat next to Selina Phanara who. thanked me Why I asked Because I did something about. your door In 1999 this talented artist painted the APA L col. lating room door Amateur Press Ass n LASFS with a space. ship and suns When I learned the Club was relocating I asked. Dr Conway if Eaton wanted the door She said Yes, please Lembke with a little help from his friends dismounted. it and put in a plain one he now arranged to get the Phanara. door to Riverside, In the festivities I brought greetings from Paul Turner and.
Tim Kirk Kirk often drew APA L covers in the years he won. five Hugos as Best Fanartist Turner had asked me to be sure. and credit Pelz who fanned Turner s building fund spark into. flame Jerry Pournelle said Don t forget to credit Chuck. Crayne We all cheered Pelz widow Elayne the LASFS, Treasurer who d done more than anyone else to negotiate close. and consummate the transactions that disposed of our second. Clubhouse and brought us into this our third,Mythcons on the Horizon. Mythcon 43 will be held August 3 6 2012 at the Clark Kerr. Center in Berkeley a popular Mythcon location Two past My. thopoeic Award winners will be its Guests of Honor scholar G. Ronald Murphy and author Grace Lin, Mythcon 44 will be held July 12 15 2013 at Michigan State. University s Kellogg Conference Center in East Lansing MI. NC Menaced by Tornados, In mid April North Carolina was struck by severe tornados. Warren Buff called them some of the worst in his lifetime One. stayed on the ground across several counties and slammed. downtown Raleigh For those of you who came to ReConStruc. tion for a bit of perspective they passed within five blocks of. the convention center Fortunately local fans were unharmed. and none of their property was damaged,November 2011 7.
KaCSFFS Turns 40,by Ken Keller, The late John Taylor was also a As for those at the very first KaCSFFS. founding member of KaCSFFS and meeting our first clubzine X Ray Delta One. attended the club s first meeting contains a complete list of the 25 who at. held on July 2 1971 in a rented class tended, room at Shawnee Mission West High Bob Boyed Dr J J Carduff Chris Car. School in Shawnee Mission KS a duff Rita Coriell Vern Coriell Paul. suburb city on KC s Kansas side The Glavas Sam Glavas Louis Graham Randall. club has met monthly ever since Hawkins Bob Hencey Floyd Johnson Ken. Exactly 25 attended that very first Keller Larry Kopitnik Doug Kruse Jim. meeting The following summer Loehr Gary Mattingly David B Pettaway. in mid June 1972 we hosted our first Neil Preston Norma Preston Ronald Rauch. SF convention Mid America Con 1 Tim Roth Steve Shapiro Gary Stiffelman. with the late Phillip Jose Farmer and Brian Tanahill John Taylor Deceased. James Gunn still living as our pro They were there when Gary and I took. GoHs I chaired that convention and to the classroom s two podiums to address the. later co chaired the ones that followed assembled and announce that KaCSFFS. BYOB Cons until 1974 when I then was formed At one point we almost be. started the KC in 76 bid you know came the Kansas City Futurians KCF or the. how that turned out Kansas City Science Fiction Association. Both Gary Mattingly and I are the KaCSFA but we went crazy and adopted. co founders KaCSFFS Gary left later that long string of unpronounceable conso. that summer of 1971 to return to col nants KaCSFFS instead i e Kax Fuss It. lege and he came back to KC for a must have been lucky since we re still here. visit several times after the club was and so many other traditional fan groups have. formed unfortunately he was unin expired But will the Kaxfen make it to the. volved for the rest of the club s history big five zero in ten years. leaving the KC area after graduating The club currently has 68 dues paid mem. Ken Keller accepting KaCSFFS Lifetime Kansas State in Manhattan I know bers down from more than 130 a decade ago. Membership at 40th anniversary Gary is still in fandom is married But we ve always had a revolving door with. lives way out west and publishes a and ebb and flow of members over the years. The Kansas City Science Fiction Fantasy fanzine whose name I can t recall right at this Some stay for a meeting or two and then are. Society KaCSFFS turned 40 on July 2 Club moment never seen again others have stayed for. co founder Ken Keller remembers the night I served as KaCSFFS s first director in awhile or even quite awhile in a lot instances. KaCSFFS began 1971 and 1972 and again on the club s 30th and we ve had a number who ve also died in. anniversary a decade ago in 2001 and again the last 40 years inevitable there s a list. The late Rita Coriell and her husband the late in 2002 For both I served two terms I ve of our deceased at the club s website. Vern Coriell founder of Edgar Rice also held the positions of Secretary and kcsciencefiction org if you care to see who s. Burroughs fandom and The Burroughs Bib Treasurer both in those early years I ve also Left The Clubhouse. liophiles were both at the very first worked on our regional ConQuesT a few Congrats on LAFSFS 3rd clubhouse. KaCSFFS meeting they were our First Fan times in recent years both a co program book BTW wow we re green with envy. dom members editor and as a department head,2011 Mythopoeic Award Winners. The winners of the 2011 Mythopoeic Awards were announced at Mythcon 42 in Albuquerque on July 17. Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies. Karen Lord Redemption in Indigo Small Beer Press Michael Ward Planet Narnia The Seven Heavens in the. Imagination of C S Lewis Oxford Univ Press 2008, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children s Literature. Megan Whalen Turner The Queen s Thief series consisting of The Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy Studies. Thief The Queen of Attolia The King of Attolia and A Conspiracy Caroline Sumpter The Victorian Press and the Fairy Tale. of Kings Greenwillow Books Palgrave Macmillan 2008. 8 File 770 160,Fandom s Tangled Web, George R R Martin in Time 100 pain that make it impossible for him to.
The 2011 Time 100 is a list of the most remain alert and assist in his own defense. influential people in the world While I d Just last year Kramer s lawyer tried to get the. have expected a full slate of politicians charges dismissed. generals religious figures tech geniuses and Kramer remained under house arrest. leaders of protest movements it s a more until 2008 when a judge ruled that he could. wide ranging list and George R R Martin is travel Conditions of his bond required. on it Kramer to report his whereabouts weekly to, The TIME 100 runs the length of the Gwinett County district attorney s office. Pennsylvania Avenue Barack Obama and and that he have no unsupervised contact. John Boehner features real and imitation with anyone under the age of 16 Presented. royalty Prince William and Kate Middleton with evidence that Kramer violated both. actor Colin Firth of The King s Speech and conditions a judge in Georgia signed an. has room left over for Dharma Master Cheng order September 14 revoking his bond He is. Yen Buddhist leader of an international being held in a Connecticut prison while. relief organization There is a cricket player contesting extradition proceedings. a couple of rap stars and a comedienne, J K Rowling was on the list several times FAAn Award Categories Set. in the past decade though Martin s The Fan Activity Achievement Awards. appearance may be the first for an author of FAAN Awards categories have been. epic fantasy tweaked in readiness for next year, Time assigned a humorist to write Administrator Andy Hooper announced. Martin s brief bio a decision at odds with they will be Best Genzine Best Perzine. George R R Martin in Time 100, such a portentous list but resonant with Best Fan Writer Best Fan Artist Best Fan. George s own droll attitude towards Website Best Letterhack Harry Warner Jr. professional writing Martin 62 is as fine a with one of Qaddafi s sons and the head of Memorial Award and Best Anthology or. researcher as he is a storyteller and he packs Pakistani military intelligence Single Issue. in enough miserable fact about the meanness The Number One Fan Face will be won. of medieval life that it occasionally echoes Ed Kramer Arrested by the top point scorer in the 7 categories. Baltimore in its harshness, Besides the humorous approach helps us in Connecticut.
Dragon Con founder Edward Kramer who Corflu Fifty Picks Shelby Vick. all feel better about seeing George on a list Shelby Vick is the Corflu Fifty s choice to. for the past decade has delayed trial on child, molestation charges in Georgia by arguing he receive the trip to next year s Corflu in Las. Edward Kramer posed for this Vegas, newspaper photo in 2007 is too ill to participate in his own defense. was arrested in Connecticut after authorities The Corflu Fifty underwrites someone s. were tipped that he was staying in a motel attendance at the con each year In contrast. room with a 14 year old boy Kramer has to other fan funds the recipient incurs no. been charged by Milford Police with obligations such as becoming the fund. misdemeanor reckless endangerment of a administrator and having to raise money for. child according to the Atlanta Journal the next trip. Constitution Arnie Katz announcing the news in, The boy was acting in a film being shot in Glitter 12 approved this as a joyous. Milford and Kramer allegedly represented example of what goes around comes. himself as the teenager s guardian around He said It s fitting that Shelby. The Gwinett County District Attorney Vick will represent the Corflu Fifty at Corflu. Danny Porter told the media he will extradite Glitter because he sparked the creation of. him back to Georgia as quickly as today s fan funds with his WAW with the. possible Porter also contrasted Kramer s Crew in 52 campaign that brought Walt. previous appearance in a Georgia court Willis to the 1952 Worldcon in Chicago. leaning heavily on a cane and breathing The name Corflu Fifty Randy Byers once. oxygen through a mask with the description said is how many contributors they want to. given by three witnesses in Connecticut who have not how many they already have. say they saw him hiking on trails not using a Rich Coad explained how this tradition. cane or his breathing apparatus began in Vegas Fandom Weekly 98 The. Lawyers have forestalled trial for years by Corflu Award is an outgrowth of the. presenting evidence that Kramer suffers from successful oneoff funds to bring Bruce. a degenerative spinal condition and chronic Gillespie and William Breiding to Corflu. Titanium in 2004 and to bring Harry Bell to,November 2011 9. Corflu Quire in 2006 Andy Porter came up figure sculpted by Lawrence Prime and a personal items like his adoption papers in. with the excellent suggestion of getting a certificate designed by Taral Wayne which his name was changed. group of fifty fans each willing to donate 25 Cameron says These first awards are Til now the Sturgeon collection had been. dollars or 15 pounds to be the fund raisers entirely by fiat being my personal decision privately held in two parts the Woodstock. based on what I consider to be the most collection from his widow Marion and the. First Canadian obvious choices the CFF Awards being Sturgeon Literary Trust collection managed. entirely a one man show at this point by daughter No l. Faned Awards Given Next year I will be taking peer input into In making the donation No l Sturgeon. R Graeme Cameron announced his selections account After that Maybe an actual vote credited the work of James Gunn professor. for the first Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards rigged or otherwise emeritus of English who created the. on October 2 at VCON 36 university s Intensive English Institute on the. Best Fan Artist Taral Wayne Sturgeon Papers Donated Teaching of Science Fiction in 1975 and the. Best Fan Writer Garth Spencer The late Theodore Sturgeon s books papers Center for the Study of Science Fiction in. Best Loc Hack Lloyd Penney manuscripts and correspondence will find a 1982 Jim s long dedication to the teaching. Best Fanzine WARP Cathy Palmer lasting home at the University of Kansas and scholarship of science fiction and his. Lister Editor Kenneth Spencer Research Library particular interest in and support of my. father s work was the main impetus behind, Life Time Achievement The The documents in the collection include.
our choice of the Spencer Research Library at, Unknown Faned who published Sturgeon s original manuscript and multiple. film script treatments of More Than Human the University of Kansas as the home for. Canada s first SF fanzine in early 1936 Sturgeon s collection of papers she said. under the title The Canadian Science the notes and outline for his Star Trek script. Amok Time correspondence story ideas The university s Center for the Study of. Fiction Fan Unknown because in his Science Fiction already has ties to the. 1936 review of the zine Donald and drafts shared with John W Campbell. Robert Heinlein Edgar Pangborn Harlan acclaimed writer It presents the Sturgeon. Wollheim neglected to mention the Award for the best short science fiction at the. editor s name Ellison Isaac Asimov Kurt Vonnegut Gene. Roddenberry and T H White There also are center s annual Campbell Conference. All winners will receive The Faned,With the Carrs in 1966. By Andrew Porter This is a photo I took,back in 1966 after a party at Ted White s. apartment in Brooklyn en route back to,civilization uh home for TAFF winner. Tom Schlueck now a famous German,literary agent and a guy who got a black.
eye in fannish circles for never doing a,TAFF report. From left to right we have Jock Root,Schlueck Terry and a sleeping Carol. Carr and Gary Deindorfer Miller High,Life the champagne of Bottle Beer has a. starring role plus ads for Sominex a sleep,aid and the famous Meet Miss Subways. ad pick one of these beautiful girls for,the honor I can t figure out what the ad.
on the left is for,As an added bonus we can see a,Women tiled doorway on that station. platform from those forgotten days of last,century when maybe you could actually. go into a room in the subway station to go,to the bathroom instead of the unthink. able alternative of relieving yourself di,rectly onto the subway tracks men only. This photo was taken so long ago it s,before NYC s teenaged hoodlums had.
thought of graffiti or before they invented,spray paint and markers Maybe both It s. also way before the subway cars were air,conditioned. 10 File 770 160,Renovation the 2011 Worldcon,Report by Mike Glyer. Michael J Walsh 1983 Worldcon chair seated on the Iron Throne Photo by Michael Nelson. November 2011 11, Past Worldcon Chairs at Renovation Standing Kent Bloom Mike Glyer Laura Domitz Kevin Standlee Mi. chael Walsh Leslie Turek Mark Olson Becky Thomson Tom Whitmore Karen Meschke Rene Walling Deb Geisler. Todd Dashoff Joe Siclari Vincent Docherty Colin Harris Martin Easterbrook Bill Parker Sitting Tony Lewis. Peggy Rae Sapienza Patty Wells Roger Sims Erle Korshak Dave Kyle Milton F Stevens Photo by Mary Alice. Selected Numbers Renovation a very well tially looked at two proposals to create a new steps to allow the meeting to consider com. run Worldcon with great guests and an excel Hugo category for fancasts that would if peting rules changes offered by the Semipro. lent program drew 4 098 attendees and fin adopted inferentially redefine the semipro zine Committee the fruit of two years. ished with 5 499 members of all types zine and fanzine categories by removing au work and Rich Lynch. The Faneds Feast convened in the Pur dio and video items to a category of their Despite several attempts to introduce dif. ple Parrot coffee shop at the Atlantis at din own ferent ideas or language and a considerable. nertime on Friday I counted 16 present At the request of the business meeting amount of maneuvering generally the pro. Somehow we managed to seat ourselves at Andrew Trembley and Rich Lynch reconciled posals of the Semiprozine Committee on the. the table in geographic order from east to their two versions into a single proposal. west roughly like this Ed and Sandra Many fans consulted on the revision and it. Meskys Katrina Templeton Andrew Porter passed 75 11. Cathy Lister Palmer Murray Moore Mary Insert a new section after existing. Ann Moore Gregg and Audrey Trend me section 3 1 13 to create a new category. Milt Stevens Alan Stewart Marcy Ma 3 3 X Best Fancast Any generally. liniewicz Jerry Kaufman Mike Ward available non profesional audio or video. Live Internet Coverage of the Hugo periodical devoted to science fiction. Ceremonies attracted 650 viewers to the US fantasy or related subjects that by the. tream video and 720 followers to texts on close of the previous calendar year has. CoverItLive As word spread after the con released four 4 or more episodes at. about Chris Garcia s Hugo acceptance melt least one 1 of which appeared in the. down the UStream video went viral getting previous calendar year and that does not. around 43 000 views after the con qualify as a dramatic presentation. Business Meeting Makes Hugo Zine The proposal includes a sunset provision. Category Changes The Renovation business that it unless it is re ratified by the 2016. meeting voted to make significant changes to business meeting it shall be repealed. the Hugo zine categories Report of the Semiprozine Committee. Best Fancast The business meeting ini There followed a whole series of procedural. 12 File 770 160,a l l y a v a i l a b l e n o n,professional publication devoted to sci.
ence fiction or fantasy or related sub,jects which by the close of the previous. calendar year has published four 4 or,more issues or the equivalent in other. media at least one 1 of which ap,peared in the previous calendar year. which does not qualify as a fancast and,which in the previous calendar year met. at least one 1 of the following criteria,1 paid its contributors monetarily and.
or staff in other than copies of the publi,2 was generally available only for paid. 3 3 13 Best Fanzine Any generally,available non professional periodi. cal publication devoted to science fic,tion fantasy or related subjects which. by the close of the previous calendar year,has published four 4 or more issues at. least one 1 of which appeared in the,previous calendar year which does not.
qualify as a fancast and which in,the previous calendar year met neither of. Best Fan Writer nominees Standing James Bacon Claire Brialey Chris. the following criteria, Garcia accepter for James Davis Nicoll kneeling Steven H Silver. 1 paid its contributors and or staff,monetarily,2 was generally available only for paid. Add to the end of Section 3 9,Notification and Acceptance. Additionally each nominee in the cate,gories of Best Fanzine and Best Semi.
Prozine shall be required to confirm that,they meet the qualifications of their cate. Each of these amendments will have to be,ratified by the Chicago 2012 Worldcon busi. ness meeting in order to take effect,Rich Lynch and Steven H Silver believed. that the changes made to the fanzine cate,gory will still allow some websites or blogs. to be eligible if they are not continually,updated but take down and archive the pre.
vious material SF Site is an example of a,website that already follows this practice. The final verdict will rest with the voters and,the Hugo Administrator. Scoreboard The results were unexpect, Best Fan Artist nominees Scott Bobo accepter for Brad Foster Randall edly satisfying I had wanted audio and video. Munroe Taral Wayne Steve Stiles Maureen Starkey presentations ruled out of the fanzine cate. I also believe zines that pay contributors, whole were passed 1 with necessary word one which meets at least one of the fol owners or staff which otherwise qualify in. ing to reconcile them to the creation of the lowing two criteria the fanzine category should compete in the. fancast category and 2 to incorporate 1 it provided at least a quarter the in semiprozine category. Lynch s key ideas the deletion of come of any one person or And I am pleased to see the fanzine cate. equivalent in other media from the fanzine 2 was owned or published by any entity gory rid of the allowance for equivalent in. category and addition of the word which provided at least a quarter the other media. periodical to modify publication income of any of its staff and or owner Interestingly the changes in to the semi. Here is the result Amended sections 3 3 12 and 3 3 13 by prozine category eliminating the right an. Added a new section replacing them with editor currently has to move a zine into semi. 3 Y Z A Professional Publication is 3 3 12 Best Semiprozine Any gener prozine category by declaration will have. November 2011 13, the effect of welcoming Langford s Ansible duced This was a reaction against a rules Two Worldcon Attendees Die Bill Tro.
back to the fanzine category change made at Aussiecon 4 and was a jan suffered a fatal heart attack on Sunday in. Mark Protection Committee Linda source of high emotion because the rule his hotel room Utah fan Paul Roberts was in. Deneroff Dave McCarty Warren Buff and change had only affected Cheryl Morgan The a fatal car accident on his way home his. Stephen Boucher were elected to fill the open meeting did repudiate that change but by vehicle was struck by a car that made a illegal. seats on the Mark Protection Committee another route U turn Tributes to both appear in the Obitu. Besides vacancies caused by three members Various housekeeping rules changes also aries section on page 32. expiring terms a fourth vacancy had been received their first passage. created by Ruth Sachter s resignation from Post Worldcon Medical Updates While 2013 Site Selection Voting. the committee people have had medical problems at every The Texas bid for the 2013 Worldcon was. Business Passed on from Aussiecon 4 A Worldcon with social media to spread the officially declared the winner at Renovation s. series of amendments to the WSFS Constitu news everyone was acutely aware of what Saturday business meeting Texas essentially. tion passed on from Aussiecon 4 were ratified happened at Renovation ran unopposed and received the vast majority. unchanged at the Renovation business meet jan howard finder reached Reno but never of the 760 votes cast with 14 other. ing made it to the convention as heart issues choices receiving votes. These amendments 1 altered the World forced him to check into a local hospital Texas 694. con membership rate limits 2 made explicit Doctors operated to put in stents Wombat None of the Above 14. the authority to conduct electronic voting for was released three days after the con ended Write ins. the Hugo Awards and Site Selection in addi on August 24 Xerpes 6. tion to paper voting 3 allowed cons to Former Worldcon chair Michael Walsh Minneapolis in 73 5. comply with the requirement to distribute left the con on Sunday for treatment of a kid Denton the Happiest Place on Earth 4. WSFS rules to members via electronic distri ney stone in a Reno ER He returned home Boston 2020 Christmas 3. bution on an opt in basis 4 clarified refer two days later Antartica Babylon 5 BSFS Clubhouse. ence to run off candidate in the constitu Immediately after William J Patterson Chicago Cincinnati Fred Duarte s House. tion and 5 updated the language of the ser author of the Hugo nominated Heinlein biog Peggy Rae s House Spuzzum Unalakleet. vice mark notice to include the Hugo Award raphy returned to LA he was admitted to AK 1 vote each. logo and trophy Cedars Sinai Hospital Bill had been feeling There were also 14 invalid ballots. New Business A proposed amendment to progressively sicker over the weekend. the WSFS Constititution directing the Mark feverish exhausted and nauseous Diabetes. Protection Committee to protect likely inter related problems led to a partial amputation LoneStarCon 3 Picks Guests. net domain names of future worldcons for of one foot He is making a recovery and has Co chairs Laura Domitz and Bill. years not yet selected was referred to the managed to turn in the second volume of the Parker announced the con will be called Lon. Mark Protection Committee for refinement biography eStarCon 3 and will be held in San Antonio. An amendment to prevent the Mark Pro Carol Modesitt fell ill at Renovation too from August 29 September 2 2013. tection Committee from imposing more strin Her husband L E Modesitt ended up cancel The guests of honor will be James Gunn. gent membership eligibility rules than already ling his appearance as GoH at a con a couple Norman Spinrad Darrell K Sweet Ellen. present in the WSFS Constitution was intro of weeks later to continue caring for her Datlow and Willie Siros Toastmaster will be. Paul Cornell There also will be two Special,Guests Leslie Fish and Joe R Lansdale. Past Big Heart Winners left John Hertz and right Dave Kyle At this time a new adult attending mem. bership costs 160 young adult under 21,110 and Child 75. Sidewise Award Winners,The winners of the Sidewise Awards for Al. ternate History were announced August 18 at,Renovation. Long Form When Angels Wept A What,If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis by Eric.
Short Form A Clash of Eagles by Alan,Three of the judges Stu Shiffman Eve. lyn Leeper and Steven H Silver were pre,sent as were both winners. Rough Road Home,When Mark Leeper got home from the. Worldcon he discovered his adventures were,just beginning Well the day after my return. we had an earthquake Four days later New,Jersey was pretty well lambasted by a hurri.
cane The next four days we had no power,14 File 770 160. Future Worldcon Bids vention Center with over 320 000 sq ft. meeting space The facility provides 23,Here is a summary of bids for the Worldcon. meeting breakout rooms a 25 310 sq ft,bids through the end of the decade. ballroom and a junior ballroom that is 13 730,2014 London. sq ft A long list of hotels are engaged the,The bid for London proposes to hold the.
largest being the Doubletree Red Lion at the,con from August 14 18 2014 Thursday to. Park and the Red Lion River Inn,Monday in the International Convention. The bid invites presupports 20 and,Centre which is part of the ExCeL exhibi. Friend of the Bid memberships 120,tion centre complex in London s Docklands. which can be paid for via the bid website,Steve Cooper and Mike Scott are Co.
The bid committee is John Ammon,Chairs James Bacon and Alice Lawson are. David Glenn Anderson Patricia Briggs,Deputy Chairs Other officers are Claire. Carolyn Cherryh Bobbie DuFault,Brialey Secretary John Dowd Treasurer. Convention Co Chair Jane Fancher Bruce,Rita Medany Membership Vincent Do. Farr kT Fitzsimmons Jerry Gieseke Char,cherty and Colin Harris Advisers.
Mac Kay Randy Mac Kay Tim Martin,Brialey and Bacon just won Hugo Awards. Michael Nelson Carole Parker Pat Porter,at Renovation Claire for Best Fan Writer. Gerald Power Rhiannon Power Sharon,and James for Best Fanzine The Drink Tank. Reynolds Susan Robinson Marah Searle,also edited by Christopher J Garcia. Kovacevic Bid Vice Chair Chris Snell,During the Fannish Inquisition at Reno.
Danielle Stephens Bill Thomasson Ann,vation a member of the audience asked an. Totusek Tom Veal Alex von Thorn Bid,unusual question and Petr a Mitchell cap. Chair Tracy Williams Mike Willmoth,tured the response The proposed site does. Orlando in 2015 bid art by Frank Hotel Negotiation Sally Woehrle. have a variety of hotel types but sadly none,Wu Convention Co Chair Drew Wolfe Kate. of them is old enough to be haunted yet,Mulligan Wolfe Chris Zach.
2014 NASFiC Phoenix Arizona, against them which benefits everyone across 2016 Kansas City. At Reno chair Mike Willmorth said the,the board Co Chairs Diane Lacey Jeff Orth Ruth. planned location is the Tempe Mission Palms, Now having said that we re also real Lichtwardt Committee Margene Bahm. in downtown Tempe Arizona It has been, ists We do want people to come to World Warren Buff Aurora Celeste Sydnie Krause. the site for previous events like the 2009, con and Disney is fully aware of Parris McBride Tim Miller Jim Murray.
North American Discworld Convention and, Dragon Con Disney has said they would Paula Murray Mark Olson Priscilla Olson. FiestaCon Westercon 62, like us the bid committee to use the Dis Joel Phillips John Platt Susan Satterfield. Asked if he might try to combine NAS, ney name to help get people to Orlando for Keith Stokes Rene Walling. FiC with Westercon Willmorth said no he, Worldcon while also providing incentives for They have a signed contract with the. was aware Utah is bidding for the 2014, people to come to Worldcon rather than rights of first refusal with their proposed.
Westercon and he didn t want to step on, Dragon Con and a lot of what we re talking facilities Bartle Hall and the Kansas City. about is really still under negotiation But Convention Center They expect to have. 2015 Orlando Florida and Spokane, two things that we are talking about that may close to 80 of the downtown hotel rooms. Washington, give people an idea of what kinds of incen and 60 of the Convention Hall space. A Spokane Worldcon would be held in, tives to expect are free wireless internet for 2017 Nippon and New York Neither. mid August while Orlando s would be held, Worldcon attendees both in the function represented at Reno.
over Labor Day weekend, space and in their hotel rooms and after 4 Mike Mr Shirt McConnell is planning. Orlando Florida Adam Beaton made a, p m theme park tickets for Worldcon atten the bid for New York in 2017 According to. presentation at Reno and later answered, dees on Sunday to allow our attendees to Petrea Mitchell the New York bid won t. questions I posed by e mail, have the option of visiting the theme parks start active campaigning until 2013. We do think our facilities Disney s,after Worldcon is over 2018 New Orleans.
Coronado Springs Resort are a plus to our, You had also asked about our commit Ray Boudreau spoke for New Orleans. bid we re also planning on extending our, tee Currently we have myself Steve David calling it a pre bid although they did have. room block far enough both before and after, son Eva Whitley Mary Dumas Gary Far a party at Renovation. Worldcon so anyone who chooses to also, ber Jarrod Cooper Adam Ferraro Colette Committee member Jessica Styons told. enjoy Walt Disney World and Orlando can, Fozard and Pam Larson We also are fortu File 770 Obviously we are in the early.
do so at a reduced resort rate How far is, nate enough to have Frank Wu as our official stages of building support gauging interest. currently under negotiation, artist and staking a claim but we are interested in. Yes we are bidding the traditional Labor, Orlando in 2015 s use of Communist all comments offers of support and assis. Day weekend which will be September 2 6, iconography in its bid art has stirred contro tance Rebecca Smith chair of CONtraflow. 2015 Wed Sun No we re not daunted by, versy in some quarters Some defenders say also is working on the bid.
Dragon Con in Atlanta one thing I brought, the bid feeling rejected by the conrunning 2020 New Zealand. up at the meeting is that we honestly do not, establishment has nothing to lose by cam Norman Cates former DUFF winner. feel Worldcon vs Dragon Con is a zero sum, paigning as a revolutionary movement leads the bid Where will a New Zealand. game meaning for Worldcon to win, Spokane Washington Alex von Thorn Worldcon would be held A World Con in. Dragon Con has to lose There s enough, is running the bid Bobbie DuFault and Sally New Zealand is expected to draw 1500 to.
fandom to go around for everyone Frankly, Woehrle are the prospective Worldcon co 2500 tops people There are two in Auck. we d rather work with Dragon Con like, chairs if they win land and one in Wellington that could sup. what Chicon 7 is doing than try to work, The proposed facility is the Spokane Con port a World Con of this size. November 2011 15,2011 Hugo Awards, Worldcon members cast a record breaking Summer 2010 Robinette Kowal Asimov s Septem. number of Hugo nominating ballots for the The Lifecycle of Software Objects ber 2010. third year in a row Renovation s 1006 votes by Ted Chiang Subterranean Ponies by Kij Johnson Tor com No. smashed the records set by Aussiecon 4 in The Maiden Flight of McCauley s Bel vember 17 2010. 2010 864 and Anticipation in 2009 799 lerophon by Elizabeth Hand Stories The Things by Peter Watts. Renovation members also cast 2100 final All New Tales William Morrow Clarkesworld January 2010. ballots breaking a 31 year old record 1980 The Sultan of the Clouds by Geoffrey. 1788 votes A Landis Asimov s September 2010,Members in 33 countries participated and.
Troika by Alastair Reynolds Godlike,Best Related Work. 46 1 of Renovation s overall membership, Machines Science Fiction Book Club Bearings Reviews 1997 2001 by Gary. K Wolfe Beccon, All nominees are listed The winner is in The Business of Science Fiction Two. boldface Best Novelette Insiders Discuss Writing and Publishing. Eight Miles by Sean McMullen by Mike Resnick and Barry N Malzberg. Best Novel Analog September 2010 McFarland, Blackout All Clear by Connie Willis The Emperor of Mars by Allen M Chicks Dig Time Lords A Celebration. Ballantine Spectra Steele Asimov s June 2010 of Doctor Who by the Women Who. Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold The Jaguar House in Shadow by Ali Love It edited by Lynne M Thomas. Baen ette de Bodard Asimov s July 2010 and Tara O Shea Mad Norwegian. The Dervish House by Ian McDonald Plus or Minus by James Patrick Kelly Robert A Heinlein In Dialogue with. Gollancz Pyr Asimov s December 2010 His Century Volume 1 1907 1948. Feed by Mira Grant Orbit That Leviathan Whom Thou Hast Learning Curve by William H Patter. son Jr Tor, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by Made by Eric James Stone Analog.
N K Jemisin Orbit September 2010 Writing Excuses Season 4 by Brandon. Sanderson Jordan Sanderson Howard,Tayler Dan Wells. Best Novella Best Short Story, The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Amaryllis by Carrie Vaughn. beneath the Queen s Window by Ra Lightspeed June 2010 Best Graphic Story. chel Swirsky Subterranean Magazine For Want of a Nail by Mary Fables Witches written by Bill Willing.

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