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2 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. All the images in this report are taken from games and visual effects that were made in the UK. Ian Livingstone OBE, Ian Livingstone is Life President of Eidos and one of the UK s founding fathers of interactive entertainment. In 1975 he co founded Games Workshop and launched Dungeons Dragons in Europe In 1977 he published. White Dwarf the UK s first interactive games magazine and was its editor for five years. In 1982 he co wrote The Warlock of Firetop Mountain with Steve Jackson the first Fighting Fantasy interactive. gamebook The series sold in excess of 16 million copies in 25 languages He wrote many of the international. best sellers including Deathtrap Dungeon In 1984 he invested in Domark one of the first UK computer games. publishers designing the company s first game Eureka He joined the board in 1992 and helped merge the. company with Eidos Technologies Following a full listing on the London Stock Exchange in 1995 he served as. Executive Chairman of Eidos plc until 2002 and subsequently as Creative Director At Eidos he helped to secure. many of the company s major franchises including Tomb Raider and Hitman. He is a Non Executive Director of SocialGO plc Non Executive Director of UKIE Chair of Skillset s Computer. Games Skills Council Vice Chair of the BAFTA Games Committee and an advisor to the British Council. He was awarded an OBE a BAFTA Special Award a British Inspiration Award and an Honorary Doctorate of. Technology by the University of Abertay Dundee for his contribution to the UK computer and video games industry. Alex Hope is Managing Director and Co founder of Double Negative Ltd the UK s largest film only VFX company. He started his career at The Moving Picture Company and was a Board Director from 1996 1998 In 1998 he. left to work with VFX Supervisor Peter Chiang as VFX Producer on Pitch Black and in the same year helped to. found Double Negative Alex then spent four years both helping to run Double Negative and as a VFX Producer. on a number of productions including Enemy at the Gates Johnny English and Cold Mountain In 2002 as the. company expanded he took on the full time role of Managing Director Double Negative has grown from a team. of 30 people in 1998 to 900 people in London today and it has a Singapore office that opened in 2009 Double. Negative VFX Supervisors have been nominated for two films for the 2011 VFX Oscar Inception and Iron Man II. Alex is also currently a Board Director of the UK Screen Association the trade body that represents and. promotes over 140 service companies working in film commercials and television in the UK. Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 3. In July 2010 Ed Vaizey the Minister for Culture Communications and the Creative Industries asked us to. undertake a Review of the skills needs of the UK s video games and visual effects industries and to make. practical recommendations for how these needs can be met Being passionate believers in the cultural and. economic contributions our two industries make to the UK and having managed skills gaps and shortages at the. coalface ourselves we both leapt at the opportunity Six months later after an intensive period consulting our. fellow practitioners school teachers and university lecturers and conducting a comprehensive programme of data. gathering and original research we are presenting Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading. talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. Though there are important differences between our industries we recognised that many of the skills we draw. on are similar They both combine art and digital technology and rely on a highly specialist yet flexible workforce. that can adapt to furious rates of technological change We felt that the education system was not meeting the. needs of our industries, But during the course of the Review we learned that a lot more than the future of our two industries rests on. addressing the challenges we have identified in this report That if the UK is to retain its global strengths in the. high tech creative and digital industries more generally it must urgently address the need for more rigorous. teaching of computing in schools That government and industry have a shared responsibility for supporting. excellent university courses that teach industry essential skills but which would struggle in a completely free. market That the changes in the education system that are needed to support the fusion of art and technology. skills the defining feature of our two industries are essential for the future of all of the UK s creative and digital. industries, We would like to thank the many thousands of individuals who contributed ideas and opinions for this Review. either through our surveys and interviews or at our consultation meetings and workshops We have highlighted. key contributors in the acknowledgements section that follows the Executive Summary and in the list of individuals. we thank at the end of the report We d like to pay particular thanks to Hasan Bakhshi and Juan Mateos Garcia. for their tireless efforts in researching and drafting this report They made incredible contributions to all aspects of. the Review, In this report we detail a set of 20 recommendations for government educators and industry identifying clearly. in each case where we see lead responsibility lying We have set out a blueprint for change and look forward to. working with government educators and industry to make it happen. Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope,February 2011, 4 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries.
The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage,of the Dawn Treader Image Courtesy. of Twentieth Century Fox Walden MPC,Executive summary. The video games and visual effects industries play to the. UK s twin strengths in creativity and technology British. ingenuity has given us a headstart in two sectors that. have rapidly become ubiquitous in our lives from mobile. phone games to 3D film blockbusters At over 2 billion. in global sales the UK s video games sector is bigger. than either its film or music industries and visual effects. the fastest growing component of the UK s film industry. grew at an explosive 16 8 per cent between 2006 and. 2008 High tech knowledge intensive sectors and in, the case of video games major generators of intellectual. property these industries have all the attributes the UK. needs to succeed in the 21st century, Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 5. The global sales of the UK video games industry in 2008. A skills problem technology and art degrees to consider them as career. Yet the sad truth is that we are already starting to lose options But they also need job ready graduates with. our cutting edge in just two years it seems the UK s more specialist technical skills who can start with a. video games industry has dipped from third to sixth good understanding of production processes and the. place in the global development rankings Meanwhile programming languages and software applications. the visual effects industry though still enjoying very the industries use There are already many university. rapid growth is having to source talent from overseas courses purporting to provide specialist training for. because of skills shortages at home That is mainly video games and visual effects But most of these. a failing of our education system from schools to courses are flawed leaving those graduating from. universities and it needs to be tackled urgently if we them with poor job prospects There are some. are to remain globally competitive important exceptions and a strengthened accreditation. system for such courses would highlight their industry. that starts with schools relevance and guide would be students to those. The industries suffer from an education system that courses that will properly equip them for a career in. doesn t understand their needs This is reinforced by these industries. a school curriculum that focuses in ICT on office skills. rather than the more rigorous computer science and These are fast changing sectors Innovations in. programming skills which high tech industries like technology can transform media in months as is. video games and visual effects need As the curriculum happening now with emerging games platforms such. is overhauled and syllabuses are brought into line with as smartphones social networks and 3D So those. the most challenging in the developed world we need working in the industry need the opportunity regularly. to look to places like Singapore and Finland so that the to refresh their technical and business skills. computing and artistic skills that are vital to high tech. creative industries are given the impetus they need A private market in supplying Continuous Professional. Development CPD to these industries has emerged, At the same time young people and their teachers to meet these needs but many employers cannot.
need a greater awareness of the job prospects in afford to use them Universities and colleges could. these industries and the qualifications that can take offer high quality lower cost options but they currently. them there STEM subjects the sciences technology are not seen as a source of training for these sectors. engineering and maths and art are key to success Stronger partnerships are needed to ensure that. Raised awareness of this will alone make these effective CPD can be accessed in further and higher. subjects more attractive to young people But video education to keep our high tech creative industries at. games and visual effects have a much more direct role the top of the game. to play in addressing the UK s STEM needs increasing. numbers of schools are recognising that games can be Our findings there are severe misalignments. used to improve maths physics and computer science between the education system and what the UK. outcomes in the classroom itself video games and visual effects industries need. Underpinning our Review has been what is by some, and is compounded by poor university courses way the largest ever data collection and research. The video games and visual effects industries can do study of the skills needs of the video games and visual. a lot more to encourage those with excellent science effects industries We have surveyed parents young. 6 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. people and teachers to gauge their views on the skills Computer science should be on the national. and subjects required to work in the video games and curriculum alongside maths and physics with new. visual effects industries We have found a worrying qualifications that give young people the technical. lack of understanding of the importance of maths computing knowledge they can go on to develop in. physics and art higher education for the benefit of video games and. visual effects companies and those in many other, We have interviewed university course assessors and digital sectors We need more specialist teachers and. uncovered real concerns about the quality of STEM skills more effective use of video games and visual effects in. in particular maths and programming and soft skills such STEM lessons. as team working of young people emerging from school. A GCSE in computer science should be introduced in. We have collected data from over 1 800 individuals all schools and recognised alongside art within the. either employed in or who have sought employment in new English Baccalaureate Young people should have. the video games and visual effects industries and found access to video games and visual effects clubs that. a disconnect between what they learned at university give them the experience of cross curricular working. and what they needed to know when they started work. The industries need to be more strategic in the way. And we have undertaken in depth interviews with they engage with schools providing better resources. over half of the UK s video games and video effects for teachers and career advisers giving young people. employers who reveal a real dissatisfaction with the exposure to industry role models and developing a new. talent pool available in the UK which means that many national schools competition Colleges and universities. have to recruit overseas instead also have an important role to play in supporting these. initiatives, Our skills audit of specialist universities courses. feeding talent into these industries has revealed an and ensuring a steady flow of high quality. oversupply of graduates from these courses for the graduates from universities and colleges. number of available jobs and large numbers enrolled Strengthened accreditation of university and FE. on specialist courses in further education colleges courses building on Skillset s existing scheme. even though we show that very few of these go is essential if young people are to make informed. straight into industry jobs decisions on what is the right pathway into the. industries These industry accredited courses, The stakes the UK s high tech creative should receive targeted funding from HEFCE as. industries Strategically Important and Vulnerable subjects. As the Review progressed it became quickly apparent when the Government s reforms to university. that the stakes were higher than the future of two education funding are implemented Industry in. industries The deficiencies we were uncovering in the turn must demonstrate its own commitment to these. education system needed urgent action for the future courses by introducing new industrial scholarships and. of the UK s high tech creative and digital industries supporting CPD for lecturers. more generally,STEM graduates and students should be made.
The essential processes of video games and visual more aware of opportunities in the industries A new. effects are the creation of digital assets their animation University Technical College for the high tech creative. or manipulation to create content and ultimately their industries should be developed Improved CPD. commercial exploitation These processes are in fact provision should be offered by industries at universities. common right across the high tech creative industries and FE colleges so that employers have access to a. And the tools that are created in the visual effects and broader range of affordable training options for both. video games industries for optimising the quality of the technical and business skills And firms must continue. images produced and the processing performance of to be able to recruit the best international talent. the hardware they run on migrate into the rest of the. high tech creative industries Pulling together to win. Unless we act quickly we are in danger of losing out in. Our actions equipping young people with the globally competitive markets that are only set to grow. right knowledge and skills for these industries quickly in the years ahead Our proposals below call. We need to make radical changes and have made for a redirection of existing government resources not. a series of recommendations that we believe can for new ones Nor do they require significant funds. transform the prospects of the UK s high tech creative from industry or educators But they do require a real. industries like video games and visual effects Our drive and shared sense of purpose from all three if we. main recommendations are highlighted here in bold are to re invigorate a British success story with the. and italics The full set of 20 recommendations are talent it needs to thrive. listed in the box on page 7, Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 7. Twenty recommendations across the talent pipeline, Recommendation 1 Bring computer science into the National Curriculum as an essential discipline. Recommendation 2 Sign up the best teachers to teach computer science through Initial Teacher Training. bursaries and Golden Hellos, Recommendation 3 Use video games and visual effects at school to draw greater numbers of young. people into STEM and computer science, Recommendation 4 Set up a one stop online repository and community site for teachers for video games. and visual effects educational resources, Recommendation 5 Include art and computer science in the English Baccalaureate.
Recommendation 6 Encourage art tech crossover and work based learning through school clubs. Recommendation 7 Build a network of STEMNET and Teach First video games and visual effects. Ambassadors, Recommendation 8 Introduce a new National Video Games Development and Animation Schools. Competition, Recommendation 9 Design and implement a Next Generation of Video Games and Visual Effects Talent. Careers Strategy, Recommendation 10 Provide online careers related resources for teachers careers advisers and young. Universities Colleges and Vocational education, Recommendation 11 Develop kitemarking schemes building on Skillset accreditation which allow the best. specialist HE courses to differentiate themselves from less industry relevant courses. Recommendation 12 HEFCE should include industry accredited specialist courses in their list of Strategically. Important and Vulnerable subjects that merit targeted funding Industry commits to these. courses through industrial scholarships and support for CPD for lecturers. Recommendation 13 Raise awareness of the video games and visual effects industries in the eyes of STEM. and arts graduates, Recommendation 14 Give prospective university applicants access to meaningful information about.
employment prospects for different courses, Recommendation 15 Develop a template for introducing workplace simulation into industry accredited video. games and visual effects courses based on Abertay University s Dare to be Digital. competition, Recommendation 16 Leading universities and FE colleges sponsor a high tech creative industries University. Technical College UTC with clear progression routes into HE. Recommendation 17 Kitemark FE courses that offer students the best foundation in skills and knowledge to. progress into Higher Education,Training and continuous professional development. Recommendation 18 Skillset Creative Media Academies and e skills UK s National Skills Academy for IT. to work with industry to develop specialist CPD training for video games and visual. effects industries, Recommendation 19 Support better research oriented university industry collaborations in video games and. visual effects, Recommendation 20 Continue to treat the 18 visual effects occupations on the Government s shortages list.
as shortage occupations, 8 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. Acknowledgements, The Livingstone Hope Review was led by Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope working with NESTA in collaboration. with Skillset and with support from e skills UK This report and the research underpinning it was produced by. Hasan Bakhshi and Juan Mateos Garcia at NESTA We would like to thank all those who generously contributed. their ideas and opinions through our surveys interviews and consultation meetings Special thanks to Andy. Payne Antony Hunt Ben Arora Chris Burn Gaynor Davenport Helen Stanley Jackie McKenzie Kate O Connor. Kim Blake Mark Benson Nigel Payne Ray Maguire Richard Kunzmann Saint John Walker Simon Humphreys. Vic Rodgers and William Sargent for their support throughout the Review. Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 9. Part I About this Review 10, Part 2 The video games and visual effects industries 18. where creativity meets high tech, Part 3 The Talent Pipeline beginning with schools 28. Part 4 The Talent Pipeline universities further education colleges 46. and vocational education, Part 5 The Talent Pipeline training and continuous 70.
professional development,Conclusions Effecting change 80. Endnotes 84, 10 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. Inception Warner Bros,Entertainment Inc and,Legendary Pictures All Rights. Reserved Double Negative,Part I About this Review, In this Part we present the rationale for this Review. We describe the seven discrete research strands, through which we have identified bottlenecks in the.
talent pipeline for the video games and visual effects. industries, Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 11. A review of the 20 biggest films of all time shows. that seventeen of those are visual effects VFX heavy. Creative computing gave rise to a blockbusters and the other three are CG animated films. new UK entertainment industry in utilising very similar technology Computer based effects. the 1980s The market for computer have transformed the way high end films are made In the. games boomed and UK designers and last 20 years the proportion of the budget of these types. programmers were revered at home of films that is spent on VFX has grown from around 10 per. and abroad Original and innovative cent to anywhere between 20 per cent and 50 per cent. PC titles like Elite Jetpac Populous The great news is that over that same period the UK has. Lemmings Sensible Soccer and been transformed into a global centre for VFX taking market. Worms became hugely popular They share from the rest of the world Between 1997 and 2004. were followed in the late 1990s by employment and turnover of the four largest VFX companies. international blockbusters such as in the industry increased in real terms by 444 per cent and. Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto 540 per cent respectively and as we ll show in this report. and in the 2000s by titles such as growth has continued A look at the films nominated for the. Fable and RuneScape Today some best VFX Oscar reveals that at least one British company. 70 per cent of the UK population has been represented in five of the last six with one win for. enjoys playing games Indeed films including The Golden Compass The Dark Knight. hundreds of millions of people are The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe The UK s VFX. enjoying playing games the world over capabilities are now a major draw to big budget US films. Global revenues from software sales coming to the UK And they have helped drive inward. are reportedly 50 billion per annum investment from film to 920 million in 2010. and are expected to rise to 87 billion, by 2014 It is the largest entertainment But British VFX success is not limited to film The UK has. industry in the world and continues to long been a global post production centre for commercials. grow Commercials that are filmed both in the UK and around. the world and then transformed into slick films in British. The games industry is highly VFX studios VFX is playing a larger and larger part of the. competitive and the industry needs programmes we watch on TV from Dr Who to Walking. the best talent with hard skills world with Dinosaurs This is a young industry that will play an. class computer scientists and artists ever increasing role in film TV broadcast and the web Its. Quite simply there are not enough of technologies will become standard tools for any image. them in the UK In recent years the UK based content creation business If you re creating content. has slipped from 3rd to 6th in the world you are using computers and the skills needed are common. development league The education to both VFX and games. system is failing to produce the talent, of the calibre required There is a This is all great news But it could be even better UK VFX. generation of young people who are companies are turning away millions of pounds of work. passionate about playing games yet every year for one reason they can t find the skilled people. they don t know that a development they need This means job opportunities and potential tax. industry is well established in the UK revenues are being lost The Migration Advisory Committee. or which subjects they need to pursue recognises this and has placed 18 VFX roles on their. a career in the industry Now is the shortage occupations list. time to invest in talent by equipping, them with skills for the digital age This Through this Review I want to raise awareness of our. is not about additional funding It s industry and its potential as a great place to work in I want. about re directing existing resource to highlight why currently the education system is largely. to have the right mix of subjects to failing it There are a few great examples of what does. prepare our children for a digital work in education and we need to make these the norm. world and its creative and commercial Industry educators and government must all play their part. opportunities in transforming the education system at every level to ensure. that the UK stays at the centre of one of the industries of the. Ian Livingstone future rather than being left behind. 12 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. The number of films nominated for,this year s Oscar for Achievement.
in Visual Effects that were entirely,or significantly created by UK. visual effects companies, a This Review is about two of the most leading companies in Soho are behind the visual. high tech and fast growing creative effects for blockbuster film franchises such as Harry. industries in the UK Potter and Batman, Video games and visual effects are two of the fastest where technological ingenuity meets creative. growing creative industries in the world High tech prowess. knowledge intensive and in the case of video games Of course the UK has long been a world leader in. generators of valuable intellectual property these technological innovation Britain had the world s first. industries have all the attributes the UK needs to Industrial Revolution Its code breakers at Bletchley. succeed in the 21st century The global market for Park helped win the Second World War and created. video games is projected to grow at an annual rate of the first computer Their inventiveness is echoed in the. 10 6 per cent over the coming years to reach 86 7 multitude of innovative high tech start ups peppering. billion in 2014 1 In many markets video games have the country today This technological ingenuity is. gone from a product to service with spectacular matched only by our creative flair the UK s creative. success hundreds of millions of people are playing industries from the arts to television broadcasting and. video games over an increasing range of devices from music to digital media and design are on some. and online via dedicated games portals and social measures proportionately the largest in the world 5. networks New console motion controllers are, redefining the way users interact with video games We shouldn t be surprised then to find the UK at the. In film 3D spectaculars such as Avatar have lured global forefront of video games and visual effects. global audiences back to cinemas Film ticket sales two industries that combine the twin British traditions. worldwide grew 7 9 per cent between 2008 and of technological and creative excellence In these. 2009 and eight of the ten top grossing films in 2009 industries research and development meets content. had a strong visual effects component 2 development and scientists and software engineers. work hand in hand with artists and designers to, The UK is in an excellent position to reap the benefits produce interactive and audio visual content that is.
of this explosive growth in the market for video games consumed the world over. and visual effects As recently as 2008 its video, games development sector was the third largest in the. world after the USA and Japan generating 2 billion. in global sales contributing 1 billion to GDP and b Resolving the skills challenge for. employing 10 000 people 3 Meanwhile Soho is widely the UK video games and visual effects. acknowledged as the most important hub for visual industries. effects production after Hollywood and houses four of. the world s largest visual effects companies Between. 2006 and 2008 the UK visual effects industry grew by The UK video games and visual effects. almost 17 per cent employing 5 000 people 4 industries face fierce competition in rapidly. changing markets, Landmark video games including Elite Tomb Raider Other countries are seeking to attract these two high. Grand Theft Auto Fable RuneScape and Little Big tech high growth industries to their shores In Canada. Planet are the brainchildren of UK developers and several provinces lavish video games development with. Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 13. Elite copyright, generous tax breaks and subsidies and invest heavily Canada again and New Zealand and Australia have. in their universities to produce a specialised talent targeted tax credits specifically at visual effects. pool 6 Access to finance and a skilled workforce are production Eastern European and Asian countries. joined at the hip in attracting video games companies with cheaper labour costs are increasingly able to. tackle top of the range video games and visual, Box 1 The UK s video games and visual effects industries creative and commercial powerhouses. Video games The UK has long excelled in producing innovative often genre defining video games that. enjoy resounding commercial success In recent years British studios have been behind some of the most. popular video games titles in the world Grand Theft Auto IV produced by Edinburgh s Rockstar North broke. all entertainment records in 2008 selling 3 6 million units and earning 310 million in sales in its first 24. hours Other award winning top selling titles of recent years include Little Big Planet Fable Batman Arkham. Asylum Lego Star Wars and SingStar respectively developed by Media Molecule Lionhead Rocksteady. Traveller s Tales and Sony Computer Entertainment London UK studios such as Frontier and Rare are with. Kinectimals and Kinect Sports also at the forefront of innovation with new motion controllers in consoles. Some UK video games companies have taken a lead in online markets Cambridge based Jagex is behind. RuneScape the most popular free to play multiplayer online game in the world while Hand Circus caused. a splash in the App Store with its iPhone game Rolando Playfish which makes social network games now. owned by Electronic Arts has just hit a user base of 55 million and more than 90 million virtual items are. transacted daily in Playfish games, Visual effects Batman Begins The Dark Knight Bourne Ultimatum Prince Caspian The Voyage of the.
Dawn Treader Avatar Clash of the Titans Prince of Persia The Sorcerer s Apprentice The Da Vinci Code. and many more It is hard to think of a Hollywood blockbuster over the last five years which has not benefited. from the creative expertise of talent working in Soho s visual effects hub Double Negative Framestore MPC. and Cinesite four of the largest visual effects companies in the world have all been involved in these films. Alongside these films they have also helped bring J K Rowling s Harry Potter books to the screen which. between them have earned 6 billion at the box office This franchise has been fundamental to the growth. of the UK visual effects industry which now is helping set the standard for quality globally This year three of. the five films nominated for the Oscar for Achievement in Visual Effects were entirely or significantly created. by these companies Double Negative visual effects supervisors are nominated for Inception and Iron Man. II and Framestore and MPC Supervisors for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Framestore is a. past Oscar winner 2008 The Mill heralded the arrival of the UK on the visual effects map with its Oscar. win in 2001 As the industry has grown so it has enabled numerous new companies to set up work on these. high end effects films The UK is also a global centre for visual effects work in commercials with The Mill. Framestore and MPC attracting work from all over the world The UK also boasts some of the world leading. companies producing technology and tools for the visual effects industry The Foundry for instance has. developed Nuke the industry standard for compositing. 14 Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. Little Big Planet 2,copyright Sony,Computer Entertainment. effects projects directly competing with leading UK games and visual effects industries Undertaken by. companies While all of this happens both industries NESTA with support from Skillset and e skills UK the. are experiencing disruption as a consequence of respective Sector Skill Councils for Creative Media. technological progress and market changes such as and Business and Information Technology its purpose. the move to online and mobile in video games and the was to identify the bottlenecks in the flow of talent. spread of 3D in film What worked in the past will not from education into the video games and visual effects. be enough to succeed in the future industries and to put forward a programme of practical. actions to remove them, If the UK is to tackle these challenges and realise the. economic benefits of rapid growth in video games and Ultimately the Review seeks to transform the UK into. visual effects markets it is crucial that both industries the best source of talent in the world for these two. have access to the right kind of talent However sectors ensuring that UK video games and visual. the UK s education system is not producing enough effects companies have access to the skills they need. people with the right skills to stay ahead of their overseas competitors As well. as supporting indigenous video games and visual, The education system is failing to produce effects companies with the highest growth potential. talent of the calibre that these industries now this will also help attract inward investment from global. need companies which are always on the lookout for top. Previous evidence suggests that difficulties filling talent 8. vacancies are having a real impact on video games, and visual effects companies growth prospects 7 They If the UK s video games industry overcomes existing. are forcing some companies to recruit from abroad barriers to growth and keeps up with its global. turn down lucrative work and in some cases move competitors it stands to generate 1 billion more. their operations overseas Skills shortages have led sales by 2014 And the UK s visual effects sector if it. the government to include 18 specialist visual effects continues to expand at the rates experienced in recent. occupations in its shortage occupation list for Tier years could reach 610 million in revenues by the. 2 of the points based system This situation is not same year 9. sustainable The education system needs to adapt, to ensure that the UK keeps up with other countries At the digital frontier the skills needs of video.
that are actively promoting their own video games and games and visual effects businesses are. visual effects industries bellwethers for the creative industries. Digital technological progress is disrupting all the. This Review seeks to transform the UK into the creative industries Music publishing and advertising. best source of video games and visual effects businesses have still fully to come to terms with. talent in the world online distribution and even live performance. In July 2010 Ed Vaizey the Minister for Culture arts organisations are experimenting with digital. Communications and Creative Industries asked Ian technologies to reach audiences in new ways 10. Livingstone Life President of Eidos and Alex Hope The crossover between creativity and technology is. Managing Director of Double Negative the largest examined in The Fuse a recent report by the Council. film specialist visual effects company in Europe to for Industry and Higher Education which argues. lead this independent Review of skills for the video for the need to think about the creative digital and. Next Gen Transforming the UK into the world s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries 15. 102 billion, GVA of creative digital and IT industries in the UK. information technology industries in an integrated need a steady flow of young high calibre talent. way acknowledging their strategic importance for from the education system This talent is first. the UK economy and paying special attention to the nurtured at school from where it feeds into. multidisciplinary way in which they combine creativity further education colleges and universities and. and technology which creates new demands from the then into industry. education system 11 The Fuse makes it clear that these. sectors matter for the UK economy employing over 2 5 We have examined the barriers to achieving this. million people and contributing 102 billion in GVA 12 and have put forward recommendations to remove. them in schools colleges and universities, An implication is that other creative industries are. already facing or are bound to face imminently a Schools primary and secondary schools. similar skills shortages to those faced by the video should provide young people with the. games and visual effects industries 13 This means knowledge that can be developed into. that many of our recommendations will benefit those industry relevant skills later in life 14 We must. industries too by addressing deficiencies in their own ensure that young people are taught the. talent pipelines Arguably our actions aimed at raising essential Science Technology Engineering. awareness of the industries ensuring that universities and Mathematics STEM knowledge. and colleges equip graduates with industry relevant including computer science that they need. skills and that they participate more actively in CPD for to work in the high tech industries of the 21st. the video games and visual effects workforces could century including video games and visual. serve as a template for action in other increasingly effects We need to set in motion a virtuous. high tech creative sectors circle where video games and visual effects. help draw young people into maths physics,and computer science and improve their. learning outcomes in turn enlarging the talent, c Our approach pool for these industries in the future Schools. should do more to encourage cross curricular, A talent pipeline learning Careers guidance needs to reflect the.
During the Review our consultations with industry growing employment opportunities in high tech. have led us to adopt the metaphor of a talent pipeline creative industries like video games and visual. through which talent flows across different educational effects. paths including schools colleges universities and, continuous professional development and into b Colleges and universities Colleges and. video games and visual effects We have worked universities should produce graduates with the. with industry and educators to diagnose where the right mix of deep academic knowledge hands. bottlenecks in this pipeline lie Figure 1 And we have on technology skills and awareness of what. sought to answer one key question what do the UK s working in the industries involves This requires. video games and visual effects industries need from both improving the quality of specialist courses. the education system and raising awareness of the video games and. visual effects industries as excellent career, The video games and visual effects industries destinations for the smartest graduates from.

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Module 1: A Closer Look at the Common Core State Standards ...

Module 1 A Closer Look at the Common Core State Standards

Module 1: A Closer Look at the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Session 3: Exploring Standard Progressions across High School Courses

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The proposed works include four overwater boreholes drilled using a shell and auger technique within the survey area of 0.6761 Ha as per drawing (indicative locations for four boreholes are shown within this area). The boreholes are scheduled to investigate to a depth between 10 to 20 m. The drilling

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TAS Offshore Berhad [ 1 ] New Listing Company Note NNeeewww LLLi iissstttiinnnggg Thursday, 13 August 2009 For Internal Circulation Only KLCI : 1,180.54 Analyst : Kaladher Govindan



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Site-specific interaction of DNA gyrase withDNA

Site specific interaction of DNA gyrase withDNA

20 mMTris-HCl, pH7.5/10 mMMgCJ2/0.5 mMCaCl2/0.1 ... a 203-bp Ava II/Alu I fragment from plasmid pBR322 DNA ... andthen treated with NaDodSO4 and proteinase Kt cleavage.

Table of Contents UPDATED - HVAC

Table of Contents UPDATED HVAC