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The designations employed and,the presentation of material. in this information product do,not imply the expression of any. opinion whatsoever on the part,of ICAR concerning the legal. or development status of any,country territory city or area or. of its authorities or concerning,the delimitation of its frontiers.
or boundaries The mention of,specific companies or products. of manufacturers whether or,not these have been patented. does not imply that these have,been endorsed or recommended. by ICAR in preference to,others of a similar nature that. are not mentioned The views,expressed in this information.
product are those of the author s, and do not necessarily reflect Title of the Series ICAR Technical Series. the views or policies of ICAR,I C A R e n c o u ra g e s t h e u s e. reproduction and dissemination, of material in this information Title of the Volume New traits and adding new value to the recording and id. product Except where otherwise services in the animal production. indicated material may be, copied downloaded and printed Editors J Kucera P Bucek D Lipovsky X Bourrigan and. for private study research and M Burke,teaching purposes or for use.
in non commercial products or Publisher ICAR Via Savoia 78 00198 Rome Italy. services provided that appropriate,acknowledgement of ICAR as the. source and copyright holder is,given and that ICAR s endorsement. of users views products or,services is not implied in any way. ISSN 1563 2504,ISBN 92 95014 20 0,All the manuscripts are published. under the responsibility of,each Author ICAR is in no way.
responsible for the opinion,expressed by each Author. Responsible for the ICAR Technical Series Cesare Mosconi. ICAR and the Organisers wish to thank the following Companies for. partners icar,sponsoring the ICAR Conference,We would like partners icar. to thank following partners,Platinum sponsor,WePlATInuM. would like to thank following partners,partners icar. PlATInuM PARTneR,We would like to thank following partners.
PlATInuM PARTneR,Gold sponsors,GOlD PARTneR,PANTONE CMYK PANTONE CMYK. PANTONE 2925 C PANTONE 425C,C 85 M 21 Y 0 K 0 C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 80. R 0 G 156 B 222 R 84 G 88 B 90,009CDE 54585A,GOlD PARTneR. PANTONE CMYK PANTONE CMYK,PANTONE 2925 C PANTONE 425C. C 85 M 21 Y 0 K 0 C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 80,R 0 G 156 B 222 R 84 G 88 B 90.
GOlD PARTneR,CMYK PANTONE,PANTONE 2925 C PANTONE 425C. C 85 M 21 Y 0 K 0 C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 80,R 0 G 156 B 222 R 84 G 88 B 90. 009CDE 54585A,SIlveR PARTneR,Silver sponsors,SIlveR PARTneR. SIlveR PARTneR,evenT lAnyARDS COnFeRenCe,evenT lAnyARDS COnFeRenCe COnFeRenCe. COnFeRenCe WI FI,PARTneR PARTneR,nOTePADS nOTePADS.
PARTneRPARTneRPenS PenS PARTneR,PARTneR PARTneR,evenT lAnyARDS COnFeRenCe COnFeRenCe WI FI. PARTneR nOTePADS PARTneR PenS PARTneR PARTneR,PANTONE CMYK PANTONE CMYK. PANTONE 2925 C PANTONE 425C,C 85 M 21 Y 0 K 0 C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 80. R 0 G 156 B 222 R 84 G 88 B 90,009CDE 54585A,PANTONE CMYK PANTONE CMYK. PANTONE 2925 C PANTONE 425C,C 85 M 21 Y 0 K 0 C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 80.
R 0 G 156 B 222 R 84 G 88 B 90,FInAl programme,009CDE 54585A. PANTONE CMYK PANTONE CMYK,FInAl programme,PANTONE 2925 C PANTONE 425C. C 85 M 21 Y 0 K 0 C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 80,R 0 G 156 B 222 R 84 G 88 B 90. 009CDE 54585A,ICAR Technical Series no 24, NEW TRAITS AND ADDING NEW VALUE TO THE RECORDING AND. ID SERVICES IN THE ANIMAL PRODUCTION,Proceedings of the 43rd ICAR Conference.
held in Prague CZ 17 21 June 2019, Editors J Kucera P Bucek D Lipovsky X Bourrigan and M Burke. December 2019, In June 2019 the ICAR conference was held for the first time in the Czech Republic Taking. place in the capital city Prague the event was hosted by the Czech Moravian Breeders. Corporation Inc and supported by the congress agency GUARANT International and the ICAR. Secretariat Like previous editions this year s event was organised in conjunction with ISO IDF. Analytical Week bringing together experts from across organisations to foster interdisciplinary. collaboration, Both events saw more than 430 delegates from 58 countries attending The organisers were. particularly pleased to have the opportunity to promote the rich agricultural heritage of the. country Attendees had the opportunity to visit a selection of the country s leading cattle farms. including the UNESCO world heritage site the Kladruby nad Labem stud farm home to the. oldest indigenous Czech horse breed the Kladruber, Prague is one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe Known as the city of a hundred. spires Prague is home to hundreds of historical sights and buildings It was among the most. important cities in Europe during the Medieval Renaissance and Baroque eras with much of the. impressive architecture from these periods still visible throughout the city Prague Castle is the. largest ancient castle in the world and served as the seat of Czech rule going back more than. 1000 years Other historic places of note include the Lesser Town the Old Town and the Jewish. Quarter Prague was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992 The city is famed for. Charles University founded in 1348 and also the Czech University of Life Sciences one of many. agricultural universities in the Czech Republic, The ICAR programme comprised meetings by various working groups and subcommittees.
supplemented by two milk recording workshops and an Interbeef meeting This year s event. was created to reflect the wide interests of all ICAR members with topics covering all species. The manufacturers showcase provided an opportunity for those working in the industry to. exhibit their products and exchange information while an expert panel convened to discuss. the future of cattle milk recording In total there were more than 140 technical and scientific. presentations Participants were introduced to animal breeding in the Czech Republic through. various field trips, The organisers wish to thank all speakers for their insightful contributions and also. acknowledge the professional work of the volunteer members serving on ICAR s working. groups and subcommittees who together form the cornerstone of the organisation s continued. success Recognition must also be given to the tireless organising team comprising the Czech. Moravian Breeders Corporation and GUARANT International. Huge thanks also goes to the Czech Ministry of Agriculture for their financial support the ICAR. Secretariat the members of the Programme and Scientific Committee and to all our sponsors. without whom this event would not have been possible. Josef Kucera,CEO Czech Moravian Breeders Corporation. Table of content,The dairy cattle industry in the Czech Republic 1. J Kucera and P Bucek, Internet of cows Opportunities and challenges for improving health. welfare and efficiency in dairying 3, C Egger Danner B Fuerst Waltl P Klimek O Saukh T Wittek and DDairy Consortium.
Breeding for improved feed efficiency and reduced enteric methane of dairy cattle 11. Y de Haas and R F Veerkamp, Impact of genomic selection on organisational structures in milk recording and breeding 13. R Reents and S Rensing, Innovative tools for phenotypic characterization and genetic. improvement of meat quality in the Piemontese breed 15. S Savoia G Bittante and A Albera, Nordic breeding values for beef breed sires used for crossbreeding with dairy dams 23. E Carl n W F Fikse R B Davis J P s and G P Aamand, A single step multiple trait genomic evaluation model increase the. accuracy for suckling performance in beef cows 33, A Michenet D Boichon R Saintilan F Phocas and E Venot.
Developments in multi source genetic evaluations for beef cattle A BREEDPLAN perspective 41. B J Crook S J Skinner and H P Nivison, Interbeef international genetic evaluation for calving traits 49. Z Vesela M Brzakova A Svitakova L Vostry and P Bucek. Optimizing mate selection a genetic algorithm approach 55. D de Carvalho Neves da Fontoura S da Silva Camargo R Augusto de Almeida Torres Junior. H Gomes de Carvalho and F Flores Cardoso, Sensor validation from a manufacturer point of view 63. C Bagenvik, Genetic identification of beef and dairy cattle breeds in five regions of Russia 67. A E Kalashnikov Y Kabitskaya L A Kalashnikova E Boyko V P Prozerin. V L Yaluga N Furaeva E Zvereva and A A Novikov, Analysis of the accuracy of C method for estimating 24 hour yields with alternated protocols 69. X Bourrigan H Leclerc and G Augier, Assessing the usefulness of fat content and milk yield data gained during ICAR farm.
tests of milk recording and sampling devices to estimate carry over in milking systems 77. Relationships between conformation traits and milk yield lifetime. production and number of lactations in Czech Holstein cows 83. A Noskova J Pribyl and L Vostry, Opportunities and challenges of new technologies for performance. recording with focus on claw health and metabolism 95. F Grandl J Kofler M Suntinger P Majcen M Mayerhofer F Papst O Saukh M Fallast. A Turkaspa F Steininger K Linke J Duda T Wittek B Fuerst Waltl. F J Auer and C Egger Danner, Testing the cows ration with a new data mining software based on NOA data base 101. Y Lavon A Benzvi Y Shani G Adin S Rosen Y Bear and B Domj n. GenoCells individual somatic cell count of dairy cows by genotyping tank milk 107. P Lenormand F Perrin M Calmels V Charrier M Foucher and J B Davi re. Comparison of milk analysis performance between NIR laboratory. analyser and miniaturised NIR MEMS sensors 111, S Uusitalo B Aernouts J Sumen E Hietala M Utriainen L Frondelius S Kajava and M Pastell. Integrating bacteriological milk examination into decision support. for reduced use of antimicrobials 117, W Obritzhauser M Mayerhofer M Suntinger Clair L Firth K Fuchs A K sbohrer. T Wittek B Fuerst Waltl and C Egger Danner, Routine infrared phosphorus determination in ex farm milk providing better.
insight in the phosphorus cycle on dairy farms 123. M Bastian and H van den Bijgaart, MastiMIR A mastitis early warning system based on MIR spectra 131. L M Dale A Werner and F Goll Leidreiter, Prediction of evaluated energy balance NEL and ME in dairy cows by. milk mid infrared MIR spectra 137, L M Dale A Werner H Spiekers P Hertel B hnke E Stamer F Goll Leidreiter. M Au and F Onken, The use of fatty acid profiles from milk recording samples to predict. body weight change of dairy cows in early lactation in commercial dairy farms 143. F Dettmann D Warner A J Buitenhuis M Kargo A M Hostrup Kjeldsen N H Nielsen. D M Lefebvre and D E Santschi, Quality of colostrum as estimated by different methods 155.
L Curda V Zherepa I Klojdova, Dairy sheep udder measurements and assessments in the Czech Republic 161. M Milerski M Cern and J Schmidov, SMARTER A European project on selection of efficiency and resilience in small. ruminants with strong ICAR commitment and implication 169. J M Astruc J J Arranz J Conington R Rupp B Servin R Pong Wong D Berry. V Th nard A Rosati C Mosconi A Meynadier and C Moreno Romieux. MULTIPASS managing the consents of access to farm data in a chain of trust. to make new services emerge for farmers 177, B Lauga B Balvay L Topart J Leclaire A Clenet F Brun F Pinet C Roussey and M Sine. Applications for comprehensive support of improving health and welfare in dairy cattle 185. K F Stock K May J Heise F Reinhardt and R Reents, REPROSCOPE the observatory of cattle reproductive performances in France 191. F Bidan P Le M zec P Dimon P Salvetti A Lejard M Gel and N Bareille. A global survey of semen straw bar coding practices and capabilities. at bovine semen collection centers 199, J M DeJarnette O G rard F Schmitz Hsu J Baltissen J Hooijer L Morelli.
R Spelman L Journaux and B Wickham, Development of a heat assessment with factors of a cow 203. L von Tavel F Schmitz Hsu U Witschi and M Kirchhofer. Using differential somatic cell count to improve udder health 207. R H Fourdraine A Samia Kalantari J Amdall and A D Coburn. Assesment of bovine milk fat quality from the view of human health 217. S Hadrova A Vesely and L Krizova, Comparison of on line measurements with conventional single day herd tests 223. R G Orchard A M Winkelman G P S Anderson E M Steenson V C Farr D M Gyde and A F Yeates. Cow ID topics related to milking and milk recording 229. K de Koning J Persson and U Lauritsen, Identification and registration of cattle in the Czech Republic 235. P Bucek and L Nozina, A new standard for using official animal identification schemes for. livestock animals in RFID applications worldwide 243. C G C F Machado C Schenk and D Pachoud, Use of UHF Ultra High Frequency RFID technology in the data capture.
traceability and monitoring interface in the official cattle animal identification program 253. J Gomes and M Shimizu, Alternated milk recording recalculation results and conclusion for future test planning 257. 24 hour yield calculations in the Finnish milk recording 261. J Kynt j and S Nokka, Global 24 hour calculation trends in automatic milking systems 265. P Bucek X Bourrigan K Kuwan J Kynt j Y Lavon F Reinhardt F J Auer B Dokkebakken K Haase. C Trejo D Radzio F Miglior E Barras Jere High G J hannesson M Fioretti Nils Erik Larsson. T Roalkvam G Augier Ch Lecomte C Lizana F Rapaioli S Alday O Kachanova A Braun. R L Bhagat A B Pande Erna Galvanovska D Lodina An Pengpeng Sun Xianzhi R van der Linde. A Pentj rv A Martins J Carvalheira U Lauritsen C N Costa B Coughlan D Marta P Rosincinova. J van der Westhuizen A Coburn R Cantin J A Horst M S guin M Jes s F Sotelo Ken z. L D gen G Alain Bularca Ioan Raul R Mircea Catalin J Mathie Z Ivki JIanbin Li B Perisic. N Nayee R O Gupta S Sievert S Gilheany V Tytenko G Fedorova M Klopcic D Hambrook. G Gery R Fourdraine S Pinto and D Snidall, Global 24 hour calculation trends in classical milk recording systems 281. X Bourrigan P Bucek K Kuwan J Kynt j Y Lavon F Reinhardt F J Auer B Dokkebakken. K Haase C Trejo D Radzio F Miglior E Barras Jere High G J hannesson M Fioretti. N E Larsson T Roalkvam G Augier Ch Lecomte C Lizana F Rapaioli S Alday O Kachanova. A Braun R L Bhagat A B Pande E Galvanovska D Lodina An Pengpeng Sun Xianzhi. R van der Linde A Pentj rv A Martins J Carvalheira U Lauritsen C N Costa B Coughlan. M Dianova P Rosincinova J van der Westhuizen A Coburn R Cantin J A Horst M S guin. M Jes s F Sotelo Ken z L D gen G Alain Bularca Ioan Raul Rotar Mircea Catalin. J Mathie Z Ivki JIanbin Li B Perisic N Nayee R O Gupta S Sievert S Gilheany. V Tytenko G Fedorova M Klopcic D Hambrook ACHA G Gery R Fourdraine. S Pinto and D Snidall, Additional value of cell differentiation in the course of DHI testing 297. E Gass F Onken A Bartel C Baumgartner F Quereng sser and M G Doherr. KetoMIR2 modelling of ketosis risk using vets diagnosis and MIR. spectra for dairy cows in early lactation 303, A Werner F Goll Leidreiter K Droessler F J Auer M Mayerhofer A K ck.
C Egger Danner and L M Dale, From new milk testing parameters to new DHI services The view of an. instrument manufacturer 309, Hyperketolactia occuring before or after artificial insemination and monitored in milk. samples is associated with a decrease in conception in lactating dairy cows 315. M Jattiot A Albaaj L Manciaux S Saille C Julien G Foucras and D Raboisson. qPCR kits for fecal samples to identify the shedders of Paratuberculosis. or Salmonella dublin among highly ELISA positive cows 319. J Katholm D B Holt A Petersen and T W Bennedsgaard. Scoring animal welfare 323,B Luntz and D Krogmeier. Supporting German dairy farmers establishing a monitoring system. based on health key indicators extracted from existing control systems 325. S Hachenberg M Au B Behr J Brinkmann J Braunleder S Carrasco J Duda D Doepfer. S Gruber H Karatassios M Kussin R Mansfeld S March K F Stock M Tremblay and F Onken. Investigations on the relationship of dry matter intake and energy balance to health. in German dairy cattle using conventional and genomic breeding values 329. N Krattenmacher E Stamer I Harder W Jungeand G Thaller. Measures to monitor and improve claw health lameness and animal. welfare in Austrian dairy farms 337, M Suntinger J Kofler R Pesenhofer C Winckler and C Egger Danner. The ICAR Artificial Insemination and Related Technologies Working Group. its goals and current projects 343, F Schmitz Hsu O G rard J Baltissen J M DeJarnette J Hooijer L Journaux.
L Morelli R Spelman and B Wickham, International data exchange for the recording and traceability of worldwide. artificial inseminations a new and modern concept 347. O G rard L Journaux F Schmitz Hsu J Baltissen J M DeJarnette J Hooijer L Morelli. R Spelman B Wickham, Factors affecting pregnancy rate after cervical insemination in dairy sheep flocks 349. S Priskas S A Termatzidou S Gargani and G Arsenos, Milking control operation A very important tool for the development of. dairy cattle breeding in Morocco 357, The estimation of the genetic parameters for conformation traits. in the Romanian Spotted cattle breed 359,H Grosu M C Rotar and M A Gras.
Practical applications to improve udder health a pathogen specific approach 367. M Suntinger W Obritzhauser B Fuerst Waltl C Firth M Mayerhofer and C Egger Danner. French regional genetic collaborative projects to improve welfare and resilience of dairy cows 373. H Leclerc I Crou R Vall e A Baur A Barbat S Fritz M Philippe M Brochard F Guillaume. G Thomas L Manciaux J B Davi re L Voidey and N Gaudilli re. Conditions of mechanical milk meters through in a Uruguay test platform 383. D Hirigoyen M Calvo A Gonz lez Revello and R de los Santos. Dairy cattle milk recording working group update, Short term prospects for cattle milk recording 391. Pavel Bucek,List of participants 401,The dairy cattle industry in the Czech Republic. J Kucera and P Bucek, Czech Moravian Breeders Corporation Inc Hradistko Czech Republic. Cattle breeding and organised milk recording have enjoyed a long tradition in the. territory of present day Czech Republic The first official milk recording system was. implemented in 1905 The first breeding organisations in the Czech Republic were. established following the founding of various agricultural societies in 1769 In 1890. an associated cattle cooperative began to keep herd books Gregor Johann Mendel. the founder of modern genetics born in 1822 established many of the rules of heredity. which are now used as the laws of Mendelian inheritance and represent the building. blocks of ICAR s and Interbull s work In 1990 a breeders association was. re established as the main driver of genetic improvement in the Czech Republic. In 1996 this became the Czech Moravian Breeders Corporation CMBC created for. the purpose of serving farmer needs As of early 2019 the Czech Republic had a total. of 1 415 770 cattle including 364 263 dairy cows and 226 255 beef cows The number. of beef cows has increased over the last couple of years with the majority of dairy. cows comprising Holstein 60 and Fleckvieh 37 and other breeds making up. the remaining 3 There has been a notable increase in milk production over the last. twenty years In 2018 milk yields from Holstein cattle reached 10 059 kg milk and in. the case of Fleckvieh 7 591 kg milk, The proportion of recorded cows in the CR is one of the highest among ICAR countries. with 347 950 cows recorded in September 2018 representing 96 4 of the total number. of cows recorded The country also boasts the highest average herd and company. sizes among ICAR members The Czech Republic uses the AZ4 A4 and AT4 milk. recording methods as specified in the ICAR Guidelines The milk sector has a central. position within the food supply chain generating a source of regular income For the. year 2018 raw milk production totalled 3 078 390 tonnes and 2 978 411 tonnes in. sales The Czech Republic is also an active exporter engaging in the international. trade of milk yogurts whey and live animals, As a premium breeder the Czech industry also exports animals and genetic material.
to many countries The CMBC provides a wide range of services for domestic and. international breeders As an umbrella organisation it oversees animal identification. and registration as well as its ISO accredited milk analysis and DNA laboratories Its. DNA laboratory is accredited by ICAR for parentage verification and genotyping of the. most common animal species Other services include genetic evaluation linear. classification of dairy cattle technical herdbook maintenance and data processing. with regard to all aspects of cattle breeding The CMBC complies with regular ICAR. audits under the ICAR Certificate of Quality programme for dairy and beef cattle The. company is a founding member of Interbeef and has been a member of ICAR since. 1991 and Interbull since 1994,ICAR Technical Series no 24.

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