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13,373 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 30, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2. Gameplay inspired by 'Roguelike' games such as NetHack and Rogue Legacy, but built to. 551 downloads; 42.85 MB; Contra: The Legacy of Red Falcon 2.0. The Legacy of Red Falcon 2.0. Here's a brand new Contra fan made game where you'll get to shoot lots of enemies. Mar 31st 2014, 14:52 GMT. 739 downloads; 4 MB; NetHack - Falcon's Eye 3.6.0. This is an improved version of the famous RPG.

Its comes with the latest kernel 5.4.5, that support Extfat natively

This Linux distribution is designed to be easy to use, and powerful.

You can try it with a LiveUSB, and then install it on an hard drive.


It is also possible to use it on old computers, with the lightweight desktop Mate.

Available Locales :

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Polska
  • Czech
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Breton
  • Quebec

Download 64 Bits ISO

MD5SUM : fe4b91d943b1b6e3a8578e3627f36575

Download 32 Bits ISO

MD5SUM : 7b9647c3cea62716948f9c2cd909691d

What is new

  • Kernel 5.4.5 (64 or 32 bits)
  • 865 libraries and programs are in the core module
  • Build for “YourDistroFromScratch 2.7″, with docker
  • Hybrid ISO
  • Parental control tool, for controlling the access time of user accounts.
  • Modular concept
  • Mate desktop 1.22
  • Chromium becomes the default Web browser
  • Wine 4.0.3

Installing LinuxConsole 2019 to LiveUSB

The ISO is now “hybrid”, and then you can install it with Etcher.

You can also install it with software like unetbootin or rufus (this last one can write on legacy or hybrid mode)

Once the LiveUSB ready, you can try it, and if your are interested with some kind of software, you can download optional modules (squashfs files) from this link then install them in the “modules” folder, on USB key and enjoy with the modular concept.

Installing LinuxConsole 2019 on a hard drive

1 – Dual boot with Windows XP

To make a dual boot, for Windows XP (on old computers !) , sometimes it works also with Windows 7, you just have to download and run the installer, it is a Wubi fork.


2 – Installing LinuxConsole 2019 on an empty hard disk

Nethack: legacy download free

Note : If the hard disk is not empty, you can use “gparted” tool in liveUSB/Live CD mode, to delete the partitions

3 – Dual boot with Ubuntu

On recent computers, dual boot is not easy to setup, then it is recomanded to install Ubuntu 18.04 near Windows 10, and run this scripts :

Then you will have a “trial boot”, between Windows 10 , Ubuntu 18.04 and LinuxConsole 2019

Note : home directories from Ubuntu and LinuxConsole can be shared

Controlling user access time

A new tool has be designed, to limit access time, for specific users. Once time elapsed, the session ends up.


Download Nethack Windows

The modules are available, by usage, and can be downloaded at

You can view the source list at

Today there are 9 modules

  • emulators
  • fps
  • games
  • graphics
  • multimedia
  • music
  • network
  • office
  • video

If LinuxConsole is installed on your hard disk, install them inside /media/ydfs/modules folder, then reboot for using.

The games

LinuxConsole 2019 comes with some games, more games are available with the modules “games” and “fps”.
You can also try to install games from by using the Wine emulator

Make music

LMMS has been build with native VST support, some other extensions are available, like LV2, VSTL, and DSSI plugins
Some tools like Ardour, zyn-fusion or Helm could be also useful.

Installing Other sofwtares

LinuxConsole and his modules comes with lot of free software, but if you want to install other ones, you can do like this :


You can install “Windows” software with wine.
fro exemple, to installe Scratch, just download ScratchInstaller1.4.exe and run it with Wine


The package manager for LinuxConsole is opkg

This tool can help to install optional packages, which sources are from the “list-opkg-linuxconsole” (that should grow in 2020):

– opkg-cl update
– opkg-cl list
– opkg-cl install (package name)

apt-get install

A “wrapper” can be used to install packages fom Debian buster.
Then if you run “apt-get install teeworlds” (in root mode) and by accepting accepting sub packages, this will be installed , with launcher inside the menu.


FrozenCrate, LLC
Based in Houston, Texas

Release date:
August 2018

Steam (Mac, Windows, Linux+SteamOS)


Regular Price:


NetHack: Legacy is a remastered version of the original NetHack: the famously rich and complex fantasy D&D roguelike. NetHack set the standard for hardcore roguelikes featuring procedurally generated levels, perma-death, and strategic gameplay. One of the key features NetHack offers is its deeply immersive environment to interact with and explore, a feat that has been constantly tuned and refined over the 30+ years of development. For example, players can burn down locked doors, blind enemies with camera flashes, and train pets to steal items from shopkeepers.

NetHack: Legacy primarily offers an improved NetHack experience with its interface enhancements and integrated replay system; both with minimal changes to the original gameplay. The retro ASCII interface has been improved with better default settings, improved mouse and keyboard support, and various special effects to emulate old CRT/terminal displays. The fully integrated replay system allows players to re-watch and analyze past games with real-time fast-forwarding, rewinding, and jumping capabilities.


Additionally, these enhancements and numerous others make the complex game more accessible to a wider audience, such as a streamlined in-game options menu, title screen, 'pause' menu, and more.

NetHack: Legacy cleans up and polishes this influential piece of gaming history for the masses to enjoy.


The original NetHack has been in development since at least 1987, and is still in active development today. However, enjoying the game in its original ASCII interface is somewhat complicated for those unfamiliar with command prompts and UNIX tools/methodologies. The game was simply designed for programmers, by programmers, and getting everything setup correctly called for at least a vague familiarity with the field. NetHack: Legacy branched the open source project in late 2017 to make fairly substantial changes to the codebase for a more friendly user experience and more streamlined platform support.

Integrating a modern OpenGL graphics driver and expected gaming niceties, such as a title screen and cross-platform save support, called for focusing primarly on the modern, 64-bit platforms of macOS, Linux, and Windows. NetHack is capable of running on these platforms and many historic systems, such as VAX and Amiga, due largely to the ardent dedication and love from the illustrious NetHack DevTeam; however, supporting such a wide range of systems adds a considerable amount of complexity.

The goal of NetHack: Legacy is to make NetHack more accessible to modern gamers on modern machines, involving many architectural changes which are, unfortunately, incompatible with some of NetHack's many target operating systems. Thus, NetHack: Legacy chose to fork so that both projects could fulfill their respective goals and visions. However, the core game logic is compatible between the two projects, so both can benefit from many of the improvements and enhancements made by one another, as both projects are open source under the NetHack General Public License.


  • Procedurally generated, D&D dungeon roguelike based on the original NetHack source
  • Highly immersive world allowing many unique strategies and playstyles
  • Improved classic ASCII interface, style, and mouse support
  • Retro-modern special effects with OpenGL
  • Integrated replay system
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and SteamOS


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Teaser TrailerYouTube


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About FrozenCrate, LLC

FrozenCrate designs, develops, and publishes fun and beautiful games. Combining their talent with others, they create innovative games that provide a unique experience. Their rapid speed of development encourages new and interesting mechanics, pushing the boundaries of game design.

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More information on FrozenCrate, LLC, our logo & relevant media are available here.

NetHack: Legacy Credits

NetHack Dev Team
Original Game

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Kevin Nygaard
Designer, Developer

Andrea Baroni
Music, Freelancer


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[email protected]


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