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PR 3 BT 208 Basics of Computer Systems and 0 0 2 2C. Programming Lab, PR 4 BT 209 Basic Electronics and Instrumentation 0 0 2 2A. Total Credits 28,4 BT TH PR VS,TH 1 BT 211 Molecular Biology 3 1 0 4C. TH 2 BT 212 Genetics 3 1 0 4C, TH 3 BT 213 Methods and Instrumentation in 3 1 0 4C. Biotechnology,TH 4 BT 214 Statistics for Biology 3 1 0 4C. TH 5 BT 215 Data Structure and Algorithms 3 1 0 4C. PR 1 BT 216 Molecular Biology and Genetics Lab 0 0 3 2C. PR 2 BT 217 Methods and Instrumentation in 0 0 3 2C. Biotechnology Lab,PR 3 BT 218 Data Structure Lab 0 0 3 2C.
VS 1 BT 219 Project 0 0 2 2C,Total Credits 28,5 BT TH PR VS. TH 1 BT 301 Structural Biology 3 1 0 4C, TH 2 BT 302 Immunology and Immuno technology 3 1 0 4C. TH 3 BT 303 Recombinant DNA Technology I 3 1 0 4C,TH 4 BT 304 Database Management Systems 3 1 0 4C. TH 5 BT 305 Chemical Engineering principles 3 1 0 4A. PR 1 BT 306 Structural Biology Lab 0 0 3 2C, PR 2 BT 307 Immunology and Immuno technology 0 0 3 2C. PR 3 BT 308 Recombinant DNA Technology I Lab 0 0 3 2C. PR 4 BT 309 Database Management Lab 0 0 3 2C,VS 1 BT 310 Term Paper and Seminar 0 0 2 2C.
Total Credits 30,6 BT TH PR VS, TH 1 BT 311 Recombinant DNA Technology II 3 1 0 4C. TH 2 BT 312 Enzymology and Enzyme Technology 3 1 0 4C. TH 3 BT 313 Plant and Animal Biotechnology 3 1 0 4C. TH 4 BT 314 Computational Biology I 3 1 0 4C, TH 5 BT 315 Fundamentals of Biochemical Engg 3 1 0 4A. PR 1 BT 316 Recombinant DNA Technology II Lab 0 0 3 2C. PR 2 BT 317 Enzymology and Enzyme Technology 0 0 3 2C. PR 3 BT 318 Plant and Animal Biotechnology Lab 0 0 3 2C. PR 4 BT 319 Computational Biology I Lab 0 0 3 2C,Total Credits 28. 7 BT TH PR VS,TH 1 BT 401 Computational Biology II 3 1 0 4C. TH 2 BT 402 Bioprocess Technology 3 1 0 4A,TH 3 BT 403 Downstream Processing 3 1 0 4A.
TH 4 BT 404 Elective I 3 1 0 4C, TH 5 BT 405 Management Accounting and Cost 3 1 0 4C. PR 1 BT 406 Computational Biology II Lab 0 0 3 2C,PR 2 BT 407 Bioprocess Technology Lab 0 0 3 2A. PR 3 BT 408 Downstream Processing Lab 0 0 3 2A, PR 4 BT 409 Practical Training after 6th Sem 0 0 4 4M. VS 1 BT 410 Seminar International Economic 0 0 2 1C. Environment IPR,Total Credits 31,8 BT TH PR VS,TH 1 BT 411 Genomics and Proteomics 3 1 0 4C. TH 2 BT 412 Elective II 3 1 0 4C,TH 3 BT 413 Project Management 3 1 0 4C.
TH 4 BT 414 Principles of Management and 3 1 0 4C,Entrepreneurship Development. PR 1 BT 415 Genomics and Proteomics Lab 0 0 3 2C,PR 2 BT 416 Major Project 0 0 8 8M. PR 3 BT 417 Practical Training Project 0 0 4 4M,Total Credits 30. TOTAL 232 Credits, Paper IV BT 404 Elective I Any one of the following. 1 Thermodynamics of Biological systems,2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
3 Biological Imaging and Computer Graphics,4 Current topics in Biotechnology I. 5 Bioelectronics,6 Environmental Biotechnology, Paper II BT 412 Elective II Any one of the following. 1 Drug Design and Development,2 Bioprocess Plant Design. 3 Drug Delivery systems,4 Current topics in Biotechnology II. 5 Artificial Neural Networks, 6 Biosensors and Biomedical sensors and transducers.
All the courses in the first semester represent the common course component for all. B E degree programs at Delhi University,B E Bio technology I Year I Semester. Examination Theory L T P,Paper I BT 101 Humanities English 3 1 0. Same as COE 101 EE 101 and IC 101, A Text Essay Short Stories and One Act Plays Editor R K Kaushik and S C. Bhatia Published by Oxford University Press,The following chapters are prescribed for study. 1 Nehru the Democrat by M Chalapathi Rao,2 Bores by E V Lucas.
3 Freedom by G B Shaw,4 What I require from Life by J B S Haldane. 5 Student Mobs by J B Pristley,Short Stories,6 The Fortune Teller by K Capek. 7 Grief by A Chekov,8 The Doll s House by K Mansfield. One Act Plays,9 A Marriage Proposal by A Chekov,10 The Boy Comes Home by A A Milne. B ENGLISH LANGUAGE PRACTICE,Applied Grammar, Common Errors Use of words Synonymous and Antonyms Formation of words.
Prefixes and Suffixes,Presentation of Technical Information. Technical description of i Simple objects tools and appliances ii Processes and. Operations iii Scientific principles,Composition, Comprehension Dialogues conversational and colloquial idiom. Spoken English, Practice in self expression talks Lecture and speeches. Reading materials, 1 Essay Short Stories and One Act Plays by R K Kaushik and S C Bhatia. Publisher Oxford University Press,B E Bio technology I Year I Semester.
Examination Theory L T P,Paper II BT 102 Mathematics I 3 1 0. Same as COE 102 and IC 102, Algebra Partial fraction Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions De Moivre s. term infinite series and their convergence Comparison and Ratio tests Alternating. series theorem and its applications Relations between circular and hyperbolic functions. Positive team infinite series and their convergence Comparison and Ratio tests. Alternating series, Differential Calculus Derivatives of hyperbolic functions successive differentiation. and Leibnitz s theorem Taylor s and Maclaurin s series Maxima and minima of. functions of one variable curvature and radius of curvature points of inflexion. Integral Calculus Integration by partial fractions Integration of forms I I R where. R ax2 bx C Properties of definite Integrals Reduction formulae Application of. integration to areas lengths of area surface and volume of solids of revolutions. Trapezoidal and Simpson s rules,Reading materials, 1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics by E Kreyszig Publisher John Wiley and. 2 Differential Calculus by G B Thomas and R L Finney Publisher Addison. Wesley Publishing,B E Bio technology I Year I Semester.
Examination Theory L T P,Paper III BT 103 Physics I 3 1 0. Same as COE 103 EE 103 and IC 103, Relativity Absolute and inertial frames of reference Newtonian Galilean relativity. Galilean transformation Michelson Morely experiment and its implications Lorentz. Transformation Einstein s law of addition of velocities Mass variation with velocity. concept of energy and momentum as four vector Einstein s mass energy relation. Inverse Square Law of Forces Fundamental interactions Electro magnetic and. gravitational interactions Force and potentials Control Forces. Invariance And Symmetry Principles Invariance of a Physical quantity laws of. conservation of momentum energy and charge concept of symmetry and its. implications, Wave Oscillations Free damped and forced oscillatory motions Resonant vibrations. with applications sharpness of resonance quality factor Formation of waves in strings. rods and air acoustic waves acoustic impedance transmission through partitions. ultrasonic and its applications, Interference of Light Wave theory of light superposition principle Double lit. experiment Bi prism and Newton s rings Theory of interference in thin films. interference filters Michelson s interferometer, Diffraction of Light Fresnel and Fraunhofer class of diffraction diffraction at straight.
edge cornices spiral Fraunhofer diffraction at a slit and its extension for number of slits. Diffraction gratings Resolving power of optical instrument telescope prism and grating. Polarization of Light Elementary aspects of electromagnetism theory of light. polarization reflection and transmission Brewster law polarization due to pile of plates. and Double refraction Elliptically and circularly polarized light Nicol prism quarter and. half wave plate,Polarimeters Half shade and Pi quartz. Optical Instrument Cardinal points of a co axial lens system Defects in the images. spherical and chromatic aberration Nodal slide assembly Eye pieces. Reading materials, 1 College Practical Physics by D R Khanna and H R Gulati Publisher R Chand. and Company, 2 Elements of Properties of Matter by D S Mathur Publisher S Chand and. 3 Fundamentals of Optics by D R Khanna and H R Gulati Publisher R Chand. and Company, 4 Fundamentals of Optics by D R Khanna and H R Gulati Publisher R Chand. and Company, 5 Introduction to Special Relativity by R Resnick Publisher John Wiley and Sons.
6 Physics by R Resnick and D Halliday Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc. 7 Waves and Oscillation by B L Subrahmanyam Publisher Vikas Publishing. B E Bio technology I Year I Semester,Examination Theory L T P. Paper IV BT 104 Chemistry 3 1 0,Same as COE 104 EE 104 and IC 104. Chemical Kinetics Rate constant order and molecularity of a reaction 1st 2nd 3rd order. reactions Methods of determining order of reactions effect of catalyst on reaction rate. activating energy Industrial applications of catalysts. Electro Chemistry Transport number Galvanic Cells E M F and its measurements. Nearest equation of electrode potentials Reference and Indicator electrodes at. measurements solar energy, Phase Rule Phase diagrams and phase transformations in Pb Ag and Cu Ni systems. Thermal Methods of Analysis Elementary discussions of thermogravimetric analysis. Differential thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry. Metals and Non Metals of Elements S and P block elements Bonding in complexes. Molecular explanations for magnetic properties and colour extraction and technical. applications of titanium Vanadium zirconium Tungsten and Uranium. Alloys Classification Necessity for making alloys composition properties and uses of. following alloys Brass Bronze Gun metal Duralumin Effect of alloying elements like. C Ni Mn Si V Mo W and Co on the properties of steel. Electronic Effects Inductive effect conjugation and resonance and their effect on. physical and chemical properties of molecules carbanion and carboniumions and free. Organic Polymer Polymerization Effect of polymer structure on properties. production properties and technical applications of some important thermoelastics and. thermosetting resins Natural rubber and elastomers SNR GR I GR P polyurethane and. silicon Molecular weights, Oils Fats Waxes and Detergents Production and physico chemical properties of fatty. acids and Glycerides Manufacture of edible fats soap Glycerin waxes essential oils. perfumes and cosmetics,Reading materials, 1 Chemical Kinetics by K J Laidler Publisher Addison Wesley Publishing.
2 Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee Publisher Stanley Thornes. Publishing, 3 Engineering Chemistry by P C Jain Publisher Dhanpat Rai Publishing. 4 Organic Chemistry by I L Finar Publisher Longman Publishing Group. 5 Physical Chemistry for Engineering by Jain and Jain Publisher Dhanpat Rai. Publishing Company,B E Bio technology I Year I Semester. Examination Theory L T P,Paper V BT 105 Manufacturing Processes 3 1 0. Materials Compositions Properties and uses of wrought iron pig iron cast iron. malleable iron S G Iron carbon and alloy steels Copper Aluminium Lead Brass. Bronze Duralumin Bearing metals High temperature metals Cutting tools materials. Casting Processes Principles of metal casting pattern materials Types and. allowance Study of moulding Sand moulding tools moulding materials classification. of moulds Description and operation of cupola special casting processes e g die. casting permanent mould casting centrifugal casting investment casting. Smithy and Forging Basic operations e g upsetting fullering flattering drawing. swaging tools and appliances drop forging7 press forging. Metal Joining Welding principles classification of welding techniques Oxyacetylene. Gas Welding equipment and field of application Arcwelding metal Arc Carbon Arc. submerged arc and atomic hydrogen arc welding Electric resistance welding spot. seam Butt Butt seam and percussion welding Flux composition properties and. function Electrodes Types of joints and edge preparation Brazing and soldering. Sheet Metal Work Common processes tools and equipment metals uses for sheets. standard specification for sheets, Bench Work and Fitting Fitting sewing chipping thread cutting die tapping study. of hand tools marking and marking tools,Reading materials.
1 A Textbook Of Workshop Technology Manufacturing Processes. by R S Khurmi Publisher S Chand and Company, 2 Elements of Workshop Technology Vol 1 Manufacturing Processes by S K. Hajra Choudhury Publisher Media Promoters and Publishers Pvt Ltd. 3 Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials Processes and Systems by M. P Groover Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc, 4 Manufacturing Technology Foundary Forming and Welding by P N Rao. Publisher Tata McGraw Hill, 5 Principles of Metal Casting by R W Heine Publisher McGraw Hill Text. 6 Sheet Metal by L A Meyer Publisher American Technical Publishers Inc. 7 Welding Engineering and Technology by R S Parmar Publisher Khanna. Publishers,B E Bio technology I Year I Semester,Examination Practical L T P. Paper I BT 106 Engineering Drawing I Lab 0 0 3, Introduction Instruments and their uses letterings construction and uses of various.
scales dimensioning as per I S I 696 1972, Engineering Curves Parabola Hyperbola Ellipses Cycloid Involute Spiral Helix. and loci of points of simple moving mechanism 4 bars chain. Projections Straight lines Planes and solids Development of surfaces of right and. oblique solids section of solids interpenetration and intersection of solids isometric and. oblique parallel projection of solids,Reading materials. 1 AutoCAD for Windows Express by T McCarthy Publisher Springer Verlag. 2 Engineering Drawing and graphics Auto CAD by K Venugopal Publisher. New Age International, 3 Engineering Drawing by N D Bhatt Publisher Chardoor Publishers. 4 Engineering Drawing by P S Gill Publisher Kataria and Sons. B E Bio technology I Year I Semester,Examination Practical L T P. Paper II BT 107 Physics I Lab 0 0 2, Based on course work corresponding to BT 103 Physics I.
1 Determination of the value of g by Bar Pendulum and find the radius of gyration. 2 Study of the moment of inertia of a fly wheel,3 Study of the mass spring system. 4 Determination of the resolving power of Telescope. 5 Wavelength determination of sodium light by Newton rings. 6 Wavelength determination of sodium light by biprism. 7 Wavelength determination of Mercury green line by diffraction grating using. spectrometer, 8 Determination of the focal length of combination of two Lenses by Nodal slide. assembly and verify the Formula,9 Study of sugar cane solutions concentration. B E Bio technology I Year I Semester,Examination Practical L T P. Paper III BT 108 Chemistry Lab 0 0 3, Based on course work corresponding to BT 104 Chemistry.
1 Estimation of Iron in ferrous ammonium sulfate using an intermediate of known. 2 Iodometric titration of a given copper sulfate solution. 3 Estimation of strength of a given potassium dichromate solution solution using. external indicator, 4 Estimation of strength of a given potassium permanganate solution using ferrous. ammonium sulfate as intermediate, 5 Volumetric titration of potassium dichromate with ferrous ammonium sulfate. using N phenyl anthranilic acid as internal indicator. 6 Determination of strength of sulfuric acid and oxalic acid in a given solution. 7 To determine the chemical composition of a given solution of commercial caustic. 8 Estimation of Silver nitrate against a known normality of potassium thiocyanate. using ferric indicator, 9 Estimation of strength of barium chloride in a given solution using sodium. carbonate and hydrochloric acid solutions,10 To determine the chemical composition of Chalk. B E Bio technology I Year I Semester,Examination Practical L T P.
Paper IV BT 109 Workshop I 0 0 2, Practicals based on course work corresponding to BT 105 Manufacturing Processes. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Theory L T P. Paper I BT 111 Introduction to Biotechnology 3 1 0. Introduction and scope of Biotechnology historical perspectives Biotechnology as an. integrated discipline its applications future directions. Introduction to general biology cell as unit of living matter living systems. organization and function living systems as a source for biomaterials. Basic concepts of molecular biology Gene Structure function and organization. Concept of Gene manipulation, Biological variation mutation recombination and adaptation The concept of evolution. Commercial applications Biotechnology in Industry food agriculture and healthcare. Ethical and regulatory issues,Reading materials, 1 Agriscience and Technology by B L DeVere Publisher Delmar Publishers. 2 Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications by Walter and York Publisher. Delmar Publishers, 3 Biotechnology Unzipped by E S Grace Publisher Joseph Henry Press National.
Academy Press, 4 Biotechnology An Introduction by S R Barnum Publisher Wadsworth Publishing. 5 Biotechnology Demystifying the Concepts by D Bourgaize T R Jewell and R G. Buiser Publisher Addison Wesley Longman, 6 Eighth Day of Creation Makers of the Revolution in Biology by H F Judson. Publisher Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 7 In Praise of Imperfection by R L Montalcini Publisher Basic Books. 8 Molecular Biology of the Gene by J D Watson and J Steitz Publisher Addison. Wesley Publishing,9 Principles of Biotechnology, http www biotech iastate edu biotech info series bio1 html. 10 The Double Helix A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA. by J D Watson Publisher Touchstone Books, 11 The Lives of a Cell Notes of a biology watcher by L Thomas Publisher.
Penguin USA, 12 The Science of Agriculture A Biological Approach by R V Herren Publisher. Delmar Publishers, 13 Biology by K R Miller and J Levine Publisher Prentice Hall. 14 Understanding DNA and Gene Cloning by K Drlica Publisher Wiley and Sons. New course Content developed by Prof A K Dubey and Dr Sonika Bhatnagar. NSIT with inputs from all the members of the expert committee. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Theory L T P. Paper II BT 112 Physics II 3 1 0, Quantum Mechanics Matter Waves and de Broglie Hypothesis Uncertainty. Principle Wave packets Schroedinger s wave equation Interpretatation of wave. function Simple Eigen value problems and degeneracy. Metallic Conductors Fermi electron model Energy distribution Fermi energy Fermi. Dirac probability function Fermi level Conduction process effect of temperatures and. impurities, Semiconductor Band Theory of Solids types of semiconductors statistics of holes.
and electrons Hall effect Effect of temperature on conductivity life time and. recombination drift and diffusion p n junction, Superconductors Types of super conductors Meissner effect Josephson effect High. temperature superconductors, Dielectric and Magnetic Materials Polarization of dielectric and its break down. Piezoelectricity Ferroelectricity Electrets Ceramic Dia Para Ferro magnetism. Laser Principle Einstein s A and B coefficients He Ne LASER Semiconductor. LASER Applications, Statistical Physics Maxwell classical distribution law degree of freedom and law of. equipartition of energy mean free path Quantum statistics Fermi Dirac and Bose. Einstein distribution fermi Dirac probability function fermi level. Nuclear Physics Structure of nucleus binding energy nuclear models discovery of. neutrons particle detectors and accelerators artificial radioactivity fission and fusion. nuclear reactors, Radiation physics Elements of radioactivity dosimetry radiation hazards on. biosystems and the remedies applications of radioactivity in biosystems. Reading materials, 1 Advances in Statistical Physics of Solids and Liquids by S Prakash.
Publisher New Age International, 2 College Practical Physics by D R Khanna and H R Gulati Publisher R. Chand and Company, 3 Elements of Properties of Matter by D S Mathur Publisher S Chand and. 4 Fundamentals of Optics by D R Khanna and H R Gulati Publisher R. Chand and Company, 5 Introduction to Solid State Physics A Short Course by C Kittel Publisher. John Wiley and Sons Inc, 6 Introduction to Special Relativity by R Resnick Publisher John Wiley and. 7 Introductory Nuclear Physics by K S Krane Publisher John Wiley and. 8 Laser by R S Sirohi Publisher New Age International. 9 Physics by A Beiser Publisher Addison Wesley Publishing. 10 Physics by R Resnick and D Halliday Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc. 11 Quantum Mechanics by B Crasemann and J L Powell Publisher Addison. Wesley Publishing, 12 Solid State Physics by S O Pillai Publisher New Age International.
13 Waves and Oscillation by B L Subrahmanyam Publisher Vikas Publishing. New Course Content developed by, Prof R G Mendiratta Emeritus Professor of Physics at IIT Delhi. Dr O P Thakur Senior Lecturer in Physics NSIT, Prof V P Bhatnagar retired professor of Physics DCE. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Theory L T P. Paper III BT 113 Chemistry II 3 1 0, Reaction mechanisms Nucleophilic and electrophilic aliphatic and aromatic substitution. reactions elimination reactions inductive effect electromeric effect mesomeric effect. hyperconjugation, Reaction Intermediates biradicals enamines carbenes nitrenes benzyne and their.
reactions energetics of organic reactions, Alicyclic compounds classification synthesis of alicyclic compounds physical and. chemical properties Baeyer s strain theory strainless or puckered theory relative. stability of chair and boat form relative stability of cycloalkanes in terms of M O theory. medium ring compounds large ring compounds natural compounds with large rings. civetone and muscone, Stereochemistry Enantiomers diastereomers fischer projection formula optical. isomerism in compounds containing no chiral carbon atom racemic modification. resolution of racemic modification asymmetric synthesis stereochemistry and reaction. mechanism relative and absolute configuration modern interpretation of geometrical. isomerism interconversion of geometrical isomers stereochemistry of cycloparaffins. stereochemistry of nitrogen phosphorous sulphur and arsenic compounds. Tautomerism Classification dyad system triad system ring chain tautomerism. valence tautomerism, Conformational analysis Conformations conformations of ethane substituted ethanes. cyclohexane substituted cyclohexanes cyclohexene cyclohexanone fused ring. compounds other ring systems conformations and chemical reactivity of acyclic. compounds and cyclic compounds, Pericyclic reactions Mechanism and stereochemistry of pericyclic reactions types of. pericyclic reactions cycloadditions electrocyclic reactions sigmatropic rearrangements. 4 2 cycloadditions 2 2 cycloadditions electrocyclic reactions woodward hoffmann. rule and orbital symmetry sigmatropic rearrangement. Non benzenoid aromatic system Ferrocene fulvene tropylium cation tropone and. tropolone azulene annulenes heterocyclic compounds sydnones. Reading materials, 1 A Concise Introduction to Organic Chemistry by A Zlatkis Publisher McGraw.
Hill Companies, 2 A Guide Book to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by P Sykes Publisher. 3 Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions Mechanisms and Structure by J. March Publisher McGraw Hill Text, 4 Introduction to Organic Chemistry by D E Applequist C H Depuy and K L. Rinehart Jr Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc, 5 Organic Chemistry by F A Carey and R J Sundberg Publisher Plenum. Publishing Corporation, 6 Organic Chemistry by J B Hendrickson S H Pine D J Cram and G S. Hammond Publisher McGraw Hill, 7 Organic Chemistry by R T Morrison and R N Boyd Publisher Prentice Hall.
College Division, 8 Organic Chemistry The Basis of Life by B Miller Publisher Addison Wesley. Publishing Company, 9 Practical Organic Chemistry by F G Mann and B C Saunders Publisher. 10 Vogel s Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry by A I Vogel B S Furniss. and A R Tatchell Publisher Addison Wesley Publishing Company. New Course content developed by, Dr Anjana Sarkar Senior Lecturer in Chemistry NSIT. Ms Deepa Srivastava School of Applied Science NSIT. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Theory L T P. Paper IV BT 114 Mechanical Sciences 3 1 0, Applied Mechanics basic laws force moment of a force couple equivalent force.
system equation of equilibrium applications of structural mechanics friction and its. applications, Simple stresses and strains Description of tensile comprehensive shear and volumetric. stresses and strains complementary shear stress lateral strain and Poisson s ratio. Bending moment and shear force diagrams Cantilevers and simply supported beams. carrying various types of loads, Theory of simple bending Determination of bending stresses deflection of beams. Torsion Stresses and strains in pure torsion for solid and hollow circular shaft power. transmitted by shaft, Combined stresses and strains Principal stresses strains combined torsion bending and. direct stresses strains combine torsion bending and direct stresses. Fluid mechanics Fluid and flow fluid properties pressure variation in a static fluid. hydrostatic forces on plane and curved surfaces stability of submerged and floating. bodies Properties of fluids classification of fluids forces on fluids Normal forces on. fluids forces on submerged bodies hydrostatic forces on plane and curved surfaces. General description of fluid motion streamlines continuity equation particle. acceleration velocity gradient rotation and rate of strain. Thermodynamics Concepts of system properties equilibrium zeroth law heat and. work first law of thermodynamics nonflow and steady flow energy equations second. law of thermodynamics reversibility entropy properties of ideal gases various. thermodynamic processes Properties of air water vapour mixtures introduction to. psychrometry, Introduction of heat transfer modes concept of driving potential thermal resistance and. overall heat transfer coefficient,Reading materials.
1 A Text Book of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines For Degree U P S C. A M I E Classes by R K Bansal Publisher Laxmi Publications Pvt Ltd. 2 Applied Mechanics by F P Beer and E R Johnston Publisher McGraw Hill. Science Engineering Math, 3 Basic and Applied Thermodynamics by P K Nag Publisher Tata McGraw Hill. Publishing Company, 4 Engineering Mechanics Statics by I H Shames Publisher Pearson education. 5 Engineering Mechanics Statics by J L Meriam LG Kraige and J William III. Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc, 6 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by B R Munson D F Young and T H Okiishi. Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc, 7 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by G Van Wylen and R E Sonntag Publisher. John Wiley and Sons Inc, 8 Mechanics of Fluids by I H Shames Publisher McGraw Hill.
Science Engineering Math, 9 Thermodynamics Principles Characterizing Physical and Chemical Processes. by J Honig M Honig and M Jurgen Publisher Academic Press. Course content developed using IT 112 Mechanical Sciences at NSIT as framework. and modifications incorporated as per suggestions from. Prof B C Nakra Emeritus Professor IIT Delhi, Dr Sachin Maheshwari Assistant Professor MPA Division NSIT. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Theory L T P. Paper V BT 115 Engineering Mathematics 3 1 0, Differential Equations General linear differential equations with constant coefficients. Operator D Complementary function particular integral Wronskian Simultaneous. linear differential equations Solution of differential equations in power series Frobenius. Fourier Series Fourier Series Euler s Formula Even and odd functions functions. having arbitrary periods half range expansions Harmonic Analysis. Laplace Transform Laplace Transformation Inverse Laplace Transformation. Convolution Theorem Application to Linear differential equations with constant. coefficient Unit step function Impulse function Periodic function. Functions of Complex Variable Analytic Functions Harmonic Conjugate Conformal. Mapping Cauchy s Integral theorem Cauchy s Integral Formula Residue Theorem. Evaluation of real integrals, Vector Analysis The operators gradient divergence and curl and their geometrical.
significance Integration of vectors Work done in vector fields Green s Stokes and. Gauss divergence theorem, Partial Differential Equations Linear Partial Differential Equations Applications of. Partial Differential equations Method of Separation of Variables Heat equation Wave. Equation Laplace Equation and their solutions, Numerical Methods Solution of system of Linear equations Solution of Algebraic and. Transcendental Equations Interpolation and Approximation Numerical Integration. Numerical Solutions to Differential Equations Dynamics and initial value problems. Integrators Euler method Runga Kutta Verlet Harmonic Oscillator Monte Carlo. simulation on a 2D lattice chain collapse and protein folding Optimization Steepest. Descent Conjugate gradient Discrete optimization by Monte Carlo Design of an. optimal sequence,Reading materials, 1 Advance Engineering Mathematics by E Kreyszig Publisher John Wiley and. 2 Calculus by G B Thomas and R L Finney Publisher Addison Wesley. Publishing, 3 Elements of Partial Differential Equations by I N Sneddon. 4 Schaum s Outline of Fourier Analysis with Applications to Boundary Value. Problems by M R Spiegel Publisher McGraw Hill Trade. 5 Schaum s Outline of Laplace Transforms by M R Spiegel Publisher McGraw. Hill Trade,New Course Content developed by, Dr Vijay Gupta Assistant Professor in Mathematics NSIT.
Dr J Jena Lecturer in Mathematics NSIT and modified with suggestions. from Professor R Ramaswamy Dean School of Information Technology. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Practical L T P. Paper I BT 116 Introduction to Biotechnology Lab 0 0 3. Practicals based on course work corresponding to BT 111. 1 Biotechnology lab orientation and safety guidelines. 2 Use of microscopes to examine various cell types characteristics of cell structure. and function a study of scale and number, 3 Create Three dimensional model of DNA molecule using molecule building kit. 4 DNA Electrophoresis submarine gel electrophoresis and visualization of bands. 5 Restriction analysis of DNA, 6 Ligation of DNA to construct a recombinant molecule. 7 Transformation and screening of recombinant colonies. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Practical L T P. Paper II BT 117 Physics II Lab 0 0 2, Practicals based on course work corresponding to BT 112.
1 Measurement of Planck s constant and work function. 2 Measurement of resistivity of a semi conductor using four probe method. 3 Wave length of laser light from the diffraction of pattern from a slit. 4 Diffraction of laser light from a plane grating,5 Hall effect experiment. 6 P vs E plot for a dielectric,7 B H loop of a ferromagnetic material. 8 GM tube characteristics, 9 Statistical analysis of data b count using GM tube. 10 Experiments with g rays using Na I detector,B E Bio technology I Year II Semester. Examination Practical L T P,Paper III BT 118 Chemistry II Lab 0 0 3.
Practicals based on course work corresponding to BT 113. 1 Qualitative organic analysis Analysis of binary organic mixtures Tests with the. mixture Separation of the mixture Purification of the separated compounds. Identification of components, 2 Qualitative organic analysis Element detection Detection of functional groups. Determination of melting and boiling points Specific or confirmatory tests. Preparation of suitable derivatives, 3 Quantitative organic analysis Estimation of sulphur nitrogen halogens aniline. glycine phenol glucose determination of molecular weight. 4 Chemical hydrolysis of a protein carbohydrate lipid and characterization of the. B E Bio technology I Year II Semester,Examination Practical L T P.

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