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maps and globes in the library As a result of this course you will develop a. renewed appreciation of the Earth and its inhabitants. Prerequisites, Intro to Geography ENVS or Geology preferred but not required. Student Learning Outcomes, 1 In the first part of this course you will learn how natural disasters affect the. cultural landscape, 2 In the second part of this course you will learn how human beings. influence the impact from natural disasters by altering the natural landscape. 3 During the entirety of the course you will learn global geographic locations. and become familiar with where natural disasters occur today why they are. increasing and where they may occur in the future,COURSE REQUIREMENTS. Instructional Methods Activities Assessments, A Read each unit s overview lecture and textbook assignments.
B Complete all lab mapping assignments and place into the weekly Unit. Dropbox at the designated time, C Complete an exam after each unit beginning with Unit One. Seven 7 unit exams 100 pts each 75 of course grade. Six 6 mapping lab assignments 100 pts each 25 of course grade. Unit Assignments, Each unit exam must be completed prior to starting the next unit and will be. available to take anytime within a designated 48 hour period No make up. exams are offered, You have 2 hours within the testing time to complete each unit exam. No unit exams or make ups are graded once the next unit has begun. You will have seven 7 unit exams, You will have one 1 mapping assignment per unit as a lab exercise each. week the maps are to be placed into the respective weekly Dropbox at the. time your exam opens I grade all maps no late map assignments are. Grade Scale,The grading for this class is standard.
Below 60 F,TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS, We will be utilizing various forms of learning tools available on line through. lecture your textbook and on line discussions You will be required to monitor. specific websites throughout this course and will be submitting weekly mapping. projects to me through the Dropbox icon on your course toolbar. Each unit s material will consist of, An overview of the unit topic the unit objectives the unit assignments and. the lab assignments When you click on a unit you will be taken first to the. requirements, Lecture consists of both my notes and your chapter reading assignments. Your unit assignments will be at the bottom of the lecture page. A unit test will be required after each unit The tests will be based on lecture. book material recommended Internet resources and mapping There will. be no Mid Term Exam or Final Exam for the Summer I course 75 of your. grade comes from the unit tests and 25 of your grade comes from your lab. assignment and mapping due at the end of each unit. If the course software is new to you it may help to go through the software. tutorial How to get started,1 e mail me to let me know that you are on line. 2 Read through the syllabus,3 Click into Unit 1 to read the unit overview.
4 Read your chapter assignments and the lecture notes for Unit 1. 5 Get started, Note when you quit a session always click on the Exit Course button at the. bottom of your screen to save your work, Students taking online classes at Texas A M University Commerce have the same. rights as students enrolled in on ground classes The A M Commerce Student. Guidebook details those rights and explains complaint and grievance procedures. as well as the Student Code of Conduct Students have the right to appeal course. grades admissions committee decisions or any adverse action taken by. any online faculty against any student The appeals process is the same for all types. of appeals, The student should first attempt to resolve the problem directly with the involved. faculty member Any computer problems however need to go directly to eCollege. or campus IT,COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT,Interaction with Instructor Statement. I have a particular love for this course because I have taught Natural Disasters at. A M Commerce for the past four years and have an interactive blog about the. increase in natural disasters caused by recent Earth changes All lectures during. this course will be from my research and my published articles You will need to. read each designated chapter in your textbook also as the unit tests focus on these. I monitor my emails regularly so you can send me a message anytime I will. answer you back within 24 hours Please feel free to email me at anytime to ask. questions at Janet Hull tamuc edu, The time you spend for this course will be equal to the time spent for an on ground.
course lab credit There are seven 7 units to complete for the Summer I session. lab assignments due at the end of each week How you organize your daily. schedule is completely up to you but you must not fall behind A unit test will be. given after each unit This course isn t hard but it does consume a lot of time. especially completing your mapping activities each week to submit before each. weekly test If you don t get behind you ll make it through O K. COURSE OUTLINE,Course Content By Unit, 1 Mapping Unit 1 Global geographic locations of continents major seas and. oceans mountain ranges and islands in relation to global population. concentrations This mapping provides the framework to understand the. impact from natural disasters This lab will be your largest lab assignment. 2 Internal Earth Forces Unit 2 Knowledge of the Earth s internal processes. enhances a deeper understanding of earthquakes tsunamis volcanoes and. violent storms in respect to the countries worldwide. 3 Plate Tectonics Unit 3 The theory of Plate Tectonics and crustal. movement provides the core to understanding natural disasters This unit. requires global mapping of global tectonic boundaries. 4 Tsunamis Unit 4 Earthquakes cause tsunamis which are one of the most. damaging natural disasters on Earth Not every earthquake spawns a. tsunami and Unit 4 Chapter 8 explains how they form and their dangers. 5 Volcanoes Unit 5 This unit requires mapping of active volcanoes. worldwide Unit 5 introduces how a volcano forms and the damage from. different types of volcanoes Unit 5 requires daily mapping of current. volcanic eruptions, 6 Tornadoes and Storms Unit 6 This unit introduces how tornadoes and. thunderstorms form, 7 Space Objects Unit 7 This unit introduces the types of extraterrestrial. objects that can impact the Earth and cause global natural disasters. COURSE AND UNIVERSITY PROCEDURES POLICIES,Course Specific Procedures. On line courses are dependent on your course syllabus Make sure you read the. syllabus carefully The 1 key to success on line is to keep up with your. assignments every day Do not procrastinate on any assignments or you will fall. behind You only have four and one half weeks for this Summer I course and the. time will fly by quickly keep up, I took most of my graduate courses for my PhD on line and absolutely loved.
them I set my own pace and never fell behind The tests for each unit will be given. one time only every week for everyone however The unit tests will be timed so. you must know this material before each exam I do not give make up exams or. extra credit,University Specific Procedures,ADA Statement. Students with Disabilities, The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA is a federal anti discrimination statute that provides. comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with disabilities Among other things this. legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that. provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities If you have a disability requiring an. accommodation please contact, Office of Student Disability Resources and Services. Texas A M University Commerce,Gee Library Room 132. Phone 903 886 5150 or 903 886 5835,Fax 903 468 8148.
StudentDisabilityServices tamu commerce edu,Student Conduct. All students enrolled at the University shall follow the tenets of common decency and acceptable. behavior conducive to a positive learning environment See Code of Student Conduct.

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