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http www rvd gov hk,2150 8922 ts info rvd gov hk,NAMES OF BUILDINGS. About the Book, 1 This book contains a comprehensive list of names of buildings in the territory. their addresses and year of completion in both Chinese and English It is divided into. two volumes Volume 1 comprising building names in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. and Volume 2 those in the New Territories The building names are arranged in. alphabetical order but those starting with numerical characters or with Chinese names. only are placed under the Miscellaneous Section Both volumes commence with an. index of Chinese names in stroke number order to assist in finding the correct address. of the premises by referring to Chinese names alone. 2 Names of buildings and estates built by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. the Hong Kong Housing Society and the Hong Kong Settlers Housing Corporation. Limited as well as those built under the Home Ownership Private Sector Participation. and Sandwich Class Housing Schemes have been included They are listed separately. in the Appendices, 3 Entries for certain purpose built buildings e g names of schools hospitals etc. have been included as a quick guide to find out the whereabouts of such premises. Buildings located within the campus of universities are grouped together and listed under. the entries of their respective universities To avoid duplication many names of single. dwelling houses are also included to provide a reference for owners in naming their. 4 Named buildings within military establishments however are not included in the. book Building names which are identical to their building numbers are also not included. The reason for the exclusion is that a building name of this form already conveys the. location of the building In case the building has a different Chinese name such name is. recorded under the Miscellaneous Section, 5 The use of unofficial building numbers and names of places is generally. discouraged However this book also includes unofficial descriptions which are long. established addresses in rural New Territories areas and are already accepted by the. public These unofficial descriptions are shown in brackets. 6 Some multi ownership buildings have an owners corporation incorporated under. the Building Management Ordinance Chapter 344 and registered in the Land Registry. The entries in respect of such buildings are marked with an asterisk. 7 The names included in this book refer to completed buildings and where. appropriate also names of buildings under construction at the time of going to press. By including the latter it is hoped that duplication of names can be avoided. Age of Buildings, 8 The information on year built is provided for quick reference only to indicate.
the age of the building It is extracted from the Rating and Valuation Department s. property database which is primarily set up for rates and Government rent purposes. 9 The year built refers to the year of issue of the occupation permit for private. buildings or the certificate of completion for buildings under Home Ownership Scheme. For buildings with more than one occupation permit e g a temporary occupation. permit issued the year of the earliest occupation permit known to this department will. be shown in this book, 10 The year built will not be shown for the following building types. Buildings without occupation permit such as some village type houses in. the New Territories, Buildings exempted from assessment to rates such as purpose built. churches premises owned and occupied by the Government and. Public rental buildings estates such as those of Hong Kong Housing. Authority Hong Kong Housing Society and Hong Kong Settlers Housing. Corporation Ltd, 11 The Department in no way warrants the accuracy of the year built. information for any purposes other than rates and Government rent assessments. Neither the Department nor any of its staff shall be responsible for or held responsible. for any damages or loss caused by applying such information for any purposes other. than rates and Government rent only, 12 If readers of this book wish to clarify the year built information they should. verify the information from the original documents and where necessary consult the. relevant competent authorities,Choosing a Building Name.
13 The choice of name for a building is a matter for the owner and at present. there is no controlling legislation The inclusion of a building name in this book. confers no proprietary right to it or any part of it It is desirable that an owner. selecting a name should avoid anything likely to cause confusion For example it. would be generally undesirable to adopt a building name that is identical or very similar. to an existing building name, 14 In Hong Kong the name of a building often forms part of the address in. addition to the building number and street name Except well known buildings. reference to buildings by name only usually conveys little as to location. Towards a Better Publication, 15 As there are no regulations requiring owners or developers to report or register. building names the Names of Buildings book is not exhaustive and the accuracy of its. contents cannot be guaranteed Nonetheless every effort has been made to include all. known names and to check the correctness of entries The Department welcomes. notifications from any source of new names changes in existing names the. discontinuation of the use of names and any omissions or errors in this edition A. regularly updated electronic version of the Names of Buildings book is maintained and. available for free access from the Department s website at http www rvd gov hk. 16 Any enquiries should be directed to the Department s Technical Secretariat. Information at Tel 2150 8922 or e mail address ts info rvd gov hk. Rating and Valuation Department,15th Floor Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices. 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road,Hong Kong China,October 2011. Name of Building Year Built,A Sun Plaza 3 San Hop Lane 3 1997.
A D F D of Pok Oi Hospital 111 So Kwun Wat Rd,Mrs Cheng Yam On Tuen Mun 111. Millennium School,Abbey Court 19 21 On King St 1991. Pictorial Garden Phase 1 1,Sha Tin 19 21,Abiding School Nam Pin Wai DD 115 Nam Pin Wai. House Lot 239 115,1st Lane Nam Pin Wai,Shap Pat Heung Yuen Long 239. Acacia Villa 60 Cheung Sha Sheung 1997,Tsuen Lantau Island 60.
Admiralty Heights 52 Tai Chung Kiu Rd 1982,Belair Gardens Sha Tin 52. Advanced Technology Centre 2 Choi Fat St 2 1995,Sheung Shui. Aegean Coast 2 Kwun Tsing Rd 2002,Tuen Mun 2,Aegean Villa 5 Silver Cape Rd 1995. Silverstrand Sai Kung 5,AFCD Ta Kwu Ling Operation Centre 185 Ping Che Rd. Ta Kwu Ling 185,Affluence Garden 33 Tsing Chung Koon Rd 1989.
Tuen Mun 33,see Appendix IV IV, Ah Yuen Kindergarten 164 Tai O Tai Ping St Pre 1945. Lantau Island 164,Ai Ching Yuen DD 186 Lot 370 RP etc 1966. Off Tai Po Rd Sha Tin 186 370,Air House DD 223 Lot 232 223 1988. Clear Water Bay Rd 232,Air Mail Centre 9 Catering Rd W 9. Chek Lap Kok,Air Traffic Control Complex 1 Control Tower Rd.
Chek Lap Kok 1,Airfield Control Centre 2 Control Tower Rd. Chek Lap Kok 2,Airport Authority Building 1 Cheong Yip Rd 1 1998. Chek Lap Kok, Airport Authority Kwo Lo Wan Office 8 Chun Yue Rd 8 1997. Chek Lap Kok, Airport Freight Forwarding Centre 2 Chun Wan Rd 1998. Commercial Building Chek Lap Kok 2, Airport Freight Forwarding Centre 2 Chun Wan Rd 1998.
Chek Lap Kok 2,AJI Ichiban Centre 18 Wing Kei Rd 1994. Kwai Chung 18,Albany Cove Towers 6 8 1 Kin Tung Rd 2004. 6 8 Tung Chung Lantau Island 1,Albert Villa 25 27A Shatin Heights Rd 1967. Sha Tin 25 27A, Albion Industrial Building 1 Kin Fat Lane Tuen Mun 1 1978. Alder House Kwong Yuen Estate,see Appendix I I,Alexandra Villa DD CC 1155 1980.
Off Peak Rd Cheung Chau 1155, Alliance Bible Seminary 22 Peak Rd Cheung Chau 22 1959. Alliance Primary School Sheung Shui 2 Wo Muk Rd,Alliance Primary School Shek Lei Estate. Kwai Chung,Allied Cargo Centre 150 164 Texaco Rd 1991. Tsuen Wan 150 164,Allway Gardens Tsuen Wan,Block A A 195 Tsuen King Circuit 195 1978. Block B B 193 Tsuen King Circuit 193 1978,Block C C 191 Tsuen King Circuit 191 1978.
Block D D 189 Tsuen King Circuit 189 1978,Block E E 187 Tsuen King Circuit 187 1978. Block F F 22 On Yat St 22 1980,Block G G 20 On Yat St 20 1980. Block H H 18 On Yat St 18 1980,Block J J 16 On Yat St 16 1980. Block K K 14 On Yat St 14 1979,Block L L 12 On Yat St 12 1980. Block M M 10 On Yat St 10 1980,Block N N 8 On Yat St 8 1980.
Block P P 6 On Yat St 6 1981,Block Q Q 4 On Yat St 4 1981. Block R R 2 On Yat St 2 1981,Alpha Appliances Building 21 Po Wan Rd 21 1992. Sheung Shui,Alpine Garden 350 Castle Peak Rd 1991,Castle Peak Bay Tuen Mun 350. A Max Technology Tower 12 16 Fui Yiu Kok St 1972,Tsuen Wan 12 16. Amber Court 18 Fanling Station Rd 1993,Fanling Town Center 18.
An Yuen 116 Ha Wo Che Tsuen 116,Anchors International Nursery 1 Hung Lam Drive. Constellation Cove 1,Angel Court 2 4 Lai Wo Lane 1988. Fo Tan 2 4,Anglers Bay 18A Castle Peak Rd 2004,Tsing Lung Tau 18A. Anking House 97 Tsuen King Circuit 1980,Tsuen Wan Centre 97. Annking Industrial Building 22 Wang Yip St E 22 1983. Anton Villa 313 Castle Peak Rd 1951,Ting Kau 313,Apex Garden 1 3 Kong Pui St 1984.
Shatinpark Stage 2 Sha Tin 1 3,Apt Telepark 2 Dai Hei St 2003. Tai Po Industrial Estate,Aqua Blue 28 Tsing Fat St 2002. Tuen Mun 28,Aquamarine Garden 8 Tsing Yan St 8 1994. Arcadia 99 Chuk Yeung Rd 99 1987,Arcadia Banyan Path Narcissus 1994. Path Sunflower Path,Palm Springs Yuen Long,Archei Villa 65 67 Sheung Sze Wan 1980.
Clear Water Bay 65 67,Archie Garden 1 3 Kong Pui St 1984. Shatinpark Stage 2 Sha Tin 1 3,Arcourt Garden 1A Po Tung Rd 1A. Arnold Gardens 6 Tan Kwai Tsuen 6 1984,Hung Shui Kiu. Arronville 249A Nai Wai,Tuen Mun 249A,Artland Garden 13 15 Kong Pui St 1985. Shatinpark Stage 3 Sha Tin 13 15,Asbury Methodist Primary School Lai King Estate.
Kwai Chung,Ascension House DD 186 Lot 380 RP,Off Tai Po Rd Sha Tin 186 380. Ascot Heights 21 Lok Lam Rd Sha Tin 21 1983,Ascot Park 1 Kam Tsin Path 1 2000. Ascot Villa 37 41 Sha Tin Heights Rd 37 41 1974,Ashley Garden 8 12 Sha Kok St 1984. Shatinpark Stage 1 Sha Tin 8 12,Asia Airfreight Terminal 10 Chun Ping Rd 10 1998. Chek Lap Kok,Asia Trade Centre 79 Lei Muk Rd 79 1997.
Kwai Chung,Asiaciti Gardens 6 Fung Sau Rd Sai Kung 6 1981. Asiatone I Centre 1 Wang Wo Tsai St 1995,Tsuen Wan 1. AsiaWorld Expo 1 Airport Expo Boulevard 2005,Chek Lap Kok 1. Aster Court 8 Hung Tai Rd Yuen Long 8 1992,Astoria Court 70 Sheung Yau Tin Tsuen. Shap Pat Heung Yuen Long 70,ATL Logistics Centre 8 Container Port Rd S 1986.
Kwai Chung 8,Avignon 1 Kwun Chui Rd 2011,Tuen Mun 1. Avon Garden 8 12 Sha Kok St 8 12 1984,Shatinpark Stage 1 Sha Tin. Avon Park 15 Yat Ming Rd Fanling 15 1994,Azalea Ridge 18 Fei Ngo Shan Rd 18 1976. Aztec Lodge 355A Castle Peak Rd,Ting Kau Tsuen Wan 355A. Name of Building Year Built,Bahama Garden 10 12 Cheung Fu St 1982.
Cheung Sha Lantau Island 10 12,Balmoral Garden 21 Razor Hill Rd 21 1992. Bamboo Court Ground Floor 1977,79 85 89 95,Castle Peak Rd San Hui 79 85 89 95. 2 26 Tat Yan Square 2 26,Upper Floors 87,87 Castle Peak Rd San Hui. Bamboo Garden 12 Fu Kong Shan Mui Wo,Lantau Island 12. Ban Thong Building 15 19 Chun Pin St 1981,Kwai Chung 15 19.
Banco Garden 501 503 505 Shui Tsiu San,Tsuen Shap Pat Heung. Yuen Long 501 503 505,Banff Tower 1 L Wing 1 Lohas Park Rd 2008. Banff 1 Lohas Park The Capitol,Tseung Kwan O 1,Bank Building Ground Floor 1974. 23 33 37 41 51 23 33,Tai Loong St Kwai Chung 37 41 51. 1st 2nd Floors 1 2,35 Tai Loong St 35,Upper Floors.
39 Tai Loong St 39,excluding 1st 2nd Floors 1 2,Banyan House Kwong Yuen Estate. see Appendix I I,Banyan Villa DD 36 Lot 1328 s A 36 1983. Tai Po Rd 1328 A,Baptist Sha Tin Wai Lui 8 Yuen Chau Kok Rd 8 1983. Ming Choi Primary School Sha Tin,Baptist Church 3 Sha Tau Kok Rd. Lung Yeuk Tau Fanling 3,Baptist Lui Ming Choi 2 Tak Wing St 1982.
Primary School City One Shatin,Baptist Lui Ming Choi 6 Lek Yuen St. Secondary School Lek Yuen Estate,Baptist Wing Lung 6A Ho Hing Circuit 6A 1996. Secondary School Tuen Mun,Barbecue Gardens 9 Lok To St Tuen Mun 9. Bauhinia Court Block 3 13 Lung Pak St 1980,3 World Wide Gardens Sha Tin 13. Bauhinia Garden 11 Tong Chun St 2001,Tseung Kwan O 11.
see Appendix IV IV,Bauhinia Garden 180 Castle Peak Rd 1995. Hung Shui Kiu 180,Bauhinia House 18 Tai Lam Chung Rd. Tuen Mun 18,Bay View Lodge 3 Fung Sau Rd 1983,Tai Mong Tsai Sai Kung 3. Bay View 17 Middle Lane 1985,Midvale Village 17,Discovery Bay. Bay View 981 Clear Water Bay Rd 1964,Pan Long Wan Sai Kung 981.
Baycrest 8 Hang Ming St 8 2000,Ma On Shan, Bayshore Towers Towers 1 6 608 Sai Sha Rd 608 1994. Ma On Shan,Bayside Villa 1 Pik Sha Rd Sai Kung 1 1968. Bayview Apartments 9 Silver Star Path 1975,Silverstrand Sai Kung 9. Bayview Garden 633 Castle Peak Rd 1991,Tsuen Wan Tsuen Wan 633. Bayview Pavilion 3A 7 9 Fung Sau Rd 1991,Tai Mong Tsai Sai Kung 3A 7 9.
Bayview Terrace 107 Castle Peak Rd 1989,Castle Peak Bay Tuen Mun 107. Bayview Villa 21B Tso Wo Hang 21B,Beach Commercial Complex 8 Pak Lai Rd 2003. Park Island,Beach Villa House A C 99 Nam Wai Sai Kung 99 1981. Beach Village 1 15 Seabee Lane 1 15 1982,1 61 Seabird Lane 1 61. 1 47 Seahorse Lane 1 47,Discovery Bay,Bean Goose House Sha Kok Estate.
see Appendix I I,Bearwood 69 Sheung Sze Wan 69,Clear Water Bay. Beaulieu Peninsula 2 Yu Chui St Tai Lam 2 1982, Beautiful Garden Block A B 11 Chui Lok St Tai Po 11 1992. Beauty Court 3 Hung Tai Rd 1993,Hung Shui Kiu Yuen Long 3. Begonia Court Tower 2 8 Chui Lok St 1997,2 Fuller Garden Tai Po 8. Begonia Court Block 1 4 Lung Pak St 1979,1 World Wide Gardens Sha Tin 4.
Bela Vista Villa DD CC 1491,Cheung Chau 1491,Phase I Blocks 1 6 1 6. Phase II Blocks 7 16 7 16, Belair Gardens Commercial Centre 52 Tai Chung Kiu Rd 1985. Phase I Belair Gardens Sha Tin 52, Belair Gardens Commercial Centre 52 Tai Chung Kiu Rd 1988.

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