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SOTOGRANDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL VALUES, SIS puts the IB Learner Profile into action by embedding it along with. the MYP attitudes into our School Values,MYP PARENT. We are a learning community passionate about providing. an International Education which inspires and encourages. learning and intercultural understanding We facilitate. self discovery and the development of unique interests. gifts and talents whilst promoting service learning as a. force for good,SOTOGRANDE INTERNATIONAL,SCHOOL AND THE INTERNATIONAL. BACCALAUREATE IB,MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME MYP,The MYP is a programme of international. education designed for students aged 11,to 16 a period that is a particularly critical.
phase of personal and intellectual devel,opment The programme aims to develop. inquiring knowledgeable and caring young,people with the knowledge understand. ing attitudes and skills necessary to par,ticipate actively and responsibly in an. interrelated complex and changing world,Learning how to learn and how to evalu. ate information critically is as important,as learning facts The MYP builds on the.
work of the Primary School the IB Primary,Years Programme and prepares students. for entry to the IB Diploma Programme D1, KEVIN STONE and D2 a universally recognised rigorous. HEAD OF SECONDARY academic course which allows students. to gain entry to universities and colleges,world wide. The SIS mission statement recognises the,importance of helping students to under. stand the nature of the world in which,we live and importantly to help develop.
a personal value system that will enable,them to live as proactive members of their. local community and the world at large,BEL N GONZ LEZ. MYP COORDINATOR,THE SAN ROQUE BOARDING HOUSE,SIS VALUES. INTRODUCTION, The major features of our mission statement are the emphasis we place on teaching and. learning inspired learning the promotion of intercultural understanding and the notion. of enrichment both of students lives and through contribution and service the lives of. The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who recognise. our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet and help to create a better. and more peaceful world The IB learner profile is expressed as a series of desired atti. tudes and attributes that characterise successful learners and global citizens. The SIS Values are a more specific embodiment of our mission statement and are. based on the IB learner profile which is a requirement for all IB programmes in IB world. schools We have added to and refined the IB learner profile to match our own unique. philosophy There are eleven sections in the SIS Values which reflect the different at. titudes and attributes that we regard as important in developing our students as global. citizens and in helping them to achieve excellence. THE MYP FRAMEWORK,The MYP aims to foster the at,titudes and actions of global.
citizens nurture lifelong learn,ing skills and equip students. to adapt to the challenges of,an ever more complex world. combined with an academically,rigorous programme Three. fundamental principles under,pin the MYP framework holistic. education intercultural aware,ness and communication.
Holistic learning is based on the principle that all knowledge is interrelated and that. the curriculum should cater to the development of the whole person the attributes of. whom are described by the IB Learner Profile SIS Values. SIS stresses the importance of this principle by encouraging connections across disci. plines and generating interdisciplinary activities whenever appropriate on both formal. and informal levels The SIS Values make an explicit link between the mission statement. and what we do in practice Each year across grade levels and school wide we under. take a range of interdisciplinary investigations, Intercultural awareness is based on the principle that school communities should en. courage and promote international mindedness by engaging with and exploring world. wide cultures a key feature of international education as reflected in the attributes of. the IB Learner Profile SIS Values, At SIS we consistently focus our attention on cultures worldwide working to help cre. ate a global community of learners The study of our host country culture is infused. throughout the MYP programme with frequent field trips to visit places of interest with. in Andaluc a elsewhere in Spain and beyond Additionally all MYP students are of fered. opportunities to become proactively involved in generating authentic goals and learning. experiences in extended community service opportunities in Spain Morocco Uganda. and Ecuador which are offered in collaboration with our SIS student led NGO The Kin. dred Project http www thekindredproject gl, Communication is based on the principle that schools should encourage open and ef. fective communication important skills that contribute to international understanding. as exemplified by the attributes of the IB Learner Profile SIS Values. THE IB MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME MODEL, Surrounding the individual learner are the features of the programme that help stu. dents develop their emerging sense of self and responsibility in their community as well. as their learning Teaching and learning is hence underpinned by the following features. Conceptual understanding concepts are big ideas which form the basis of teaching. and learning in the MYP They ensure breadth and depth in the curriculum to promote. learning within and across subject areas MYP students use concepts as a vehicle to in. quire into issues and ideas of personal local and global significance and examine knowl. edge holistically The MYP prescribes sixteen key interdisciplinary concepts along with. related concepts for each discipline, Approaches to Learning ATL a unifying thread throughout all MYP subject groups.
are skills which help students manage their own learning They provide a foundation for. independent learning and success in further education and the world beyond the class. room Developing and applying these communication social self management research. and thinking skills helps students learn how to learn a fundamental goal of SIS. The ATL skills that students are encouraged to develop in the MYP are. communication skills,social collaboration skills, self management organization affective and reflection skills. research information literacy and media literacy skills. thinking critical thinking creative and transfer skills. Global Contexts provide shared starting points for inquiry into what it means to be. internationally minded framing a curriculum that promotes multilingualism intercultural. understanding and global engagement Students learn best when their learning experi. ences have context and are connected to their lives and the knowledge gained from the. world they have experienced, Using global contexts MYP students develop an understanding of their common hu. manity and shared guardianship of the planet through developmentally appropriate. explorations of,identities and relationships,orientation in space and time. personal and cultural expression,scientific and technical innovation. globalization and sustainability,fairness and development.
SERVICE AND ACTION, Service and action is a required component of the IB MYP which goes hand in hand. with our SIS mission statement, Through their engagement with service and action MYP students will continue to in. crease their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth undertake new. challenges plan and initiate activities work collaboratively with others show perse. verance and commitment engage with locally and globally significant challenges and. consider the ethical implication of their actions, At SIS students are provided with numerous opportunities for service involvement. in each year of the programme which are in turn aligned with the MYP learning out. comes Action becomes part of the MYP unit plans which demonstrate appropriate. opportunities through inquiry to participate in service as action Students will also. get the chance to engage with service and action activities at a local and global level. through our SIS student led NGO The Kindred Project. All MYP students must fulfil the SIS expectations for participation in community ser. vice which is a requirement of the IB MYP Certificate. MYP PROJECTS, MYP projects are guided by models of service learning and provide stepping stones towards. the Diploma Programme core requirements for Creativity Action and Service CAS. MYP projects help students to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile they enable stu. dents to engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry action and reflection Stu. dents decide what they want to learn about identify what they already know discovering what. they will need to know to complete the project and create a proposal or criteria for completing. The Community Project, In M3 students complete the IB MYP Community Project The Community Project focuses on.
community and service encouraging students to explore their right and responsibility to imple. ment service as action in the community Students have an opportunity to develop awareness. of needs in various communities addressing those needs through service learning As a consoli. dation of learning the community project allows students to engage in a sustained in depth. inquiry leading to service as action in the community. The Community Project may be completed individually by groups of maximum 3 students and. is formally assessed in the same way as the M5 Personal Project The presentation at the end of. the community project is an oral presentation delivered to an audience This may be an audi. ence of teachers peers family and friends or the larger community The frequency of meet. ings between students and their supervisor may change according to the type of project the. topic characteristics of the students involved or the stages of the project At least three formal. meetings must be held between each student and his her supervisor. The Personal Project, The Personal Project is a culminating experience in which M5 students complete an extended. self directed piece of work It allows students to investigate an area of truly personal inter. est This area should be framed as a problem that exists for them on a personal local or global. platform They will focus on the production of a product as a solution to the identified problem. enabling students to engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry action and. reflection The Personal Project allows students to strengthen and apply their ATL skills As it is. a culminating piece of work for the MYP it provides students an excellent opportunity to con. solidate and apply their previous learning from the MYP The individual nature of the Personal. Project allows students to demonstrate and apply their preferred learning style The process. is completely personal and students will be expected to work thorough their learning journefy. independently with the support and guidance of a supervisor. All students in M5 must complete the Personal Project in order to obtain the SIS MYP Certifi. cate Only under exceptional circumstances can a student withdraw from the Personal Project. element In which case the student will not be eligible to be awarded with the SIS MYP Certifi. cate However the student could still receive an SIS MYP Course Results. THE CURRICULUM, The programme model of the MYP places the student at its centre This underscores the belief. in educating the whole person and placing importance on student inquiry The MYP subject. groups are, 1 Language and Literature English Spanish Russian and German. 2 Language Acquisition English Spanish French and German. 3 Individuals and Societies Economics Geography and History. 4 Mathematics,5 Sciences Biology Chemistry Physics. 6 Arts Drama Music Visual Art Film Studies,7 Design Digital Design Computer Science.
8 Physical and Health Education, The MYP requires the study of at least two languages language of instruction and additional. language of choice to support students in understanding their own cultures and those of oth. ers Students also have the opportunity in the Language acquisition subject group to learn a. new language Spanish French or German,Flexible pathways M4 M5 Electives. SIS believes in providing opportunities for students to find their unique talent be this in sports. arts languages sciences or beyond Hence students in MYP years 3 and 4 are offered the op. portunity to choose specific subject courses which will be studied for two years M4 and M5. until the end of MYP year 5 Students subject choices should reflect their plans for further. study including adequate preparation for the Diploma Programme and beyond where appro. In addition to the five compulsory courses one each from MYP subject groups 1 5 students. must choose one subject from each of the following three electives. Elective 1 Arts Computer Design, Elective 2 Physical Health Education PHE Extended Sciences Visual Art Digital Design. Elective 3 Languages Digital Design Film Studies GCP. All students must also participate in both of the following elements Sports Health and Exercise. all practical and the Advisory programme,HOME SCHOOL LINKS. Presentations are given by the MYP Coordinator to introduce the MYP to parents in early Sep. tember Parent teacher and student led conferences and further MYP information meetings. curriculum assessment reporting electives Personal Project etc are scheduled throughout. the school year Please refer to the school calendar for details. Homework is an integral part of the SIS academic programme Homework provides all students. with meaningful opportunities to reinforce their learning at school and to develop appropriate. attitudes habits and commitment to learning It is important that all students maintain a record. of homework set and planned, Homework activities are an important means for teachers to check and support students un.
derstanding of concepts knowledge and skills Homework encourages organization planning. and self discipline furthermore homework demonstrates a commitment to academic work. If your son or daughter was absent from school when homework was set or was due he she. must meet with his her teacher immediately to determine ways to cover missed work. Pastoral care and student support, We expect students to demonstrate behaviour that reflects the school s philosophy and SIS Val. ues and recognise that students learn by example,Students should. show respect understanding and sensitivity towards other cultures and the rights of oth. grow in their capacity to exercise sound moral judgements and democratic values. learn and demonstrate self discipline through mutual respect and concern for the local and. global community, accept personal responsibility for their actions and account to their teachers and parents. guardians for their conduct, be diligent in pursuing their studies and attend school regularly and punctually. comply with the school guidelines and expectations. To achieve this SIS, provides a pastoral care and learning support structure in which all students feel secure and.
are able to progress and be successful, provides a clear rewards system to promote a positive learning environment and reward. those students who demonstrate high achievement exceptional effort outstanding service. excellent behaviour and other significant contributions to the school. makes clear our expectations and deals with breaches of school guidelines in a fair consist. ent and timely manner, These structures are designed to ensure that we have a safe environment in which all students. can learn and succeed and in which they are rewarded for outstanding performance. The Role of the Pastoral Leader and the Advisor, Each year group has a pastoral leader who acts as the pastoral and organisational lead. er for the year within each year group students are allocated to an Advisor. The Advisor is the key contact person between parents and the school in matters con. cerning students pastoral care academic progress and personal development They. play an important role in working with and supporting all students through their time at. the school They have an overview of students progress and take a particular interest in. individual development,Pastoral Support and Counselling. SIS tries to provide academic and pastoral support to all students through the pastoral. leader advisor or class teacher If a student requires further support this can be provid. ed by the Learning Support team or outside agencies. The pastoral leaders and DP students form reference points for mentoring with stu. dents They get to know students well act as role models and as a support network As. part of their service to the community DP students are also available to act as trained. mentors to students in the secondary school allowing students to discuss issues in a. less formal situation,Learning Support, At SIS we provide students with the support they need in order to set and meet individ.
ual learning targets Differentiation is an integral part of teaching and learning This may. involve utilising collaborative and cooperative learning a variety of learning practices. creative approaches to teaching and learning differing formats and modes of explor. ing and presenting knowledge and understanding being made available to the students. However in those cases where students require instruction beyond regular teaching. practices learning support is provided Following the school s Learning diversity In. clusion policy the student s learning needs are considered on an individual basis and. when necessary Learning Support is provided by our successful Learning Support team. at an additional cost,MYP YEARS 1 5 COURSE OVERVIEWS. GROUP 1 LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE ALSO KNOWN AS LANGUAGE A. English Spanish LOMCE Russian and German, Language and Literature is an academically rigorous study of both language and litera. ture which aims to equip students with linguistic analytical and communicative skills. Students who study this course should have their chosen language as their mother. tongue or very near native proficiency Students develop an appreciation of the nature. of language and literature of the many influences on language and literature and of its. power and beauty, The study of MYP Language and Literature is to encourage and enable students to. use language as a vehicle for thought creativity reflection learning self expression. and social interaction, develop critical creative and personal approaches to studying and analysing literary. and non literary works, develop a lifelong interest in reading widely and apply language skills in a variety of.
real life contexts, In MYP English the study of literature and language is integrated and organised within. a framework of the key literary genres prose fiction prose non fiction poetry drama. and media The department recognises the importance of language in establishing links. between subjects cultures and other areas of experience and as a vehicle for thought. communication creativity and self expression, In order to build and extend their language skills students are given opportunities to. communicate in a variety of styles and forms for a range of purposes and audiences. Oral skills are developed through presentations and interpretations and through formal. informal discussion such as literature circles talks and speeches Grammar spelling and. punctuation are taught in context and according to the individual needs of students. As they progress through the MYP the focus shifts more towards literary analysis and. response through the study of a range of genres enabling a clearly defined progres. sion from the MYP to the Diploma Emphasis in literature is on encouraging students to. relate their work in English to the real world and own world experiences At MYP this. is achieved through inquiry based on the Global Contexts Reading and responding to. texts gives students the opportunity to view the world through different cultures and. different perspectives and to recognise that there is a common link amongst humans. regardless of distance time or culture, In all courses and across all grades the aim is promote an enjoyment of literature and. language Students are encouraged and expected to develop their love of literature and. language through their own independent reading across a range of literary genres.

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