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Existence and Location of Copies Digital mp4 files of select 16mm films in Series X and a. VHS tape are available in the E Archives ms262 e0001 to 262 e0005. Separated Material Original films are located off site. Other Finding Aid The finding aid is available on the Special Collections Archives Wright. State University Libraries web site at, http www libraries wright edu special collection guides guide files ms262 pdf It is also. available in the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository at http ead ohiolink edu xtf ead. Related Material, MS 406 Frigidaire Tired Old Men T O M Club Records. Processed by Processed by Kenton Jaehnig Spring 1995 Additions processed by John. Sanford Fall 1997 Additions processed by Garret Kremer Wright Fall 2005 Additions. processed by Patricia A McEldowney June 2012 Finding aid updated to DACS 2017 August. Arrangement,SERIES I History of Frigidaire,SERIES II Manuals and Handbooks. SERIES III Product Literature,SERIES IV Promotional Materials. SERIES V Company Publications,SERIES VI Photographic Materials.
SERIES VII Clippings,SERIES VIII Ephemera,SERIES IX Scrapbooks. SERIES X Tapes and Films,Historical Note, The first commercially successful electric household refrigerator was produced in the U S and. offered for sale in 1913 Invented by Fred W Wolf and called the Domelre it was an air cooled. refrigeration unit designed for mounting on top of the customer s ice box. In 1915 Alfred Mellowes working in a backyard wash house in Ft Wayne Indiana engineered. and made an electric refrigerating unit It differed from other contemporary models because it. was self contained with the compressor located in the bottom of the cabinet. In 1916 the Guardian Refrigerator Company was organized to manufacture and sell Mellowes s. refrigerator The company began operations in Detroit on a modest scale Through slow laborious. hand operations the company turned out its first Guardian on August 17 1916 However the. financial condition of the company soon became desperate and production was slow The company. produced a quality product but in no great quantity less than 40 refrigerators in two years. In 1918 W C Durant then president of General Motors privately purchased the company and a. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 2, new name Frigidaire was coined The first Frigidaire refrigerator was built in Detroit in. September 1918 In 1919 the company became the Frigidaire Corporation and Wolfe s Dolelre. patents were purchased a few years later, The General Motors acquisition of the company was a turning point Durant applied the mass. production techniques of the automobile industry to the building of refrigerators Production. facilities were improved and additional sales offices opened As a result the electric refrigerator. received its first impetus, Production continued in Detroit until 1921 when the business was moved to Dayton Ohio and.
turned over to Delco Light Company a General Motors subsidiary manufacturing individual. electric generators for rural use, In 1926 five years after the move to Dayton the Frigidaire business far overshadowed the sale of. Delco Light units For that reason the two operations were separated and Frigidaire Corporation. became a new GM subsidiary with Elmer G Biechler as president and general manager Also in. 1926 a huge new manufacturing plant was completed in Moraine City Ohio. Biechler and his associates further expanded the sales organization developed overseas markets. and continually pushed expansion of manufacturing facilities Progress was marked by steady. improvement of the product and reductions in price Also during this period Frigidaire. broadened its production of other applications of refrigeration Ice cream cabinets were marketed. in 1923 soda fountain equipment in 1924 and milk coolers and drinking water coolers in 1927. The one millionth Frigidaire refrigerator was completed in 1929 Also that year Frigidaire. produced the first room air conditioner and food freezer. Despite the Great Depression of the 1930 s Frigidaire production and sales grew During this time. Frigidaire marketed the first electric de humidifier and entered the field of railroad air conditioning. In 1937 Frigidaire introduced a line of electric ranges Also outstanding among the achievements of. the company in the 1930 s were the development of Freon refrigerant and the sealed Meter Miser. compressor, During World War II all civilian production was halted as Frigidaire manufactured 50 caliber. Browning machine guns aircraft propellers and parts hydraulic controls for airplanes and other. military items, In the early post war period Frigidaire expanded its appliance line to include household laundry. equipment automatic dishwashers food waste disposers ice makers and automobile air. conditioning In 1956 Frigidaire produced its 20 millionth refrigerating unit a feat unparalleled in. the industry 1950 s innovations by Frigidaire included Frigi Foam insulation FrostProof. freezing Sheer Look styling and the Ride Aire accessory on refrigerators. In 1965 the 50 millionth product was produced at Frigidaire This coincided with the company s. 50th anniversary, After the growth and progress of the previous decades the 1970s began a period of uncertainty and. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 3, stress In 1971 several thousand workers were laid off and General Motors was considering.
moving the company to another location After management labor negotiations and a. subsequent joint labor management agreement it was agreed to begin rehiring some of the laid. off workers and begin an all out comeback drive by cutting prices. In 1975 due to increased business in automobile air conditioning General Motors separated that. industry from Frigidaire and created a new division called Delco Air Conditioning Continuing. economic problems plagued the Frigidaire Division because its products were not competitive. due to high costs of production, In January 1979 General Motors announced it had sold Frigidaire to White Consolidated. Industries of Cleveland Ohio The Frigidaire name product line and distribution system were to. be continued The facilities at Dayton however were retained by GM to expand into automotive. operations run by Chevrolet Motor Division, Over the years Frigidaire pioneered many products and design developments in the refrigeration. and home appliance industry Among the firsts not already referred to were steel cabinet units. 1926 automatic washer with up and down agitator 1947 thin wall cabinet design 1958 and. computerized touch control range 1973, Excerpted from Howald Judith Register Frigidaire Collection in the Alumni Historical. Collection General Motors Institute Flint MI 1980,Scope and Content. Spanning the years 1913 1989 the records in the Frigidaire Collection contain a wide assortment of. materials concerning the activities of Frigidaire Corporation in the Dayton area The collection is. arranged into ten records groups or series, Series I History of Frigidaire includes materials pertaining to the history of Frigidaire.
Corporation Contains the Register of Frigidaire Collection at the General Motors Institute in. Flint MI 1980 and an original manuscript of the History of Frigidaire 1963 1964 The. series also contains various pamphlets speeches exhibits and correspondence concerning. the history of the company, Series II Manuals and Handbooks includes repair manuals and handbooks for various Frigidaire. appliances 1930s 1950s Also contains an executive training manual 1934 and newsletters. Series III Product Literature includes instruction manuals and sales literature for various. Frigidaire appliances 1950s 1970s, Series IV Promotional Materials includes mostly press kits which contain photographs and. press releases 1950s 1970s Also contains General Motors yearly automobile series brochures. Series V Company Publications includes educational aids published by General Motors Institute. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 4, 1940s 1970s and employee relations materials 1950s 1960s Also contains issues of The. Frigidairian 1967 1978 On the Line With the Frigidairian 1977 1978 and other miscellaneous. publications, Series VI Photographic Materials includes photographs negatives and slides of. Frigidaire executives plant interiors and exteriors appliances and other subjects 1950s. Series VII Clippings includes magazine articles that have used Frigidaire appliances as displays. in 1959 1970 Also contains newspaper clippings pertaining to Frigidaire historical events. Series VIII Ephemera contains a drawing of a kitchen 1960s as well as a plaque for the 50th. anniversary of Frigidaire and the song Men of Frigidaire This series also contains various. Frigidaire logos, Series IX Scrapbooks includes Preliminary Report on Promotional Film Living Unlimited.
1957 3 editions of Selling Frigidaire Through Publicity 1970s and a scrapbook about the. 1964 Frigidaire Open House, Series X Tapes and Films includes a large collection of audio tapes and more than 100 films. The audio tapes cover interviews promotions and newscasts concerning the Union Frigidaire. Agreement and other issues 1970s The series also contains two television newscasts. concerning the Union Frigidaire Agreement 1972 Please note the films are in 16 mm format. and are not available for viewing in the Reading Room unless a digital mp4 file in the E. Archives is noted in the box and folder list Please contact an archivist for more information. Subject Terms,Organizations Corporate Names,General Motors Corporation Frigidaire Division. Dayton Ohio History,Subjects General,Industrial publicity. Electric apparatus and appliances,Household appliances industry. World War 1939 1945 War work United States,Material Types.
Film material by form,Sound recordings,Scrapbooks,Photographs. Slides photographs,MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 5. Collection Inventory,Box File Description Date,SERIES I HISTORY OF FRIGIDAIRE. 1A Register of the Frigidaire Collection at General Motors 1980. Institute Flint Michigan, 1A 1 History of Frigidaire The Origin of 1964 Frigidaire 1964. 1A 2 History of Frigidaire History of Frigidaire 1964. 1A 3 History of Frigidaire The Story of Freon 1964. 1A 4 History of Frigidaire Foreign Operations 1964. 1A 5 History of Frigidaire Household Refrigerators 1964. 1A 6 History of Frigidaire Frigidaire Air Conditioning 1964. 1A 7 History of Frigidaire Electric Ranges 1964, 1A 8 History of Frigidaire Delco Light Pumps and Washers c 1964.
1A 9 History of Frigidaire Laundry Equipment 1964, 1A 10 History of Frigidaire Electric Water Heaters 1964. 1A 11 History of Frigidaire Kitchen Cabinets and Sinks 1964. 1B 1 History of Frigidaire Model Kitchens 1964, 1B 2 History of Frigidaire Frigidaire and the Railroads 1964. 1B 3 History of Frigidaire Automobile Air Conditioning 1964. 1B 4 History of Frigidaire Frigidaire and Frozen Food 1964. 1B 5 History of Frigidaire Commercial Refrigeration 1964. 2 1 History of Frigidaire Commercial Refrigeration 1964. 2 2 History of Frigidaire Preface and Salesmanship 1964. 2 3 History of Frigidaire The Engineering Department 1964. 2 4 History of Frigidaire The Home Economics Department 1964. 2 5 History of Frigidaire The Service Department 1964. OS 31 2 Frigidaire Service Posters undated,2 6 History of Frigidaire and its Employees 1964. 2 7 History of Frigidaire Frigidaire and the Community 1964. 2 8 History of Frigidaire Food Services 1964,2 9 Historical Materials Pamphlets 1955 1967. 2 10 Electrical Home Appliances 100 Years 1952,2 11 The Frigidaire Story 1962 1966.
2 12 Biography of William Durant 1973, 13 Historical Materials Guardian Frigerator Company 1913 1923 1942. 2 14 Frigidaire Administration Material 1955 1976,MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 6. Box File Description Date, OS 31 2 Installation and Service Sand on the Slippery Sidewalk 1926. Special convention issue magazine for the Installation and. Services Managers Convention Dayton OH October 12, 2A 1 Speech Charles F Kettering Parade of Progress 1953. 2A 2 Speech C V Kirby Remarks of C V Kirby 1956,2A 3 Speeches and Meetings 1960 1968.
2A 4 Material Concerning Fridgidaire Union Agreement 1971. 2A 5 Text of Speeches 1972 1974,2A 6 Frigidaire Exhibit undated. 2A 7 Script for Press Conferences in Boca Raton and Tierra 1965. Verde Florida October 14 15, 2A 8 Correspondence Frigidaire to Dayton USA Magazine 1964 1969. 2A 9 Correspondence Disposal Request of the Moraine 1968 1971. Warehouse and Approvla of New Service Parts Warehouse. OS 31 3 Blueprints of Kitchens 1965, OS 31 3 Blueprint Briggs and Stratton Refrigerator Compressor 1920. OS 31 3 Blueprint Service Parts Warehouse 1970, OS 31 3 Blueprint Topography Map of Frigidaire Property 1970. Moraine OH,SERIES II MANUALS AND HANDBOOKS, 3 1 General Motors Executive Training Program 1934.
3 2 Flowing Cold Engineering Handbook Part I 1935, 3 3 Flowing Cold Engineering Handbook Part II 1935. 3 4 Package Unit Handbook 1939 1941, 3 5 Air Conditioning Simplified Product Selection Guide 1940. 3 6 Air Conditioning Profit Analyzer 1940, 3 7 Commercial and Air Conditioning Base Sales Guide 1940. 3 8 Frigidaire Household Refrigerator Specifications 1945 1946. OS 31 2 Tap and Drill Sizes 1956,OS 31 2 Household Cabinet History Chart 1933. 3A 1 Frigidaire Data Book Commercial and Air Conditioning 1956. 3A 2 Frigidaire Refrigerator Specifications 1959 1961. 3A 3 Service and Parts Manual Rapid Drycleaner 1962. 3A 4 Service Tech Talk 1950 1952 1957,3A 5 Service Tech Talk 1960 1977 1979.
MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 7,Box File Description Date. 3A 6 Service Tech Talk Index 1950 1964,3B 1 Quality Control Materials 1957 1961. SERIES III PRODUCT LITERATURE,4 1 Product Literature 1958 1975. 4 2 Product Literature Freezers 1960 1980,4 3 Product Literature Ranges 1958 1980. 4 4 Product Literature Complete Line 1958 1980,4 5 Product Literature Microwaves 1960 1980.
4 6 Product Literature Washers and Dryers 1960 1980. 4 7 Product Literature Air Conditioners 1970 1980, 4 8 Product Literature Dishwashers and Waste Disposals 1958 1980. 4 9 Product Literature Ice Makers 1960 1980,4 10 Product Literature Miscellaneous 1960 1980. 5 1 Product Literature Refrigerators 1940 1943 1960. 5 2 Product Literature Promotional includes Meaning of 1952 1954 1960. Reliability at Frigidaire Report 1 11 1980,5 3 Product Literature Miscellaneous 1960 1980. SERIES IV PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL,5 4 Press Kits 1954. 5 5 Press Kits 1955,5 6 Press Kits 1956,5 7 Press Kits 1958 1959.
5 8 Press Kits 1960 1968,6 1 Press Kits 1960 1963,6 2 Press Kits 1964 1966. 6 3 Press Kits 1968 1969,6 4 Press Kits 1970 1973,6 5 Press Kits 1974 1978. 6 6 50th Year 50 Millionth Product Celebration 1965. 7 1 General Motors Yearly Automobile Series Brochere 1965 1969. 7 2 General Motors Yearly Automobile Series Brochere 1970 1979. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 8,Box File Description Date. SERIES V COMPANY PUBLICATIONS, 7 3 Life at Frigidaire booklet about Frigidaire s employment 1944. opportunities during World War II and how the company. refitted its equipment for war production,7 4 Frigidaire at War 1944.
7 5 Educational Aids General Motors Institute GMI 1940 1960. 7 6 Employee Relations Materials 1943 1968,7 7 The Frigidairian 1966 1970. 7 8 The Frigidairian 1971 1972,7 9 The Frigidairian 1973 1974. 7 10 The Frigidairian 1975 1976,7 11 The Frigidairian 1977 1978. 7 12 Report To Retirees 1983 1985 1986,7 13 Front Line 1974 1976. 7A 1 Appliance 1971 1974,7A 2 On the Line With the Frigidarian 1977 1978.
7A 3 Mechanix Illustrated 1970,7A 4 Appliance Service News 1970. 7A 5 The Mast 1973, 7A 6 Publications for Salaried Employees and Retirees 1929. 7A 7 Company Publications Miscellaneous 1971 1989,OS Household B T U News Vol 7 Issue 1 1938 Jan. this item only donated by Arlene Galloway,SERIES VI PHOTOGRAPHS. 7A 8 William Switzer and Bob Considine at Frigidaire s 50th 1965. Anniversary,7A 9 Civic Luncheon 1954,OS 31 2 Frigidaire Plants 1920s 1960s.
8 1 Demolition of Frigidaire Plant undated,8 2 Plant Interior undated. 8 3 Plant Machinery undated,8 4 Plant Machinery undated. 8 5 Frigidaire Open House undated,MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 9. Box File Description Date,8 6 Engineering Open House July 1976. 8 7 Engineering Open House October 1977, 8 8 Service Engineering Golf Tournament 1930 1956 1968.
8 9 Flood Corning New York 1972,8A 1 Kitchens 1952 1962. 8A 2 Kitchens 1962 1978,8A 3 Air Conditioners undated. 8A 4 Dishwashers and Ice Makers 1950s 1970s,8A 5 Laundry Equipment 1970s. 8A 6 Laundry Equipment 1960s 1970s,8A 7 Ranges 1970s. 8A 8 Refrigerators 1960s 1970s,8A 9 Apprentices 1937.
8A 10 Meetings and Retirements 1956 1968, 8A 11 Construction of Service Parts Warehouse Moraine OH 1970 1971. 8A 12 TOM Club and Frigidaire Scrapbook 1968 1989,8A 13 Unidentified Photographs 1934 undated. 8B 1 Slides Public Relations Speech about Frigidaire text undated. 8B 2 Slides Frigidaire Historic Products 1915 1957. 8B 3 Slides Frigidaire Showcase 1966,8B 4 Showcase. Slides Ranges and Refrigerators 1967, 8B 5 Slides Product slides used at Marco Island Press 1967. Conference workshop, 8B 6 Slides Unidentifed female at Ohio Covered Bridge with 1968.
refrigerator onsite photography, 8B 7 Slides United Appeal Giving is the Living Beginning 1969. 8B 8 Slides New York Press Conference 1969,8B 9 Slides This is Frigidaire 1970. 8B 10 Slides Laundry Clinic New York 1970, 8B 11 Slides Sights and Sounds of the Newmakers as Fridigaire 1968 1971. and the Union make history Frigidaire problem and,solution news coverage. 8B 12 Slides ABC TV films interior of plant 1971, 8B 13 Slides NBC Interview with interior and exterior 1971.
photographs of Frigidaire plant and newspaper clippings. 8B 14 Slides Press conference and newspaper clippings 1971. 8B 15 Slides Frigidaire Press Conference on television monitor 1971. and unidentified man in office, 8B 16 Slides Frigidaire Sales Meeting and Interview 1971. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 10,Box File Description Date. 8B 17 Slides Frigidaire Renaissance newspaper clippings 1971. 8B 18 Slides Newspaper Clippings of Frigidaire Union talks 1971. 8B 19 Slides Chico Press Conference 1971,8B 20 Slides 8th grade tour of Frigidaire 1971. 8B 21 Slides TV coverage of Frigidaire Union talks 1971 1972. 8B 22 Slides Product Demonstrations Refrigerators Ranges and 1972. Trash Compactors,8B 23 Slides Oven Range Demonstration 1972 1973. 8B 24 Slides Oven Range Demonstration 1973,8B 25 Slides Conversation Piece October 1973.
8B 26 Slides Conversation Piece November 1973, 8B 27 Slides Touch and Cook Oven Demonstration 1973. 8B 28 Slides Intro to Touch N Cook 1973,8B 29 Slides Open House and Product Showcase 1973. 8B 30 Slides New York Press Clinic 1973, 8B 31 Slides United Appeal Fundraising Drive Winter s Bank 1973. Building Dayton OH October,8B 32 Slides Miscellaneous Showcases 1965 1978. 8B 33 Slides Oven Range Demonsration 1974, 8B 34 Slides Frigidaire Split Press Conference 1974.
September 14, 8B 35 Slides Frigidaire Split Mr Campbell presentation and 1974. exterior of Frigidaire plant September 16,8B 36 Slides Lunch Meetings 1974. 8B 37 Slides Televison coverage of press conference 1974. 8B 38 Slides Microwave Demonstration 1975, 8B 39 Slides Historic Air Conditioner Showcase 1975. 8B 40 Slides Newspaper Clippings 1975,8C 1 Slides Bicentennial Kitchen 1976. 8C 2 Slides Bicentennial Open House Historic Products 1976. Bye Bye Centennial 1976,8C 4 Slides Touch of Magic 1976.
8C 5 Slides Dishwasher and Oven Range Demonstration 1976. 8C 6 Slides Microwave Demonstration 1977,8C 7 Slides New York Press Conference 1978. 8C 8 Slides Management Film 1978,8C 9 Slides Frigidaire Meeting May 3 1978. 8C 10 Slides Historical Products undated,8C 11 Slides Historical Products undated. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 11,Box File Description Date. 8C 12 Slides Historical Products undated,8C 13 Slides Historical Products undated.
8C 14 Slides Frigidaire Open House undated,8C 15 Slides Frigidaire Open House undated. 8C 16 Slides Unidentified female on in plant vechicle undated. 8C 17 Slides Unidentified School Group Tour undated. 8C 18 Slides Unidentified Meeting undated,8C 19 Slides Frigidaire Logos undated. 9 1 Negatives Engineering Department Photography Section 1978. 9 2 Negatives Engineering Department Photography Section 1978. 9 3 Negatives Frigidaire Open House undated,SERIES VII CLIPPINGS. 9 4 Clippings Air Conditioning 1960 1970,9 5 Clippings Dishwashers undated. 9 6 Clippings Frigidaire Articles One article in German undated. 9 7 Clippings Kitchens undated,9 8 Clippings Kitchens 1964 1966.
9 9 Clippings Kitchens 1967 1970,9 10 Clippings Kitchens undated. 9 11 Clippings Miscellaneous Frigidaire Products includes 1960 1970. Tender Matic control waster disposal dining rooms storage undated. units and ice maker, 10 1 Clippings Multiple Frigidaire Products 1959 1963. 10 2 Clippings Multiple Frigidaire Products 1963 1966. 10 3 Clippings Multiple Frigidaire Products 1967 1969. 10 4 Clippings Multiple Frigidaire Products 1970 undated. 10 5 Clippings Oven Ranges 1959 1963,10 6 Clippings Oven Ranges 1964 1966. 10 7 Clippings Oven Ranges 1967 1970,10 8 Clippings Refrigerators and Freezers undated. 10 9 Clippings Refrigerators and Freezers 1966 1970. 10 10 Clippings Washers and Dryers undated,10 11 Clippings Washers and Dryers 1964 1970.
10A 1 Newspaper Clippings 1959 1962, 10A 2 Historical Clippings and Correspondence undated. 10A 3 Newspaper Clippings and Memos Frigidaire Salaried 1974 1987. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 12,Box File Description Date. 10A 4 Newspaper Clippings and Memos White Consolidated 1979 1986. Industries, 10A 5 Newspaper Clippings Frigidaire Parts and Service 1984 1985. 10A 6 Newspaper Clippings Frigidaire Building Purchashed 1986. SERIES VIII EPHEMERA,11 1 Drawing of Kitchen 1960s. 11 2 Song Men of Frigidaire undated, 11 3 50th Anniversary Plaque to General Motors From Dayton 1958.
Area Chamber of Commerce,11 4 Retirement Party Announcements 1981 1984. 12 1 Frigidaire Logos undated,SERIES IX SCRAPBOOKS. 12 2 Preliminary Report on Promotional Film Living 1957. 12 3 Selling Frigidaire Through Publicity 1970,12 4 Selling Frigidaire Through Publicity 1973. 12 5 Selling Frigidaire Through Publicity 1974,12 6 Scrapbook of 1964 Frigidaire Open House 1964. SERIES X TAPES AND FILMS, Note Unless otherwise noted film is in 16 mm format.
Papers found in Film Collection in box order 1962 1965. 13 11 Open House Interviews Part I 1964,13 2 Open House Interviews Part II 1964. 13 3 Lehman Considine 1965,13 4 Boca Raton Florida Press Conference 1965. 13 5 This is Frigidaire 1970, 13 6 News Reports Concerning Labor Negotiations 1971. 13 7 United Auto Workers Frigidaire Agreement 1972. 13 8 Mr Campbell Detroit Press Conference 1972,13 9 Reactions to Frigidaire Settlement 1972. 13 10 Press Conference and Open House 1972, 13 11 The Frigidaire Problem and the Solution undated.
13 12 Frigidaire Split undated,MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 13. Box File Description Date,13 13 Unidentified Tape undated. 13 14 Frigidaire WXYZ 6PM News Film 1972,13 15 Frigidaire WJBK 11 PM News Film 1972. 13 16 Frigidaire Press Conference 1972, 13 17 News Conference Mr Campbell Auditorium Presentations 1974. 13 18 Frigidaire Dealer Program It s a Proud Proud Feeling undated. 13A 1 Frigidaire Suite undated,13A 2 A Good Reflection undated.
13A 3 Unidentified Tape undated,13A 4 Unidentfied Tape undated. 13A 5 Biloxi Press Conference undated,13A 6 Welcome to Marco undated. 13A 7 Marco Press Conference undated, 14 1 Mr Elmer Hastings and What s It All About Approx undated. 20 minutes Color Sound Produced by GM Photographic. 14 2 ABC and CBS News Kinescope 5 00 Magnetic Sound 1978. Believed to be local to Dayton area, 14 3 Damsels of Design 3 00 GM Corporate newsreel 1959. 14 4 Economic Home Energy Color Magnetic sound 5 00 undated. 14 5 At Home in the Center City Ideas for Homemakers series ca 1970. Color Sound Urban revitalization in Dayton Frigidaire. kitchen design showroom in downtown Dayton Color, faded to red Otherwise good condition Good scenes of.
downtown Dayton and women in the workforce 20 00, 14 6 Touch and Cook Frigidaire electric range Color Sound 1973. 14 7 Conversation Piece Color Magnetic soundtrack Produced 1974. by Sterling,14 8 You and the Economy 1969 1970 10 00 ca 1970. 14 9 Excellence is the Standard Color Sound 10 00 Produced ca 1970. for Frigidaire by Associated Sterling, 14 10 A Kitchen is an Idea Color Sound Robert Fisher ca 1955 1960. Productions 10 00 duplicate of box 14 file 12, 14 11 An SOS From the Kitchen Robert Fisher Productions ca 1955. Color Sound, 14 12 A Kitchen is an Idea Robert Fisher Productions Color ca 1955 1960.
Sound 10 00 duplicate of box 14 file 10, 14 13 Ideas for Living Features Al Kelly at opening segment ca 1955. MS 262 Frigidaire Historical Collection 14,Box File Description Date. 14 14 FYI Locally produced talk show featuring Bob ca 1962. Considine as interviewer Kinescope features discussion. with GM executive Ben Dorsett Contains footage of the. interior and exterior of GM s Frigidaire plant in Dayton. Follows the process of assembling a washing machine from. raw steel to crating and shipping Actually shows signing of. a quality pledge scroll by numerous employees Mentions. workforce and discusses internal suggestion system B W. Sound Approx 6 00 See also Box 16 File 12 Request E. Archives Access Copy of ms262 e0002, 14 15 You Have to See It to Believe It Wilding Productions 1958. 14 16 Untitled Frigidaire Ideas for Living exhibit Kinescope 1961. made from broadcast at 1961 Motorama held at the Waldorf. Astoria Hotel NYC, 14 17 Chairman of the Board and Room How a dynamic undated. efficient young executive runs the household in his wife s. absence Produced by Frigidaire Division Color 6 12 Circa. 14 18 The Personal Touch Produced by William Ditzel ca 1960s. Productions Dayton OH Ideas for Homemakers series,Features avocado colored appliances Color Sound.
Request E Archives Access Copy of ms262 e0001 b, 14 19 The Personal Touch Produced by William Ditzel ca 1960s. Productions Dayton Ohio Ideas for Homemakers series. Features avocado colored appliances Color Sound,Request E Archives Access Copy of ms262 e0001 b. 14 20 Frigidaire Computer Range Color Sound ca 1970. 14 21 LaVerne Shone Profile of Dayton modeling agency owner ca 1973. and homemaker who manages to have it all with the help of. Frigidaire appliances Produced by Association Sterling. 14 22 Frigidaire Consumer Service Color Sound 1969. 14 23 World of Minis Opens with images of early home 1973. appliances and some vintage motion footage Otherwise film. concerns smaller appliances designed for apartment living. Color Sound 5 00, 14 24 A Day in the Life of A Kitchen Produced by Film ca 1964. Associates Inc Dayton B W Print probably intended for. television Sound Homemaker Idea Series 7654321, Breakfast Leave it to Beaver meets the Jetsons S VHS. Duplication digital mp4 file in E Archives ms262 e0005.

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