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Data CD or DVD: A standard computer CD-ROM or DVD-ROM is recorded with the audio files. This kind of disc can’t be played in any standard audio CD player. Therefore, you can listen to these songs only by using iTunes (or another media player) on a Mac or PC. MP3 CD: As does the ordinary computer CD-ROM, an MP3 CD holds MP3 files in data. So in this way you can convert MP3 to Audiobook for listening to any digital music, broadcasts, songs, albums or other digital audio songs. All you need is an MP3 to Audiobook converter for Mac/PC! You can either choose to convert MP3 to Audiobook by the powerful UniConverter, or using iTunes free.

CD to MP3 Converter – Rip Audio CD to 320kbps MP3 on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a patented digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. CD Conversion of audio files — from MP3, FLAC, AIFF, APE, WMA, and so much more. With the burning of CD or DVD this program also allows Mac users to record the audio CD on their Mac computer right away with the same program. There is a trial version of the software offered in the on the officially NCH website which can be downloaded. Ripping CD Audio to MP3 on Mac Using Wavepad for Mac Wavepad is a powerful music and mp3 editor tool developed by NCH Software Company. It’s a free CD ripper tool which can easily help you rip CD audio tracks to common-use music file formats, like MP3, WAV, WMA, AU, M4A, OGG etc. For playing on iPod, PSP and other mobile devices.

When you import MP3 audiobooks into iTunes or iPod, they will be categorized in the Music section, and not audiobook section. Then your MP3 audiobooks may be mixed with other music and not appear in iTunes audiobook section. Now here are two ways for you to Convert MP3 to Audiobook. Then you can remember playback position and adjust your listening speed on audiobook players.

  • Method 1: Convert MP3 to Audiobooks Section in iTunes

  • Method 2: Convert MP3 to Audiobook Files with iTunes

Method 1: Convert MP3 to Audiobooks Section in iTunes

You can get MP3 audiobooks on online websites. For Audible adherent, you can use Audible Converter to convert Audible to mp3 audiobooks. Then using iTunes, you can easily make any audio files include MP3 audiobooks displayed in iTunes audiobooks section and acted as audiobooks. Of course, iTunes can remember where the audiobook file last stay. I use iTunes 12.6 to help writing this method.

Here are the detailed steps to make MP3 detected as iTunes audiobooks:

Mp3 To Audio Cd For Mac

Step 1: Add Audio Files into iTunes

Launch iTunes. Dragging and dropping MP3 audio files into iTunes. Find added audio files in 'Music > Recently Added' catalog.

Step 2: Set Playback Option

Right-click the audio file. Choose 'Get Info' option. Click 'Options' from the pop-up window. Choose playback options of 'Remember playback position' and 'Skip when shuffling' under Music media kind.

Tip: For multiple file conversions, select all audio files by dragging a rectangle over them with the mouse. Right-click and choose 'Get Info' option. Click 'Edit Items' option from the pop-up window.

Step 3: Change Media Kind to Audiobook

Change Media Kind from Music to Audiobook. Click 'OK'. The audio file will disappear in the current Music section and displayed in 'Books > Audiobooks' catalog.

This method doesn't change the MP3 audio file itself. That is to say, if you delete the audiobook files from the iTunes library after above steps, you must re-follow this method again. Otherwise, the audio files cannot be detected as audiobooks. And for other audiobook players, the above steps are invalid. So, Method 2 is necessary.

Method 2: Convert MP3 to Audiobook Files with iTunes

In this method, you can create audiobook from MP3 files. As a mp3 to audiobook converter, iTunes is great. Even though the created audiobook files are deleted from iTunes library, you can import them from local into iTunes or other players with audiobook features. And there is no need to operate on the original MP3 file again as long as you have stored the created M4B audiobook files.

Following are the steps to convert MP3 to iTunes audiobook format.

Step 1: Download & Install iTunes

Download iTunes free in Apple official website. iTunes can be used in Windows and Mac OS. And there is no doubt you can easily install it.

Step 2: Import Audio Files into iTunes

Open iTunes. Drag and drop MP3 files into iTunes. Choose 'Music' section. The imported MP3 files will appear in 'Recently Added' catalog.

Or click 'File' option on the navigation bar. Choose 'Add File to Library' or 'Add Folder to Library' to import MP3 audio files. The imported files will be displayed in 'Recently Added' catalog of the Music section.

Step 3: Choose AAC Encoding Format

Click 'Edit > Preferences' from the navigation bar. Then click 'Import Settings' option from the pop-up 'General Preferences' window. Choose 'AAC Encoder' from the drop-down box next to 'Import Using'. And click 'OK'.


Step 4: Convert Audio Files to AAC Version

Select the imported MP3 files. Click 'File > Convert > Create AAC Version' from the navigation bar. Then iTunes will convert the imported MP3 files to AAC version files.

After the top conversion progress bar is completed, the generated audiobook file will be displayed below the original files with the same name. The suffix of the generated file is .m4a.

Step 5: Rename M4A to M4B

Right-click the generated files. Choose 'Show in Windows Explorer' option to find it on your computer. Make a copy of the .m4a file. Then rename the suffix of the copy file from .m4a to .m4b by yourself.

Step 6: Add M4B Audiobook into iTunes

Drag and drop the M4B file into iTunes. Then the M4B file will automatically display in 'Books > Audiobooks' section.


M4B file can be identified as audiobooks. And iTunes can remember playback position of M4B files without any extra procedure. In addition to iTunes, you can also play M4B files with other audiobook players including iPod.

If you just want to categorize MP3 audiobooks in iTunes audiobooks section, Check Method 1.


If you want to get an audiobook version file of MP3, Check Method 2.

With above two methods, you can easily convert MP3 to audiobook files in iTunes. Are they effective for you? Look forward to your comments. If you like it, sharing is great.

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