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Step-by-Step User Guide to Convert Videos By using Miro Video Converter Step 1: Open Video Converter & Choose Videos. Drag & drop Videos or Choose files from your Mac to start conversion. Step 2: Edit Videos in Miro. Even though it has limited editing tools, it supports basic functions like. Download links: Miro Video Converter for Windows - Miro Video Converter for Mac. Miro Video Converter is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Source code, licensed under the GPL, is available here. Miro Video Converter. ダウンロード可能なソフトウェアを提供しているウェブサイトからMiro Video Converter for Macのアプリケーションをダウンロードする際は、お使いのコンピュータへのインストール時に不要な追加コンテンツをインストールするかもしれないことを知っておく必要があります。.

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Miro video converter free

Miro Video Converter is a cross platform program that allows users to convert their video files from one format to another. This program is made by a company that develops a popular video player called Miro.

Miro Video Converter Mac


Program is able to convert from all popular file types (AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4 ..) to different formats such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, HTC phones and more. Users are able to use batch convert to add multiple video files and convert them all with a single click.

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Supports to convert to a custom size or you can choose from a lot of custom presets.