Mimpi Dreams - Mars DLC Download Free

Explore strange new worlds and unique adventures in Mimpi - a fantastic new adventure, puzzle, and platformer game. Best played on a tablet. Awards: European Games Awards 2014 nominee for Best European Mobile Game & Best European Art Direction. Czech Game of the Year 2014 nominee for Visual Arts Excellence. Reviews: TouchArcade: 4.5/5 'Mimpi is adorable, the artwork is amazing, and the puzzles.

  • All Discussions. Feel free to ask me any question and dont hesitate to correct any mistakes! Good luck with the game:3. Does it require Mars DLC.
  • Free to play model on Android and PC For two years Android players begged for a change of the monetization model of Mimpi Dreams. Free players had only 2 lives to finish the level, or they had to start over, unless they bought unlimited lives.
  • Find out what dreams dogs have and download the sequel to the award-winning Mimpi 1 It may be a sign that you are expecting an invite of a social event or a social gathering, which will give you a good change. In his dreams, he becomes the dog hero, who rescues and saves whoever is in need of rescuing or saving! Illustration - Painting - 3D.

Selected by The Telegraph for best mobile game series of 2016.

TouchArcade 4/5: Mimpi Dreams, the sequel, is a cute, somewhat short puzzle-platformer with inspired art design and excellent controls.

Pocket Gamer 8/10: 'I play the whole thing with a smile on my face. It's a joyous experience…' Harry Slater

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AppAdvice 4.5/5: Mimpi Dreams is a charming puzzle platformer for everyone.

Mimpi Dreams - Mars DLC Download Free

AppSpy: Mimpi Dreams is full of neat ideas, gorgeous graphics and characters that you'll adore.

Mimpi Dreams Free Game

Mimpi Dreams - Mars DLC Download Free

Mimpi is a lazy doggy who becomes the “Superdog” in his dreams. Help him to save his friends by manipulating the environment of 6 original illustrated worlds in this charming mix of adventure, puzzle, and platformer. Find out what dreams dogs have and download the sequel to the award-winning Mimpi 1! Mimpi Dreams is a casual game, do not expect strong challenges, we want you to have fun and finish it.

Mimpi Dreams - Mars Dlc Download Free Pc

● Scientifically accurate super-realistic simulator of dog dreams :)
● Casual gameplay combining platformer, puzzles, and adventure
● 6 different worlds to explore: stoneface forest, tesla landscape, bottle seaside, fairytale, medieval castle and factory!
● Soundtrack by award-winning​ composers Jaroslav Vyhnička and Alexandre Guiraud
● Download size <100MB
● Sequel to the award winning original - yes, there is Mimpi 1