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Characterization of basic oxygen furnace slag and granite waste mixtures to Portland cement production. Fe2O3 CaO MgO SO3 K2O Ti2O5 P2O5 free CaO which cause expansion and hydraulicity However increasing the. Sanju n et al 2015 Ma et al 2015 long time to stabilize the Portland cement CaO content increase also the viscosity. According to Iacobescu et al 2015 Arribas et al 2015 Besides the free Such fact difficult the granulation and. the main phases detected in Portland ce CaO decrease the slag vitrification which formation of a glassy structure. ment are tricalcium silicate 3CaO SiO2 can interfere on the hydraulic properties In this way granite waste GW may. C3S dicalcium silicate 2CaO SiO2 C2S BOFS shows little hydraulic activity due become a potential input on the Portland. tricalcium aluminate 3CaO Al2O3 C3A slow hydration from C2S Thus addition cement production once contain higher. and iron tetracalcium aluminate 4CaO range of 6 15 of Al2O3 in BOFS favor SiO2 and lesser CaO contents as can be. Al2O3 Fe2O3 C4AF the C2F and C4AF formation which gives noted in Table 1 Such fact indicates a pos. The use of basic oxygen furnace higher hydraulicity to Portland cement sibility to produce Portland cement since. slag BOFS can be also an alternative to In addition research has showed that decrease the BOFS basicity CaO SiO2. produce Portland cement once contain slag hydraulic activity increased to higher Thus the aim of this paper is to. CaO and SiO2 Goodarzi and Salimi Al2O3 Fe2O3 relationship CONJEAUD characterize mixtures containing basic. 2015 However its use is restricted due et al 1981 According to Lea 1970 oxygen furnace slag and granite waste in. CaO SiO2 relationship around 4 and increasing the CaO SiO2 favors the slag order to produce Portland cement. Elements SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 MgO CaO Na2O K2O TiO2,Junca et al 65 9 13 4 1 4 1 0 4 2 2 6 4 4. Singh et al 72 57 15 63 0 83 4 21 6 76, Tchadji et 60 51 17 49 8 71 3 27 1 64 1 95 3 72 1 42. diev et al 65 1 14 0 4 34 0 45 0 46 0 48 0 74,2011 Table 1. Chemical composition of granite waste,2 Materials and methods. Basic oxygen furnace slag and CaO 46 0 and SiO2 10 with binary Fe2O3 FeO P2O5 Na2O K2O and TiO2. granite waste compositions have been basicity of 4 6 The granite waste contain Thus mixed between BOFS and granite. published previously Arrivabene et al mainly SiO2 59 6 and Al2O3 18 1 waste can become an alternate to decrease. 2012 Table 2 summarize the results It is Other elements were also determined in the binary basicity in order to produce. noted that BOFS is composed mainly for lesser percentages such as MgO MnO Portland cement. CaO SiO2 Al2O3 MgO MnO Fe2O3 FeO P2O5 Na2O K2O TiO2. BOFS 46 0 10 0 1 5 7 0 6 0 27 0 2 0, GW 4 6 59 6 18 1 2 8 1 0 4 8 3 1 3 7 0 9 Chemical composition of basic.
oxygen furnace slag and granite waste, To fulfil the characterization Cu K 1 5418 tube Scan range laser diffraction technique to obtain. X ray patterns were obtained in order of 5 80 step width of 0 2 and dura the data The assays were performed. to determine the phases present in both tion time of 5 seconds were used Size using water as dispersive medium. materials Tests were carried out using analyses were accomplished via mas and ultrasound was turned on for. a Bruker diffractometer equipped with tersizer 2000 equipment which uses 5 minutes. 2 1 Mixtures composition, The mixtures were prepared with 0 5 0 9 and 1 2 Table 3 shows the mixtures with basicity index 0 5 0 9. addition of BOFS and GW in order to chemical composition obtained via and 1 2. obtain binary basicity CaO SiO2 of mass balance The initials MIB means. 460 REM Int Eng J Ouro Preto 69 4 459 464 oct dec 2016. Luiz Alberto Baptista Pinto Junior et al,MIB 0 5 MIB 0 9 MIB 1 2. CaO 21 18 30 93 32 02,SiO2 40 0 36 09 26 75,Al203 8 1 7 7 7 11. MgO 7 5 8 7 5 25,MnO 2 6 2 9 3 99,FeO 10 7 9 1 18 44.
P2O5 1 2 1 2 1 32,Table 3 C 0 31 0 32 0 32,Mixtures chemical. S 0 02 0 02 0 03,composition used in the melting process. 2 2 Melting and cooling process, The melting tests were performed carried out in order to identify phases structure In this step was used 7 kg of. at 1500 C for 15 minutes It was used with indicative of hydraulicity In this each mixture X ray patterns were ob. an InductoTherm induction furnace step was used 300 g of each mixture tained in both tests to obtain the phases. Two different cooling were performed Fast cooling in water was also per present Same conditions mentioned. Slowly cooling into the furnace was formed in order to obtain a glassy previously were used. 3 Results and discussion,3 1 Raw material characterization. X ray pattern was obtained magnesium oxide were also found Portland cement production with. from BOFS Figure 1 Basic oxygen Similar compositions were mentioned BOFS in order to adjust the binary. furnace slag contain silicate ran by Gutt and Nixon 1972 and Motz basicity Quartz is also a vitrifying ele. quinite and larnite which are im and Geiseler 2001 ment which favor amorphous struc. portant to produce Portland cement In addition Figure 2 shows the ture formation Albite and anorthite. It was also noted free calcium oxide X ray pattern from granite waste X were also detected Such phases have. Lime what is harmful to produce ray pattern from granite waste showed been detected for several researchers. Portland cement Calcium hydroxide quartz as mainly components This in granite waste composition Li et al. calcium carbonate iron oxide and suggests a potential to utilization in 2013 Junca et al 2015. X ray pattern from,basic oxygen furnace slag,X ray pattern from granite waste.
REM Int Eng J Ouro Preto 69 4 459 464 oct dec 2016 461. Characterization of basic oxygen furnace slag and granite waste mixtures to Portland cement production. Size analysis showed that BOFS is range 1258 92 m and 50 lesser than 478 63 m range of 0 414 181 97 m with 90 lesser. of 0 479 2187 76 m with 90 lesser than The size analyses from granite waste showed 60 25 m and 50 lesser 13 18 m. 3 2 Molten mixture characterization, Figure 3 shows the X ray patterns obtained from MIB 0 5 MIB 0 9 and MIB 1 2 slowly cooling into the furnace. X ray patterns obtained,via slow cooling inside the furnace. a MIB 0 5 b MIB 0 9 c MIB 1 2, Addition of granite waste in the were formed by chemical composition oxides dissolution SiO2 and Al 2O3. BOFS took silicates formation ak adequation i e addition of granite were also observed. ermanite and gehlenite These com waste decreased the mixture binary Figure 4 shows the X ray patterns. pounds were not detected in the initial basicity which provided the silicates obtained via fast cooling in water. composition in both BOFS and granite formation Reduction of unstable ox which indicates that amorphous struc. waste which suggests that such phases ides FeO and MgO and stabilizing tures were obtained in all mixtures. X ray patterns obtained,via fast cooling in water,a MIB 0 5 b MIB 0 9 c MIB 1 2. Such fact indicates the formation to Smolczyk 1980 and Murphy et al suggests the possibility to use it in Port. of silicate glassy structure According 1997 formation of glassy structure land cement production. 462 REM Int Eng J Ouro Preto 69 4 459 464 oct dec 2016. Luiz Alberto Baptista Pinto Junior et al, Scanning electrons microscope cooling in water for MIB 0 5 MIB 0 9 are composed mainly by silicon and.
images Figure 5 showed that glassy and MIB 1 2 mixtures EDS spectrum calcium which suggests formation of. structures were formed under fast also indicates that glassy structures calcium silicate. Image obtained via scanning,electron microscopy and EDS. spectrum to fast cooling in water,a MIB 0 5 b MIB 0 9 c MIB 1 2. 4 Conclusion, Basic oxygen furnace slag showed ite and gehlenite This fact was correlat structure as it was noted via scanning. a higher binary basicity 4 6 It is also ed with chemical composition fit caused electrons microscope EDS spectrum. composed by silicates ranquinite and by addition of granite waste Mixtures also suggested that glassy structures are. larnite Granite waste is composed under fast cooling produced an amor formed for calcium silicates The results. mainly by quartz and less content of phous structure as it is also necessary to obtained indicates a possible utilization. CaO Mixtures under slowly cooling Portland cement production Addition of mixtures of granite waste and BOFS. showed formation of silicates akerman ally the fast cooling produced a glassy to produce Portland cement. 5 Acknowledgements, The authors would like to thank and innovation Support Foundation Institute of Education Science and Tech. FAPES State of Esp rito Santo s Research process 68853777 14 and IFES Federal nology of Esp rito Santo. 6 References, ARRIBAS I SANTAMAR A A RUIZ E L PEZ V O MANSO J M Electric.
arc furnace slag and its use in hydraulic concrete Construction and Building Ma. terials v 90 p 68 79 2015, ARRIVABENE L F PINTO JUNIOR L A B OLIVEIRA J R TEN RIO. J A S ESPINOSA D C R Viabilidade t cnica da fabrica o de cimento com mis. tura de esc ria de aciaria LD e res duo de granito REM Revista Escola de Mi. nas v 65 n 2 p 241 246 2012, CONJEAUD M GEORGE M C SORRENTINO F P A new steel slag for cement. manufactore mineralogy and hidraulicity Cement and Concrete Research v 11. p 85 102 1981, GARCIA J I E BORGES P C GOROKHOVSKY A VARELA F J R Portland. REM Int Eng J Ouro Preto 69 4 459 464 oct dec 2016 463. Characterization of basic oxygen furnace slag and granite waste mixtures to Portland cement production. cement blast furnace slag mortars activated using water glass Effect of tempe. rature and alkali concentration Construction and Building Materials v 66 p. 323 328 2014, GOODARZI A R SALIMI M Stabilization treatment of a dispersive clayey soil. using granulated blast furnace slag and basic oxygen furnace slag Applied Clay. Science v 108 p 61 69 2015, GUTT W NIXON P J Steel making slag as a skid resistant roadstone Chemistry.
and Industry v 17 p 503 504 1972, HEIKAL M AL DUAIJ O K IBRAHIM N S Microstructure of composite ce. ments containing blast furnace slag and silica nano particles subjected to elevated. thermally treatment temperature Construction and Building Materials v 93 p. 1067 1077 2015, HOJAMBERDIEV M EMINOV A XU Y Utilization of muscovite granite waste. in the manufacture of ceramic tiles Ceramics International v 37 p 871 876. IACOBESCU R I ANGELOPOULOS G N JONES P T BLANPAIN B PON. TIKES Y Ladle metallurgy stainless steel slag as a raw material in Ordinary Por. tland Cement production a possibility for industrial symbiosis Journal of Cleaner. Production p 1 10 2015, JUNCA E OLIVEIRA J R ESPINOSA D C R TEN RIO J A S Iron recovery. from the waste generated during the cutting of granite v 12 p 465 472 2015. LEA F M The chemistry of cement and concrete 3 Ed London Edward Arnold. Ltd 1970 727 p, LI Y YU H ZHENG L WEN J WU C TAN Y Compressive strength of fly. ash magnesium oxychloride cement containing granite wastes Construction and. Building Materials v 38 p 1 7 2013, MA S LI W ZHANG S GE D YU J SHEN X Influence of sodium gluconate.
on the performance and hydration of Portland cement Construction and Building. Materials v 91 p 138 144 2015, MOTZ H GEISELER J Products of steel slags in opportunity to save natural re. sources Waste Management v 21 p 285 293 2001, MURPHY J N MEADOWCROFT T R BARR P V Enhancement of the cemen. titious properties of steelmaking slag Canadian Metallurgical Quartely v 36 p. 315 31 1997, SAADE M R M SILVA M G GOMES V Hydration of quaternary Portland ce. ment blends containing blast furnace slag siliceous fly ash and limestone powder. Cement and Concrete Coposites v 55 p 374 382 2015, SANJU N M A ARGIZ C G LVEZ J C MORAGUES A Effect of silica fume. fineness on the improvement of Portland cement strength performance Construc. tion and Building Materials v 96 p 55 64 2015, SINGH S NAGAR R AGRAWAL V Performance of granite cutting waste con.
crete under adverse exposure conditions Journal of Cleaner Production v 127 p. 172 182 2016, SMOLCZYK H G Slag structure and identification of slags In INTERNATIONAL. CONGRESS CHEMISTRY OF CEMENT 7 1980 Paris Proceedings Paris. Septima 1980 sub theme III 1 v 1 p 1 17, TCHADJI L N DJOBO J N Y RANJBAR N TCHAKOUT H K KENNE. B B D ELIMBI A NJOPWOUO D Potential of using granite waste as raw mate. rial for geopolymer synthesis Ceramics International v 42 p 3046 3055 2016. VIEIRA C M F ANDRADE P M MACIEL G S VERNILLI JR F MON. TEIRO S N Incorporation of fine steel sludge waste into red ceramic Materials. Science and Engineering A v 427 p 142 147 2006, Received on first version 23 December 2015 Received on 2nd version 23 March 2016 Accepted 13 June 2016. 464 REM Int Eng J Ouro Preto 69 4 459 464 oct dec 2016.

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