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MCA Year 2 Semester III,Sr COURS SUBJECT PERIODS INTERNAL ESE SUBJECT. No E CODE ASSESMEN TOTAL,1 MCA 301 Java Technologies 3 1 20 80 100. 2 MCA 302 Web Technologies 3 1 20 80 100,3 MCA 303 Computer Graphics 3 1 20 80 100. 4 MCA 304 Advanced Database System 3 1 20 80 100,5 MCA 305 Theory of Computation 3 1 20 80 100. Practicals,1 MCA 351 Mini Project using Java 4 20 80 100.
2 MCA 352 Web Design Lab 4 20 80 100,3 MCA 353 Computer Graphics Lab using 4 20 80 100. 4 MCA 354 Advanced DBMS Lab 4 20 80 100,Total 180 720 900. Java Technologies,Class III Sem MCA Evaluation,Branch MCA. Schedule Per Week,Lectures 3, Examination Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20 End term. Content of the Subject,Introduction to Java Enterprise.
Introduction to Java Enterprise APIs JDBC fundamentals Multitier architecture Web. Applications in JEE Introduction to RMI EJB s and JavaFx. Servlets fundamentals architecture life cycle of a servlet initialization threads servlets and. HTML retrieving data in servlet servicing the GET and POST requests servlet sessions. session tracking cookies Inter servlet communication and servlet security. JDBC and Inter servlet, JDBC and Inter servlet communications JDBC Driver types JDBC servlet JDBC. connection pooling Introduction to Java Frameworks Hibernate and Struts. JSP fundamentals architecture implicit objects standard actions JSP errors Different. packages of JSP and servlets Java Mail using JSP,Introduction to Spring. Introduction to Spring Web MVC The Dispatcher Servlet A Simple View Page Adding a. View Resolver Adding a message bundle Using JDBC with Spring. Text Books, 1 Advanced Java 2 Platform HOW TO PROGRAM by H M Deitel P J Deitel S E. Santry Prentice Hall 2001, 2 Beginning Java EE 6 Platform with GlassFish 3 From Novice to Professional by. Antonio Goncalves Apress publication 2009, 3 Beginning Spring by Mert Caliskan Kenan Sevindik Wrox Publication 2015.
References, 1 Perroud Thierry Inversini Reto Enterprise Architecture Patterns Practical Solutions for. Recurring IT Architecture Problems Springer 2013, 2 Dustine R Callway Inside Servlets Server Side Programming for Java Addison Wesley. 3 Kogent Solutions Inc Java 6 Programming Black Book Dreamtech Press 2007. 4 David Flangan Java in a Nutshell Oreilly Publications 2005. 5 James Gosling Bill Joy Guy Steele Gilad Bracha and Alex Buckley TheJava. language specification Oracle Press 2014,Web Technologies. Class III Sem MCA,Evaluation,Branch MCA,Schedule Per Week. Lectures 3, Examination Time Three Hour Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20 End term.
Content of the Subject,Introduction to HTML, The internet history of the World Wide Web hardware and software trend object technology. java script object scripting for the web browser portability. Introduction of HTML introduction markup language editing HTML common tags. headers text styles linking images formatting text horizontal rules and more line breaks. unordered lists nested and ordered lists basic HTML tables intermediate HTML tables and. formatting basic HTML forms more complex HTML forms HTML5 Input Types. Attributes internal linking creating and using image maps. Java script, Introduction to scripting introduction memory concepts arithmetic decision making Java. script control structures Java script functions introduction program modules in java script. function definitions duration of identifiers scope rules recursion java script global. Java script arrays introduction array declaring and allocating arrays references and. reference parameters passing arrays to functions multiple subscripted arrays Java script. objects introduction math string date boolean and number objects. Dynamic HTML, CSS introduction inline styles creating style sheets with the style element conflicting. styles linking external style sheets positioning elements backgrounds element dimensions. text flow and the CSS box model user style sheets Filter and Transitions HTML DOM. Browser BOM, Event model introduction event ON CLICK event ON LOAD error handling with ON. ERROR tracking the mouse with event more DHTML events. Introduction to PHP web server Architecture Model, Overview of PHP Capabilities PHP HTML embedding tags syntax Simple script.
examples PHP HTTP Environment variables PHP Language Core Variables constants. data types PHP operators flow control loops Arrays string functions Include require. statements Simple File Directory access operations. Error handling Processing HTML form using GET POST REQUEST SESSION COOKIE. variables Sending E mail Database Operations with PHP Connecting to My SQL or any. other database Selecting a db building Sending Query retrieving updating inserting. data CMS Wordpress,Note XAMMP is used for PHP,Text Books. 1 Harvey M Dietel Paul Dietel Tem R Nieto Internet World Wide Web How to. Program Pearson 2011, 2 Ivan Bayross Web enabled commercial application development using HTML DHTML. JavaScript PERL CGI BPB Publications 2010,References. 1 Hofstetter Fred Internet Technology at work Osborne 2004. 2 Steven Holzner PHP The Complete Reference McGrawHill 2008. 3 Elizabeth Naramore Jason Gerner Jeremy Stolz and Timothy Boronczyk Beginning. PHP Apache MySql web development Wrox Publication 2009. 4 Ivan Bayross Sharanam Shah Shroff PHP 5 1 for Professionals Publishers and. Distributers Pvt Ltd 2007,Computer Graphics,Class III Sem MCA. Evaluation,Schedule Per Week,Lectures 3, Examination Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20 End term.
Content of the Subject,Introduction, Elements of graphics workstation Video Display Devices Raster Scan Systems Random. Scan systems Input devices Graphics Software Coordinate Representations Fundamental. Problems in Geometry,Algorithms, Line drawing algorithms DDA Algorithm Bresenham s Line Algorithm Frame buffers. Circle and Eclipse generating algorithms Midpoint Circle Algorithm Sean line polygon fill. algorithm Inside Outside tests Sean Line fill of curved Boundary Areas Boundary fill. Algorithm Flood fill Algorithm Character generation Attributes of lines curves filling. characters etc,Graphics Primitives, Primitive Operations The display file interpreter Normalized Device Coordinates Display. File structure Display file algorithm Display control and Polygons polygon. representation,Attributes of output primitives, Line attributes Line type Line width Pen and Brush options Line Color Color and gray. scale levels Color tables Gray scale Area Fill Attributes Fill styles Pattern fill Soft fill. Character Attributes Text attributes,Geometric Transformations.
Matrices Scaling Transformations Sin and Cos Rotation Homogeneous Co ordinates and. Translation Co ordinate Translations Rotation about an arbitrary point Inverse. Transformations Transformations Routines,2 D Viewing. The viewing pipeline Viewing co ordinate Reference Frame Windows to view ports co. ordinate transformation 2 D Viewing functions Clipping operations point clipping Line. clipping Cohen Sutherland Line Clipping Polygon clipping Sutherland Hodge man. 3 D concepts, Three dimensional Display Methods Parallel projection Perspective projection Visible line. and surface identification Surface rendering Three Dimensional Object representations. Bezier curves and surfaces B Spline curves and surfaces Visibility Image and object. precision Z buffer algorithm Floating horizons,Computer Animation. Design of Animation Sequences General Computer Animation Functions Raster Animations. Key Frame Systems Morphing Simulating Accelerations Motion Specifications Kinematics. and Dynamics,Text Books, 1 Donald Hearn M Pauline Baker Computer Graphics Pearson 2008. 2 James D Foley Andries van Dam Steven K Feiner John F Hughes Computer. Graphics Principles and Practice 1997,References, 1 Jeffrey J McConnell Computer Graphics Theory and Practice Jones and Bartlett.
Publishers 2006, 2 John DiMarco Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications Problems and. Solutions Idea Group Publishing 2004,Advanced Database System. Class III Sem MCA,Evaluation,Branch MCA,Schedule Per Week. Lectures 3, Examination Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20 End term. Content of the Subject,Object Oriented Database Management System.
Introduction Object Oriented Data Model Object Oriented Languages Persistent. Programming Languages Object Relational Databases Nested Relations Complex Types. Inheritance Reference Types Querying with Complex Types Functions and Procedures. Storage for Object Databases,Distributed Databases. Introduction Advantages Architecture Homogeneous Heterogeneous DDBMS. Distributed Data Storage Fragmentation Replication Distributed Transactions Commit. protocol Concurrency Control in Distributed Databases Availability Distributed Query. Processing,Parallel Databases, Introduction Architecture I O Parallelism and Skew Interquery Parallelism. IntraqueryParallelism Intraoperation Parallelism Parallel Sort Parallel Join Interoperation. Parallelism Design of Parallel Systems, PL SQL basics blocks architecture variables constants attributes character set PL SQL. control structure data types precompiler conditional and sequential control statements. cursors exceptions triggers procedures and packages. Introduction to Advanced Database Concepts, Spatial Data Management Web Based Systems Multimedia databases Mobile Database. Deductive Database and Recursive Queries Information Retrieval and Indexing for Text. Search XML Database XML Data Model Xquery Efficient Evaluation of XML Queries. Text Books, 1 Raghu Ramkrishnan Johannes Gehrke Database Management Systems McGraw Hill.
International 2007, 2 Abraham Silberschatz Henry Korth S Sudarshan Database System Concepts McGraw. Hill International 2005, 3 C J Date Longman An Introduction to Database System Pearson Education 2003. References, 1 Elmasri R and Navathe SB Fundamentals of Database Systems Addison Wesley 2000. 2 Thomas Connolly Carolyan Begg Database Systems A Practical Approach to Design. Implementation and Management Addison Wesley 2014, 3 Ceri Pelagatti Distributed Database Principles and System Addison Wesley 1999. 4 Simon AR Strategic Database Technology Management for the year 2000 Morgan. Kaufmann 1995, 5 Gray J and Reuter A Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques Morgan.
Kaufmann 1993,Theory of Computation,Class III Sem MCA Evaluation. Branch MCA,Schedule Per Week,Lectures 3, Examination Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20 End term. Content of the Subject,Review of basic concepts, Graphs Trees Strings Mathematical Induction finite State Machine types of languages and. Grammars Overview of Theoretical Computer Science including computationally. intractable problems Introduction to System software including various phases Modules in. the design of a typical compiler Chomsky Classification. Finite Automata, Finite Automata Deterministic Finite Automata DFA Non Deterministic Finite Automata. NFA statement of Kleen s Theorem Regular Expressions Equivalence of DFAs NFAs and. Regular Expressions Closure properties of Regular Language Non Regular Languages. Pumping Lemma Myhill Nerode Theorem Use of Regular expressions in the Design of. scanner lexical analyzer Introduction to JFLAP Simulation. Context Free Languages, Context Free Grammar CFG Parse Trees Push Down Automata deterministic and.
nondeterministic PDA Equivalence of CFGs and PDAs Closure properties of CFLs. Pumping Lemma Parsing including LL 1 SLR and LR 1 Parsing Method. Turing Machines and Computability Theory, Definition of Turing Machine Extensions of Turing machines Non deterministic Turing. machines Equivalence of various Turing Machine Formalisms Church Turing Thesis. Decidability Halting Problem Reducibility Recursion Theorem. Complexity Theory, Time and Space measures Hierarchy theorems Complexity classes P NP space complexity. Savich theorem L NL PSPACE complexity Post correspondence problem Probabilistic. computation,Text Books, 1 John C Martin Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation. McGraw Hill 2003, 2 Michael Sipser Introduction to the Theory of Computation Cengage Publication. 3 Wayne Goddard Introducing the Theory of Computation Jones Bartlett India. Pvt Ltd 2009,References, 1 Dexter C Kozen Theory of Computation Classical and Contemporary.
Approaches Springer 2006, 2 J Hopcroft R Motwani and J Ullman Introduction to Automata Theory Language. and Computation Pearson 2008, 3 K L Mishra and N Chandrasekharan Theory of Computer Science Automata. Language Computation PHI 2006, 4 H R Lewis and C H Papadimi Triou Elements of the Theory of Computation. Pearson 1997,Mini Project Using Java,Class III Sem MCA Evaluation. Branch MCA, Examination Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20.
End term 80, Objective Student should able to develop a small real time industry application using Java. Guidelines regarding project, 1 Students should work in group Minimum number of students in one group can be. 2 Maximum number of students in one group can be 4. 2 Students will be working under supervision of one teacher. 3 A teacher can have maximum 5 groups to supervise. 4 Students will submit a synopsis of the project,5 Two copies of the report should be submitted. 6 The reports should be spiral bound along with the soft copy of the project. 7 The reports should be submitted with the following guidelines in the prescribed. Paper size A4,Font Times New Roman,Chapter Heading 16pt. Sub Heading 14 Sub Sub Headings 12,Bold Running Matter 12 pt.
All topics should be numbered accordingly,Paragraph Gap 6 Pt Maximum. Line Gap 1 5,Margins Left 1 5 Right Top and Bottom 1 inch. Web Design Lab,Class III Sem MCA Evaluation,Branch MCA. Examination Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 100 Mid term 20 End term. Objectives of the laboratory, Learn how to design and develop a Website using HTML CSS JavaScript PHP. Learn how to link pages so that they create a Web site. Design and develop a Web site using text images links lists and tables for navigation and. Learn how to develop a blog,List of experiments, Basics Elements Attributes HTML Formatting tags Links.
Images Tables Forms Elements, HTML5 Audio and Video HTML5 Input Types Attributes. CSS Syntax CSS Attribute Selectors, CSS properties Fonts Background Colors Links Lists. CSS Box Model Display Opacity Float Clear,CSS Layout CSS Navigation Bar. CSS Rounded Corners CSS Border Images CSS Animations. JavaScript, Displaying Output DeclaringVariables Operators Arithmetic Data. Types Assignment, JavaScript Functions Booleans Comparisons Conditional.
JavaScript Switch Loops Break Type,JavaScript Objects Scope. Strings and String Methods, Numbers and Number Methods Math JavaScript Dates Formats and Methods. JavaScript Events JavaScript JavaScript Forms API and Validation Objects. JavaScript Functions JavaScript DOM JavaScript Validation Browser BOM. Installing XAMMP, Variables Data Types Constants Operators Programming Loops. PHP Functions,Strings Functons,PHP Form Handling Require Include.

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