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Masterclass on,Cultural Intelligence Innovation,Developing the Skills to Innovate Communicate. and Think Critically in Culturally Diverse Environments. WHY CHOOSE THIS TRAINING COURSE WHAT ARE THE GOALS. This advanced training course is designed to provide By the end of this training course participants will be able to. experienced Leaders and other Professionals with the knowledge. and skills required by their challenging role This training course Describe the fundamentals of innovation. enables your staff to critically explore the skills needed to lead at List the challenges and cultural appropriateness of. a time when the global economy is experiencing an economic innovation. downturn that is having a significant impact on all industries Identify how to generate develop and communicate. and all organisations ideas, Demonstrate advanced skills in critical and creative. Innovation is regarded as the most important leadership thinking. competency in any industry This training course will enable Develop a business model canvas supporting value. participants to perform in a radical mindset push boundaries creation. for themselves and their organisation be agile and adaptive to Develop your ability in working and relating effectively. conditions and outcomes with people from different cultural backgrounds. Understand the limits of your own CI and know how to. Cultural Intelligence CI is the capability to relate and work improve it. effectively across cultures Culture has been one of the key Describe the meaning of each of the five cultural value. competencies in fields ranging from leadership and psychology dimensions. engineering and finance to accounting and marketing The List ways to minimise the barriers to cross cultural. higher your CI the more likely you will experience success communication. working in a diverse globalized world Assess your own work and how to adjust it to apply. The training course includes many practical activities that are. educationally and professionally enriching This training course. will cover the critical competencies necessary in a modern WHO IS THIS TRAINING COURSE FOR. organisation This ten day Masterclass will leave participants. engaged energised and inspired This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals. but will greatly benefit,This training course will feature. All Leaders Managers Supervisors, The techniques and challenges of innovation Human resource HR Professionals. Business model innovation value creation Marketing PR Specialists. What disruptive innovation means to you and your Any professional who needs to develop their skills in. organisation innovation and CI, Practical tools for decision making solving problems.
Creative and critical thinking skills for Leadership. An understanding of all the major areas of culture HOW WILL THIS TRAINING COURSE. How to improve your CI BE PRESENTED,Understanding how to improve your cross cultural. communication This training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning. Best practice in expatriate and diversity management techniques to ensure maximum understanding comprehension. Cross Cultural Negotiation and retention of the information presented This course will be. offered in a culturally sensitive way, The course is very participatory and experiential It involves a. lot of skill practice in a group setting Training methodology. includes individual and group activities will intersperse the. sessions A variety of practical sessions topical case studies. and group interaction are programmed into this course. Copex Masterclass on Cultural Intelligence Innovation. The Course Content,MODULE 01 THE COMPLETE COURSE IN CULTURAL. INTELLIGENCE CI,Day One The Psychology and Meaning of Culture. THE STRUCTURE Where culture comes from and why it matters. Understanding globalisation,This comprehensive training.
Your own cultural map,course consists of two, The seven levels of culture national workplace gender age regional. modules which can be,religious occupation,booked as a 10 Day Training. event or as individual 5 Day The Hofstede five cultural value dimensions. Module 1 The Complete Day Two Communicating Across Cultures. Course in Cultural, Intelligence CI Why communication differences and barriers occur. How to remove barriers to communication,Module 2 Creating a. Stereotypes and stereotyping explored,Culture of Innovation.
Non verbal communication body language and culture. Workplace culture and the impact on organisational communication. Day Three Cross Cultural Negotiation,The basics of negotiation with CI. Cultural differences in negotiation, Overestimating and underestimating cultural differences in. negotiation,Negotiation traps to avoid,Developing your cross cultural negotiation skills. Day Four Managing Expatriates and Diversity, International assignments and global career development. Culture shock and global working,International Human Resource issues.
The business case for cultural diversity,Nationalisation programmes. Day Five Developing and Maintaining your CI,Developing a global mindset. How to improve your CI,Managing in multi national companies. National culture strategy,Personal Action Planning. Your Strategic Partner in Talent Development,The Course Content.
Your Strategic Partner in Talent Development,MODULE 02 CREATING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION. Day Six The Practice of Innovation THE CERTIFICATE. What is innovation and where does it come from Copex Certificate of. Becoming innovative Attendance will be provided,to delegates who attend. Ideas for innovation,and complete the course, The importance of the Business Model for value creation. Developing your Business Model Canvas,Day Seven Disruptive Innovation. Introduction to Disruptive Innovation DI,Disruptive technology or disruptive innovation.
Examples of great disruption across multiple industries. Evaluate your ability to be disruptive,Enablers and constraints for DI. Day Eight Benchmarking for Innovation,Principles of benchmarking for innovation. Different Methods of benchmarking and how they relate to each other. How to identify potential benchmarking projects,An overview of the benchmarking process. Running a Successful Benchmarking Project,Day Nine Critical and Creative Thinking. Understanding the power of creativity,Your brain and ideas.
Communication skills for ideation,Core critical thinking skills. Argument mapping,Day Ten Culture and Innovation,Understanding the levels of culture. Cultural barriers,What we know about culture and innovation. Creating a workplace culture that supports innovation. Personal action planning,www copex ae,Masterclass on. Cultural Intelligence Innovation,Developing the Skills to Innovate Communicate.
and Think Critically in Culturally Diverse Environments. Date Venue Fees USD,14 25 Mar 2018 Dubai UAE 9 900. 25 Jun 06 Jul 2018 London UK 9 900,03 14 Dec 2018 London UK 9 900. REGISTRATION DETAILS PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS,Salutation First Name Last Name. Designation Company,Tel No Mobile No Fax E Mail,Mailing Address. City Country Zip Code,AUTHORISATION AUTHORISED BY,Salutation First Name Last Name.
Designation Company,Tel No Mobile No Fax E Mail,Mailing Address. City Country Zip Code,MODES OF PAYMENT, Please Invoice My Company Please Invoice Me Cheque Payable To Copex. Hotel Accommodation, Hotel accommodation is not included in the Registration Fee Special rates and limited. number of rooms are available for attendees wishing to stay at the hotel venue Your Strategic Partner in Talent Development. Please make your request for accommodation at least 3 weeks prior to the commencement Tel 971 4 3616397. of the course Fax 971 4 3686886,Email reg copex org uk. Cancellations Substitutions Website www copex ae, Cancellation must be made in writing 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the course P O Box 74513.
A service charge of US 250 will be applicable Thereafter full payment is required but a Dubai United Arab Emirates. substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge,Your Strategic Partner in Talent Development. Contact Us,P O Box 74513 Dubai United Arab Emirates. Tel 971 4 361 6397 Fax 971 4 368 6886,Email info copex org uk Web www copex ae. FEW OF OUR MAJOR CLIENTS, ADCO ABU DHABI COMPANY FOR ONSHORE OIL OPERATIONS ADEC ABU. DHABI EDUCATIONAL COUNCIL ADGAS ABU DHABI GAS LIQUEFACTION. COMPANY ADNOC ABU DHABI NATIONAL OIL DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. ASHGHAL PUBLIC WORKS AUTHORITY CENTRAL BANK OF OMAN. DAPECO DALEEL PETROLEUM COMPANY DEWA DUBAI ELECTRICITY. WATER AUTHORITY DOLPHIN ENERGY KGOC KUWAIT GULF OIL. COMPANY KJO AL KHAFJI JOINT OPERATIONS KOTC KUWAIT OIL. TANKER COMPANY MA ADEN SAUDI ARABIAN MINING COMPANY. QATAR FOUNDATION QATAR PETROLEUM RASGAS SAUDI ARAMCO. SEC SAUDI ELECTRICITY COMPANY SIDF SAUDI INDUSTRIAL. DEVELOPMENT FUND TAKREER ABU DHABI OIL REFINING COMPANY. 2017 Material published by Copex shown here is copyrighted All rights reserved Any unauthorized copying distribution use dissemination. downloading storing in any medium transmission reproduction or reliance in whole or any part of this course outline is prohibited and will.

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