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MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES, The Rules and The Consequences The Two Boxes of Classroom Management. The Rules The Consequences,The Students, Students entering any new class wonder What s it like in here. We need to begin answering this unvoiced question immediately. As few rules as possible 4 or 5 recommended, Highly recommended Rule 1 No talking when I m on the podium. One or two rules discussed and practiced a day not one long lecture. Our students deserve to know the reasons for all rules. Students tend to buy into the rules if they understand the reasons. All rules should be based on musical considerations. We do it this way so that we can achieve musical excellence. The Consequences, Consequences refer only to the way this particular class is run. Only one or two consequences recommended keep it simple. School discipline administrator must approve consequences. Administrators do not like nor do they deserve surprises. Informed administrators will be more likely to back us up. Lowering Band Orchestra Grades as a Consequence Can Be Justified. Students are highly motivated by grades, Grade card says Band or Orchestra not Clarinet or Violin.
Disruptive student is hampering the musical progress of the group. May be a fine clarinetist but is being a poor band student. Therefore Band grade can be lowered, Caution Grading must consist of more than just behavior. Grading policies must be clearly spelled out to both students and parents. Written classroom policies need to be signed by both students and parents. Discipline by Pencil During Rehearsals, Without talking pick up a pencil and put a mark in the grade book. All students understand that someone has just had their grade lowered. All students naturally wonder if it was them, Offending student is not identified publicly during class. Flow of the class is not interrupted nothing is said. Student is denied the notoriety s he may have been seeking. A set number of pencil demerits 3 per grading period lowers grade. To be fair students about to have grade lowered are privately informed. The Students, The students understand that there are only two places to be in the class. Every day the students place themselves in one of the two boxes. The students are either in the Rules box or in the Consequences box. Responsibility for behavior is where it belongs on the students. There is no third box,Teachers as Impartial and Unemotional Observers.
Students understand that we simply observe which box students are in. We calmly and impartially notice when students leave the Rules box. When we raise our voices in anger we do more harm than good. There is no reason for anger emotion or raised voices. We have simply noticed students changing boxes,Our shouting encourages student shouting. The louder we yell the less respect we command, Our mothers always told us to watch out for the quiet ones. Students wonder what would happen if we ever lost it. We can maintain strict discipline without ever raising our voices. First Rehearsals Are Critical, The first rehearsals must be exact models of what has been described. We must be Firm Fair and Consistent,Being firm shows that we respect ourselves. Being fair shows that we respect our students, If we are inconsistent we can be neither firm nor fair.
If we do not run our rehearsals exactly as was described in the discussion of. Rules and Consequences for the class we will not be successful. Saying one thing and doing another is perhaps the biggest mistake we make. Students learn that we are all talk and no action, All of the groundwork that has been laid has been a waste of time. MUSICAL SKILLS, Management Techniques Eventually Need to be Replaced by Musical Skills. The techniques described above will get the year off to a great start. Through experience students learn that the rules and consequences that are in. place enable the group to quickly and efficiently make musical progress. The foundation has been laid upon which a house of music can be built. To maintain this setting long term rehearsals must be musically invigorating. Student attention to rules will be replaced by student interest in the music. Students who are making beautiful music have no interest in misbehaving. A Suggested Two Part Rehearsal Format that Minimizes Management Concerns. Students join our bands and orchestras to play their instruments. Students do not join our groups to sit and listen to others play. There is a great deal of sitting around while we work with small groups. One study identified boredom as the 1 reason students dropped band. The more students play the more likely they are to stay in the program. Most students cannot play and talk at the same time. Playing students are happy students playing students improve. Effective Rehearsal Format Maximizes Student Playing and Learning. The Philosophical Basis of the Two Part Rehearsal Format. The process of instrumental music education is a process of teaching 100 of the. students a series of basic musical skills which are logically arranged from the simple to. the complex and which are then applied to the body of appropriately graded literature for. the purpose of aesthetic pleasure,Mastered Musical Skills. Piece A 6 8,fortepiano,syncopation,rondo form Piece B. Piece C legato sustained articulation,expressive playing.
cut time Piece D,The Two Part Rehearsal,Part One The Lesson Part. 100 Unison Teaching of various musical skills begins all rehearsals. Skills taught are those that will be required in the second part of the class. Unison is the most efficient way to teach and to learn. The Lesson Part of the rehearsal is like a group private lesson. Any literature that contains unlearned skills is not handed out. Required skills are first taught to 100 of students until mastered. Once the skills are learned the literature is handed out and rehearsed. Part Two The Literature Part, Students encounter only new settings of learned skills in the literature. Far fewer stops to teach notes rhythms and so forth. Literature Part emphasizes the MUSIC not the notes. The One Way Bridge Connecting the Two Parts of the Rehearsal. Once in the Literature Part of the class we must not go back to teach a. Deficient skill needs to be the focus of another day s Lesson Part. We must avoid having the majority sit while a few learn the required skill. 100 of students need to master the skill in question. The music making momentum of the rehearsal must not be stopped. All students deserve to make beautiful music every day. Students touched aesthetically everyday will stay in our classes. Lesson Part Literature Part,Musical Rehearsal,Musical Skills of appropriately. logically sequenced graded literature,and mastered One Way Bridge which embodies only. taught to 100 of already mastered,the students via musical skills for the.
unison study purpose of aesthetic,Summary The Two Part Rehearsal Format. Students play their instruments a great deal more, 100 are playing and learning in the first part of every rehearsal. Students do much more playing as the literature is being explored. No stops to teach a few students a specific skill,Far less boredom for individual students. Playing students are happy engaged and learning, Playing students have few opportunities for off task behavior. The emphasis in the second half of every class is on the MUSIC. An aesthetic momentum is established in every class meeting. Students are touched emotionally everyday, Band and orchestra rehearsals literally become MUSIC classes.
The Two Part Rehearsal Format enables us to be music teachers rather than. policepersons The need for non musical Management Techniques is greatly. diminished,CONCLUSIONS, Much like individual human beings bands and orchestras can be thought of as living. organisms Each one is truly unique with its own personality Each is born and processes. through childhood adolescence and adulthood and then it ceases to exist Although each. is different all bands and orchestras can be molded to react in specific ways to their own. unique environments, A New Beginning The first day of any given school year. Childhood All direction comes from outside the organism from the parent figure. The Do s and Don ts are clearly laid out and the consequences. specified Behavior and compliance are carefully monitored. Adolescence Group starts to become more independent of authority figure begins. to monitor its own behavior Grounding detention lowered grade. by the parental figure is occasionally necessary, Maturity The mature ensemble s reason for being is to make music MUSIC. replaces The Rules as the disciplining force in the classroom Music. disciplines us all The rules are seldom thought of or referred to they. have become second nature to the organism They are simply the way. things are done in this class in order to make music. The End The final day of the school year This exact organism with its many. individual parts and its own personality will never exist again. To follow up on any of the ideas expressed in this clinic. feel free to email David Newell at rhythm newell sbcglobal net. Printed courtesy of Neil A Kjos Music Company www kjos com.

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