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The Springer series Management for Professionals comprises high level business. and management books for executives The authors are experienced business. professionals and renowned professors who combine scienti c background best. practice and entrepreneurial vision to provide powerful insights into how to. achieve business excellence, More information about this series at http www springer com series 10101. Ralf T Kreutzer Marie Sirrenberg,Understanding Artificial. Intelligence,Fundamentals Use Cases and Methods,for a Corporate AI Journey. Ralf T Kreutzer Marie Sirrenberg, Berlin School of Economics and Law Bad Wilsnack Germany. Berlin Germany,ISSN 2192 8096 ISSN 2192 810X electronic.
Management for Professionals, ISBN 978 3 030 25270 0 ISBN 978 3 030 25271 7 eBook. https doi org 10 1007 978 3 030 25271 7,Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020. This work is subject to copyright All rights are reserved by the Publisher whether the whole or part. of the material is concerned speci cally the rights of translation reprinting reuse of illustrations. recitation broadcasting reproduction on micro lms or in any other physical way and transmission. or information storage and retrieval electronic adaptation computer software or by similar or dissimilar. methodology now known or hereafter developed, The use of general descriptive names registered names trademarks service marks etc in this. publication does not imply even in the absence of a speci c statement that such names are exempt from. the relevant protective laws and regulations and therefore free for general use. The publisher the authors and the editors are safe to assume that the advice and information in this. book are believed to be true and accurate at the date of publication Neither the publisher nor the. authors or the editors give a warranty expressed or implied with respect to the material contained. herein or for any errors or omissions that may have been made The publisher remains neutral with regard. to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional af liations. This Springer imprint is published by the registered company Springer Nature Switzerland AG. The registered company address is Gewerbestrasse 11 6330 Cham Switzerland. Any suf ciently advanced technology is not,too different from magic. Arthur Clarke, One term is increasingly dominating discussions on the subject of digitalization.
Arti cial Intelligence AI Chinese companies such as SenseTime even place. Arti cial Intelligence at the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution in which. most of the world s economic nations nd themselves today SenseTime has a good. position to do this after all it is currently the most valuable AI start up in the. This is not by chance In its master plan Made in China 2025 China de ned. Arti cial Intelligence as one of ten industrial areas in which China wants to achieve. a global leadership role China had de ned impressive goals By 2030 China wants. to be more than just a global AI innovation center The Chinese AI industry will. then have a value of approx 150 billion US and the AI supported industry ten. times that amount China has recognized that Arti cial Intelligence is the mother of. all new technologies, Developed countries in America and Europe are still far away from this kind of. strategic planning Several questions arise regarding the possible causes. Is the inadequate analysis with Arti cial Intelligence due to the fact that there is. still no comprehensive idea of what Arti cial Intelligence can do for compa. nies entire industries and countries, Is it primarily the tight legal framework that makes it dif cult for companies. operating in that area to build up and use data necessary for Arti cial. Intelligence, Or is it a lack of proven concepts to successfully unleash the potential of. Arti cial Intelligence in the own environment, We should have in mind that we are already in permanent contact with AI. applications today If we use a digital personal assistant such as Alexa or Google. Home we have access to AI applications Anyone who receives support from. Google Translate or the German start up DeepL in translating will bene t from. Arti cial Intelligence Whoever uses facial recognition systems utilizes AI algo. rithms When radiologists have X ray images and CT scans evaluated by com. puters AI supported expert systems are in action In addition robots are. increasingly being deployed and not only in production Autonomous driving is. another AI eld of application that uses a robot as a driver This makes it clear. viii Preface, Arti cial Intelligence has already arrived in our everyday lives.
With this book we want to contribute that even more people understand and. recognize the potential associated with Arti cial Intelligence At the same time. it is clari ed which framework is necessary for a responsible handling of. Arti cial Intelligence Finally a convincing AI journey for the corporate. development of the AI potential is presented After all one thing is for sure. Arti cial Intelligence will change the lives of people and companies embedded. in the possibilities of digitalization even more sustainably than many can. imagine today, The book encourages to consider this topic seriously at an early stage and should. help to identify and use sustainable value adding elds of application before. others do Above all it is intended to arouse curiosity and interest in the various. elds in which Arti cial Intelligence can unfold its effects It applies. Arti cial Intelligence will very quickly evolve from a nice to have technology. to a have to have technology After all Arti cial Intelligence is not a tech. nology like many others but a basic innovation that will penetrate all areas of. business and life in the coming years,It s good to be prepared for that. Berlin Germany Ralf T Kreutzer,Bad Wilsnack Germany Marie Sirrenberg. August 2019, 1 What Is Arti cial Intelligence and How to Exploit It 1. 1 1 What Is the Core of Arti cial Intelligence 2, 1 2 Which Goals Can Be Achieved with Arti cial Intelligence 14.
1 3 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence 22. 1 3 1 Natural Language Processing NLP 24, 1 3 2 Natural Image Processing Computer Vision Image. Processing 30,1 3 3 Expert Systems 34,1 3 4 Robotics Robots 36. 1 4 What Are the Global Economic Effects of Arti cial. Intelligence 41,Bibliography 55,2 Basics and Drivers of Arti cial Intelligence 59. 2 1 Moore s Law and the Effects of Exponentiality 60. 2 2 Digitalization and Dematerialization of Products Services. and Processes 60, 2 3 Connecting Products Services Processes Animals. and People 62,2 4 Big Data 64,2 5 New Technologies 69.
2 6 Investment in Arti cial Intelligence 81,Bibliography 84. 3 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Production. 3 1 Introduction to the Fields of Application 87, 3 2 Signi cant Developments in the Production Area 88. 3 3 Smart Manufacturing 89,3 4 Further Development of the Value Chains. and the Value Systems 94,3 5 Effects of Smart Manufacturing and Outlook 96. Bibliography 102,x Contents, 4 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Customer Service.
Marketing and Sales 105, 4 1 Service Sector From Simple Chatbots to Digital Personal. Assistants 105, 4 1 1 Expectation Matrix of Customers and Companies 105. 4 1 2 Voice Analytics and Chatbots in the Service Sector 107. 4 1 3 Digital Assistants in the Service Sector 116. 4 1 4 Integration of Chatbots and Digital Assistants. into Customer Service 125,4 2 Marketing and Sales 130. 4 2 1 Lead Prediction Lead Pro ling and Recommendation. Engine 130,4 2 2 Conversational Commerce 133,4 2 3 Sentiment Analysis 136. 4 2 4 Dynamic Pricing 140,4 2 5 Content Creation 141.
4 2 6 Image Recognition 144,4 2 7 Fake Detection 147. Bibliography 151, 5 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Retail. Service and Maintenance Sector 155,5 1 Challenges in the Retail Value Chain 155. 5 2 Forecasting Purchasing Behavior in the Retail Sector 158. 5 3 Service and Maintenance Sector 161,Bibliography 165. 6 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Health Care. Education and Human Resource Management 167, 6 1 Health Care Applications to Improve Standard Processes 167.
6 2 Digital Twins and Human Brain Projects 170,6 3 AI Based Medical Use Cases 173. 6 4 AI Supported Education 179,6 5 AI Supported Human Resource Management 186. 6 6 Summary 190,Bibliography 191, 7 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Energy Sector. Smart Home Mobility and Transport 195,7 1 AI Applications in the Energy Sector 195. 7 2 Smart Home Applications 197,7 3 From Smart Home to Smart City 202.
7 4 Mobility and Transportation Sector 205,Bibliography 209. Contents xi, 8 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Financial. Services and Creative Sector 211,8 1 Financial Services 211. 8 2 Creative Sector 215,Bibliography 223, 9 Fields of Application of Arti cial Intelligence Security. Sector and Military Sector 225,9 1 Security Sector and Social Scoring 225.
9 2 Military Sector 230,Bibliography 233, 10 AI Challenge How Arti cial Intelligence Can Be Anchored. in a Company 235, 10 1 3 Horizon Model as a Framework for Orientation 235. 10 2 Recording the AI Maturity of Your Own Company 238. 10 3 Development of an AI Journey in the Own Company 242. 10 3 1 Phase 1 Comprehensive Information Gathering 242. 10 3 2 Phase 2 Systematic Preparation of AI Deployment 245. 10 3 3 Phase 3 Development of AI Applications 248,10 3 4 Phase 4 Integration of AI Applications. and AI Results into the Company 268,Bibliography 272. 11 Outlook 275, 11 1 Time Horizons of Possible AI Developments 275.
11 2 Challenges for Politics and Society 280,Bibliography 285. Bibliography 287,About the Authors,Prof Dr Ralf T Kreutzer has been Professor of. Marketing at the Berlin School of Economics and,Law since 2005 as well as Marketing and Manage. ment Consultant Trainer and Coach He spent 15 years. in various management positions at Bertelsmann, Volkswagen and Deutsche Post before being appointed. Professor of Marketing in 2005,Through regular publications and lectures he has.
provided important impulses on various topics relating. to marketing CRM customer loyalty systems online, marketing digital Darwinism dematerialization digital. transformation change management strategic and, international marketing as well as Arti cial Intelli. gence He has advised a large number of companies in. Germany and abroad in these elds and trained and,coached managers at middle and top management. levels He is a sought after keynote speaker at national. and international conferences He also moderates World. Caf formats and other interactive forms of group work. His most recent publications are Dematerialization. The Redistribution of the World 2015 together with. Karl Heinz Land Digital Darwinism Branding and,Business Models in Jeopardy 2015 together with. Karl Heinz Land Kundenbeziehungsmanagement im,digitalen Zeitalter 2016 Digitale Markenf hrung.
2017 together with Karl Heinz Land Praxisorien,tiertes Online Marketing 3rd edition 2017 E Mail. Marketing kompakt 2018 F hrung und Organisation,im digitalen Zeitalter kompakt 2018 Digital. Business Leadership Digital Transformation Busi,ness Model Innovation Agile Organization Change. Management 2018 together with Tim Neugebauer and,Annette Pattloch Social Media Marketing kompakt. xiv About the Authors,2018 Online Marketing Studienwissen kompakt.
2nd edition 2019 and Toolbox for Marketing and,Management 2019. Prof Dr Ralf T Kreutzer, Professor of Marketing at the Berlin School of Eco. nomics and Law as well as Marketing and Management. Consultant Trainer and Coach,Alter Heeresweg 36,53639 K nigswinter. kreutzer r t online de,www ralf kreutzer de,Marie Sirrenberg is an IT Consultant at Atlassian. Platinum Solution Partner STAGIL Previously she,worked as an NPS specialist for the SaaS startup.
zenloop where she built up sales structures and advised. successful e commerce companies on feedback manage. ment At WDM a medium sized industrial company she, accompanied digitalization processes with a focus on. online communication and SEO, During her master studies in International Marketing. Management at the HWR Berlin she focused on, digitalization topics such as social media strategies. digital education and Arti cial Intelligence as well as. Design Thinking The comprehensive interpretation of. Arti cial Intelligence for future business models was the. reason for the master thesis The future role of Arti cial. Intelligence in the service sector challenges tasks. recommendations,Marie Sirrenberg M A,Gro e Stra e 1. 19336 Bad Wilsnack,marie sirrenberg web de,Abbreviations.
AAL Ambient assisted living,AGI Arti cial general intelligence. AGV Automated guided vehicle,AI Arti cial Intelligence. AIaaS Arti cial Intelligence as a service,AIR Arti cial Intelligence roman. AKI Acute kidney injury,AP Associated Press,API Application programming interface. AR Augmented reality,BaaS Backup as a service,BCI Brain computer interface.
BEO Bot engine optimization, BKA Bundeskriminalamt German Federal Criminal Police Of ce. BMI Brain machine interface, CFI Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence. CPS Cyber physical system,CRM Customer relationship management. CT Computed tomography,CUI Conversational user interface. DFKI Deutsches Forschungszentrum f r K nstliche Intelligenz German. Research Center for Arti cial Intelligence,DICaaS Data intensive computing as a service.
DWH Data warehouse,EEG Electroencephalography,EMG Electromyography. ERP Enterprise resource planning,ETFs Exchange traded funds. EU European Union,FAQs Frequently asked questions,FLOPS Floating point operations per second. fMRI Functional magnetic resonance imaging,GDPR General Data Protection Regulation. xvi Abbreviations,GDR German Democratic Republic,GIGO Garbage in garbage out.
GUI Graphical user interface,HBP Human brain project. HPCaaS High performance computing as a service,HR Human resources. HuaaS Humans as a service,IaaS Infrastructure as a service. IoE Internet of everything,IoT Internet of things,IT Information technology. ITS Intelligent tutoring system,KDD Knowledge discovery in databases.
LPWAN Low power wide area network,MaaS Mobility as a service. ML Machine learning,MOOC Massive open online course. MRI Magnetic resonance imaging,MUaas Music as a service. MVP Minimum viable product, NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NER Named entity recognition,NLG Natural language generation.
NLP Natural language processing,NLU Natural language understanding. NPS Net Promoter Score, OECD Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development. OEM Original equipment manufacturer,PaaS Platform as a service. POS Part of speech tagging,RFID Radio frequency Identi cation. ROI Return on investment,RPA Robotic process automation.
SaaS Software as a service,SDK Software development kit. SEO Search engine optimization,SLAM Simultaneous localization and mapping. SST Self service technologies, STEM Science technology engineering and mathematics. STS Speech to speech,STT Speech to text,TaaS Transportation as a service. TK Techniker Krankenkasse German Health Insurance,TTS Text to speech.
TTT Text to text,Abbreviations xvii,UX User experience. VEO Voice engine optimization,VMES Virtual manufacturing execution system. VR Virtual reality,XAI Explainable Arti cial Intelligence.

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