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1 Sabhakriya Parva 2,2 Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva 8. 3 Rajasuyarambha Parva 26,4 Jarasandha badha Parva 35. 5 Digvijaya Parva 44,6 Rajasuyika Parva 53,7 Arghyaharana Parva 58. 8 Sisupala badha Parva 63,9 Dyuta Parva 72,Sabhakriya Parva. SECTION I Sabhakriya Parva, Om After having bowed down to Narayana and Nara the most exalted male being and also to the goddess.
Saraswati must the word Jaya be uttered, Vaisampayana said Then in the presence of Vasudeva Maya Danava having worshipped Arjuna repeatedly. spoke to him with joined hands and in amiable words O son of Kunti saved have I been by you from this. Krishna in spate and from Pavaka fire desirous of consuming me Tell me what I have to do for you. Arjuna said, O great Asura everything has already been done by you even by this offer of yours Blessed be you. Go wherever you like Be kind and well disposed towards me as we are even kind to and well pleased. O bull amongst men what you have said is worthy of you O exalted one But O Bharata I desire to do. something for you cheerfully I am a great artist a Viswakarma among the Danavas O son of Pandu. being what I am I desire to do something for you,Arjuna said. O sinless one you regard yourself as saved by me from imminent death Even if it has been so I. cannot make you do anything for me At the same time O Danava I do not wish to frustrate your. intentions Do you something for Krishna That will be a sufficient requital for my services to you. Vaisampayana said Then O bull of the Bharata race urged by Maya Vasudeva reflected for a moment as to. what he should ask Maya to accomplish Krishna the Lord of the universe and the Creator of every object having. reflected in his mind thus commanded Maya, Let a palatial sabha meeting hall as you choose be built by you if you O son of Diti who are the. foremost of all artists desire to do good to Yudhishthira the just Indeed build yourself such a palace. that persons belonging to the world of men may not be able to imitate it even after examining it with. care while seated within And O Maya build yourself a mansion in which we may behold a. combination of godly asuric and human designs, Vaisampayana continued Having heard those words Maya became exceedingly glad And he forthwith built a.
magnificent palace for the son of Pandu like the palace of the celestials themselves. Then Krishna and Partha Arjuna after having narrated everything to king Yudhishthira the just introduced. Maya to him Yudhishthira received Maya with respect offering him the honour he deserved And O Bharata. Maya accepted that honour thinking highly of it, O monarch of the Bharata race that great son of Diti then recited to the sons of Pandu the history of the Danava. Vrisha parva and that foremost of artists then having rested awhile set himself after much thoughtful planning. to build a palace for the illustrious sons of Pandu. Agreeably to the wishes of both Krishna and the sons of Pritha the illustrious Danava of great prowess having. performed on an auspicious day the initial propitiatory rites of foundation and having also gratified thousands of. well versed Brahmanas with sweetened milk and rice and with rich presents of various kinds measured out a plot. of land five thousand cubits square which was delightful and exceedingly handsome to behold and which was. favourable for construction of a building well suited to the exigencies of every season. SECTION II Sabhakriya Parva, Vaisampayana said Janardana deserving the worship of all having lived happily at Khandavaprastha for some. time and having been treated all the while with respectful love and affection by the sons of Pritha became. desirous one day of leaving Khandavaprastha to behold his father. That possessor of large eyes to whom was due the obeisance of the universe then saluted both Yudhishthira and. Pritha and made obeisance with his head to the feet of Kunti his father s sister Thus revered by Kesava Pritha. smelt his head and embraced him, The illustrious Hrishikesa approached his own sister Subhadra affectionately with his eyes filled with tears and. spoke to her words of excellent import and truth terse proper unanswerable and fraught with good The. sweet speeched Subhadra also saluting him in return and worshipping him repeatedly with bent head told him. all that she wished to be conveyed to her relatives on the paternal side. And bidding her farewell and uttering benedictions on his handsome sister he of the Vrishni race next saw. Draupadi and Dhaumya That best of men duly made obeisance to Dhaumya and consoling Draupadi obtained. leave from her, Then the learned and mighty Krishna accompanied by Partha went to his cousins And surrounded by the five. brothers Krishna shone like Sakra in the midst of the celestials He whose banner bore the figure of Garuda. desirous of performing the rites preparatory to the commencement of a journey purified himself by a bath and. adorned his person with ornaments, The bull of the Yadu race then worshipped the gods and Brahmanas with floral wreaths mantras bows of the.
head and excellent perfumes Having finished all these rites that foremost of steady and virtuous persons then. thought of setting out, The chief of the Yadu race then came out of the inner to the outer apartment and issuing thence he made to. Brahmanas deserving of worship offerings of vessel fulls of curd and fruits and parched grain and caused them. to pronounce benedictions upon him And making to them presents also of wealth he went round them. Then ascending his excellent car of gold endued with great speed and adorned with banner bearing the figure of. Tarkhya Garuda and furnished also with mace discus sword his bow Sharnga and other weapons and yoking. there his horses Saivya and Sugriva he of eyes like lotuses set out at an excellent moment of a lunar day of. auspicious stellar conjunction, And Yudhishthira the king of the Kurus from affection ascended the chariot after Krishna and causing that best. charioteer Daruka to stand aside himself took the reins. And Arjuna also of long arms riding on that car walked round Krishna and fanned him with a white chamara. furnished with a handle of gold, And the mighty Bhimasena accompanied by the twin brothers Nakula and Sahadeva and the priests and citizens. all followed Krishna from behind, And Kesava that slayer of hostile heroes followed by all the brothers shone like a preceptor followed by his. favourite pupils, Then Govinda spoke to Arjuna and clasped him firmly and worshipping Yudhisthira and Bhima embraced the.
twins And embraced in return by the three elder Pandavas he was reverentially saluted by the twins. After having gone about half a Yojana two miles Krishna that subjugator of hostile towns respectfully. addressed Yudhishthira and requested him O Bharata to stop following him further. And Govinda conversant with every duty then reverentially saluted Yudhishthira and took hold of his feet But. Yudhishthira soon raised Kesava and smelt his head King Yudhishthira the just the son of Pandu having raised. Krishna endued with eyes like lotus petals and the foremost of the Yadava race gave him leave saying Good. Then the slayer of Madhu making an appointment with them about his return in words that were proper and. preventing with difficulty the Pandavas from following him further on foot gladly proceeded towards his own. city like Indra going towards Amravati, Out of the love and affection they bore him the Pandavas gazed on Krishna as long as he was within sight and. their minds also followed him when he got out of sight And Kesava of agreeable person soon disappeared from. their sight unsatiated though their minds were with looking at him. Those bulls among men the sons of Pritha with minds fixed on Govinda desisted from following him further. and unwillingly returned to their own city in haste And Krishna in his car soon reached Dwaraka followed by. that hero Satyaki Then Sauri the son of Devaki accompanied by his charioteer Daruka reached Dwaraka with the. speed of Garuda, Vaisampayana continued Meanwhile king Yudhishthira of unfading glory accompanied by his brothers and. surrounded by friends entered his excellent capital And that tiger among men dismissing all his relatives. brothers and sons sought to make himself happy in the company of Draupadi. And Kesava also worshipped by the principal Yadavas including Ugrasena entered with a happy heart his own. excellent city And worshipping his old father and his illustrious mother and saluting his brother Valadeva he of. eyes like lotus petals took his seat Embracing Pradyumna Shamva Nishatha Charudeshna Gada Aniruddha. and Bhanu and obtaining the leave of all the elderly men Janardana entered the apartments of Rukmini. SECTION III Sabhakriya Parva, Vaisampayana said Then Maya Danava addressed Arjuna that foremost of successful warriors saying. I now go with your leave but shall come back soon On the north of the Kailasa peak near the. mountains of Mainaka while the Danavas were engaged in a sacrifice on the banks of Vindu lake I. gathered a huge quantity of delightful and variegated vanda a kind of rough materials composed of. jewels and gems This was placed in the mansion of Vrishaparva ever devoted to truth If it be yet. existing I shall come back O Bharata with it, I shall then commence the construction of the delightful palace of the Pandavas which is to be adorned. with every kind of gems and celebrated all over the world. There is also I think O you of the Kuru race a fierce club placed in the lake Vindu by the King of the. Danavas after slaughtering therewith all his foes in battle Besides being heavy and strong and. variegated with golden knobs it is capable of bearing great weight and of slaying all foes and is equal. in strength to an hundred thousand clubs It is a fit weapon for Bhima even as the Gandiva is for you. There is also in that lake a large conch shell called Devadatta of loud sound that came from Varuna I. shall no doubt give all these to you, Having spoken thus to Partha the Asura went away in a north easterly direction.
On the north of Kailasa in the mountains of Mainaka there is a huge peak of gems and jewels called. Hiranya sringa Near that peak is a delightful lake of the name of Vindu There on its banks previously dwelt. king Bhagiratha for many years desiring to behold the goddess Ganga since called Bhagirayou after that king s. name And there on its banks O you best of the Bharatas Indra the illustrious lord of every created thing. performed one hundred great sacrifices There for the sake of beauty though not according to the dictates of the. ordinance were placed sacrificial stakes made of gems and altars of gold There after performing those sacrifices. the thousand eyed lord of Sachi became crowned with success There the fierce Mahadeva the eternal lord of. every creature has taken up his abode after having created all the worlds and there he dwells worshipped with. reverence by thousands of spirits There Nara and Narayana Brahma and Yama and Sthanu the fifth perform. their sacrifices at the expiration of a thousand yugas There for the establishment of virtue and religion Vasudeva. with pious devotion performed his sacrifices extending for many many long years There were placed by Keshava. thousands and tens of thousands of sacrificial stakes adorned with golden garlands and altars of great splendour. Going there O Bharata Maya brought back the club and the conch shell and the various crystalline articles that. had belonged to king Vrishaparva And the great Asura Maya having gone there possessed himself of the whole. of the great wealth which was guarded by Yakshas and Rakshasas Bringing them the Asura constructed. therewith a peerless palace which was of great beauty and of celestial make composed entirely of gems and. precious stones and celebrated throughout the three worlds He gave to Bhimasena that best of clubs and to. Arjuna the most excellent conch shell at whose sound all creatures trembled in awe. And the palace that Maya built consisted of columns of gold and occupied O monarch an area of five thousand. cubits The palace possessing an exceedingly beautiful form like that of Agni or Suryya or Soma shone in great. splendour and by its brilliance seemed to darken even the bright rays of the sun And with the effulgence it. exhibited which was a mixture of both celestial and terrestrial light it looked as if it was on fire Like a mass of. new clouds conspicuous in the sky the palace rose up coming into view of all Indeed the palace that the. dexterous Maya built was so wide delightful and refreshing and composed of such excellent materials and. furnished with such golden walls and archways and adorned with so many varied pictures and was withal so. rich and well built that in beauty it far surpassed Sudharma of the Dasarha race or the mansion of Brahma. And eight thousand Rakshasas called Kinkaras fierce huge bodied and endued with great strength of red. coppery eyes and arrowy ears well armed and capable of ranging through the air used to guard and protect that. palace Within that palace Maya placed a peerless tank and in that tank were lotuses with leaves of dark coloured. gems and stalks of bright jewels and other flowers also of golden leaves And aquatic fowls of various species. sported on its bosom Itself variegated with full blown lotuses and stocked with fishes and tortoises of golden hue. its bottom was without mud and its water transparent There was a flight of crystal stairs leading from the banks. to the edge of the water The gentle breezes that swept along its bosom softly shook the flowers that studded it. The banks of that tank were overlaid with slabs of costly marble set with pearls And beholding that tank thus. adorned all around with jewels and precious stones many kings that came there mistook it for land and fell into it. with eyes open, Many tall trees of various kinds were planted all around the palace Of green foliage and cool shade and ever. blossoming they were all very charming to behold Artificial woods were laid around always emitting a delicious. fragrance And there were many tanks also that were adorned with swans and Karandavas and Chakravakas. Brahminy ducks in the grounds lying about the mansion And the breeze bearing the fragrance of lotuses. growing in water and of those growing on land ministered to the pleasure and happiness of the Pandavas And. Maya having constructed such a palatial hall within fourteen months reported its completion to Yudhishthira. SECTION IV Sabhakriya Parva, Vaisampayana said Then that chief of men king Yudhishthira entered that palatial sabha having first fed ten. thousand Brahmanas with preparations of milk and rice mixed with clarified butter and honey with fruits and. roots and with pork and venison The king gratified those superior Brahmanas who had come from various. countries with food seasoned with seasamum and prepared with vegetables called jibanti with rice mixed with. clarified butter with different preparations of meat with indeed various kinds of other food as also numberless. viands that are fit to be sucked and innumerable kinds of drinks with new and unused robes and clothes and. with excellent floral wreaths The king also gave to each of those Brahmanas a thousand cows And O Bharata. the voice of the gratified Brahmanas uttering What an auspicious day is this became so loud that it seemed to. reach heaven itself, And when the Kuru king entered the palatial sabha having also worshipped the gods with various kinds of music. and numerous species of excellent and costly perfumes the athletes and mimes and prize fighters and bards and. encomiasts began to gratify that illustrious son of Dharma by exhibiting their skill And thus celebrating his entry. into the palace Yudhishthira with his brothers sported within that palace like Sakra himself in heaven. Upon the seats in that palace sat along with the Pandavas Rishis and kings that came from various countries viz. Asita and Devala Satya Sarpamali and Mahasira Arvavasu Sumitra Maitreya Sunaka and Vali Vaka Dalvya. Sthulasira Krishna Dwaipayana and Suka Sumanta Jaimini Paila and the disciples of Vyasa viz ourselves. Tittiri Yajanavalkya and Lomaharshana with his son Apsuhomya Dhaumya Animandavya and Kausika. Damoshnisha and Traivali Parnada and Varayanuka Maunjayana Vayubhaksha Parasarya and Sarika Valivaka. Silivaka Satyapala and Krita srama Jatukarna and Sikhavat Alamva and Parijataka the exalted Parvata and the. great Muni Markandeya Pavitrapani Savarna Bhaluki and Galava Janghabandhu Raibhya Kopavega and. Bhrigu Harivabhru Kaundinya Vabhrumali and Sanatana Kakshivat and Ashija Nachiketa and Aushija. Nachiketa and Gautama Painga Varaha Sunaka and Sandilya of great ascetic merit Kukkura Venujangha. Kalapa and Katha these virtuous and learned Munis with senses and souls under complete control and many. others as numerous all well skilled in the Vedas and Vedangas and conversant with rules of morality and pure. and spotless in behaviour waited on the illustrious Yudhishthira and gladdened him by their sacred discourses. And so also numerous principal Kshatriyas such as the illustrious and virtuous Mujaketu Vivarddhana. Sangramjit Durmukha the powerful Ugrasena Kakshasena the lord of the Earth Kshemaka the invincible. Kamatha the king of Kamvoja and the mighty Kampana who alone made the Yavanas to ever tremble at his name. just as the god that wields the thunder bolt makes those Asuras the Kalakeyas tremble before him Jatasura and. the king of the Madrakas Kunti Pulinda the king of the Kiratas and the kings of Anga and Vanga and Pandrya. and the king of Udhara and Andhaka Sumitra and Saivya that slayer of foes Sumanas the king of the Kiratas. and Chanur the King of the Yavanas Devarata Bhoja and the so called Bhimaratha Srutayudha the king of. Kalinga Jayasena the king of Magadha and Sukarman and Chekitana and Puru that slayer of foes Ketumata. Vasudana and Vaideha and Kritakshana Sudharman Aniruddha Srutayu endued with great strength the. invincible Anuparaja the handsome Karmajit Sisupala with his son the king of Karusha and the invincible. youths of the Vrishni race all equal in beauty to the celestials viz Ahuka Viprithu Sada Sarana Akrura. Kritavarman and Satyaka the son of Sini and Bhismaka Ankriti and the powerful Dyumatsena those chief of. bowmen viz the Kaikeyas and Yajnasena of the Somaka race these Kshatriyas endured with great might all. well armed and wealthy and many others also regarded as the foremost all waited upon Yudhishthira the son of. Kunti in that Sabha desirous of ministering to his happiness. And those princes also endued with great strength who dressing themselves in deer skins learnt the science of. weapons under Arjuna waited upon Yudhishthira And O king the princes also of the Vrishni race viz. Pradyumna the son of Rukmini and Samva and Yuyudhana the son of Satyaki and Sudharman and Aniruddha. and Saivya that foremost of men who had learnt the science of arms under Arjuna these and many other kings O. lord of the Earth used to wait on Yudhishthira on that occasion. And that friend of Dhananjaya Tumvuru and the Gandharva Chittasena with his ministers any many other. Gandharvas and Apsaras well skilled in vocal and instrumental music and in cadence and Kinnaras also. well versed in musical measures and motions singing celestial tunes in proper and charming voices waited. upon and gladdened the sons of Pandu and the Rishis who sat in that Sabha. And seated in that Sabha those bull among men of rigid vows and devoted to truth all waited upon. Yudhishthira like the celestials in heaven waiting upon Brahma. Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva,SECTION V Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva. Vaisampayana said While the illustrious Pandavas were seated in that Sabha along with the principal. Gandharvas there came O Bharata to that assembly the celestial Rishi Narada conversant with the Vedas and. Upanishadas worshipped by the celestials acquainted with histories and Puranas well versed in all that occurred. in ancient kalpas cycles conversant with Nyaya logic and the truth of moral science possessing a complete. knowledge of the six Angas viz pronunciation grammar prosody explanation of basic terms description of. religious rites and astronomy, He was a perfect master in reconciling contradictory texts and differentiating in applying general principles to.
particular cases as also in interpreting contraries by reference to differences in situation eloquent resolute. intelligent possessed of powerful memory He was acquainted with the science of morals and politics learned. proficient in distinguishing inferior things from superior ones skilled in drawing inference from evidence. competent to judge of the correctness or incorrectness of syllogistic statements consisting of five propositions. He was capable of answering successively Vrihaspati himself while arguing with definite conclusions properly. framed about religion wealth pleasure and salvation of great soul and beholding this whole universe above. below and around as if it were present before his eyes. He was master of both the Sankhya and Yoga systems of philosophy ever desirous of humbling the celestials and. Asuras by fomenting quarrels among them conversant with the sciences of war and treaty proficient in drawing. conclusions by judging of things not within direct ken as also in the six sciences of treaty war military campaigns. maintenance of posts against the enemy and stratagems by ambuscades and reserves He was a thorough master. of every branch of learning fond of war and music incapable of being repulsed by any science or any course of. action and possessed of these and numberless other accomplishments. The Rishi having wandered over the different worlds came into that Sabha And the celestial Rishi of. immeasurable splendour endued with great energy was accompanied O monarch by Parijata and the intelligent. Raivata and Saumya and Sumukha Possessing the speed of the mind the Rishi came there and was filled with. gladness upon beholding the Pandavas, The Brahmana on arriving there paid homage to Yudhishthira by uttering blessings on him and wishing him. victory Beholding the learned Rishi arrive the eldest of the Pandavas conversant with all rules of duty quickly. stood up with his younger brothers Bending low with humility the monarch cheerfully saluted the Rishi and. gave with due ceremonies a befitting seat to him The king also gave him cows and the usual offerings of the. Arghya including honey and the other ingredients Conversant with every duty the monarch also worshipped the. Rishi with gems and jewels with a whole heart, Receiving that worship from Yudhishthira in proper form the Rishi became gratified Thus worshipped by the. Pandavas and the great Rishis Narada possessing a complete mastery over the Vedas said to Yudhishthira the. following words bearing upon religion wealth pleasures and salvation. Narada said, Is the wealth you are earning being spent on proper objects Does your mind take pleasure in virtue. Are you enjoying the pleasures of life Does not your mind sink under their weight. O chief of men do you continue in the noble conduct consistent with religion and wealth practised by. your ancestors towards the three classes of subjects viz good indifferent and bad Do you ever. injure religion for the sake of wealth or both religion and wealth for the sake of pleasure that easily. O you foremost of victorious men ever devoted to the good of all conversant as you are with the. timeliness of everything do you follow religion wealth pleasure and salvation dividing your time. judiciously, O sinless one with the six attributes of kings viz cleverness of speech readiness in providing means. intelligence in dealing with the foe memory and acquaintance with morals and politics do you attend. to the seven means viz sowing dissensions chastisement conciliation gifts incantations medicine. Do you also examine after a survey of your own strength and weakness the fourteen possessions of. your foes These are the country forts cars elephants cavalry foot soldiers the principal officials of. state the zenana food supply computations of the army and income the religious treatises in force the. accounts of state the revenue wine shops and other secret enemies. Do you attend to the eight occupations of agriculture trade c having examined O you foremost of. victorious monarchs your own and your enemy s means and having made peace with your enemies. O bull of the Bharata race your seven principal officers of state viz the governor of the citadel the. commander of forces the chief judge the general in interior command the chief priest the chief. physician and the chief astrologer have not I hope succumbed to the influence of your foes nor have. they I hope become idle in consequence of the wealth they have earned They are I hope all obedient. Your counsels I hope are never divulged by your trusted spies in disguise by yourself or by your. ministers You ascertain I hope what your friends foes and strangers are about. Do you make peace and make war at proper times Do you observe neutrality towards strangers and. persons that are neutral towards you, And O hero have you made persons like yourself persons that are old continent in behaviour.
capable of understanding what should be done and what should not pure as regards birth and blood. and devoted to you your ministers, O Bharata the victories of kings can be attributed to good counsels O child is your kingdom protected. by ministers learned in Sastras keeping their counsels close Are your foes unable to injure it. You have not become the slave of sleep Do you wake at the proper time. Conversant with pursuits yielding profit do you think during the small hours of night as to what you. should do and what you should not do the next day, Do you settle nothing alone nor take counsels with many The counsels you have resolved upon do. not become known all over your kingdom, Do you commence soon to accomplish measures of great utility that are easy of accomplishment Such. measures are never obstructed, Do you keep the agriculturists not out of your sight They do not fear to approach you. Do you achieve your measures through persons that are trusted incorruptible and possessed of. practical experience And O brave king I hope people only know the measures already accomplished. by you and those that have been partially accomplished and are awaiting completion but not those. that are only in contemplation and uncommenced, Have experienced teachers capable of explaining the causes of things and learned in the science of.
morals and every branch of learning been appointed to instruct the princes and the chiefs of the army. Do you buy a single learned man by giving in exchange a thousand ignorant individuals The man. that is learned confers the greatest benefit in seasons of distress. Are your forts always filled with treasure food weapons water engines and instruments as also with. engineers and bowmen, Even a single minister that is intelligent brave with his passions under complete control and. possessed of wisdom and judgment is capable of conferring the highest prosperity on a king or a. king s son I ask you therefore whether there is even one such minister with you. Do you seek to know everything about the eighteen Tirthas of the foe and fifteen of your own by means. of three and three spies all unacquainted with one another O slayer of all foes do you watch you all. your enemies with care and attention and unknown to them. Is the priest you honour possessed of humility and purity of blood and renown and without jealousy. and illiberality Has any well behaved intelligent and guileless Brahmana well up in the ordinance. been employed by you in the performance of your daily rites before the sacred fire and does he remind. you in proper time as to when your homa should be performed Is the astrologer you have employed. skilled in reading physiognomy capable of interpreting omens and competent to neutralise the effect. of the disturbances of nature, Have respectable servants been employed by you in offices that are respectable indifferent ones in. indifferent offices and low ones in offices that are low Have you appointed to high offices ministers. that are guileless and of well conduct for generations and above the common run. Do you oppress your people with cruel and severe punishment And O bull of the Bharata race do. your ministers rule your kingdom under your orders Do your ministers ever slight you like sacrificial. priests slighting men that are fallen and incapable of performing any more sacrifices or like wives. slighting husbands that are proud and incontinent in their behaviour. Is the commander of your forces possessed of sufficient confidence brave intelligent patient. well conducted of good birth devoted to you and competent Do you treat with consideration and. regard the chief officers of your army that are skilled in every kind of welfare are forward. well behaved and endued with prowess Do you give to your troops their sanctioned rations and pay. in the appointed time You do not oppress them by withholding these Do you know that the misery. caused by arrears of pay and irregularity in the distribution of rations drives the troops to mutiny and. that is called by the learned to be one of the greatest of mischiefs. Are all the principal high born men devoted to you and ready with cheerfulness to lay down their. lives in battle for your sake I hope no single individual of passions uncontrolled is ever permitted by. you to rule as he likes a number of concerns at the same time appertaining to the army. Is any servant of yours who has accomplished well a particular business by the employment of special. ability disappointed in obtaining from you a little more regard and an increase of food and pay I. hope you reward persons of learning and humility and skill in every kind of knowledge with gifts of. wealth and honour proportionate to their qualifications. Do you support O bull in the Bharata race the wives and children of men that have given their lives. for you and have been distressed on your account, Do you cherish O son of Pritha with paternal affection the foe that has been weakened or him also. that has sought your shelter having been vanquished in battle O lord of Earth are you equal to all. men and can every one approach you without fear as if you were their mother and father And O bull. of the Bharata race do you march without loss of time and reflecting well upon three kinds of forces. against your foe when you hear that he is in distress O subjugator of all foes do you begin your march. when the time comes having taken into consideration all the omens you might see the resolutions you. have made and that the ultimate victory depends upon the twelve mandalas such as reserves. ambuscades c and payment of pay to the troops in advance. And O persecutor of all foes do you give gems and jewels to the principal officers of enemy as they. deserve without your enemy s knowledge O son of Pritha do you seek to conquer your incensed foes. that are slaves to their passions having first conquered your own soul and obtained the mastery over. your own senses, Before you march out against your foes do you properly employ the four arts of reconciliation gift of. wealth producing disunion and application of force O monarch do you go out against your enemies. having first strengthened your own kingdom And having gone out against them do you exert to the. utmost to obtain victory over them And having conquered them do you seek to protect them with. Are your army consisting of four kinds of forces viz the regular troops the allies the mercenaries. and the irregulars each furnished with the eight ingredients viz cars elephants horses offices. infantry camp followers spies possessing a thorough knowledge of the country and ensigns led out. against your enemies after having been well trained by superior officers. O oppressor of all foes O great king I hope you slay your foes without regarding their seasons of. reaping and of famine, O king I hope your servants and agents in your own kingdom and in the kingdoms of your foes.
continue to look after their respective duties and to protect one another O monarch I hope trusted. servants have been employed by you to look after your food the robes you wear and the perfumes you. I hope O king your treasury barns stables arsenals and women s apartments are all protected by. servants devoted to you and ever seeking your welfare I hope O monarch you protect first yourself. from your domestic and public servants then from those servants of your relatives and from one. Do your servants O king ever speak to you in the forenoon regarding your extravagant expenditure in. respect of your drinks sports and women Is your expenditure always covered by a fourth a third or. a half of your income Do you cherish always with food and wealth relatives superiors merchants. the aged and other proteges and the distressed Do the accountants and clerks employed by you in. looking after your income and expenditure always appraise you every day in the forenoon of your. income and expenditure, Do you dismiss without fault servants accomplished in business and popular and devoted to your. welfare O Bharata do you employ superior indifferent and low men after examining them well in. offices they deserve O monarch do you employ in your business persons that are thievish or open to. temptation or hostile or minors, Do you persecute your kingdom by the help of thievish or covetous men or minors or women. Are the agriculturists in your kingdom contented Are large tanks and lakes constructed all over your. kingdom at proper distances without agriculture being in your realm entirely dependent on the. showers of heaven Are the agriculturists in your kingdom wanting in either seed or food Do you. grant with kindness loans of seed grains to the tillers taking only a fourth in excess of every measure. by the hundred O child are the four professions of agriculture trade cattle rearing and lending at. interest carried on by honest men Upon these O monarch depends the happiness of your people. O king do the five brave and wise men employed in the five offices of protecting the city the citadel. the merchants and the agriculturists and punishing the criminals always benefit your kingdom by. working in union with one another, For the protection of your city have the villages been made like towns and the hamlets and outskirts of. villages like villages Are all these entirely under your supervision and sway Are thieves and robbers. that sack your town pursued by your police over the even and uneven parts of your kingdom. Do you console women and are they protected in your realm I hope you do not place any confidence. in them nor divulge any secret before any of them, O monarch having heard of any danger and having reflected on it also do you lie in the inner. apartments enjoying every agreeable object Having slept during the second and the third divisions of. the night do you think of religion and profit in the fourth division wakefully O son of Pandu rising. from bed at the proper time and dressing yourself well do you show yourself to your people. accompanied by ministers conversant with the auspiciousness or otherwise of moments. O represser of all foes do men dressed in red and armed with swords and adorned with ornaments. stand by your side to protect your person, O monarch do you behave like the god of justice himself to those that deserve punishment and those.
that deserve worship to those that are dear to you and those that you like not. O son of Pritha do you seek to cure bodily diseases by medicines and fasts and mental illness with the. advice of the aged I hope that the physicians engaged in looking after your health are well conversant. with the eight kinds of treatment and are all attached and devoted to you. Does it ever happen O monarch that from covetousness or folly or pride you fail to decide between. the plaintiff and the defendant who have come to you. Do you deprive through covetousness or folly of their pensions the proteges who have sought your. shelter from trustfulness or love Do the people that inhabit your realm bought by your foes ever seek. to raise disputes with you uniting themselves with one another. Are those amongst your foes that are feeble always repressed by the help of troops that are strong by. the help of both counsels and troops Are all the principal chieftains of your empire all devoted to. you Are they ready to lay down their lives for your sake commanded by you. Do you worship Brahmanas and wise men according to their merits in respect of various branches of. learning I tell you such worship is without doubt highly beneficial to you. Have you faith in the religion based on the three Vedas and practised by men who have gone before. you Do you carefully follow the practices that were followed by them Are accomplished Brahmanas. entertained in your house and in your presence with nutritive and excellent food and do they also. obtain pecuniary gifts at the conclusion of those feasts. Do you with passions under complete control and with singleness of mind strive to perform the. sacrifices called Vajapeya and Pundarika with their full complement of rites Do you bow to your. relatives and superiors the aged the gods the ascetics the Brahmanas and the tall trees banian in. villages that are of so much benefit to people, O sinless one do you ever cause grief or anger in any one Do priests capable of granting you. auspicious fruits ever stand by your side O sinless one are your inclinations and practices such as I. have described them and as always enhance the duration of life and spread one s renown and as. always help the cause of religion pleasure and profit. He who conducts himself according to this way never finds his kingdom distressed or afflicted and. that monarch subjugating the whole earth enjoys a high degree of felicity O monarch I hope no. well behaved pure souled and respected person is ever ruined and his life taken on a false charge or. theft by your ministers ignorant of Sastras and acting from greed And O bull among men I hope. your ministers never from covetousness set free a real thief knowing him to be such and having. apprehended him with the booty about him O Bharata I hope your ministers are never won over by. bribes nor do they wrongly decide the disputes that arise between the rich and the poor. Do you keep yourself free from the fourteen vices of kings viz atheism untruthfulness anger. incautiousness procrastination non visit to the wise idleness restlessness of mind taking counsels. with only one man consultation with persons unacquainted with the science of profit abandonment of. a settled plan divulgence of counsels non accomplishment of beneficial projects and undertaking. everything without reflection By these O king even monarchs firmly seated on their thrones are. ruined Has your study of the Vedas your wealth and knowledge of the Sastras and marriage been. Vaisampayana continued After the Rishi had finished Yudhishthira asked. How O Rishi do the Vedas wealth wife and knowledge of the Sastras bear fruit. The Rishi answered, The Vedas are said to bear fruit when he that has studied them performs the Agnihotra and other. sacrifices Wealth is said to bear fruit when he that has it enjoys it himself and gives it away in charity. A wife is said to bear fruit when she is useful and when she bears children Knowledge of the Sastras is. said to bear fruit when it results in humility and good behaviour. Vaisampayana continued The great ascetic Narada having answered Yudhishthira thus again asked that just. Do the officers of your government O king that are paid from the taxes levied on the community take. only their just dues from the merchants that come to your territories from distant lands impelled by the. desire of gain Are the merchants O king treated with consideration in your capital and kingdom. capable of bringing their goods there without being deceived by the false pretexts of both the buyers. and the officers of government, Do you listen always O monarch to the words fraught with instructions in religion and wealth of old. men acquainted with economic doctrines Are gifts of honey and clarified butter made to the. Brahmanas intended for the increase of agricultural produce of cows of fruits and flowers and for the. sake of virtue Do you give always O king regularly to all the artisans and artists employed by you. the materials of their works and their wages for periods not more than four months Do you examine. the works executed by those that are employed by you and do you applaud them before good men. and do you reward them having shown them proper respect. O bull of the Bharata race do you follow the aphorisms of the sage in respect of every concern. particularly those relating to elephants horses and cars O bull of the Bharata race are the aphorisms. relating to the science of arms as also those that relate to the practice of engines in warfare so useful to. towns and fortified places studied in your court O sinless one are you acquainted with all mysterious. incantations and with the secrets of poisons destructive of all foes Do you protect your kingdom from. the fear of fire of snakes and other animals destructive of life of disease and Rakshasas As. acquainted you are with every duty do you cherish like a father the blind the dumb the lame the. deformed the friendless and ascetics that have no homes Hast you banished these six evils O. monarch viz sleep idleness fear anger weakness of mind and procrastination. Vaisampayana continued The illustrious bull among the Kurus having heard these words of that best of. Brahmanas bowed down to him and worshipped his feet And gratified with everything he heard the monarch said. to Narada of celestial form, I shall do all that you have directed for my knowledge has expanded under your advice. Having said this the king acted conformably to that advice and gained in time the whole Earth bounded by her. belt of seas Narada again spoke saying, That king who is thus employed in the protection of four orders Brahmanas Kshatriyas Vaishyas.
and Sudras passes his days here happily and attains hereafter to the region of Sakra heaven. SECTION VI Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva, Vaisampayana said At the conclusion of Narada s words king Yudhishthira the just worshipped him duly and. commanded by him the monarch began to reply succinctly to the questions the Rishi had asked. Yudhishthira said, O holy one the truths of religion and morality you have indicated one after another are just and. proper As regards myself I duly observe those ordinances to the best of my power Indeed the acts. that were properly performed by monarchs of yore are without doubt to be regarded as bearing. proper fruit and undertaken from solid reasons for the attainment of proper objects O master we. desire to walk in the virtuous path of those rulers that had besides their souls under complete control. Vaisampayana continued Yudhishthira the son of Pandu possessed of great glory having received with. reverence the words of Narada and having also answered the Rishi thus reflected for a moment And perceiving a. proper opportunity the monarch seated beside the Rishi asked Narada sitting at his ease and capable of going. into every world at will in the presence of that assembly of kings saying. Possessed of the speed of mind you wander over various and many worlds created in days of yore by. Brahma beholding everything Tell me I ask you if you have O Brahmana ever beheld before. anywhere an assembly room like this of mine or superior to it. Hearing these words of Yudhishthira the just Narada smilingly answered the son of Pandu in these sweet. Narada said, O child O king I did neither see nor hear of ever before amongst men any assembly room built of. gems and precious stones like this of yours O Bharata I shall however describe to you the rooms of. the king of the departed Yama of Varuna Neptune of great intelligence of Indra the King of Gods. and also of him who has his home in Kailasha Kuvera I shall also describe to you the celestial Sabha. of Brahma that dispells every kind of uneasiness All these assembly rooms exhibit in their structure. both celestial and human designs and present every kind of form that exists in the universe And they. are ever worshipped by the gods and the Pitris the Sadhyas under deities called Gana by ascetics. offering sacrifices with souls under complete command by peaceful Munis engaged without. intermission in Vedic sacrifices with presents to Brahmanas I shall describe all these to you if O bull of. the Bharata race you have any inclinations to listen to me. Vaisampayana continued Thus addressed by Narada the high souled king Yudhishthira the just with his. brothers and all those foremost of Brahmanas seated around him joined his hands in entreaty And the. monarch then asked Narada saying, Describe to us all those assembly rooms We desire to listen to you O Brahmana what are the articles. with which each of the Sabhas are made of What is the area of each and what is the length and. breadth of each Who wait upon the Grandsire in that assembly room And who also upon Vasava the. Lord of the celestials and upon Yama the son of Vivaswana Who wait upon Varuna and upon Kuvera. in their respective assembly rooms O Brahmana Rishi tell us all about these We all together desire to. hear you describe them Indeed our curiosity is great. Thus addressed by the son of Pandu Narada replied saying. O monarch hear all about those celestial assembly rooms one after another. SECTION VII Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva,Narada said.

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