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Like most software developers, Autodesk maintains a list of system requirements for various versions of AutoCAD that can be used to help ensure the hardware in your system will work with AutoCAD. However, most 'system requirements' lists tend to cover the required hardware, not what hardware will actually achieve the best performance. In addition, some lists can be outdated, list old hardware revisions, or simply outright list sub-optimal hardware.

Because of how inconsistent those lists can be, we've taken the time to perform testing to determine what Mac Pro hardware runs AutoCAD the best. Based on this testing, we have come up with our own list of recommended hardware for AutoCAD.

TurboCAD Mac Pro v8 delivers unparalleled value and productivity with powerful 2D/3D drafting and modeling tools, professional architectural tools, photorealistic rendering, and extensive file. TurboCAD Mac® Pro is a comprehensive 2D/3D CAD solution that will meet the precision drafting and modeling needs of architects, builders, mechanical engineers, woodworkers, and other design professionals. Our powerful CAD software will speed up your productivity and get your design projects across the finish line.

2D architectural design with AutoCAD, while not as demanding as 3D based tools like Revit, can still be accelerated with the right hardware. At its core, AutoCAD is a single threaded application. The ability to interact and manipulate large datasets can be improved with higher CPU clock speeds, fast storage and adequate memory.

AutoCAD ® is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. Draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects; Automate tasks such as comparing drawings, adding blocks, creating schedules, and more. TurboCAD Mac offers complete 2D and 2D/3D CAD solutions for Mac users. TurboCAD Mac Deluxe and Designer are versatile tools for beginners, while TurboCAD Mac Pro provides professional architectural and mechanical design tools with photorealistic rendering.

Component Recommendations


When it comes to processors, there are two main specifications that define the capability:

  • The frequency directly affects how many operations a single CPU core can complete in a second (how fast it is).
  • The number of cores is how many physical cores there are within a CPU (how many operations it can run simultaneously).

Whether a higher frequency or higher core count is faster depends on how well a program is designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores. In the case of AutoCAD, the vast majority of the software is only single threaded so it is only able to utilize a single core of the CPU. For this reason, our general recommendation when choosing a CPU is to simply go with a processor that has a high speed frequency. For the Mac Pro tower, the fastest CPUs for general AutoCAD use is the Quad-Core 3.33GHz and 6-core 3.46GHz. For the Mac Pro cylinder, the fastest speed frequencies are the Quad-Core 3.7GHz and 6-core 3.5GHz.


While the exact amount of RAM you need is going to depend on the size and complexity of the model you will be working with, we generally recommend a minimum of 16GB for all our systems. AutoCAD (including Mental Ray rendering) is actually fairly light on RAM requirements and Autodesk only recommends 8GB of RAM. However, given the relatively low cost of RAM - and the fact that most users tend to have more than just AutoCAD running on their system - we feel that 16GB is a great starting point. If you will be working with very large models or having a large number of files open at the same time, however, you may consider upgrading to 32GB or more.


Mac Pro For Cad Blocks

With the falling costs associated with SSDs, we almost always recommend using an SSD for the primary drive that will host your OS, AutoCAD itself, and any active projects you are working on. The high speed of SSDs allows your system to boot, launch applications, and load files many times faster than any traditional hard drive. However, SSDs are still more expensive than traditional drives per GB - so for long term storage we recommend having a secondary traditional hard drive in addition to a primary SSD. If you can afford it, having multiple SSDs (one for the OS and AutoCAD and a second dedicated for active projects) along with a larger traditional drive for storage is even better.

  • Hard Drive = Standard spindle technology @ 7,200rpm
    • Hard Drive Bay = ~175MB/s
  • Solid-State Drive - connectivity via SATA3 controller
    • Hard Drive Bay = ~250MB/s
    • PCIe Slot = ~500MB/s
  • Flash Storage = connectivity via PCIe controller
    • PCIe Slot = ~1250MB/s


For AutoCAD, the video card is what handles displaying the 2D and 3D models on the screen. However, typically only 3D models require a performance GPU, so if you will only be working with 2D models only, then you are better off saving money on the GPU and putting that money towards a faster CPU, SSD, or more RAM.

If you will be working with 3D models, we recommend using a workstation NVIDIA Quadro or GTX card in the Mac Pro tower. We recommend the higher performance D500 3GB and D700 6GB graphics cards for the Mac Pro cylinder.


AutoDesk AutoCAD System Requirements:

Tower and Cylinder Comparison



  • Ability to add more hard drives and solid-state drives.
  • Ability to upgrade to the NVIDIA graphics cards
  • USB 3.0 connectivity (optional)
  • Lower price


  • Thunderbolt not compatible
  • Earlier technology



  • Thunderbolt 2 connectivity
  • Small sleek design
  • Newer technology
  • Apple warranty (optional / depending on configuration)


  • No additional drive storage (via external Thunderbolt 2 or USB 3.0 only)
  • Higher price

For reference, here are some 64-bit multi-core Geekbench scores:

  • Cylinder 12-Core 2.7GHz (starting price $5000): 32,500
  • Tower 12-Core 3.46GHz (starting price $2500): 31,000
  • Tower 12-core 2.66GHz (starting price $1900): 24,000
  • Cylinder 6-core 3.5GHz (starting price $3000): 16,000
  • Tower 6-core 3.33GHz (starting price $1400): 14,000
Autocad for mac pro


Mac Pro For Dummies

Recommended Towers

Tower Model 5,1 Year 2010-2013

  • 2010/2011
  • 3.46GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon 'Westmere' [6-cores / 12-threads]
  • 48GB (3x 16GB) of 1333MHz DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 1TB PCIe NVMe Solid-State Drive
  • AMD Radeon RX 5700 8GB
  • 18x SuperDrive
  • AirPort Extreme with Wi-Fi 802.11n + Bluetooth 2
  • Catalina 10.15

Tower Model 5,1 Year 2010-2013

  • 2010/2011
  • 3.46GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon 'Westmere' [6-cores / 12-threads]
  • 32GB (2x 16GB) of 1333MHz DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 1TB PCIe NVMe Solid-State Drive
  • AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB
  • AirPort Extreme with Wi-Fi 802.11n + Bluetooth 2
  • Catalina 10.15

Tower Model 5,1 Year 2010-2013

  • 2010/2011
  • 3.46GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon 'Westmere' [6-cores / 12-threads]
  • 24GB (3x 8GB) of 1333MHz DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 500GB PCIe SATA Solid-State Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB
  • 18x SuperDrive
  • AirPort Extreme with Wi-Fi 802.11n + Bluetooth 2
  • Catalina 10.15

Recommended Cylinders

Cylinder Model 6,1 Year 2013-2019

  • 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 [6-cores / 12-threads]
  • 32GB (4x 8GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 512GB Flash Storage
  • Dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM each
  • Catalina 10.15

Cylinder Model 6,1 Year 2013-2019

  • 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 [6-cores / 12-threads]
  • 16GB (4x 4GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 256GB Flash Storage
  • Dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM each
  • Catalina 10.15

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A Proven Replacement for AutoCAD 2D/3D DWG Software

…with all the Familiar Icons and Menus

iCADMac is professional ‘AutoCAD’ like software without the monthly subscription. It supports an interface complete with an “AutoCAD® Like” icon menu and “AutoCAD® Like” commands. It has the same file formats, same menus, and commands and at a fraction of the price (a one-time investment instead of a monthly subscription like AutoCAD)…

Over 20,000 Blocks and Symbols

Includes over 20,000 Blocks and Symbols in the iCADLib block library manager.

Express Tools

Use a similar bonus toolset as AutoCAD. Offered FREE without subscription because, well, we’re just like that!

Application Programming Interface (API) Support

Automate your tasks using industry standard API’s, including AutoLISP, and SDS (like ADS).

PDF Import

Import PDF into iCADMac, along with Blocks, Layers, Linetypes, etc. All intelligence contained within the PDF is imported into your drawing.

PDF Plotting

Plot to PDF using iCADMac’s plot interface. Use Color Tables (.ctb) or Style Tables (.stb) and Printer Configuration Parameter (.pcp) files from AutoCAD.


What is iCADMac?

To start, it is over $3000 less than AutoCAD…

  • Affordable Price
  • High compatibility with the DWG drawing file format
  • PDF Import and Export
  • Gradient Hatch
  • Tables
  • Raster and Image Management
  • Image Clipping
  • Polygonal Viewports
  • Xref Manager
  • Standard Interface
  • Property Bar
  • Additional Hatches
  • Multilines
  • Display on iPad™
  • Rendering
  • ACIS® Solids
  • iCADLib – Advanced Blocks Libraries
  • Traceparts
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iCADMac vs. AutoCAD

  • iCADMac works with AutoCAD DWG files, without any type of conversion. edit every version of DWG: AutoCAD 2.5 through the latest!
  • iCADMac’s user interface is complete with “AutoCAD Like” icon menus and commands.
  • iCADMac supports AutoCAD file types: DWG, DXF, .MNU, .SCR, AutoLISP, SHX and TTF fonts, CTB and PCP for Plotting, Hatch Patterns, Linetypes, etc.
  • iCADMac supports 3D ACIS Solid Modeling, 3D Surface commands such as revsurf, rulesurf, etc., iCADMac also has 3D Realistic Rendering built in allowing you to make true to life representations of your AutoCAD compatible DWG models. See further comparisons by selecting the button below…
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  • iCADMac has high compatibility with the DWG drawing file format, from Version 2.5 up to the most recent AutoCAD® 2018.
  • iCADMac supports PDF file conversion into DWG with Layers supported. iCADMac can export your drawings in the PDF format.
  • iCADMac displays and creates Gradient Hatches
  • iCADMac displays and creates tables.
  • iCADMac displays and creates and edits DWG drawings with images, photos and raster images.
  • iCADMac supports rectangular and polygonal clip on images.
  • iCADMac supports polygonal layout viewports.
  • iCADMac has Xref Manager which is a module for quick, easy management of external references.
  • iCADMac has Standard Interface which is a friendly, familiar environment for AutoCAD® users.
  • iCADMac has Property Bar which is a visual and intuitive interface to edit object properties.
  • iCADMac has more than 300 additional hatch patterns.
  • iCADMac displays and creates tables
  • iCADMac has basic rendering functions with Light and Shading management. Advanced module will be available soon for for a small fee.
  • iCADMac supports multiple line creation of up to 16 simultaneous tracks.
  • Display and edit iCADMac drawings on iPad™, iPhone®, and iPod touch® in DWG and PDF formats.
  • iCADMac creates a package containing the current drawing and its dependent files such as References, referenced images, referenced PDF files, font files, font mapping files, PrintStyle files, and Print Configuration files.
  • The PDF format is widely used everywhere. If you receive a PDF file that you want to reference as you draw, you can attach it as an underlay and looks it transparent over the drawing entities.
  • iCADMac proposes the basic rendering module with multiple Lights and Shadow support. The advanced Ray-tracing module with materials, reflection, transparency and smooth shadows will be available soon as an option module.
  • Multiline objects can consist up to 16 parallel lines, called “elements”. Multilines allow quick creation of walls, roads, insulation etc. iCADMac offers a complete configuration mask specially designed to define various multiline styles.
  • Revision clouds are used in drawings to indicate that certain areas require or contain revisions. You can create rectangular, elliptical and freehand Clouds to accentuate drawing areas. You can adjust the radius of the sequential arcs of Clouds.
  • iCADMac reads and writes 3D solid objects with the ACIS Solid Modeling libraries (the same as AutoCAD®)
    Essential for those who deal with Industrial Design, Dies, complex architectural elements and generally for any application in which creating complex three-dimensional shapes quickly and easily.
    ACIS solids are available thanks to an agreement signed with Spatial, the supplier of technology for solid modelling to many of the most important CAD software companies in the world.
    iCADMac has implemented complete management of ACIS solids including viewing, printing, creating and editing.
    Exchange of CAD project data with other CAD software which uses ACIS Solids (such as AutoCAD®) is therefore a simple process!
    Creating complex three-dimensional shapes by using solid models is made easier in comparison with the more traditional techniques.
  • More than 22.000 Blocks are ready to be used for Construction, Architectural, Furnishing, 3D Furnishing, Mechanics, Electrical, Electronics, Steel profiles and many others industries. Thanks to the Blocks Library Management module it is quick and easy to find a symbol you need. iCADLib can be also used to manage libraries of symbols or personal that already exist.
  • iCADLib includes the access to Traceparts for progeCAD: Advanced integration with the progeCAD’s Traceparts web portal for easy guided usage of more than 100 millions of blocks.
    Directly guided block insertion from the web to your drawings just in a snap.
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Introducing iCARE Subscription Services

iCARE is a 1 year subscription-based maintenance and support program. It offers a variety of benefits to help customers get the most out of their iCADMac software. iCARE cuts down upgrade costs and gives customers more value.

For an annual fee, iCARE customers get convenient access to the following benefits:

Mac Pro For Cad Download

  • Software – You will receive all iCADMac Updates and All New Versions.
  • Support – Free Technical assistance via the web with the new help desk service through ticket, email, live chat and remote support.

Buy iCARE now bundled with your iCADMac licenses and save 20% off the iCARE price.

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Unprecedented File Compatibility

  • iCADMac® uses DWG for it’s design file format, natively without conversion. That means unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD® Drawing files without need to convert the files first, and no risk for data loss, none.
  • iCADMac enables you to export your drawing files in practically every DWG format ever produced. You can take a DWG all the way back to 1983 (if you don’t mind the music!).
  • Same with DXF, a standard used by thousands of CAD users to move designs from one CAD system to perform additional analysis or even to edit within a different CAD system.
  • DWG files are probably the most convenient and reliable format for viewing drawings on the Apple iPad™
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Licensing Options

iCADMac is available with different licensing solutions

SL – Single License
Simple but Stationary. For a single Mac® Pro, MacBook® Pro; iMac®; Mac® mini; MacBook Air®; MacBook®.

USB – USB-Dongle License
This license with a USB-Dongle protection allows to transfer your license from between Mac® Pro, MacBook® Pro, iMac®, Mac® mini, MacBook Air® or MacBook®.

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iCADMac System Requirements

  • Apple® Mac® Pro, MacBook® Pro, iMac®, Mac® mini, MacBook Air®, MacBook®
  • Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
  • x86 Intel® processor
  • 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended, you may even want more) The easiest way to make your iCADMac perform is to add more memory. It’s the main factor for ensuring your drawings have the least amount of themselves put onto the hard disk to make room for whatever else the machine needs to store in their location… is mega memory!
  • 2.0 GB free disk space for download and installation (3 GB recommended). If you decide against that extra ram, you probably should give yourself a little more room for those bigger drawings.
  • All graphics cards on supported hardware
  • 1,024 x 768 display with true color
  • Mac OS X-compliant printer
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Volume pricing *

Mac Pro For Cad
QTYPrice Each
3-45% discount
5-97% discount
10+10% discount

I am very happy with iCADMac! iCADMac does everything I need. Great tool!

– Jane Facer


All is well with my iCADMac. Some of the nicest software that I've had. Thanks.

– Ben Tedd