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Am I missing something?
I have an iBook G4 and I want to hook it up to an external monitor and use ONLY the external monitor at the maximum resolution of that monitor, is there a way to do this?
Right now what I am doing is using this screen spanning doctor tool which expands the desktop to the other monitor(like what windows does if you have a video card with 2 outputs) It also allows me to set the external monitor to what ever resolution i wish. The problem is that i dont always want to have the extended desktop, because for one it really lags up expose and i really dont need it all the time.
But if i do mirror displays then I can only get the external monitor up to the same resolution as the built in screen, expose runs smooth as can be though...
I really want to get this working, i just got a new LCD display (hitachi CML174) It has both digital and analog inputs, so i have my PC on the digital and the iBook on the analog, all i have to do is hit the menu key and select what input i want it on. Thus removing the need for a KVM switch(I dont have a apple keyboard anyways).
Uh.. thanks in advance... i kind of just rambled on there.

Mac Os For G4 Ibook G4 Specs

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