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Learning Unity 2D Game,Development by Example,Create your own line of successful 2D games. with Unity,Venita Pereira,BIRMINGHAM MUMBAI,Learning Unity 2D Game Development by Example. Copyright 2014 Packt Publishing, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced stored in a retrieval. system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written. permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embedded in. critical articles or reviews, Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy. of the information presented However the information contained in this book is. sold without warranty either express or implied Neither the author nor Packt. Publishing and its dealers and distributors will be held liable for any damages. caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this book. Packt Publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all of the. companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals. However Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. First published August 2014,Production reference 1180814.
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd,Livery Place,35 Livery Street. Birmingham B3 2PB UK,ISBN 978 1 78355 904 6,www packtpub com. Cover image by Kerrie Woollhouse kerriewoollhouse hotmail co uk. Author Project Coordinator,Venita Pereira Mary Alex. Reviewers Proofreaders,Clifford Champion Simran Bhogal. Adam Single Maria Gould,Kerrie Woollhouse Ameesha Green.
Paul Hindle,Commissioning Editor,Luke Presland Indexers. Hemangini Bari,Acquisition Editors Mariammal Chettiyar. James Jones,Tejal Soni,Rebecca Pedley,Content Development Editor Ronak Dhruv. Poonam Jain,Production Coordinators,Technical Editor Kyle Albuquerque. Edwin Moses,Conidon Miranda,Copy Editors,Cover Work.
Sarang Chari,Conidon Miranda,Gladson Monteiro,About the Author. Venita Pereira is hugely passionate about games having grown up on games since. she was 7 years old She is a games connoisseur who enjoys all types of games no. game is too big or too small and a technology geek who enjoys all things technical. She studied at the University of Pretoria and holds a Bachelor s degree in Information. Science specializing in Multimedia and over 7 years experience working in the. gaming industry She has worked on all platforms including console PC and mobile. on a wide range of genres, Venita Pereira has worked for some of the biggest AAA companies namely Climax. Team17 Digital Ltd Ideaworks3D Jagex SEGA and Full Fat and for some of the. biggest publishers Activision Square Enix EA and Hasbro. Her softography includes Sonic Dash Sonic Jump Stellar Dawn MMO. Transformers Dark of the Moon King of the Course Golf Lara Croft and the. Guardian of Light Alien Breed Trilogy Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust. and Elveon, With a big special thanks I would like to dedicate this book to. Kerrie Woollhouse, I would like to thank my mom dad and sister Michelle for all their. love and support Thanks to the Packt Publishing staff for their. assistance through the process and the technical reviewers for their. feedback I would also like to thank God my family and friends. And finally to the little girl Isabelle Woollhouse with a big heart. for believing in me,About the Reviewers, Clifford Champion has a broad background in software engineering with years.
of experience spanning 3D games Internet applications and AI He holds degrees in. Mathematics and Computer Science from UCLA and UCSD respectively In the past. he worked at real time physics company Havok and interactive media and design. company PlainJoe Studios Currently he is a member of the software team at zSpace. http zspace com helping create interactive 3D displays and software for. classrooms industry and entertainment, Clifford can be found on Twitter at duckmaestro and welcomes discussion. on any topic, Adam Single is a husband father professional developer indie developer lover of. music and a gamer He s the coder for 7Bit Hero a programmer on the tech team at. Real Serious Games in Brisbane Australia co founder programmer and co designer. at Sly Budgie and co organizer of the Game Technology Brisbane Meetup. Since entering the professional game development industry in 2011 Adam has. worked on numerous mobile games including the Android hit Photon and a. preinstall game for specific Disney Japan handsets He s been the programmer. on a team that created a huge interactive display at Queensland University. of Technology s amazing multi touch screen installation The Cube as a part of. Australia s first Digital Writing Residency He has even worked on a team at Real. Serious Games creating large scale interactive simulations for the mining and. construction industries All of this has been done using the Unity game engine. Adam has a passion for the unique and engaging possibilities inherent in modern. technology When he s not working on exciting new game mechanics for Sly Budgie. he s experimenting with homemade VR using mobile phone technology and pushing. the exciting ideas behind 7Bit Hero s live music multiplayer game interaction down. whichever fascinating path it may lead, Kerrie Woollhouse is a very creative and artistic individual with 7 years. of experience in game development web development art and photography. She continues to follow her passions with high ambitions. I would like to say a special thank you to the greatest inspirations in. my life my amazing mum and dad two beautiful sisters and three. wonderful brothers I would also like to thank Packt Publishing and. most of all a big thank you to Venita Pereira,www PacktPub com. Support files eBooks discount offers, You might want to visit www PacktPub com for support files and downloads related to.
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today and view nine entirely free books Simply use your login credentials for immediate access. Table of Contents,Chapter 1 Getting to Know Unity 7. Overview 7,Game development s background 7,Introducing Unity 8. Setting up Unity 8,Creating a new 2D project 9,Unity Editor interface 11. Toolbar 12,Scene View 14,Game View 14,Project Browser 15. Creating assets 15,Searching assets 16,Setting favorites 16.
The Unity Asset Store 17,Importing assets 17,Hierarchy 18. Parenting 18,Creating GameObjects 19,The Inspector 20. Adding components 21,Extra Views 22,Console 22,Animation 23. Sprite Editor 23,Animator 24,Profiler 24,Summary 25. Table of Contents,Chapter 2 Setting the Scene 27,Overview 27.
What is a background 27,Two methods to set a background 28. Setting a background using a static image 28,Importing our asset 28. Sprite settings within the Inspector 30,Texture Type 30. Sprite Mode 31,Packing Tag 31,Pixels to Units 31,Filter Mode 32. Platform Settings 33,Applying our settings 34,Assigning our asset to a GameObject 34.
The toolbar method 35,The quick alternative method 38. GameObject Inspector settings 39,Position background 39. Color background 39,Layer background 39,Setting a background using a tileset 40. Seamless textures 41,Corner pieces 41,The grid settings 41. Creating a prefab 41,The resulting environment 41,Camera settings 42.
Setting the foreground 43,Summary 44,Chapter 3 Add Some Character 45. Overview 45,What is a sprite 46,Creating a sprite 46. Image editing software 46,Sprite sheet 47,Raster versus vector 48. File formats 49,Importing a sprite 50,Slicing sprite sheets 51. Sprite Editor 52,Table of Contents,Manual slicing 53.
Adding and removing a selection area 54,Toolbar controls 55. Automatic slicing 56,Slicing type automatic 56,Slicing type grid 57. Texture atlasing 61,What is a texture atlas 61,Sprite packer 62. Adding our character 63,Sprite Renderer 66,Animating a sprite 69. Animation Editor 70,Dopesheet 2D animation 70,Animator 72.
Summary 73,Chapter 4 Code Control 75,Overview 75,Why do we need code 76. Programming languages 76,Levels of programming languages 76. Machine language 76,Assembly language 77,High level languages 77. Scripting languages 78,UnityScript versus C versus Boo 79. Code fundamentals 81,Data types 81,Operators 82,Functions 83.
Conditional statements 86,If else 86,Using comments 87. Classes 87,Private versus public 88,Importing external libraries 88. Code editor 89,Hello world 90,Controlling the character 92. Destroying the enemy 94,Coroutines 99,Namespaces 100. Table of Contents,Unity Scripting Reference 100,Summary 102.
Chapter 5 What s Your Input 103,Overview 103,Input versus output 103. Input in games 104,Output in games 105,Input types 106. Output types 107,Visual output 108,Controller vibration 109. Unity Input Manager 110,Detecting input 111,Buttons 112. GUILayout Button 112,Game controls 114,Raycasting 114.
Summary 118,Chapter 6 Game 1 Roguelike 119,Overview 119. What is Roguelike 120,Adding a background 122,Animating the hero 123. The Walking Down animation 124,The Walking Left animation 126. The Walking Right animation 127,The Walking Up animation 127. Movement controls 128,Movement Controls Animator 128.
Movement controls script 130,Randomly spawning enemies 136. Animating the enemy 138,Enemy movement 138,Shooting projectiles 141. Detecting collisions 143,Permadeath 144,End game result 145. Summary 145,Table of Contents,Chapter 7 Game 2 Classic Arcade 147. Overview 147,Sponge antics 147,Our main character Spongy 148.
The bathroom 148,Adding Spongy 149,Moving left and right 150. Spawning grime 153,Spawning acid 156,Game conditions 158. Adding an HUD 159,Font style 160,Resource management 161. The completed game 163,Summary 164,Chapter 8 Game 3 Endless Runner 165. Overview 165,Infinite 166,An agile ninja 166,The ninja character 167.
Running 167,Jump and Slide 168,Add animator parameters 170. Animator states and transitions 170,Movement controls 172. Randomly repeating obstacles 175,Survival 178,Parallax scrolling 178. Add pizzazz with particle effects 180,Displaying the timer 181. The result 183,How to expand the game 183,Summary 184.
Chapter 9 Game 4 Physics Fun 185,Overview 185,The basics of physics 186. Physics found in the real world 186,Table of Contents. Physics 2D 187,What is Box2D 189,Steps to create bodies 191. Let s simulate the world 194,The environment 194,Creating the scene 194. Creating the background 194,The foreground 195,Adding the props 196.
Shooting the cannonballs 197,Creating the cannonballs 202. The final result 203,How do we extend it 205,Summary 205. Chapter 10 You Are Ready 207,Overview 207,Sound effects 208. Saving and loading 209,Creating a trigger 209,Cameras 210. Multiplayer 210,Putting it all together 211,The first scene 212.
The galaxy 212,Platforms 213,Triggers 213,The lava 214. UFO beam 215,Adding audio 215,The camera 216,Saving and loading 217. Space Buddy the alien 217,Space Buddy script 227,Positioning 228. The second scene 228,The final result 229,Deployment 232.

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