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LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for the FIRST Robotics
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EVALUATED OR CONTEMPLATED BY NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS THE USER OR APPLICATION DESIGNER IS ULTIMATELY. RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING AND VALIDATING THE SUITABILITY OF NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS WHENEVER. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS ARE INCORPORATED IN A SYSTEM OR APPLICATION INCLUDING WITHOUT. LIMITATION THE APPROPRIATE DESIGN PROCESS AND SAFETY LEVEL OF SUCH SYSTEM OR APPLICATION. About This Manual,Conventions xv,Related Documentation xvi.
Programming in LabVIEW xvi,Using the CompactRIO Device xvii. Overview of the FIRST Robotics Competition,FRC Terminology 1 1. CompactRIO Device 1 1,Driver Station 1 2,Field Management System 1 2. Autonomous and TeleOp Modes 1 2,Enabled and Disabled Status 1 3. Init Execute and Stop Derived States 1 3,Estop State 1 4.
Robot Architecture,CompactRIO Device 2 1,Real Time Operating System 2 2. I O Modules 2 2,NI 9201 2 3,NI 9403 2 4,NI 9472 2 4. Axis Camera 2 5,FRC Software LabVIEW Components 2 6. FIRST Robotics Competition VIs 2 6,FRC Configuration Tools 2 6. Setup Axis Camera Tool 2 6,CompactRIO Imaging Tool 2 7.
National Instruments Corporation v LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC. Configuring the Camera and the CompactRIO Device,Configuring the Axis Camera 3 1. Setting the Static IP Address of the Computer 3 1,Running the Setup Axis Camera Tool 3 3. Configuring the CompactRIO Device 3 3,Setting the Static IP Address of the Computer 3 3. Considerations Before Running the CompactRIO Imaging Tool 3 5. Running the CompactRIO Imaging Tool 3 6, Using the Real Time System Manager to Manage CompactRIO Device. Resources 3 7,Using the FRC Framework,FRC Robot Project 4 1.
Basic FRC Robot Project 4 3,Basic Robot Main VI 4 3. Basic Robot Global VI 4 6,Autonomous Independent VI 4 7. Build DashBoard Data VI 4 7,Dashboard Datatype Type Definition 4 8. Advanced FRC Robot Project 4 8,Robot Main VI 4 9,Team Code VIs 4 10. Type Definitions 4 14,Deploying the FRC Robot Project 4 16.
Deploying The Program Using The Run Button 4 17, Deploying The Program From The Project Explorer Window 4 17. Building And Deploying A Stand Alone Application 4 17. Connecting to the CompactRIO Device 4 19,FRC Dashboard Project 4 19. Tutorial Creating an FRC Robot Project,Creating an FRC Robot Project 5 1. Running the FRC Robot Project 5 2,Modifying the Basic Robot Main VI 5 2. Running the FRC Robot Project 5 5,Creating a Stand Alone FRC Application 5 5.
LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC vi ni com. Tutorial Creating an FRC Dashboard Project, Displaying Gyroscope Data in the Dashboard Main VI 6 1. Sending Gyroscope Data to the Dashboard Main VI 6 1. Adding an Indicator to the Dashboard Main VI 6 3,Running the Dashboard Main VI 6 6. Displaying Multiple Data Values in the Dashboard Main VI 6 7. Creating a Custom Control 6 7, Sending Multiple Data Values to the Dashboard Main VI 6 8. Adding Indicators to the Dashboard Main VI 6 10,Running the Dashboard Main VI 6 13. Troubleshooting the FRC Robot,Using the WPI Robotics Library VIs.
Reference Clusters 8 1,Error Handling 8 3,Accelerometer VIs. Close vi 9 1,GetAcceleration vi 9 3,Open vi 9 6,SetCenterVoltage vi 9 8. SetGain vi 9 10,Chapter 10,Accumulator VIs,GetConfiguration vi 10 1. GetOutput vi 10 4,Init vi 10 6,Reset vi 10 8,SetConfiguration vi 10 11. National Instruments Corporation vii LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC. Chapter 11,Actuators VIs,Chapter 12,AnalogChannel VIs.
Close vi 12 1,GetAverageVoltage vi 12 3,GetVoltage vi 12 5. Open vi 12 8,Chapter 13,AnalogChannel Advanced VIs. GetAverageValue vi 13 1,GetAveraging vi 13 3,GetLSBWeight vi 13 6. GetOffset vi 13 8,GetSampleRate vi 13 11,GetValue vi 13 12. SetAveraging vi 13 14,SetSampleRate vi 13 17,Chapter 14.
AnalogTrigger VIs,Close vi 14 1,GetOutput vi 14 3,Open vi 14 5. Chapter 15,Camera VIs,Close vi 15 1,Get Image vi 15 3. Get Image From Controller vi 15 5,Open vi 15 7,Start vi 15 9. Stop vi 15 11, LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC viii ni com. Chapter 16,Camera Properties VIs,Get Brightness vi 16 1.
Get Color Level vi 16 3,Get Exposure vi 16 5,Get Exposure Priority vi 16 7. Get Frame Rate vi 16 9,Get Image Compression vi 16 11. Get Image Size vi 16 13,Get Sharpness vi 16 15,Get White Balance vi 16 17. Set Brightness vi 16 19,Set Color Level vi 16 21,Set Exposure vi 16 23. Set Exposure Priority vi 16 25,Set Frame Rate vi 16 27.
Set Image Compression vi 16 29,Set Image Size vi 16 31. Set Sharpness vi 16 33,Set White Balance vi 16 35,Chapter 17. Communications VIs,Chapter 18,Compressor VIs,Close vi 18 1. GetEnableState vi 18 3,Open vi 18 6,Start vi 18 8,Stop vi 18 10. Chapter 19,Counter VIs,Close vi 19 2,ConfigureTimer vi 19 4.
Get vi 19 6,Reset vi 19 9,Start vi 19 11,Stop vi 19 13. National Instruments Corporation ix LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC. Chapter 20,DigitalInput VIs,Close vi 20 2,GetValue vi 20 4. Open vi 20 6,Chapter 21,DigitalOutput VIs,Close vi 21 2. Open vi 21 3,SetValue vi 21 5,Chapter 22,Digital Output Advanced VIs. IsPulsing vi 22 2,Pulse vi 22 4,Chapter 23,DriverStation VIs.
Get Analog Input vi 23 1,Get Digital Input vi 23 2. Get Digital Output vi 23 2,Set Digital Output vi 23 3. Set User Data vi 23 4,Start Communication vi 23 5,Stop Communication vi 23 6. Chapter 24,Encoder VIs,Close vi 24 2,ConfigureTimer vi 24 4. Get vi 24 7,Open vi 24 10,Reset vi 24 16,Start vi 24 18.
Stop vi 24 21, LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC x ni com. Chapter 25,Close vi 25 1,GetAngle vi 25 3,Open vi 25 6. Reset vi 25 8,SetGain vi 25 10,Chapter 26,Close vi 26 1. Open vi 26 3,Read vi 26 5,VerifyString vi 26 7,Write vi 26 9. Chapter 27,Interrupts VIs,Close vi 27 1,Open vi 27 3.
Wait vi 27 5,Chapter 28,Chapter 29,Joystick VIs,Close vi 29 2. Get vi 29 2,GetAxis vi 29 4,GetRawValue vi 29 5,Open vi 29 7. Chapter 30,MotorControl VIs,Close vi 30 1,GetSpeed vi 30 4. SetSpeed vi 30 8, National Instruments Corporation xi LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC. Chapter 31,Close vi 31 1,GetValue vi 31 4,Open vi 31 8.
SetPeriodMultiplier vi 31 11,SetValue vi 31 14,Chapter 32. Close vi 32 3,Open vi 32 5,Set vi 32 7,Chapter 33,RobotDrive VIs. Close vi 33 1,HolonomicDrive vi 33 4,TankDrive vi 33 10. Chapter 34,RobotDrive Advanced VIs,Motors vi 34 1,Chapter 35. Sensors VIs,Chapter 36,Serial Port VIs,Close vi 36 1.
Flush vi 36 3,GetBytesReceived vi 36 5,Open vi 36 7. Read vi 36 9,Reset vi 36 11,SetTimeout vi 36 13,Termination vi 36 15. Write vi 36 17, LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC xii ni com. Chapter 37,Close vi 37 1,GetAngle vi 37 4,GetPosition vi 37 7. Open vi 37 11,SetAngle vi 37 14,SetPosition vi 37 17.
Chapter 38,Solenoid VIs,Close vi 38 3,Get vi 38 4,Open vi 38 7. Set vi 38 9,Chapter 39,Close vi 39 1,ConfigureAdvancedOptions vi 39 3. Open vi 39 5,Read vi 39 9,Write vi 39 11,Chapter 40. Ultrasonic VIs,Close vi 40 1,GetRange vi 40 3,Open vi 40 7. Ping vi 40 9,Chapter 41,Utilities VIs,FRC FPGAVersion vi 41 1.
FRC LEDs vi 41 2,FRC ReadSwitch vi 41 4, National Instruments Corporation xiii LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC. Chapter 42,Watchdog VIs,Close vi 42 1,Delay and Feed vi 42 3. Feed vi 42 5,GetStatus vi 42 7,Kill vi 42 9,Open vi 42 10. SetEnabled vi 42 12, LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC xiv ni com. About This Manual, The FIRST Robotics Competition FRC software includes two separate.
programming environments LabVIEW and Wind River Workbench Use. either environment to develop the robotics program you want to run on the. CompactRIO device Use LabVIEW to program a robot in the LabVIEW. graphical programming environment Use Wind River Workbench to. program a robot in C or C, This manual discusses how to develop a robotics program in LabVIEW. Use this manual to access information about robotics programming. concepts and reference information about the FIRST Robotics Competition. VIs This manual also describes how to configure the CompactRIO device. and the Axis camera as well as how to use the FRC framework. Refer to the C C Programming Guide for the FIRST Robotics. Competition available by navigating to the Wind River docs. extensions FRC directory and opening C Programming Guide for. FRC pdf for information about how to develop a robotics program with. Wind River Workbench,Conventions,The following conventions appear in this manual. The symbol leads you through nested menu items and dialog box options. to a final action The sequence File Page Setup Options directs you to. pull down the File menu select the Page Setup item and select Options. from the last dialog box, This icon denotes a note which alerts you to important information. This icon denotes a caution which advises you of precautions to take to. avoid injury data loss or a system crash, bold Bold text denotes items that you must select or click in the software such. as menu items and dialog box options Bold text also denotes parameter. italic Italic text denotes variables emphasis a cross reference or an introduction. to a key concept Italic text also denotes text that is a placeholder for a word. or value that you must supply, National Instruments Corporation xv LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC.
About This Manual, monospace Text in this font denotes text or characters that you should enter from the. keyboard sections of code programming examples and syntax examples. This font is also used for the proper names of disk drives paths directories. programs subprograms subroutines device names functions operations. variables filenames and extensions, monospace bold Bold text in this font denotes the messages and responses that the computer. automatically prints to the screen This font also emphasizes lines of code. that are different from the other examples, monospace italic Italic text in this font denotes text that is a placeholder for a word or value. that you must supply,Related Documentation, The following documents contain information that you may find helpful. as you read this manual Refer to the FRC Community Web site at. www usfirst org community frc for official information about the. FRC competition including rules and regulations as well as support. information The FRC Control System Manual also is available on this. Web site under Documents and Updates,Programming in LabVIEW.
The following documents contain information that you may find helpful as. you use LabVIEW, Getting Started with LabVIEW for the FIRST Robotics. Competition Use this manual to learn about the LabVIEW graphical. programming environment and the basic LabVIEW features you can. use to build FRC applications Access this manual by navigating to the. National Instruments LabVIEW 8 5 manuals directory and. opening FRC Getting Started pdf, LabVIEW Help Use the LabVIEW Help to access information about. LabVIEW programming concepts step by step instructions for using. LabVIEW and reference information about LabVIEW VIs functions. palettes menus tools properties methods events dialog boxes and. so on The LabVIEW Help also lists the LabVIEW documentation. resources available from National Instruments Access the LabVIEW. Help by selecting Help Search the LabVIEW Help in LabVIEW. LabVIEW Robotics Programming Guide for FRC xvi ni com.

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