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  • Change the look of chart text and labels in Pages on Mac. You can change the look of chart text by applying a different style to it, changing its font, adding a border, and more. Change the font, style, and size of chart text. You can change the look of all the chart text at once.
  • How to Make Wine Labels in Apple Pages 1. If you want to make it as quickly as possible, then what you can do is open up Apple Pages and use a wine label template. Open the program and you will then be able to select the Template Chooser. From there you will be provided with many different options to choose from.

Home Page Product Label Templates Product Click to Download ML-0100 ML-0100 Template ML-0200 ML-0200 Template ML-0400 ML-0400 Template ML-0600 ML-0600 Template ML-1000 ML-1000 Template ML-1400 ML-1400 Template ML-1450 ML-1450 Template ML-2000 ML-2000 Template ML-3000 ML-3000 Template ML-5000 ML-5000 Template ML-8100. Some users have desired to print address labels, name stickers, and other labels using Pages. While Microsoft Word and some other programs come with templates for many label layouts, Pages. has released a large collection of label templates for download for the word processor Pages which works on Apple Mac computers. Downloads are free. The collection of label templates for Pages for Mac includes: address, shipping, CD, DVD, mailing and other types of labels and sizes. Making your own labels with Pages using these blank label templates is easy and the set up time is quick.

Since Pages does not ship with built in label templates, and after receiving many request for label templates for the Mac, we created a large collection of templates for Mac users. It has been needed for a long time. Even though MS Word templates can be opened in Pages, compatibility issues still remain.

Easily download free Pages label templates for laser and inkjet printing. Design and create your own labels using these blank templates. We offer a complete collection of label templates for your Mac Pages Word Processor. The collection has over 100 sizes and types which include CD, DVD, mailing, address, shipping, VHS, diskette, round and other types of labels and sizes. Mini CD and Business card CDs. This collection of free templates also includes label size similar in size to Avery®, oval sizes, popular bottle and wine label sized templates, name badge, file folder and lots more. Also included are templates for general labeling needs like filing, storage and many other application. Templates are blank and are excellent for designing labels by importing images, using text boxes, shapes and other design functions in Pages to help you personalize the labels. Templates are free for use in any manner and are governed by the Public Domain License.

Templates are in Pages file format .template and download is a compressed file. Templates are in US Letter size – 8.5” x 11” and will work with Pages installed on on all versions of the Mac operating systems. To download, right click “Save target As” > decompress the Zip file and then open the file. Once you download and open the compressed file, you will be prompted to add the template to the Pages “template chooser” and filed in My Templates – from there you can open and start creating your labels.

Avery labels for mac pages

Avery Labels On Pages For Mac

You will be prompted to add the template to the Template Chooser

The Template Chooser interface

Open templates with an image inserted


A) If your Template opens blank: click on the field and the right bar will open, select first Table option


Your template will look like this now, and ready for editing >>>

Labels On Pages Mac

B) Click on the tab Arrange, and select Move With Text – this will make it easier to position images and text boxes

C) These Templates can work in Pages on the iCloud but first need to be saved as a .page file and then uploaded.