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Products Spotlight Preface,SG 2Z CE Equipment KOBELCO. New Year s greeting from,for the SEGARCTM process in EU WELDING. Highly efficient electro gas arc welding process the Head of the Welding Business. TODAY No 1, SEGARCTM 2Z is an automatic electro gas arc welding In addition welding is even possible if the thickness Dear KWT readers I believe you have spent a marvelous New Year holiday I C 22 NTENTS. EGW process and equipment designed by Kobe Steel as di erence of joint plates is over 3 mm by adopting a would like to express my sincere gratitude for your patronage of KOBELCO page. a highly e cient and high deposition process that has tapered joint equal to or less than 1 5 as shown in Figure products. been put into practical use mainly by Asian fabricators of 3 A tapered joint not required below 3 mm. ships oil storage tanks and bridges for over 40 years See In Japan the winter holiday is about a week long from the year end till the. Table 1 Welding consumables for SG 2Z CE beginning of the year with New Year s Day in between How to spend it depends on. The welding consumables for SG 2Z CE are shown in the individual one may go on a domestic or overseas trip simply stay home or. Table 1 Application of SEGARC process, return to one s hometown However what just about everyone does during the first SG 2Z CE Equipment. Table 2 for the SEGARCTM process in EU, Fields Application three days of the New Year is to visit a shrine or a temple and pray for the coming Highly e cient electro gas arc.
Shipyard Side shells bulkheads and hoppers of bulk carriers 50. year This is called HATSUMOUDE or the first visit to a shrine On the grounds welding process. Bridge Box girder webs I plate girder webs 12mm page. of most shrines stalls temporarily installed for the holiday sell sweets udon wheat. Storage tank,Press frames,Grain silos oil tanks 4mm. thickness wide,direction direction, noodles yakisoba stir fried soba noodles oden vegetables fish dumplings and 3. Water conduits large diameter pipes, 20mm other ingredients served in a hot soy broth or even sake Japanese rice wine With. Steel structure lottery stands and cork ball shooting galleries both children as well as adults can. structural members of seawater desalination plants. enjoy the visit buying the delicacies and eating outdoors on the shrine grounds I Flux cored wires for heat. Because the SEGARC 2Z had not received CE Marking, also visited a shrine at my home town and enjoyed drinking together with my resistant steels that conform to. for the EU region it could not be marketed within the EU thickness. 1 No alteration relatives AWS speci cations, region However it has recently been certi ed by direction 5 page.
conforming to the Machinery Directive 2006 42 EC the. Low voltage Directive 2006 95 EC and the, In our Welding Business group we spent the last year doing our jobs while. focusing on the three Ms Marketing Monodzukuri production system 9. Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC Directive innovation and Manpower under the slogan aiming to be the most reliable. 2004 108 EC Accordingly SG 2Z CE with CE Marking welding solutions company in the world While the environment surrounding our. was developed to be marketed within the EU region Figure 3 Application to a tapered joint cross sectional welding business has been stagnant due to the worldwide slump of shipbuilding and 10th year anniversary of. macrostructure of a tapered joint offshore structure industries we will continue to enhance marketing capability KOBE WELDING OF QINGDAO. Features of SG 2Z CE Table 2 Welding consumables for SEGARCTM process through product strategies and business plans tailored for each market in cooperation. Figure 1 shows schematic diagram of SEGARCTM process with all group members The ideal welding solution is one that solves a customer s. 0 2 Impact Approvals by,Trade Type of OS,TS El Value ship classi cation. while an example of SG 2Z CE equipment can be seen in designation steel MPa MPa J society welding problem and leads to our final goal of contributing to our clients. Figure 2 NK ABS LR monodzukuri through the use of KOBELCO products In this way our welding. DW S43G Mild steel 490 600 29 60, solutions go beyond automation by robotic welding systems. Torch SG 2Z CE, DW S60G HT550 610 520 650 26 65 NK ABS LR The KOBE STEEL group is one of the few company groups in the world that KWAI at FABTECH 2018. 20 BV DNV GL KOBELCO Your Best Partner,Backing material Shielding gas.
supplies welding consumables robotic welding systems and power sources in on display. 26 100 NK ABS LR,Mild steel,DW S1LG HT490 for low, 500 615 addition to IoT and AI technology and products By developing arc welding. Molten metal Oscillator temperature,service 60 BV DNV GL. Cu shoe Control panel NOTIFICATION, Water cooled FCWs in the list are designed for 100 CO2 C1 shielding gas technology in response to customers requests from covered electrodes to. Weld metal Cooling sliding Cu shoe The information contained within this. KL 4 or a water cooled sliding Cu shoe must be used as a backing material. and stand for FAMILIARCTM and TRUSTARCTM respectively. state of the art automation technology we will contribute to development in booklet such as but not limited to. respective enterprises regions and countries The environment surrounding the functions features dimensions. Figure 1 Schematic diagram of Figure 2 Overview of SG 2Z CE numerical values photographs. SEGARCTM process, The SG 2Z CE equipment for live demonstration is available in welding business changes day by day and so do customer needs Capturing those graphs evaluations results and or. KOBELCO WELDING OF EUROPE B V KWE the Netherlands or changes with sensitivity we ll make proposals speci cations o ered are intended. and listed solely for the purpose of, SG 2Z CE performs basically the same functions as other branch and nearest Kobelco partners Please feel free to that align with the needs of our customers explaining the general features and.
ask for more detailed information about functions and live. SEGARCTM 2Z and o ers the following features Thus we differentiate our products from those performances of our products only. demonstrations and are not guaranteed nor guarantee. 1 Operation is easy with a control panel that can adjust of other companies and will strive to add more anything as a result In addition the. welding current arc voltage oscillating width as well value to them in the future as well information contained within this. catalog is subject to change at any, as dwelling time Travelling speed during welding is time without notice Kindly contact. automatically adjusted to keep wire extension constant When KOBELCO representatives pay a visit our sales o ces and or representatives. even if there is a root gap to your country or area please share your nearest to your location for the latest. information, 2 Vertical and single pass welding on heavy plates up to issues and let them know what s on your mind. and in trade designation, 65 mm can be performed by installing an optional Lastly I wish all of you and your families indicate FAMILIARC TM TRUSTARC TM. and PREMIARCTM respectively, oscillator See Figure 2 good health and a successful year in 2019. 3 High e ciency is achieved due to its high deposition KOBELCO WELDING TODAY. rate is published by, 4 Its wide applicable range such as to vertical up as well Akira Yamamoto Marketing Center.
Managing Executive O cer Welding Business, as inclined vertical welding joints enables adoption. Head of the Welding Business KOBE STEEL LTD, across diverse elds See Table 1 KOBE STEEL LTD URL http www kobelco co jp english. Technical Highlight KOBELCO, Flux cored wires for heat resistant steels Vol 22 No 1 2019. that conform to AWS specifications Line up of FCWs. 2 for heat resistant steels 1 minimizing impurities such as P S in raw. Kobe Steel s selection of FCWs for heat resistant 2 designing for low C and high Mn in order to provide. steels is shown in Table 2 They are classified according moderate hardenability and to stabilize notch. to the steels and shielding gases as specified by the toughness. AWS while also conforming to ASME s F No and, A No Tables 3 and 4 show typical chemical compositions. and mechanical properties after PWHT of the deposited. AWS also specifies Post Weld Heat Treatment metals respectively Both chemical compositions and. PWHT at 690 C for 1 hour 690 Cx1h Because tensile properties satisfy the AWS requirements and the. PWHT is usually carried out in practice it is necessary impact properties at room temperature 20 C are. to design welding consumables that provide excellent sufficient. mechanical properties after PWHT by taking the,following points into consideration.
ability to create superb bead appearance even in such. severe positions as on fixed pipes FCWs have become. Table 2 FCWs for heat resistant steels, Heat resistant steels typically Cr Mo steels have been mainstream in most shipyards Hence it is expected that. widely utilized under such high temperature and FCWs will expand to industries requiring heat resistant 100 CO2 Ar 20 CO2. high pressure environments as thermal power plant steels such as boiler fabrication in the near future. boilers hereinafter called boilers DW 81B2C DW 81B2. 1 25Cr 0 5Mo 6 3,AWS A5 29 E81T1 B2C AWS A5 29 E81T1 B2M. In this article FCWs for 1 25Cr 0 5Mo and, These steels are classified in Japan by the Japanese 2 25Cr 1Mo heat resistant steels that conform to AWS DW 91B3C DW 91B3. Industrial Standard JIS and overseas by the standards specifications will be discussed 2 25Cr 1Mo. AWS A5 29 E91T1 B3C AWS A5 29 E91T1 B3M, of both American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM and American Society of Mechanical,Engineers ASME 120.
Plate thickness 20mm, The classification of welding consumables for heat 100 Groove angle 45 Table 3 Typical chemical compositions of deposited metals mass. resistant steels is also regulated by JIS in Japan and by Gap 13mm. 80 Kind of steel Trade designation Shielding gas C Si Mn P S Cr Mo. Arc time min, both AWS and ASME standards abroad Welding length 300mm. DW 81B2C 100 CO2 0 05 0 21 0 96 0 009 0 004 1 22 0 50. Table 1 shows Kobe Steel s line up of heat resistant 1 25Cr 0 5Mo. DW 81B2 Ar 20 CO2 0 06 0 29 0 97 0 010 0 005 1 30 0 50. steel welding consumables 1 25Cr 0 5Mo and 40 AWS Min 0 05 1 00 0 40. 2 25Cr 1Mo steels for boilers A5 29 B2 Max 0 12 0 80 1 25 0 030 0 030 1 50 0 65. 20 DW 91B3C 100 CO2 0 06 0 18 0 99 0 007 0 004 2 26 1 00. SMAW SAW GMAW and GTAW are the welding DW 91B3 Ar 20 CO2 0 06 0 29 1 12 0 008 0 004 2 38 1 01. 0 2 25Cr 1Mo, processes commonly applied to fabricate boilers FCAW GMAW SMAW GTAW AWS Min 0 05 2 00 0 90. DW 81B2 MG S1CM CM A96 TG S1CM, however flux cored wires FCWs provide higher A5 29 B3 Max 0 12 0 80 1 25 0 030 0 030 2 50 1 20. efficiency than TIG filler rods GTAW and covered, electrodes SMAW as shown in Figure 1 With their Figure 1 Comparison of arc time by welding processes.
Table 4 Typical mechanical properties of deposited metals after PWHT mass. Table 1 Heat resistant steel welding consumables for boilers PWHT 0 2 YS TS El vE 20 C. Kind of steel Trade designation Shielding gas,SAW condition MPa MPa J. Kind of steel ASTM SMAW GMAW GTAW Flux Wire FCAW,DW 81B2C 100 CO2 539 619 23 54. G 80 DW 81B2 Ar 20 CO2 570 654 22 31,A387 Gr 11 Cl 1 2 1 25Cr 0 5Mo. CM A96 MG S1CM TG S1CM US 511 DW 81B2C CO2,1 25Cr 0 5Mo A213 Gr T11 12 AWS 677 704 C 552. CM B98 MG S80B2F TG S80B2 G 80 DW 81B2 Ar CO2 Min 470 Min 19. A335 Gr P11 12 A5 29 B2 x1 1 25h 689,DW 91B3C 100 CO2 571 659 22 82.
A387 Gr 22 Cl 1 2 DW 91B3 Ar 20 CO2 621 696 22 111. CM A106 TG S2CM US 521 DW 91B3C CO2 2 25Cr 1Mo,2 25Cr 1Mo A213 Gr T22 MG S2CM. CM B108 TG S90B3 G 80 DW 91B3 Ar CO2 AWS 677 704 C 621. A335 Gr P22 Min 540 Min 17,US B3 A5 29 B3 x1 1 25h 758. Technical Highlight KOBELCO,Vol 22 No 1 2019,Usability of FCWs. 3 for heat resistant steels, In Kobe Steel s FCWs for heat resistant steels slag 40 750 100. forming agents like a rutile TiO2 are added in order to 38. 0 2 YS TS MPa, improve usability in all position welding Figure 2.
shows applicable ranges of welding current and arc 34 DW 81B2C. Arc voltage V,600 60 DW 81B2, voltage in horizontal fillet and vertical upward welding 32 550 Speci cation of. Accordingly welding current can be as high as about 30 500 DW 81B2C TS base plate. 300A in horizontal fillet welding and 240A in vertical 28 450. DW 81B2 TS TS 515 690MPa,DW 81B2C 0 2 YS 0 2 YS 310MPa. upward welding Also a wide range of arc voltage can 26 400 DW 81B2 0 2 YS. be used 24 Horizontal llet 350 0, 22 Vertical upward As welded 18 0 19 0 20 0 As welded 18 0 19 0 20 0. Figure 3 shows bead appearances and cross sectional 20 L M P 10 3 L M P 10 3. 150 200 250 300 350 L M P T 273 C logt T t h C 20,L M P T 273 C logt T t h C 20. macrostructures in horizontal fillet and vertical upward Welding current A. welding respectively In addition to obtaining sufficient Tensile properties Impact properties. penetration and a sound weld toe no large particle. spatter adhesion appears the bead shape shows little. unevenness and bead appearance is glossy Figure 4 Tensile and impact properties of FCWs for 1 25Cr 0 5Mo heat resistant steels after PWHT. Figure 2 Applicable ranges of welding current and,arc voltage by welding positions.
Note DW 81B2C 1 2mm dia,0 2 YS TS MPa,700 60 DW 91B3. DW 91B3C TS 40,600 DW 91B3 TS,550 DW 91B3C 0 2 YS 20. Speci cation of base plate,DW 91B3 0 2 YS,500 TS 515 690MPa. 0 2 YS 310MPa 0,As welded 18 0 19 0 20 0 As welded 18 0 19 0 20 0. L M P 10 3 L M P 10 3, L M P T 273 C logt T t h C 20 L M P T 273 C logt T t h C 20.
Tensile properties Impact properties, Horizontal llet welding 290A 34V Vertical upward welding 200A 25V. Figure 5 Tensile and impact properties of FCWs for 2 25Cr 1Mo heat resistant steels after PWHT. Figure 3 Bead appearances and cross sectional macrostructures by welding positions. Note DW 81B2C 1 2mm dia, Di usible hydrogen contents GMAW but almost equivalent to that of CM A96. 5 of weld metals with FCWs,for heat resistant steels. Mechanical properties of FCWs With regard to 0 2 offset yield strength 0 2 YS Each of the above tests was conducted right after the. 4 for heat resistant steels, and tensile strength TS the FCWs fully satisfy the Figure 6 compares the diffusible hydrogen content of package of welding consumables was opened However. under various PWHT conditions lower limits of those of the base metal even under such the weld metals with FCWs for heat resistant steels with because of moisture absorption by or adherence to the. high temperature and long time PWHT conditions as that of a solid wire GMAW and a covered electrode welding consumables diffusible hydrogen content may. Figures 4 and 5 indicate the mechanical properties 690 C x 4h On the other hand it is more effective to SMAW increase if the welding consumables are left in the. under various PWHT conditions including the perform PWHT under higher temperature 650 C packages for long periods after unsealing It is. as welded condition for reference 690 C and longer time 1h 4h in order to get better The FCWs diffusible hydrogen content is from 2 to therefore recommended for the consumables to be used. impact properties 4ml 100g which is inferior to that of MG S1CM promptly once their packages are opened. Technical Highlight KOBELCO,Vol 22 No 1 2019, The above formulae show that Cr Mo Ti V and Nb It is therefore recommended to conduct a.
are the elements that lead to the formation of precipitate confirmation test in advance to determine whether the. 8 and weakening of SR crack resistance However it is mechanical properties will satisfy the requirements. Di usible hydrogen content ml 100g, important to note that these concerns are more relevant 100 when excessive high temperature and long time PWHT. Reduction of area after fracture,7 DW 91B3C N 1 N 2. DW 81B2 to heat resistant steels than carbon steels because Cr 80 exceeding 690 Cx4h is applied. DW 91B3 and Mo are principal and unavoidable elements in heat 70. 5 resistant steels 60 Finally it is not recommended that the FCWs. discussed above be applied in the welding of pressure. 3 In this regard the rutile TiO2 is another important 30 vessels or parts requiring pressure resistance that specify. aspect in the design of FCWs for heat resistant steels 20 low temperature toughness The application of these. Although it is commonly utilized in all position type 0. FCWs should be utilized on parts with no strict, FCWs as a slag forming agent the Ti element Covered electrode FCW FCW toughness requirements or in other word with no. decomposed from TiO2 inevitably mixes into the weld CM A96MBD DW 81B2 No control of. impurities,pressure resistance requirement, MG S1CM CM A96 240A 270A metal resulting in reduced SR crack resistance There is. also a possibility that V and Nb may mix into the weld. Wire dia 1 2mm metal as they are unavoidable impurities in the raw. Arc voltage appropriate,Welding speed 35cm min,materials for welding consumables.
Figure 7 Comparison of reduction of area after fracture in. Wire extension 25mm,high temperature slow strain rate tensile test. Measuring method Gas chromatography FCWs for heat resistant steels must be carefully. designed from the SR crack point of view In Kobe, Steel s FCWs for heat resistant steels impurities in the. raw materials are strictly controlled resulting in the. Figure 6 Di usible hydrogen content of weld metal achievement of excellent SR crack resistance. Two evaluation methods of SR crack resistance are, Stress relief crack resistance available the high temperature slow strain rate tensile. 6 of weld metals with FCWs, test and the C shaped ring cracking test Figure 7 Figure 9 Cross sectional macrostructure showing. ferrite band generation PWHT 710 Cx24h, for heat resistant steels compares the reduction of area after fracture in the high.
temperature slow strain rate tensile test No crack Crack. In actual welding of heat resistant steels PWHT is DW 81B2 No control of impurities. performed to improve weld metal impact properties and When the reduction of area after fracture is low SR FCW FCW 8 Postscript. also to remove residual stresses However stress relief crack resistance is poor The FCW with no control of. SR cracking or reheat cracking may occur during the impurities resulted in a low reduction of area after Figure 8 Observation of crack or no crack at U notch portion In this article the FCWs for 1 25Cr 0 5Mo and. PWHT process Two reasons are widely recognized as, in C shaped ring cracking test 2 25Cr 1Mo heat resistant steels that conform to AWS. fracture By contrast DW 81B2 FCW in which, the cause of SR cracks impurities are controlled had nearly the equivalent standard were discussed They are designed to fulfill. requirements not only for chemical compositions and. reduction of area after fracture as CM A96MBD a, 1 Impurity elements that cause the grain boundary covered electrode that is utilized in the welding of 7 Notes on usage. tensile properties but also for impact properties, strength to deteriorate pressure vessels Furthermore as they are aimed to decrease the SR crack. In welding the PWHT condition should be susceptibility that is peculiar to heat resistant steels it is. 2 Precipitation hardening elements that cause the grain The results of the C shaped ring cracking test are determined by considering the required mechanical hoped that these FCWs will contribute to the. boundary strength to increase shown in Figure 8 It can be observed that the crack properties even though FCWs for heat resistant steels improvement of welding efficiency. occurred with the FCW with no control of impurities show good mechanical properties within the range of. The formula of SR crack susceptibility for which was the same FCW as the one shown in Figure 7 650 690 Cx1 4h as shown in point 4 above Mecha Upon reflecting on feedback from customers who. precipitation hardening is as follows nical properties of FCWs for heat resistant steels under apply these welding consumables onsite Kobe Steel. On the other hand no crack occurred with DW 81B2, FCW in which impurities are controlled These results various PWHT conditions will make utmost efforts to further improve the.
G Cr 3 3Mo 8 1V 2 properties of these FCWs,demonstrate that DW 81B2 has excellent SR crack. In case of G 0 the crack occurs resistance For example under the high temperature and long. time PWHT condition like 690 Cx4h FCWs 0 2 YS References. PSR Cr Cu 2Mo 7Nb 5Ti 2 and TS can fully satisfy the lower limit of those of the 1 The Journal of The Japan Welding Society 1992 Vol 61 No 6. In case of PSR 0 the crack occurs base metal and it is advantageous to improve impact p469 p472. Note Applicable range of each element Cr 1 5 0 1 C 0 25. properties On the other hand if excessive high 2 API RP 934 A 2012 Addendum 2 Annex B. Cu 1 0 Mo 2 0 temperature and long time PWHT is performed it will 3 The Journal of The Japan Welding Society 1964 Vol 33 No 9. cause the formation of a soft structure called the ferrite p718 p725. band and may result in extreme decreases in TS and Note and are the abbreviations of FAMILIARCTM TRUSTARCTM. notch toughness and PREMIARCTM respectively,Bulletin Bulletin KOBELCO. 10th year anniversary of KWAI at FABTECH 2018 Vol 22 No 1 2019. KOBE WELDING OF QINGDAO KOBELCO Your Best Partner,China Overview of KWQ. on display,E stablished in 2008 KOBE WELDING OF,QINGDAO CO LTD KWQ celebrated its. 10 year anniversary at Wyndham Grand Qingdao Hotel in. At Chinese get together parties special programs are. always promised and this party did not disappoint It. started with karaoke singing of KWQ s 10 year, Huangdao District Qingdao City on October 12 2018 anniversary song whose lyrics were written by KWQ s.
Among the subsidiaries managed by the Welding group leader of equipment and electric power and. Business in overseas KWQ is the youngest production continued with Chinese acrobatics games dance. company performances and a magic show performed by. professionals in cooperation with the All China Federation. It was an honor to participate at this 10 year turning. of Trade Unions ACFTU in Qingdao It was exciting, point in KWQ s history and report on the anniversary. The final performance was a mixed chorus by KWQ,ceremony and get together party. employees who had practiced during their short lunch. National staff members in charge of preparing the breaks and managed to perform with great success. ceremony inspired themselves from the start It seemed FABTECH Exhibition hall KOBELCO booth Attendants including KWAI sta members. Such a get together party provided me a representative. part of Chinese culture that they were fond of anniversary. of the Welding Business in China with a good, and celebration As a result almost all employees except ABTECH is one of the largest annual exhibitions 3 introducing the extensive line up of products and. opportunity to drink and talk with many Chinese national. for a few mothers who had to take care of their small held in the USA or occasionally in Canada or features Stainless steel FCWs such as TG X series. staff members and plant operators and build personal. children at home took part in the anniversary celebration Mexico In the USA the location alternates between DW G series for thin gauge sheet and DW XR. connections Moving from one table to another in order to. An enormous display board for the ceremony much toast all the participants was a hard but enjoyable task Chicago and either Atlanta or Las Vegas series that reduce Cr VI emissions were introduced. larger than anything I d seen in Japan was signed by the on video Additionally DW 50 conforming to. Because competition among producers of flux cored In 2018 it was held in Atlanta from November 6. employees and set in front of the ceremony This got them AWS D1 8Structural Welding Code Seismic. wire FCW for carbon steel KWQ s main product is Tuesday to 8 Thursday and attracted over 33 000. even more excited ahead of the ceremony Mr Yamamoto Supplement MX 50 for steel structures and a 15. severe in China as well as globally it means that there is visitors and about 1 500 exhibitors Reflecting the recent. the Head of the Welding Business Chairman of the KWQ lbs 6 8 kg spool of DW 50 for ship building was. extensive need for FCWs in our societies The basis of active market situation the show was extremely active for. Board and the outside directors of KWQ also participated also displayed. our business shall be that on a timely basis we keep all three days and the number of visitors did not drop until. in the ceremony with congratulatory speeches and by the last day The display of ARCMAN T M MP together with. supplying welding consumables of stable quality that. extending encouraging words MX 50R attracted much attention from visitors and many. enables our clients to utilize them with ease We might not. FABTECH targets general fabricators in metal, In a presentation the 10 year path of KWQ was maintain the status quo however we will keep developing of them asked about the robot and the welding wire as. manufacturing and draws participants in such related. introduced many of the employees became emotional our presence by taking on new challenges that lead to well We believe it successfully conveyed the KOBELCO. industries as metal forming processing fabricating. while remembering their history further reinforcing the company s foundation and brand image as the welding solution company that can. welding and finishing industries It also features spot sales. employees happiness provide both welding and robot. The award for 10 years of service at KWQ was and quite a few companies aim to sell their displayed. presented to many employees Because the number of We do hope you may extend your support to us toward products on the spot at special discounted prices As an exhibition FABTECH offers value because we. such long term employees will increase further over the the next 20th or 30th year anniversary can catch new market trends in the ideas products and. 30th exhibition at FABTECH of KOBELCO, next one or two years they must be the ones who have concepts emphasized by participating companies In the.
Reported by WELDING OF AMERICA INC KWAI focused on the. continuously supported KWQ case of KWAI the sales people who work hard in their. Eiju Yamauchi following points under the slogan KOBELCO Your. own territories around the USA join FABTECH as a team. General Manager Administration Department KWQ Best Partner. and talk business with customers I felt as if the exhibition. 1 establishing KOBELCO s brand image as the welding helped them become strongly united. solution company The combination of the, I d like to take the opportunity and encourage myself to. ARCMAN TM MP welding robot and MX 50R, further cultivate the North American market as a member. metal type flux cored wire was on display and a video. of the KOBELCO group The next FABTECH will be,showed the equipment in use at Beck Steel USA as. held in Chicago from November 11 to 14 in 2019 Dear. well as an interview with the president of that, The huge display board with KWT readers please join us there and I m looking. all employees signatures company,forward to seeing you again.
2 emphasizing technological capabilities for high end. products DW A62LSR a new flux cored wire, FCW for the energy industry and DW S1LG an Reported by. FCW for electro gas arc welding shipbuilding and Marie Ichikawa. The mixed chorus by employees All participants are posing on the stage tank fabrication were exhibited Sta member of GOMD Marketing Center the Welding Business.

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