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For whatever it's worth: I have a four- or five-year-old Kensington lock that works just fine with my daughter's brand-new Aluminum MacBook. I suppose the new locks might be made differently, but it seems unlikely that the shank which protrudes into the computer would have been shortened enough to prevent it from reaching through the MacBook's Aluminum sidewall — the only reason I can think of why a new Kensington lock might not work with a MacBook. There are still plenty of plastic-shelled notebook computers out there, and a plastic sidewall thinner than the MacBook's aluminum shell wouldn't provide much resistance at all against an effort to pull the lock out without unlocking it. So I suspect Kensington's lock will still reach through the MacBook case.

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Feb 14, 2008
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Kensington Lock For Macbook Pro

I was thinking of investing in a Kensington lock for my MacBook, but man, I'm worried about the [lack of] security of those article in a recent issue of 2600 detailed how easy it is to hack a Kensington combo lock without destroying it. A search on YouTube gives you dozens of videos on how to hack these things -- one as short as 15 seconds because all it was was someone taking a pair of wire cutters and very effortlessly snipping the thing off.
So...IS there a model of Kensington (or similar) lock that's SOMEWHAT secure?? I mean, those locks cost $40, and I would hope that something that costs that much would be somewhat useful....