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jQuery 1 4 Plugin Development,Beginner s Guide, Build powerful interactive plugins to implement jQuery. to its best,Giulio Bai,BIRMINGHAM MUMBAI,jQuery 1 4 Plugin Development. Beginner s Guide,Copyright 2010 Packt Publishing, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system. or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the. publisher except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews. Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy of the. information presented However the information contained in this book is sold without. warranty either express or implied Neither the author nor Packt Publishing and its dealers. and distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused directly. or indirectly by this book, Packt Publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all of the. companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals. However Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. First published October 2010,Production Reference 1121010.
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd,32 Lincoln Road,Birmingham B27 6PA UK. ISBN 978 1 849512 24 4,www packtpub com, Cover Image by Asher Wishkerman a wishkerman mpic de. Author Editorial Team Leader,Giulio Bai Aanchal Kumar. Reviewers Project Team Leader,Abel Mohler Lata Basantani. Peter Guo Pei,Keith Wood Project Coordinator,Shubhanjan Chatterjee.
Acquisition Editor,Chaitanya Apte Proofreader,Chris Smith. Development Editor,Chaitanya Apte Graphics,Nilesh Mohite. Technical Editor,Hithesh Uchil Production Coordinator. Aparna Bhagat,Hemangini Bari Cover Work,Aparna Bhagat. About the Author, Giulio Bai is a law student living in Modena Italy who spends most of his time toying with.
stuff that doesn t have anything to do with law, Even after trying to keep the list of his past achievements as short as possible the number of. projects he joined in and invariably sunk short thereafter makes it hard to narrow down his. interests to programming and carousels alone, It should be made clear that any claim of responsibility for those unfortunate ventures is. wholeheartedly rejected they never had the necessary potential to make it anyway. I can t brag about this book with anybody if no credit for the beautiful. JavaScript library jQuery is given to its author John Resig. Also a bunch of thanks are randomly distributed to everybody I had any. kind of contact with in both real and virtual life who have no doubt. somehow helped me in writing this precious manuscript. About the Reviewers, Abel Mohler is a freelance web developer and jQuery plugin author who works from his. home near Asheville in the mountains of North Carolina He is the author of popular jQuery. plugins such as Mapbox and wTooltip You can see a list of the plugins he has released at. http wayfarerweb com jquery plugins, I d like to thank those at Packt Publishing who reached out to me to work. on a project as fun as this one to the author for doing such a wonderful. job with the material and to Project Coordinator Shubhanjan Chatterjee. for his patience and diligence in helping glue this project together into. what it became, I d also like to thank those who helped me along the way to become a.
better developer Brett Lytle of Lytleworks who has the vision to find. unique and simple solutions to any problem Matt McCabe for his endless. ideas and projects and Mike Bykov of TigerTiger for helping to inspire. me to grow my own technologies Most of all I d like to thank my wife. Rebecca for putting up with countless sleepless nights of studying and. pushing me to be a better man, Peter Guo Pei is a Chinese Canadian website and software specialist His expertise is. mainly in the design of websites and applications and other computer software systems He. lives in the quiet town of Langley along the US Canadian border with his lovely wife and two. kids He studied computer science in Fudan University China. He has worked for various IT companies in China USA and Canada including Sun. Microsystems Tandem Wang Kodak and Motorola,He loves to ride his bike. I would like to thank my sweet wife Yan and my two lovely kids my. daughter Angel and son Jimmy They have always been the sunshine. of my life, Keith Wood lives in Brisbane Australia where he is a Solutions Architect for Hyro Ltd. He has been in the IT industry for over 20 years working his way down from mainframes. through mini computers to PCs He has used Delphi and JBuilder since their first release. contributing many OpenTools to the JBuilder community He was also a frequent contributor. of technical articles to Delphi Informant Delphi Developer s Journal Hardcore Delphi and. The Delphi Magazine magazines and has written three books. Delphi Developer s Guide to XML WordWare Publishing 2001. Delphi Developer s Guide to XML 2nd Edition BookSurge 2003. Inside the JBuilder OpenTools API BookSurge 2004, He did the initial development for log4d a port of log4j to Delphi and SAX for Pascal. More recently he has worked with jQuery for several years and has contributed many jQuery. plugins http keith wood name index html jquery as well as developed with. Marc Grabanski the Datepicker component that was incorporated into the jQuery UI project. Mostly he works with Java these days but uses jQuery for any frontend work. Table of Contents,Chapter 1 What is jQuery About 7.
A little background 8, jQuery the write less do more JavaScript library 8. How jQuery works 9,Time for action writing a basic jQuery script 9. Time for action callback and functions 10,Extending jQuery Plugins 11. Plugins basics 12,Suggested reading that could help greatly 13. Learning jQuery 1 3 13,jQuery 1 4 Reference Guide 14.
Online reference and documentation 14,jQuery com 14. Nettuts 15,Cheatsheets 15,Forums and mailing lists 15. Summary 17,Chapter 2 Plugins Basics 19,Using plugins 19. Time for action looking for a plugin 20,Time for action setting up our own page 24. Structure of a plugin 27, Time for action types of plugins Function plugins 28.
Time for action types of plugins Messing with methods 31. Time for action chaining 33,Basic plugins examples 35. A few key things to remember 36,Summary 39,Table of Contents. Chapter 3 Our First jQuery Plugin 41,Defining our own default plugin structure 42. Setting the basics for our first plugin 43,Time for action our first plugin Part I 43. Getting a step farther 45, Time for action our first plugin Part II Hovering 45.
Dealing with options 47, Time for action our first plugin Part III Options 47. Using functions inside the plugin 49, Time for action our first plugin Part IV Functions 50. Closures Making functions private 52, Time for action our first plugin Part V Closures 53. Summary 59,Chapter 4 Media Plugins Images Plugins 61. Plugin overview 62,Handling images 64,Time for action showing images 64.
Time for action one step more 67,Centering things 70. Time for action turning theory into code 70,Putting it all together 72. Time for action the final step 72,Summary 75,Chapter 5 Media Plugins Audio Plugins 77. Plugin overview 78,Handling audio files 79,The player 80. Time for action creating the Flash player 80,Putting the plugin together 82.
Time for action creating the plugin 83,Styling and multiple players 86. Time for action adding support for multiple players 86. Time for action adding some style 89,Summary 92,Chapter 6 Media Plugins Video Plugins 95. Plugin overview 96,Handling video files 97,Embedding YouTube videos 98. Time for action creating your first video plugin 99. Adding preview thumbnails and the pop up feel 102,Table of Contents. Time for action adding previews 102,Time for action creating a pop up 103.
Summary 108,Chapter 7 Form Plugins 111,Form plugins in general 112. Validating forms 113, Time for action creating the form check plugin 114. Auto growing textareas 120,Time for action creating the autogrow plugin 121. Other types of form related plugins 125,Checkboxes and radio buttons 125. Text manipulation 127,Edit in place 128,Summary 134.
Chapter 8 User Interface Plugins 135,Positioning 136. Time for action understanding mouse movement events 138. Setting equal heights 139,Time for action setting the same height 140. Other examples of user interface plugins 143,Menu plugins 143. Form enhancement plugins 144,Context menus and tree menus 144. Summary 147, Chapter 9 User Interface Plugins Tooltip Plugins 149.
Tooltip plugins in general 150,Positioning the tooltip 151. Custom jQuery selectors 152, Time for action creating custom jQuery selectors 153. Merging pieces together 154,Time for action creating a tooltip plugin 154. Summary 161, Chapter 10 User Interface Plugins Menu and Navigation Plugins 163. Splitting the work in two 164,CSS Drop down menu and styling 165.
Time for action creating and styling the menu 166,jQuery Spicing things up 170. Time for action adding a fading effect 170,Creating the plugin 171. Table of Contents,Time for action creating the plugin 171. Summary 175,Chapter 11 Animation Plugins 177,Sliding 178. What does sliding actually mean 178,Sample plugins that slide 179.
Creating an accordion plugin that slides 180,Time for action creating sliding panes 180. Fading 186,What does fading actually mean 186,Sample plugins that fade 187. Creating a fading news ticker plugin 188,Time for action creating the plugin 189. The animate method 194,Understanding the jQuery animate method 194. Time for action creating your first animation 195,Summary 201.
Chapter 12 Utility Plugins 203,Generating tag clouds 204. A bit of theory to start with 204,Time for action creating a tag cloud plugin 205. Cookie handling 210,How cookies work 211,Time for action creating a cookie plugin 212. Summary 219,Chapter 13 Top jQuery Plugins 221,Typesearch 222. Description 222,Synopsis 223, Time for action obtaining an OSX like search bar with the Typesearch plugin 223.
Final thoughts 225,JSON plugin 225,Description 225. Synopsis 226, Time for action encoding and decoding JSON strings 226. Final thoughts 228,notNow 228,Description 228,Synopsis 228. Table of Contents, Time for action postponing a function using the notNow plugin 228. Final thoughts 229,Webcam 230,Description 230,Synopsis 231.
Time for action setting up and using the webcam plugin 232. Final thoughts 233,Quovolver 233,Description 234,Synopsis 234. Time for action putting Quovolver to work 234,Final thoughts 236. ScrollToElement 236,Description 236,Synopsis 237,Time for action different ways of scrolling 237. Final thoughts 238,PassRoids 239,Description 239,Synopsis 240. Time for action using the plugin 240,Final thoughts 243.
Virtual Keyboard Widget 243,Description 243,Synopsis 244. Time for action using the virtual keyboard plugin 245. Final thoughts 246,Sliding Doors 246,Description 247. Synopsis 248,Time for action creating a sliding door 248. Final thoughts 249,idleTimer 250,Description 250,Synopsis 251. Time for action timing idle users 251,Final thoughts 252.
Summary 254,Table of Contents, Appendix A Tools reference and final recommendations 255. Reference and bibliography 255,Official jQuery documentation 255. jQuery API browser 256,jQuery 1 4 Reference Guide 256. Blogs to follow and websites to bookmark 256,jQuery blog 257. jQuery UI blog 257,John Resig 257,Learning jQuery 257.
J rn Zaefferer bassistance 257,jQuery for designers 257. jQuery HowTo 258, On browsers compatibility comparisons and plugins 258. Supported browsers 258,Compatibility master table 258. Browser plugins 258,FireBug Firefox 258,Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools 259. DebugBar Internet Explorer 259,Safari Web Inspector 259.
Dragonfly Opera 259,Chrome Web Inspector 260,Cheatsheets 260. jQuery plugin development checklist 260,Appendix B Pop Quiz Answers 263. Chapter 1 What is jQuery About 263,Chapter 2 Plugins Basics 263. Chapter 3 Our First jQuery Plugin 264,Chapter 4 Media Plugins Images Plugins 264. Chapter 5 Media Plugins Audio Plugins 264,Chapter 6 Media Plugins Video Plugins 264.
Chapter 7 Form Plugins 265,Chapter 8 User Interface Plugins 265. Chapter 9 User Interface Plugins Tooltip Plugins 265. Chapter 10 User Interface Plugins Menu and Navigation Plugins 266. Chapter 11 Animation Plugins 266,Chapter 12 Utility Plugins 266. Chapter 13 Top jQuery Plugins 266, jQuery is the most famous JavaScript library If you use jQuery a lot it may be a good idea to. start packaging your code into plugins A jQuery plugin is simply a way to put your code into. a package which makes it easier to maintain your code and use it across different projects. Although basic scripting is relatively straightforward writing plugins can leave people. scratching their heads, With this exhaustive guide in hand you can start building your own plugins in a matter. of minutes This book takes you beyond the basics of jQuery and enables you to take full. advantage of jQuery s powerful plugin architecture to deliver highly interactive content. to your website viewers, This book contains all the information you need to successfully author your very own jQuery.
plugin with a particular focus on the practical aspect of design and development. This book will also cover some details of real life plugins and explain their functioning. to gain a better understanding of the overall concept of plugin development and jQuery. plugin architecture, Different topics regarding plugin development are discussed and you will learn how to. develop many types of add ons ranging from media plugins such as slideshows video and. audio controls and so on to various utilities image pre loading handling cookies You will. also learn the use and applications of jQuery effects and animations sliding fading and. combined animations to eventually demonstrate how all of these plugins can be merged. and give birth to a new more complex and multipurpose script that comes in handy in. a lot of situations,What this book covers, Chapter 1 What is jQuery About covers what jQuery is and why we should use and prefer it. over other libraries Some basic concepts as well as some history are covered in this chapter. that acts as an introduction to the real topic of the book. Chapter 2 Plugins Basics is our first real approach to jQuery plugins It provides an in depth. description of jQuery s own plugin architecture providing some examples and sample. applications for some of the most popular plugins, Chapter 3 Our First jQuery Plugin as its name suggests is about creating our first working. and fantastic jQuery plugin Step by step instructions are provided in order to guide even. very beginners to the successful realization of their first plugin. Chapter 4 Media Plugins Images Plugins discusses how images play a big role in today s. Internet Since we don t want to be left out nor behind in this chapter we do our best. to create a jQuery plugin that is very easy to use customize and at the same time very. effective and good looking Besides a gallery like plugin will certainly enhance the user. experience of our web pages, Chapter 5 Media Plugins Audio Plugins shows us how after images sounds too can be. used in a variety of different ways to hold the visitor s attention Not only will we learn how. to develop a jQuery based audio player plugin but we will also analyze the advantages and. disadvantages of the HTML5 audio tag compared to JavaScript solutions. Chapter 6 Media Plugins Video Plugins presents a detailed guide to the creation of a video. player plugin and also offers some hints on how to better display video objects on a web. page with the aid of JavaScript and or HTML code, Chapter 7 Form Plugins shows a handful of different but all extremely useful plugins.
we can develop in order to improve our forms and offer an enhanced user experience on. our website A number of jQuery plugins are coded step by step and discussed to better. understand what to use how to use it and in what circumstances. Chapter 8 User Interface Plugins offers many plugin examples and explains how the. developer should tackle the problem in such a way that the final result can be easily. modified and integrated into an organized project, Chapter 9 User Interface Plugins Tooltip Plugins explains that to get a fully working. tooltip plugin a series of preliminary steps is required These include understanding mouse. movement and events positioning through CSS rules and last but not least interaction. with jQuery code to actually show and hide the tooltip element at our will.

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