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FOLLOW SCALPMASTER1 ON,Trading Is Simple But It s Not Easy. Let Live Traders Be Your Guide,Jared Wesley,Let s get real here for a moment. Trading isn t the easiest profession,you could have chosen but it is. the most flexible rewarding and,potentially lucrative career out. there There is so much,information to sift though on line.
these days it s hard to know,where to hang your hat for a. genuine learning experience with,true professionals. I ll be the first to admit that I was not an over night trading. success despite starting my career on Wall Street at a big bank on. their buy side institutional trading desk When I decided to try my. hand at intra day trading using technical charts I assumed I d be an. instant success I was wrong I quickly picked up the patterns but I. was simply unable to control my emotions well enough to make. money I was at a cross roads I would either put my head down and. overcome these emotional demons or I would have to go back to my. old job with my head down and admit defeat Something that would. have garnered many I told you so s, This is where 99 9 of other educators will make up some ridiculous. fairly tale about how they pulled up their boot straps and got their. shit together and the rest is trading folklore Now they sail on Yacht s. and fly in private jets while dining with super models. I went back to my old job, The story doesn t end there though I never ever had any intention. of quitting trading but I was also smart enough to know that if I. didn t go back to work then the rest of my savings would quickly. dwindle away and my dream of becoming a successful trader would. truly be finished Why tell you all of this Because you re not alone. There are countless successful traders that began from humble. beginnings and you won t be the first nor the last That was over 12. years ago and I can honestly tell you it was worth every bit of. struggle stress and crow I had to eat from family and friends. because it s not the person who gets the first laugh it s the person. who gets the last laugh that wins Now I have people literally calling. me on a daily basis to teach them how to become a profitable trader. It s gotten to the point where I have to turn most of them down. because I simply don t have the time to teach each person which is. one of the main reasons I started Live Traders It has allowed me to. better serve the masses by teaching them the true ins and outs of. the this wonderful business, Make no mistake trading is an incredible business that provides.
unparalleled freedom and flexibility Heck I trade from Pennsylvania. Florida California Arizona and Japan every year That would never. be possible in another career You see although challenging at the. start trading has allowed me to live life on my terms and the. financial rewards have allowed me to ultimately have multiple. streams of oncome and a life most others can only dream about. So if your goal is to be a trader don t let anyone tell you it can t be. done but also don t let anyone tell you it won t be challenging If you. have passion and dedication then the challenge is absolutely worth. it because the rewards are unparalleled,Jared Wesley. Live Traders,Table of Contents,Trading The Market Open With Precision. Being Human Trader Strength or Weakness,How Sharpe Is Your Batting Average. How Add Reduce Trade Management Can Yield,Profits With Lowered Risk. The Key To Success Money Management,Getting Started In The FOREX Markets.
One Good Trade,Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 5. Table of Contents,Belief Systems In Trading,How To Build Wealth Through Swing Trading. Repetition Practice Makes Perfect,Learn Level II or Learn To Pay More. The Pitfalls of Prop Trading and the Advantage of,Trading a Corporate Account. Size Doesn t Matter,The Importance of Tracking Your Trades.
Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 6,Table of Contents. Our Live Trading Room LTCR,Closing Comments,About Us Our Team. Products Services,Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 7. Disclaimer, All information provided is for education purposes only Live Traders LLC is. not an advisory service or a registered investment broker dealer We may. hold positions in stocks options and other market instruments discussed but. this in no way constitutes investment advice, The opinions expressed at Live Traders LLC are those of the moderator All.
trades and positions posted and or discussed by the chat room moderator. are neither a solicitation to buy or sell a particular security or market. instrument nor are they investment advice, Live Traders live trading room chart examples seminars webinars videos. mentoring emails and any other content on the website or in this course is. for the sole purpose of education and information and should not be. construed as investment advice We do not provide tax or legal advice as it. relates to stock trading please refer to a qualified professional for these. Trading the markets in any capacity involves substantial risk of loss This. activity may not be appropriate for everyone and you should only risk what. you can afford to lose Live Traders LLC does not guarantee trading profits. nor do we guarantee freedom from risk You must assess the risk of any. trade with your broker or financial professional and then make your own. independent decisions regarding any trades taken Live Traders LLC is in no. way responsible or liable for any trader losses whatsoever. Past performance should not be considered an indication or guarantee of. future performance and no representation or warranty express or implied is. made regarding future performance, All copyrighted and trademarked information may not be used in connection. with any product or site in any manner without the prior written consent of. the company Live Traders LLC Copyright 2018 by Live Traders LLC. Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 8,How To Get The Most Out Of This Book. Thank you for choosing Traders Guide To Success This book was. designed to benefit traders and investors of all levels as well as in all. timeframes Whether you are a short term scalp trader or a long term. swing trader there is something in this book for you. This collection was put together by the world renowned trading team. at Live Traders from our many years of trading knowledge and. experience to help enhance your market aptitude As you read. through this book you will be exposed to many proprietary strategies. that took us years to develop and perfect We will truly take you. behind the curtain and inside the mind of professional traders and. how they approach the business of beating the markets everyday. Keep in mind that the strategies and ideas you will encounter in this. book are proven effective to work in the markets because unlike. many other places the team at Live Traders always trades live for all. to see We are big believers in showing people how things work rather. than just teaching theory based strategies which you will see as you. read through this incredible compilation of trading mastery. We hope you enjoy the articles and find them helpful in advancing. your trading competence,Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 9. Trading The Market Open With Precision, There are many benefits to trading the market open and being able to.
earn a living in only 60 90 minutes a day However to do this we must. be organized and focused as the early minutes of the day tend to be. fast paced and very active Trading this time of the day is also very. conducive for traders who are somewhat jittery with their. management and generally possess less patience The reason being is. that stocks typically move much faster in the morning therefor the. potential to hit a solid target in a shorter period of time is more likely. Despite the attractiveness of trading the open I must also fore warn. newer traders about the potential drawbacks as well Namely stocks. tend to be much spreadier and whippier making them more. challenging to get filled on as well as the possibility of stopping out of. a trade much quicker As you can see everything is a give and take. So while trading the market open is not for everyone it is absolutely. my favorite time of the day to trade and happens to be one of the. most profitable times as well, Let s talk a little bit more specifically about how to trade the open with. effectiveness and precision The main component of being a proficient. early morning trader is ORGANIZATION Things happen very quickly at. this time of the day and it is imperative that we have a very focused. and organized list of the stocks we are most interested in because you. can miss something in an instant and be left shaking your head in. frustration, The first thing a trader needs to do is develop a healthy and consistent. morning routine For example when I get in front of my trading desk. usually around 8 45am EST the first thing I do is look at the markets I. do this by checking the 60 and daily chart of the SPY and QQQ This. gives me an idea of where the market is gapping to as well as where. it gapped from and of course the next areas of support and. resistance I recommend that traders draw support and resistance lines. on their chart for the SPY and QQQ as a guide to follow Once we have. our morning market bias higher lower or neutral then it is time to. formulate our watch list by scanning for GAPPING stocks. Almost every stock gaps every day however not every gap is. Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 10,Trading The Market Open With Precision. compelling In fact most are worthless It is our job as traders to scan. through our watch list and choose the highest quality gapping stocks. of the day Personally I use gainers and losers to formulate my. morning gap list I will also use gainers and losers as well at times. if necessary The key here is to know what you are looking for At LIVE. TRADERS we have very specific rules for scanning our morning gaps. this includes using a detailed ranking system from Level 1 to Level 3. to determine the highest quality gaps of the morning The reason we. rate every gap is so that we can organize them in order of importance. By importance we mean urgency Simply put the better the gap the. more urgent the entry the shoddier the gap the less urgent the entry. As an example I will be much more aggressive with level 1 gaps than. with level 3 gaps due their shock value relative strength weakness. void and overall superior quality whereas a level 3 gap doesn t. possess as many defined attributes and thus needs a more. confirmed entry, Once I have formulated my gap list I organize them from most favorite. to least favorite and then put them on 2 thumbnail charts At the same. time I will usually write down the ideal entry prices of my top 3 or 4. favorite gaps so that when the market opens I am very clear about. the levels I d like to enter those stocks Despite this pre market. scanning and organizing it does not guarantee that I ll get the entry. or pattern I desire However even if I don t get my ideal entry that. doesn t mean I ll take the stock off the list or ignore it Quite the. opposite actually now I ll pay extra attention making sure to look for. an alternate entry After all these are my absolute favorite ideas for. the morning session and I don t want to miss them Focus and. organization are essential here Done properly a handsome income. can be earned in a very short amount of time every day allowing us to. do other things and truly enjoy the life that trading can afford. When the market opens I am ready to push the button without. hesitation IF my favorite ideas provide the entry I am looking for If they. don t I will simply wait You must be on your toes and ready at all times. during the first 15 30 minutes of the market open because it is very. easy to miss a trade by mere seconds, In the chart example below you can see that I have chosen a high.
Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 11,Trading The Market Open With Precision. quality gapping stock and then I simply waited for a high odds pattern. on the 2 timeframe The reason the daily chart on CF is compelling is. because it is gapping over multiple red bars creating a level of shock. value it is also gapping into void above which means there are no. prior pivots to the left that might cause selling pressure and lastly it is. gapping just enough to clear the consolidation resistance to the left. This is the type of gap that will usually garner a very high rating from. our Professional Trading Strategies PTS rating system Now that I have. a nice gap my job is to wait for a high odds intra day entry In this. case it happened to be a very nice 4 bar play on the 2 chart This is. comprised of a wide range bar that shows commitment from the. buyers followed by multiple narrow range resting bars that provide a. nice tight stop loss and an adequate amount of rest before the stock. continue its move higher In this case I was able to make over 1300 in. less than 2 minutes and overall earn over 2300 in less than 20 minutes. using the organization and focus that I alluded to earlier High odds. daily chart high odds intra day pattern powerful results This is just. one example of the powerful we teach,Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 12. Trading The Market Open With Precision, Below is another example of a daily chart that was in a strong stage 2. uptrend showing continued strength followed by a small yet powerful. bullish gap This stock gapped over multiple pivots with relative. strength not shown void above and just enough to get the job done. which are all attributes of a highly rated gap per our PTS course rating. system Now that my focus is clear I will simply wait until WFM gives. me a high quality intra day entry In this case it happened to be a 3. bar play on the 2 chart somewhat similar to the CF chart from earlier. The 2 wide ranged bar showed commitment from the buyers followed. by a narrow ranged resting bar that allowed the stock to breath before. continuing its move higher into the void above As you can see from. the illustration WFM moved more than 1 in less than an hour. enabling me to turn a 500 risk into over 4000 in profits That s an 8 1. gain I d say that s a pretty respectable return on your TIME and your. If you d like to learn more about these patterns as well as how to trade. the market open with precision please stop by our live trading room. Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 13,Trading The Market Open With Precision. which is open every market day from 9am to 4pm At LIVE TRADERS we. trade live with real money because we want to show our traders not. only the importance of technical charts but also the importance of. good order execution good trade management as well as good. money management We feel it s important to emphasize the realities. of trading which include slippage spreads partial fills skipped orders. as well as the myriad of emotions that go through a traders mind each. day We teach technical analysis theory as well but we also show our. theory in real time live market conditions each and every day For. more info about our Trading Room please contact us at. info livetraders com,Traders Guide To Success LiveTraders Com 14.
Being Human Trader Strength or Weakness, There are many aspiring as well as seasoned traders out there who. are trying to earn a living in the markets each day However the vast. majority of them struggle to ever make a profit let alone make. enough money to pay the bills Therefore if technical charts are so. simple and so easy to learn at least that s what most online. educational companies are pitching these days then why do so. many traders struggle and ultimately fail The answer is actually pretty. simple we are HUMAN, Being human means we are largely run by our emotions When. learning technical charts fear and greed are often represented as. the two most powerful emotions that make the markets move While I. generally agree with that theory making money from OTHER people s. emotions also means we have to be able to understand and control. our own emotions first This is where most traders fail So while being. human having emotions is what makes the markets move and allows. us all to be traders it s also the same thing that causes most aspiring. traders to struggle, So where does that leave us For starters it means spending a lot. more time working through emotional demons and a lot less time. looking at charts which is typically the opposite of how most traders. appropriate their time The only way to become a profitable. successful trader is to find your niche which is to fully understand who. you are as a trader Most traders eventually learn charts but very few. traders every truly master their emotions and that s why so few are. genuinely successful I used to work with a trader who would often say. Technically profitable traders are a dime a dozen but genuinely. profitable traders are few and far between I completely agree with. this statement It s no different than going to the driving range every. day and spending the entire time hitting your driver without practicing. your short game or putting yet the vast majority of shots in golf are. inside of a 100 yards It makes no sense at all, In trading you will either make yourself accountable or you will be. made accountable by the markets For the aspiring trader you have to. learn to control your emotions and not get caught up in the moment. This means trading with confidence not with arrogance This can mean.

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