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The Overview, Village Energy is boosting access affordability and trust in solar energy. by building a solar technician and retail shop network to fix and sell solar. products in rural Uganda We recruit and train young men and women as. technicians and entrepreneurs setting them up as franchisees with their. own branded repair sales shop These shops are supplemented by a. network of phone charging micro entrepreneurs equipped with Village. Energy branded Pay As You Go systems who can act as brand ambassadors. and commission based sales agents in even more remote areas. Affordability, Physical retail shop Pay As You Go solar Locally recruited shop. located in sub county products and managers franchisees who. trading center Branded partnerships with local are given the necessary. micro entrepreneurs micro savings groups technical training and. expand presence into provide consumer support to be the community. surrounding areas financing options based solar experts. The Problem in Rural Areas, An abudance of low quality solar products are sold by. untrained hawkers or transient salespeople, Sub par technical expertise and lack of user education leads to. bad installations maintenance user caused breakdowns. The lack of nearby servicing options means many broken solar. products systems never get repaired or replaced even when. covered under warranty by reputable companies, The result is a breakdown in trust in solar within rural communities.
The most trusted person in the,village isn t who sells you the. best product but who can fix it,when it breaks,Our Value Proposition. For Schools For Manufacturers,Training Employment Product Distribution. for graduates Onsite Repairs,For Micro Entrepreneurs. For Households For Businesses,Financing Training,Lanterns Systems Custom installations.
Income from phone,Parts Repairs Maintenance Servicing. charging and lantern sales,The Revenue Streams, 1 Solar Product Sales Lanterns home systems and individual. components sold through cash sales Pay As You Go and partnerships with. local SACCOs Savings and Credit Cooperatives, 2 Custom Installations Maintenance Working with health clinics. schools guesthouses micro grid operators and other businesses institutions. 3 Product Repairs Contract with manufacturers to become the authorized. provider of in warranty and out of warranty repairs. 4 Micro Entrepreneurs Setting up women with Pay As You Go solar systems to. enable income generation which they can use to pay down the cost of the system. and fully own after 1 year,The Onboarding Model, Working in rural areas with local community leaders and. RECRUIT vocational institutes to identify and recruit young men and. women with at least basic technical science coursework. Two week training in solar technology and sales with third party. TRAIN testing certification Top performing candidates are hired as. employees with the eventual opportunity to spin off as franchisees. Scouting and setting up retail shop locations in the sub county. SETUP trading center with branding equipment and inventory and. business launch marketing, Setting up on going supply chain of products and spare parts with.
SUPPLY rigorous quality testing along with implementation of a CRM and. inventory tracking mobile platform, Ongoing marketing and community outreach efforts customer. SUPPORT satisfaction measurement and monitoring and subcontracting. maintenance warranty servicing contracts,Our Advantage. Community Based Solar Experts providing greater,access trust and affordability through. Technical Expertise,Local Presence,Last Mile Supply Chain. Scalable training Physical shop in the Diverse range of high. curriculum with an village run by locally quality products and. emphasis on opportunities recruited and technically parts from small lanterns. for women trained manager to large custom systems,Quick Service Delivery.
Diverse Service Offerings,Customer Financing, Enabled by the local Serving both household PayGo enabled products. presence of technical and commercial markets and partnerships with. expertise and spare parts allows for more affordable SACCOs Savings Credit. pricing across the board Cooperatives,EOY 2018 Targets. 150 shops franchisees, Selected from 600 recruits trained and certified with. solar technical and sales skills of which 50 are female. 1200 micro entrepreneurs,Earning sustainable incomes through phone. charging and as commission based sales agents,100 000 products systems.
Sold installed or repaired thus expanding or re enabling energy. access to 500 000 people,The Timeline, 2014 Technician Experiment Trained 9 existing radio phone repairmen in. Soroti to provide solar repairs and purchase spare parts from Village Energy. Spring 2015 Franchisee Experiment Trained and set up 6 franchisees in. Kumi 4 phone radio repairmen and 2 female vocational school graduates. Winter 2015 Pilot Launch 12 employee run shops in Soroti Pallisa Districts. New training and onboarding model with independent testing certification. Skill specialization with a master technician for each district of 6 shops. Launching of micro entrepreneur pilot 24 girls aged 16 19. 2016 Current Pilot Expansion Refine operations and grow revenue streams. Implement customer financing options field agent program and data platform. Develop and launch traveling solar training academy for network expansion. and ongoing support,Expansion to 3 more districts by EOY 2016. 2017 2018 National and Regional Expansion Expand across Uganda and. eventually to other East African markets,Current Status June 2016. 10 Active Shops 50 Female 10 employee run,shops in Soroti and Pallisa Districts and 1. franchisee in Kumi District 6 of 10 shop managers,and are young women aged 17 30.
Sales Installations Hundreds of sales and, installations since December all of which are cash. 24 Phone Charging Girl Micro entrepreneurs Launched pilot in March with girls. aged 16 19 Looking at new products and services for them to offer to boost. income such as selling sanitary pads and airtime, SACCO Partnership Launching pilot program where local SACCO members take. out low interest guaranteed loans to buy solar products from us at upfront price. May Technician Training Successfully conducted a week long training with 11. participants including 4 women who each paid 15 9 for women The. graduates now have the opportunity to become commission based field agents. Next Steps,Achieve Operational Profitability, 1 Customer Financing Seeking PayGo partners for solar home systems. 2 Bulk Purchasing Securing better supplier pricing to increase margins. 3 Sales Marketing Strategies Test and scale the right mix of tactics and. strategies to help field team strive for and achieve sales targets. 4 Larger Installations Build pre packaged solutions and manage deal pipeline. 5 Micro Ent Management Supporting our micro entrepreneurs to achieve. sustainable income streams,Lay Ground work for Scaling. 1 Training Academy Key for building an effective field agent and staff network. 2 Repair Services Negotiating servicing partner contracts with manufacturers. 3 Data Platforms Developing CRM and inventory tracking apps for field team. 4 Product Sourcing Focus on products that boost income generation for the end user. Abu Musuuza Co Founder CEO, Abu co founded Village Energy in 2009 after 6 years with Ashoka East Afrca.
to manufacture solar systems before pivoting to the current model in 2014. He is a native Ugandan and an Acumen Ashoka and Echoing Green fellow. Jay Patel Partner VP Business Development, After 5 years at Google Jay moved to Uganda to join Village Energy in 2015. bringing extensive experience in sales marketing operations and partnerships. Jay is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Joshua Mawerere Giuseppe Gregu Ania Zuzek, Director of Sales Chief Technical Training Academy. Officer Director,Peter Ojangole Sammy Senyonga Elizabeth Alinda. Regional Manager Chief Technician Operations Manager. Awards Fellowships,Africa Winner SEED Awards link,SPRING Accelerator link. Echoing Green Climate Fellowship link,Finalist UN Powering the Future Grant link.
Ashoka Fellowship link,Unreasonable Institute East Africa link. For more information on,investment partnership job. other opportunities email,jay villageenergyuganda com.

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