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Notes from the President Young Eagles, Happy New Year Everyone Let s all say thanks to The Young Eagles are on winter break. everyone who made our Holiday Party such a success Young Eagles coordinator Richard Sperling. especially to Sara Holmes the organizer My wife recognized many of the pilots and ground support. and I had a very good time we trust all of you did as volunteers and others at the December Holiday Party. well Tom Howard your raffle was fantastic I The Chapter also recognized Richard for all his work. understand we made a little money as well Again and effort throughout the year. well done to everyone involved, We have much to look forward to this year including Wednesday Fly outs. Young Eagles International Learn to Fly Day Some photos from a recent fly out to Half Moon Bay. Golden West AirVenture 2011 and a visit by the by Tom Howard. EAA s Aluminum Overcast B 17 We were, officially informed over the holidays that the B 17. will arrive at Buchanan Field from Watsonville on,Monday May 2 and depart for Napa on Thursday. May 5 Pacific States Aviation has agreed to host the. airplane on their ramp Our revenue flight activities. will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday May 3 and 4,Jack Davi has volunteered to lead our chapter.
activities for the B 17 assisted by Dick Sperling Pete. Mitchell and Rick Bourgeois Many exciting ideas, for the B 17 visit were aired during our January board. meeting including,A raffle to win a flight on the B 17. Dinner with the crew during their visit Base leg over Highway 1 on approach to Half Moon. Free rides for WWII B 17 crewmembers Bay Airport,A free ride to Napa for our most dedicated. volunteers, As mentioned in the last Cleco a draft revision to our. chapter bylaws has been prepared by the Board of, Directors It includes a more precise definition of.
membership categories regular family honorary,special and life a requirement that every chapter. member must also be an EAA member clarifications, to existing subjects and a few new subjects A copy. of the draft will be posted on the web and distributed. in hard copy at the January meeting We will, summarize and discuss the changes during the Seated clock wise Jim Madison Harvard Holmes. January meeting A vote by the membership to Jeri Reining Ron Robinson Bill Reining Bob Belshe. approve the revised bylaws will be conducted at the and Phil Jenkins. February general meeting, The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 2. A view of the new Devil s Slide tunnel on Hwy 1, Jack learned to fly at the Martinez Air Park soloing.
on his 16th birthday June l 1946 He was President,of the Martinez Flying Club Jack and the club. moved their Cessna 120 to Buchanan Field when it, opened to general aviation in the late 1940 s He has. Phil Jenkins and Ron Robinson at Phil s Glassair held a Private Certificate for over 63 years. accumulating over 3 000 hours as Pilot in Command,while flying out of Martinez Buchanan Gnoss. November General Meeting Oakland and Watsonville Jack has owned several. No notes were submitted but there were two very aircraft a 1946 Stinson 108 1946 Piper Cub 1940. interesting presentations one by the Athenian School Taylorcraft BC 12D and a 1950 Cessna 12A In. plane building project and a second by the Civil Air addition to the EAA Jack is also a member of AOPA. Patrol Veterans Day wreath project Editor the Watsonville Pilots Association and the Quiet. Birdmen QB s,Member Profile Jack Davi, Senior Master Sergeant Davi served eleven years in. Jack John Davi recently joined Chapter 393 after the Air Force Reserve and the California Air National. moving to Rossmoor from Aptos in October 2010 He Guard as a Flight Engineer and Loadmaster. was a member of Watsonville Chapter 119 for over, 15 years and served as their President Young Eagles Jack retired as Senior Vice President and part owner.
Coordinator and Board member of Sequoia Pacific Elections Systems Corporation. after 40 years of service Sequoia Elections is the. Jack grew up and lived in Martinez throughout his largest supplier of voting systems and official and. adult life until retiring to Aptos in 1995 He sample ballots to over 55 million registered voters in. graduated from Martinez Alhambra High School in 5 states. 1947 Jack was elected to the Martinez City Council. in 1962 to 1966 and served as Martinez Vice Mayor,from 1964 to 1966. The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 3. January Board Meeting Notes,By Pete Mitchell B 17,Jack is responsible for the EAA B 17 visit to. The meeting was called to order at 19 00 by President Buchanan Field on May 2 3 4. Bill Reining Volunteers will be needed for various positions. Details will be provided by the March meeting, Present were Bob Belshe Renee Robinson Rich Discussions are ongoing regarding press coverage. Cunningham Rich Sperling Pete Mitchell Richard raffle tickets task assignments hosting a crew. Bourgeois Bill Reining Tracy Peters dinner,A B 17 committee was formed with Jack Davi dick. Absent were Vi Egli Tom Howard Steve Senatori Sperling Pete Mitchell Rick Bourgeois. Guests Kevin Hoos Jack Davi Guy Jones Harvard Web Site. Holmes Marilyn Sperling also attended The web site has been cleaned up Photos are. Treasurers report by Bob Belshe Webmaster Renee has been temporarily relocated by. Combined bank balance of 5 711 her employer the FAA to Oklahoma City through. Christmas Dinner Income 1925 Expenses 1701 April 24 for classes on new technology She is web. Gain of 224 mastering via remote control,Christmas Raffle Income 325 Expenses 234 Gain.
91 Building Sign, Income for the year 5 887 Expenses 4 413 net gain Tom Howard is heading up a crew to install our. of 1 474 Chapter Sign on the end of the building any day now. Young Eagles Richard Sperling Dinner Report Rick Bourgeois. Several events are in the planning stage for later in Dick is planning a January menu of Chicken. the year Cacciatore Green Beans Salad Rolls Cookies. A young Eagles Event is planned for May 21 the Drinks. National Learn to Fly Day This day is a joint effort For February Rick is planning Roasted Chicken Corn. of EAA AOPA Bread Vegetable Potato Salad Dinner Rolls Ice. Kevin Strongman a past Young Eagle will be Cream, attending the January meeting He is an Eagle Scout. with ambitions to attend a Military Academy He Speakers Tracy. wants involvement in airport activities January Tuskegee Airman by new Private Pilot Lt. Next year Dick anticipates 3 to 4 flights with Boy Colonel Warren. Scouts Girl Scouts Sea Cadets February Electrical Systems. March Exhaust systems, Guest Jack Davi April Collings Foundation crewmember. Jack presented Board Members with hats displaying,EAA Chapter 393 Thanks Jack Badges. Jack is also hard at work trying to establish field trips The Board approved funds for additional Name. to Buchanan Field for elementary students from the Badges If you have never received a Name Badge. local schools see Pete Mitchell, Jack has donated a collection of aviation books to.
establish an honor system lending library The Board President Bill. has provided funds and Jack has constructed a Chapter Renewal Status Report. bookcase which is now ready for painting MDPA Annual Insurance Renewal 271 Chapter Fee 50. has agreed on its placement in the Clubhouse Other Totaling 321. members are encouraged to contribute their aviation Bylaws are being updated to conform to EAA. books to the library National Guidelines A detailed discussion of the new. The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 4. bylaws was conducted with several changes and approve expenditures less than or equal to 250. corrections noted The new Bylaws will be presented amounts greater than that must be approved by the. to the membership at the January meeting voted on general membership Checks drawn of the chapter s. during the February meeting bank account must be signed by the chapter President. or Treasurer and one more officer,Meeting adjourned at 22 20. We have added a separate section Article VII to, 2011 Bylaw Changes address quorums and voting rights Here in one place. by Bill Reining you can find what it takes to constitute a valid vote by. the membership and similarly by the Board of, The Chapter 393 Bylaws is a document that Directors In the past the chapter has defined a. establishes the chapter structure and governs how quorum as at least two thirds of the average. chapter business functions transpire The Board of attendance of the previous three meetings The. Directors has been busy for the last two months in re Board decided to change this to conform to the EAA. writing the chapter bylaws to bring them up to date suggestion which is at least one third of the total. with both the chapter s latest policies and procedures chapter membership must be in attendance or. and the guidelines specified by the EAA The EAA represented by proxy The proxy is a new idea for. guidelines are actually a draft set of bylaws with us The Board of Directors is responsible for the. occasional guidance and options Recognizing that method by which proxy votes are issued accepted or. the EAA guidelines represented the collective counted Once a quorum is assembled most. experience of many chapters we started with them resolutions are approved by simple majority A two. and modified them to suit our chapter This explains thirds majority vote is required in the following cases. why the proposed 2011 Bylaws require 9 pages Changes to the chapter bylaws. where our previous bylaws filled only two pages Dissolution of the chapter. Separation of the chapter from the EAA,The first thing you may notice is the membership. section Article IV is much more detailed This is Our existing list of chapter officers is very similar to. the one area where the EAA insists all chapters use EAA s guidelines but we also have the Newsletter. the same language It describes the various forms of Editor as an officer The EAA guidelines provide an. membership Regular Family excellent description of each officer s duties which. Honorary Complimentary Special and Life Our we have incorporated We also define the duties of. chapter had not previously defined these various the Newsletter Editor Unique to our chapter we. forms of membership but they do make sense One define chapter coordinators and list them in the. item that EAA insists on to be a chapter member you Appendix e g Young Eagles Webmaster etc. must be an EAA member Special membership is, reserved for cases of financial hardship The Board The Board of Directors has been composed of the.
of Directors is empowered to grant this free chapter officers immediate past officers and five. membership The EAA will upon chapter appointed members The new bylaws define the. recommendation also grant the person special Board of Directors as the chapter officers immediate. membership status for the same year past officers and the chapter coordinators A quorum. A new Article V addresses dues assessments and for the Board of Directors is six members. expenditures This section specifies how annual dues Resolutions of the board are passed with a simple. are established approved and collected New majority vote The new bylaws retain a provision. members are expected to pay their dues upon joining found in our previous bylaws the President can veto. If they join after June 30 they will get credit for the any business decision at his discretion if he feels the. rest of that year and all of the next year Continuing question before the board is of sufficient concern to. members are expected to pay their dues by the end of be submitted for vote to the general membership. February of each year The Board of Directors can, The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 5. The section on elections Article XI is very similar to. our existing bylaws but explained in more detail, The proxy vote is also mentioned in this section A. new section Article XII addresses the transition of. leadership This section defines a meeting of the old. and new officers and mentions several subjects for. their review to ensure the incoming officers have a. clear grasp of the chapter s status and that all,required documents are up to date. Several new articles complete the bylaws They,Financial reports. Facilities Tools and Other Assets,Dispute resolution.
Amendments,Dissolution,Chapter Charter Authorization. A table of contents precedes the bylaws An,appendix at the end contains administrative. information that might change from time to time,such as the mailing address meeting location and. dates etc A change to the Appendix can be done by,simple vote of the Board of Directors it does not. require a two thirds vote of the membership, Please take time to read the new bylaws They can be.
found on the chapter 393 website www eaa393 org, Just click the link on the home page Printed copies. will be available at the January general meeting,Please submit any comments or suggestions to any. member of the Board of Directors We will consider, these at the February Board of Directors meeting A. vote to approve the new bylaws will be conducted at. the February general membership meeting, The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 6. Thanks to our Donors and Sponsors,HANGAR BUILDER SPACE FOR RENT.
West Ramp CCR,21 by 18 suitable for folding wing aircraft. or construction project 222 month,Contact Harvard Holmes 510 526 5347. 2693 Clayton Road Concord Ca 94519,SHARE EXPENSES TO BUILD AN RV 12. 925 689 7220 or 676 5800,I m looking for someone who wants to build fly. the RV 12 or something similar in the LSA www alpinepastry com. classification, I have a build location with private airstrip in The Experimental Aircraft Association.
Chapter 393 of Concord CA,P O Box 6524 Concord CA 94524 1524. Contact Tom Shaw EAA member for additional http www eaa393 org Email nle eaa393 org. information at, Tshaw JetsonProducts com or 925 370 6531 Officers Appointees for 2010 2011. President Bill Reining,pres eaa393 org 510 479 7260. AIRCRAFT FOR SALE Vice President Tracy Peters,veep eaa393 org 925 676 2114. Secretary Pete Mitchell,1974 CITABRIA 7KCAB secty eaa393 org 925 586 6491.
Airframe Total Time 7568 Hours Treasurer Bob Belshe. Engine HP 150 HP treas eaa393 org 925 376 7677, Engine Times 1131 SMOH Newsletter Editor Steve Senatori. nle eaa393 org 925 914 1787, See Trade A Plane for more information Tech Counselor Rick Lambert. www trade a plane com clsfdspecs 837368 tc eaa393 org 925 323 0041. Tech Counselor Bob Sinclair, Contact Steve Crews 707 310 6276 phone N320sierra gmail com 925 935 7464. Young Eagles Rich Sperling,yec eaa393 org 925 356 5656. Dinner Coordinator Rick Bourgeois,RicFlyer Comcast net 925 432 9076.
Fly out Coordinator Tom Howard,TurnPrez SBCglobal net 925 933 6015. Government Affairs Rich Cunningham,R66RC EAA yahoo com 925 297 9229. Photographer Tom Howard,photog eaa393 org 925 933 6015. Webmaster Renee Robinson,webmaster eaa393 org 510 828 1734. The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 7. Thanks to our Donors and Sponsors Meeting and Event Schedule. Board Y Eagles General Fly out Other,Jan 5 Jan 26,Feb 1 Feb 23.
Maintenance Avionics Fuel Line Service Mar 1 Mar 23. Apr 5 Apr 27,Larry E Rohrbacher May 3 May 25,Line Service Manager. B 17 visit to Buchanan Field May 2 5, 145 John Glenn Drive Concord CA 94520 May 21 also National Learn to Fly Day. Tel 925 676 2100 Fax 925 676 5580 lineservice sterlingav com. Jun 7 Jun 22,Golden West Regional Fly In Jun 10 12. Arlington Fly In Arlington WA Jul 6 10,Chapter Picnic Jul 16. AirVenture 2011 Oshkosh WI Jul 25 31,Aug 2 Aug 24,Sep 6 Sep 28.
Oct 4 Oct 26,Nov 1 Nov 16, Our meetings are open to the public Join us for dinner at. 6 30 pm 7 with the general meeting at 7 30 pm on the. above dates in the building at 161 John Glenn Drive north. of Sterling Aviation Enter from the airport side of the. Chapter 393 fly outs are open to chapter members and. guests See the newsletter for arrangements,EAA Chapter 393. P O Box 6524,Concord CA 94524 1524,We are on the Web. http www eaa393 org,Email nle eaa393 org, The Cleco EAA Chapter 393 Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2011 Page 8.

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