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814541B Fan grill cond round,814541C Fan grill cond square. 814562B Seal controller door CIM5,814571B Insulation economizer. 814642B Hinge part 1,814642C Hinge part CIM6,814643B Hinge part 2. 814644B Hinge pin,814653C Frequency converter cover. 814654C Frequency conv safety cover,814667B Economizer.
814673B Cover controller door CIM5,815205B Damper for fresh air assembly. 815206B Air exchange sensor bracket,815208B Cover plate air ex L 594mm. 815208C Cover plate air ex L 610mm,815208D Cover plate air ex SCI. 815208E Cover plate air ex L 610mm,815209B Cover plate cond L 1715 mm. 815209C Cover plate cond L 1751 mm,815209D Cover plate cond L 2100 mm.
815210B Inspection cover complete,815210C Inspection cover complete. 815214B Supply tube assembly,815215B Pipe Evap suction SCU. 815215D Pipe evap suction 9 6 SCI,815215E Pipe evap Suction 8 6 SCI. 815242A CA Membrane Module Complete,815255A Dual Voltage Transformer 15kVA. 815505B Power cable cover,815505C Power cable cover.
815505D Power cable cover,815506B Cover plate for controller. 815506E Cover Plate for Controller Cab,815507B Cover plate for fresh air. 815508B Seal cover plate air ex,815509B Seal cover plate cond. 815514B Cover plate unit back,815514C Cover plate unit back. 815514D Cover plate back SCI 9 6,815514E Cover plate back SCI 8 6.
815519B Cable cutter,815519E Cable cutter 18mm,815520B Supply sensor plug. 815534B Hinge part inspection cover,815545B Thread rod comp mounting. 815546B Cross rod comp mounting,815553B Insect mesh air exchange. 815558B Gasket suction service valve,815559B Flange suction service valve. 815561C Pipe evap liquid SCU,815561E Pipe evap liquid 8 6 SCI.
815561F Pipe evap liquid 9 6 SCI,815566B Drain hose. 815566C Drain Hose,815570B Decal fan starts automatically. 815571B Decal warning hot components,815572B Decal R134a. 815573B Decal PTI stickers,815575B Decal warning high voltage. 815578B Decal discon before welding,815582B Decal Warning Hazardous atmo.
815586B Decal Star Cool,815588B Decal controller menu CIM5. 815588C Decal controller menu CIM6,815589B Decal electrical diagram CIM5. 815589C Decal electrical diagram CIM6,815589D Decal electrical diagram CA. 815589G Decal Wiring Schematic CA,815590B Decal USDA sensor placement. 815591C Decal FC connection,815594C Decal FC bypass.
815595B Decal fan rotation direction,815596B Decal evap temp sensor plac. 815597A Decal oil level vacuum pump,815653B USDA cover. 815704B Air ex module camshaft,815715C Mounting bracket Vacuum pump. 818202A Motor cable adapter kit,818225A Shield vacuum pump. 818229A FC emergency kit,818230B Service kit evaporator motor.
818231B Service kit condenser motor,818232B FC mounting kit. 818233B FC gasket service kit,818234A Valve piping complete kit. 818235B Sight glass receiver kit,818236B Melt fuse kit. 818242C Frequency converter complete,818250C Air exchange damper assembly. 818251A Test damper CA,818255C Controller module CIM5.
818260A Splice kit AKS to NSK,818265B Screw and washer kit 100 pcs. 818266B Rivets 4 8 mm 100 pcs,818267B Wing Screw Kit 10 pcs. 818269A Contactor clip kit 10pcs,818270B Air ex module 75 cmh. 818271A Air ex module valves,818273A Air ex module insect mesh. 818274A Air ex module front,818274B Air ex Module front 75 CMH.
818275A Air ex motor CA AV,818276A Air exchange sensor. 818285A Curtain kit incl tools 10pc,818286A Curtain kit excl tools 15pc. 818290A Power splitter 2x16 Amp,818305C Controller box CIM6. 818310B Controller door CIM5,818310C Controller door CIM6. 818320B Controller door complete CIM5,818325A Clamp discharge pipe kit.
818360C Cable set complete CIM6,818461B Cable set internal CIM5. 818461C Cable set internal com CIM6,818465A Cable CA controller module. 818510E Controller module CIM6 1,818511B Power meas PCB CIM5. 818511C Power meas module CIM6,818512A Controller module CA. 818513A User panel CIM6,818515A Display PCB CIM5,818517A LED PCB CIM5.
818518B Transformer 145 VA CIM5,818518C Transformer 105 VA CIM6. 818520A Main circuit breaker CIM5,818520B Main circuit breaker. 818521B Contactor,818522B Auxiliary contact white dot. 818522C Auxiliary contact red dot,818523B Interlock contactor. 818525B On Off PCB CIM5,818525C On Off switch CIM6.
818526C Terminal block PCB CIM5,818527B Keypad CIM5. 818530A Fuse 10 A Bag of 10 pcs,818531A Fuse 0 4 A Bag of 10 pcs. 818534A Fuse holder 0 4 A,818536B Batt pack CIM5,818536C Batt pack rechargeable CIM6. 818538A Heating element,818542B Cover foil LED CIM5. 818542C Cover foil LED CIM6,818544B Cover foil On Off PCB CIM5.
818545B Fuse 6 3 A Bag of 10 pcs,818546B Fuse 0 63 A Bag of 10 pcs. 818550A Temperature sensor,818551A Humidity sensor CIM5. 818551B Humidity sensor CIM6,818553A Solenoid coil 14W 24VDC. 818554A Solenoid coil 18W 24V DC,818554B Solenoid coil 10W 24VAC. 818555A Probe NTC 2 5mm Box of 60pcs,818555B Sensor NTC2 5 box of 20 ML.
818556A Probe PT100 6 mm,818556B SensorPT100 6 0 box of 20 ML. 818559A Power plug,818561B Cable set X1 X2 X3 CIM5. 818563A Cable humidity sensor CIM5,818563B Cable humidity sensor CIM6. 818564A Cable p transmitter AKS,818564B Cable p transmitter NSK. 818565B Cable FC power,818566B Cable FC communication.
818572B Cable air exchange sensor,818575A Cable data retrieval. 818575D Cable data retrieval USB,818595B PC software StarView. 818601B Compressor valve plate LP,818602B Compressor valve plate HP. 818605B Cylinder head gasket kit,818610B Cylinder head LP with gasket. 818611B Cylinder head HP with gasket,818612A Bolt cylinder head large.
818613A Bolt cylinder head small,818619A Cap stop valve receiver 6 pcs. 818623B Service valve LP,818625B Evacuation valve LP. 818626B Evacuation valve HP,818629B Cap Service valve LP. 818630B Cap compressor stop valve,818631B Cap evacuation valve LP. 818632B Cap evacuation valve HP,818633B Sight glass incl o ring.
818634B O ring sight glass,818635B Plug compressor oil filter. 818636B Gasket compressor oil plug,818637B Spring compressor oil filter. 818638B Oil filter compressor,818639B Terminal block compressor. 818652A Permanent magnet,818655B Bolt compressor stop valve. 818656B Gasket compressor stop valve,818658B Compressor.
818660B Bolt service valve LP,818661B Gasket service valve LP. 818662B Suction filter compressor,818664B Cable gland M40. 818665B Cable gland M20,818666B Cable gland M25,818667B BSE55 compressor oil. 818668A Oil vacuum pump,818669A Oil filter vacuum pump. 818672A Oil vacuum pump 20L,818675B Hot gas valve service kit.
818676B Tool hot gas valve,818740A Sensor O2 CA,818745A Sensor CO2 CA AV. 818752A Cable vacuum pump motor,818754A Cable air ex Motor CA AV. 818760A Cable solenoid coil,818770A 2 pin cont 3 81mm 90o. 818771A 3 pin connector 3 81 mm 90o,818772A 4 pin connector 3 81mm 90o. 818773A 5 pin connector 3 81mm 90o,818774A 6 pin connector 3 81mm 90o.
818775A 10 pin connector 3 81mm 90o,818776A 4 pin connector 3 81mm 0o. 818777A 5 pin connector 3 81mm 0o,818778A 2 pin connector 5 08mm 90o. 818790A Seal controller door CIM6,818795A Condenser fan motor support. 818800A Drain plug container,818805A Filter Ethylene scrubbers. 818820A Test manometer vacuum pump,818821A Vacuum pump VacControl tool.
818822A Magnehelic manometer 0 5,818830A Power cable 4x4 0mm2 300ft. 818831A Power cable 4x4 0mm2 1500ft,818835A Splice Kit. 818837A Splice kit box of 25 pcs,818849A Piston complete LP. 818850A Piston complete HP,818851A Compressor cylinder liner. 818854A Compressor crankshaft,818856A Bearing bush crankcase side.
818857A Bearing bush,818864A Check valve,818866A Pressure relief valve. 818869A Compressor oil pump complete,818872A Compressor gasket complete. 819500C Stop valve receiver,819501A High pressure switch. 819502A Drying filter,819503A Pressure transmitter LP AKS. 819503C Pressure transmitter LP NSK,819504A Pressure transmitter HP AKS.
819504C Pressure transmitter HP NSK,819506A Drying filter box of 12 pcs. 819526B Condenser coil,819530B Vacuum pump w plug,819536C Coupling WCC female. 819537C Coupling WCC male SC only,819540B Plug water outlet coupling. 819541B Plug water inlet coupling,819542C Fan blade evaporator. 819543B Fan blade condenser,819545B Coupling WCC male.
819550B Gasket O ring compressor,819552B Gasket compressor 410mm. 819572B Cable gland M12,819589C Motor evaporator Fan w plug. 819590C Motor Condenser Fan w plug,819595B Retriever socket. 819605A Pressure transmitter Vacuum,819617B Self locking nut M6 100 pcs. 819621B RMM module,819622A Modem wireless,819623A Generic Bracket.
819625A Antenna wireless modem,819629A TK kit wireless modem. 819630B Retriever socket cap,819633A USDA socket,819634A USDA socket cap. 819650B Cable gland M32,819672B Cable gland M16,819693C Screw contr door CIM5 10 pcs. 819693D Screw contr door CIM6 10 pcs,819694B Retainer for screw 10 pcs. 819695C Recep screw contr door 10pcs,819737B Expansion valve economizer.
819738B Expansion valve evaporator,819738C Expansion valve evaporator. 819740B Hot gas valve CIM 5,819740C Hot gas valve,819745B Plug compressor. 819746B Nipple pressure transmitter,819747B Liquid charging valve receiver. 819749B O Ring for Hot Gas Valve,819750B Compressor stop valve. 819753A Schr der valve straight,819754A Schr der valve angle.
819755B Schr der valve T,819766B Threaded bushing FC mounting. 819775B Angle cable gland M16,819776B Angle cable gland M20.

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