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Invisible Inc PC Game Free Download, Players play the role of a spy, who works for a secret organization. His main task at Invisible, Inc. Is to enter the headquarters of powerful corporations around the world and steal valuable and confidential data. The developers have ensured that the profession of our heroes influences the mechanics of the. Download Invisible Inc for PC. The inventory of each operative is limited (later improvements can be increased from three to seven slots), so in action it will not be able to carry all of the needles to locomotives, but only the most necessary tool.

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Invisible, Inc. – Strategy for IOS, with elements of RPG where you will visit as a secret agent. In this game, your attack on the espionage office was attacked and now your task will be to navigate the premises and corridors of the company, finding and eliminating surveillance cameras, terminals and security guards. Try to move as quietly and unobtrusively as possible to turn off enemy equipment during the game and not be taken unawares by the guards. The game will please players with randomly generated levels and an interesting storyline. Navigate through the levels and collect the money you need to purchase new equipment for the hero, and steal them from the safes and pockets of guards.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Invisible Inc Game Free Download