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WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF AN,What is the Purpose of an Interview. An interview is a two way exchange a conversation in which both participants have. some goals,The Interviewer wants to determine,Can the candidate do the job. Will the candidate fit in,Is this the best candidate for the position. technical skills leadership skills cross cultural skills. The Interviewee wants to determine,Do I want this job. Can I do this job,Does this job fit me, U S Department of State Bureau of Human Resources office of Civil Service Personnel management Career Development.
Resource Center http www state gov documents organization 107872 pdf. TYPES OF INTERVIEWS, Informational interview job seeker asks for career and industry. advice rather than employment, Telephone Screening interview a step before face to face. interviews,Second or on site interview,Individual interview 30 90 minutes. Panel interview allows different interpretations of the same. TYPES OF INTERVIEWS, On campus interview log into GoldPASS and click on On. Campus Interviews, Behavioral based interviews theory past performance in a similar.
situation is an indicator of future performance Utilize STAR technique. situation task action and results, Technical interview to assess candidates for technical or specialist. graduate job positions, Case interview usually for management consulting and investment. banking jobs, Career center for Science and Engineering http ccse umn edu students prepare for your. job search interviewing types of interviews,What do employers expect from you. Cited from Career Services Center at University of Delaware. U S Employer Expectations Cultural Variations, Communication style Appropriateness of eye contact.
Assertiveness and eye contact Constructive feedback vs. Future sense of self criticism,Confidence in openly discussing We vs I. goals and accomplishments 5,Follow up with employers. telephone inquiries about status,of application thank you notes. Attire Appropriate dress,Punctuality Arriving 5 10. minutes early,So what do you need to know,Cultural Values.
U S Employer Other Cultural,Expectations Frameworks. Race sex age should not Gender expectations may,affect interview be different. relationship,Expected to shake hands Age signifies more. use first names if given knowledge and respect,permission. Self Promotion,U S Employer Values of Another Culture.
Expectations Unless presented as part of,Assertiveness group activity citing. accomplishments and skills is,Confidence in openly viewed as boastful self. discussing goals and serving and too individualistic. accomplishments,Asking employer directly, Follow up with employers about status of application may. telephone inquiries about be considered as disrespectful. status of application thank,Self Disclosure, U S Employer Expectations Values of Another Culture. Personal descriptions of Personal questions about,experiences strengths and likes dislikes etc are.
weaknesses considered an invasion of,privacy and are discussed. Answers to questions related to only with close friends and. personality e g leadership style family,problem solving abilities. Answers to questions targeting,to the specific job. Directness in Communication, U S Employer Expectations Values of Another Culture. Open and direct responses to questions,Eye contact especially with.
Eye contact with interviewer relaxed posture,and other appropriate nonverbal behavior persons. of higher status e g,employer interviewer is,Equality and authority. disrespectful,Appearance of criticism must,be avoided to save face. Interview Tips for,International Students,1 Enhance communication skills by. talking and speaking up in class,making presentations.
making friends and talking with other students,taking communication courses. attending workshops by Career Services and ISSS, joining and participating in diverse student organizations. reading newspapers and academic publications journals. social media, 2 Study commonly asked interview questions write answers to those questions and. practice those responses in front of a mirror as well as with friends. 3 Schedule a mock interview with ISSS to receive feedback on interview skills for. traditional style interviews contact Marina at uehar003 umn edu. IN SUMMARY,Interview Tips for Intl Students,4 Attend Career Services workshops. 6 Check the ISSS Career Services web site at http www isss umn edu career as well. as other Careers Services in your department program. 5 Practice practice practice,From Career Services at University of Delaware.
IN SUMMARY,Behavioral Interview Techniques,STAR METHOD. S situation What was the situation or setting of,this example. T task What specific task or problem had to be, A action What specific skills tools did you use to. address the above task,R result What was the result of your behavior. Career Internship Services CCe CDes CFANS,STAR METHOD.
Tell me about a time that you worked as a team,member effectively. S T I was involved in a team project,preparing for a new employee orientation The. communication within the group had broken,A To resolve this situation I organized. an informal lunch meeting for people to,discuss relevant issues. The morale of the group then improved as,did the lines of the communication.
Career Internship Services CCe CDes CFANS, Tell me about a project or a challenge that did not go well How. did you handle it, Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a peer How did you. handle that situation,INAPPROPRIATE QUESTIONS, The U S Equal Employment Opportunity Act establishes. guidelines that employers need to follow in conducting job. interviews Questions should not be asked to which answers will. have a disparate effect in screening out any minorities or members. of one sex,Marital and family status,Religious or political affiliations. Age expect to establish that the applicant meets minimum age. requirements by law,Ancestry National origin race or color.

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