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a A specific design for its establishments , b A management process for its establishments and. c Guidelines for customer attention , which together make up the know how acquired by the Franchisee by means of the. investment of financial and human resources in addition to his her experience in. managing the business to which the present Contract refers All of this will be referred. to in the present Contract as the Franchisor s Know How . III That the Franchisor s know how is of secret substantial and identifiable nature The. secret nature is derived from the fact that the Franchisor s Know How in its totality. and as the aggregate of its component parts is not common knowledge nor is it. readily available The substantial nature is derived from the fact that the Franchisor s. Know How includes important information as to the correct management of the. business to which the franchise applies The identifiable nature is derived from the. fact that the Franchisor s Know How is described in sufficient detail in the preliminary. training programs and in the Franchise Handbook which the Franchisee shall receive on. signing the present Contract , IV That the activity of the Franchisor is carried out under the auspices of Industrial Property. Deeds trademarks brands patents or Intellectual Property Deeds rights of authorship . software acting as the owner as described in Annex 1 of the present Contract . V That the Franchisee acknowledges his her enhanced competitive position in the market. which arises from acquiring the Franchisor s Know How as well as the management of. the business under the corporate image of the Franchisor including Industrial and. Intellectual Property Deeds as laid out in Section IV above . VI That the Franchisee acknowledges that the preliminary market and viability studies that. s he has carried out together with the Franchisor have been calculated upon prudent. economic estimates which the Franchisee must not regard as any sort of undertaking. or commitment of profitability on the part of the Franchisor The Franchisee. acknowledges that the economic results which arise from the present Contract shall be. largely due to his her own ability to manage the business customer service as well as. other external factors such as competitor initiatives or changes in consumer tastes such. outcomes are mentioned solely as examples and not as a defining list The Franchisee. acknowledges that prior to signing this contact s he has enjoyed the right to receive. from whichever professionals s he sees fit independent legal and financial advice . VII That the Franchisee acknowledges the terms and conditions of the present Contract as. reasonable and necessary for maintaining the high levels of quality and customer service. with which the network of name of Franchisor establishments is to be identified. and recognized in the market to the benefit of the Franchisor and all Franchisees. belonging to the name of Franchisor network , , This is a sample of 2 pages out of 19 of the International Franchise Contract . To get more information about this contract click here . INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE CONTRACT, USER GUIDE, Contracts drafted by the legal experts of Global Negotiator cover all relevant aspects that are.
negotiated and agreed in the different types of business between companies However when. these contracts are used you should take into account some recommendations common to all. of them that are described in this User Guide , The date when the contract comes into force is the one that appears in its header as mentioned. in the final paragraphs of the contract before signatures This Contract comes into force on the. date written above , In some contracts for example in the Supply Contract the date of coming into force is also. mentioned in one of the clauses In these cases you have to verify that the two dates inserted in. the contract in the heading and in the corresponding clause are the same in order to avoid. discrepancies , Be sure to insert in the first page of the contract the full details of the Parties . When a Party is a company you must insert the following information legal name legal form. limited incorporated etc full address registration data and fiscal identification number . When a Party is an individual that works as independent professional for example a. commercial agent you must insert the following information full name profession full. address and fiscal identification number , Clauses with different alternatives choose the most favorable. In the most important clauses of each contract exclusivity payment terms applicable law and. competent jurisdiction etc several drafting alternatives are proposed so you can choose the. most appropriate to each situation Therefore the user before submitting the contract to the. other Party must choose the alternatives that seem best suited to their interests and eliminate. Clauses with blank spaces to be completed, In several clauses of the contract blank spaces appear with dots that the user.
has to complete inserting text Following the dots between brackets you will see the data and. explanations to insert the text , When the text between brackets is in normal letters the same as the contract and. separated by or the word o the user must insert one of the options suggested . Example of blank space with options to select between brackets . Orders handled before completion of the present Contract which produce sales transactions. within 1 2 3 6 months shall entitle the Agent to receive the corresponding commission . In this case the user must choose between options 1 2 3 or 6 months and insert one in the blank. space , When the text between brackets is in italics the user has to insert the data and information. requested and eliminate the bracketed text ,Example of blank space to insert text . Both parties by mutual consent resolve to refer any dispute to the Rules of Conciliation and. Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one or more arbitrators appointed in. accordance with said Rules The place of arbitration shall be city and country In this. case the user must insert in the blank space the city and country chosen to conduct the. arbitration and afterwards eliminate the bracketed text city and country . Notices Clause, Sometimes it may happen that the official address of the Parties which appear at the beginning. of the contract is different from which is to be used for communications between the Parties. during the terms of the contract In this case the user should include at the end of the contract. a Notices Clause ,Example of Notices Clause , Notices In order to comply with their contractual obligations the Parties establish the.
following address for the provision of notices related to this contract . Party 1 insert full address , Party 2 insert full address . The contracts incorporate some Annexes each of them referenced to the corresponding Clause . Annexes are drafted in commonly used formats although the user must adapt these formats. and the text inserted in them to each particular situation . SIGNATURES,People who sign, Persons signing the contract on behalf of the company must have the authority to do so and. preferably be entitled on the basis of a power of attorney Below the signature in addition to. the full name of the person that signs his her position must be inserted When one of the Parties. who signs is a natural person for example a commercial agent in a Agency Contract obviously. he or she is the person that has to sign the contract . The laws of some countries require that contracts to be valid shall be signed in front of. witnesses or a public notary Therefore before signing a contract you should be informed about. the requirements that may exist in each country ,Place and date of signature. Usually contracts are signed by both Parties on the same date and place Nevertheless in. international contracts due to physical distance it is common that each of the Parties sign in. different dates and places This contract provides for both alternatives so it comes to choosing. the most appropriate to each situation ,Number of copies. Usually the Parties sign two copies of the contract each Party retaining one of them but cal. also arise the need to sign more copies In this case all you have to do is mention explicitly the. number of copies to be signed in the paragraph that is included at the end of the contract Both. Parties declare their conformity to the present contract which is signed in copies each of. which shall be considered an original ,GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS.
The Parties must sign all pages of the contract including Annexes so they are also valid It is. better to use ball point or pen not pencil in a color other than black e g blue this makes it. easier to distinguish an original document from a photocopy . It is preferable although no mandatory to express sums of money and percentages in words. and figures Of course the words and figures for a given amount must match exactly You also. must insert the currency in which the amounts are expressed It is advisable to use the rules. establish by ISO that name each currency by three capital letters EUR for euro USD for dollar . GBP for sterling pound JPY for Japanese yen etc you can get the acronyms of every currency. in the website www oanda com , Once you have chosen the best alternatives of each clause and have completed the blank spaces. you should revise the whole contract to remove remaining paragraphs and correct any errors .

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