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RequestsFPL950701, Provide this manual to the next user in the event that the instrument is transferred. To ensure safe operation contact your Shimadzu Balance representative for installation adjustment or. reinstallation after moving the instrument to a different site. NoticesFPL950701, The content of this manual is subject without notice to modifications for the sake of improvement. Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this manual was correct at the time of creation However. in the event that any mistakes or omissions are discovered it may not be possible to correct them immediately. The copyright of this manual is owned by Shimadzu Corporation Reproduction and duplication of whole or part of. the content without permission of the company are strictly prohibited. Microsoft Windows Windows Vista and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation of the. U S A in the United States and other countries All other company names and product names that appear in this. manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of the companies concerned Note that TM and indications are. The company names organization names and product names in this manual are trademarks or registered. trademarks of the companies and organizations concerned. Shimadzu does not guarantee that the WindowsDirect communication function will operate without problems on all. PCs Shimadzu will accept no responsibility for any trouble that arises as a result of using this function You are. recommended to back up all important data and programs in advance. 2004 2008 Shimadzu Corporation All rights reserved. Declaration of Conformity,Manufacturer s Name SHIMADZU CORPORATION. Analytical Measuring Instruments Division,Address 1 Nishinokyo Kuwabara cho Nakagyo ku. Kyoto 604 8511 Japan, declares in sole responsibility that the following product.
Product Name Electronic Moisture Balance,Model Name MOC 120H. P N 321 63300 10, referred to in this declaration conforms with following directives and standards. Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004 108 EEC,EN61326 1 2006. Electrical equipment for measurement control and laboratory use. EMC requirements,Low Voltage Directive 2006 95 EC,EN 61010 1 2001. Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement. control and laboratory use,Part 1 General requirements.
The last two digits of the year in which CE marking was affixed for Low Voltage. Directive 2006 95 EC are 03, Note 1 This declaration becomes invalid if technical or operational modifications are. introduced without manufacturer s consent, Note 2 This declaration is valid if this product is used alone or in combination with the. accessories of this product which are mentioned in attached Appendix 1 or. other instruments which fulfill with the requirement of mentioned directive. Note3 Importer Distributor and Authorised Representative in EU is as follows. SHIMADZU EUROPA GmbH, Address Albert Hahn Strasse 6 10 47269 Duisburg F R Germany. Quality Assurance Department,Analytical Measuring Instruments Division. SHIMADZU CORPORATION,Action for Environment WEEE PL950701.
To all user of Shimadzu equipment in the European Union. Equipment marked with this symbol indicates that it was sold on or after 13th August 2005 which means it should. not be disposed of with general household waste Note that our equipment is for industrial professional use only. Contact Shimadzu service representative when the equipment has reached the. end of its life, They will advise you regarding the equipment take back. With your co operation we are aiming to reduce contamination from waste electronic and. electrical equipment and preserve natural resource through re use and recycling. Do not hesitate to ask Shimadzu service representative if you require further information. Electronic Moisture Balance Safety NotesFPL950701, Improper use of the electronic moisture balance in violation of the following safety notes may result in death injury or. damage to property due to fire etc Furthermore the electronic moisture balance has high temperature components which. can cause burns if proper safety guidelines are not followed. Observe all safety guidelines, Carefully read and observe all safety notes included in this user s manual. Do not use the unit if it appears to be malfunctioning. If you suspect a problem or malfunction in the unit discontinue use and immediately have the unit inspected by certified. service personnel,Meanings of Warning Indicators and Symbols. The following symbols are used in this operating manual and product to prevent accidents from occurring as a result of. improper usage or handling The meaning of each symbol is as described below. Warning Failure to observe these items may lead to death or injury to the user. Caution Failure to observe these items may lead to injury to the user or damage to property. Note Items which the user should be aware of in order to use the unit safety. Caution Symbols Prohibition Symbols Symbol Requiring User Action. Fire Hazard Burn Hazard Electric Shock Prohibited Do Not Do not Expose Required Disconnect Plug. Hazard Disassemble to Water Action from Electrical Outlet. Fire Hazard Electric Shock Hazard, Do not attempt to measure samples which may undergo dangerous chemical reactions when heated as doing so.
may result in explosion or release of toxic gas, Do not place flammable materials near the electronic moisture balance. Some parts of the electronic moisture balance become extremely hot during operation and could lead to fire if. flammable materials are placed nearby, The heater inside the Electronic Moisture Balance reaches temperatures higher than the preset sample heating. temperature, The surface of the quartz tube of the heater reaches approximately 500 C 900 F even during normal. measurements In addition the nickel chromium resistance wire inside the heater reaches approximately 900 C. 1700 F and is not airtight, Never use with any power source for which the product was not designed. Application of excessively high voltage may result in overheating to malfunction or fire. Do not attempt to disassemble modify or rebuild the electronic moisture balance. Doing so may result in accident electric shock etc If you believe the unit may be malfunctioning contact to an. authorized Shimadzu representative, Do not allow the unit to come in contact with water.
The electronic moisture balance is not waterproof Do not allow water or other liquids to get into the unit s enclosure. as this may lead to electric shock or malfunction,Burn Hazard Electric Shock Hazard. Do not touch the heat dispersing component of the heater cover or sample pan with your bare hands as doing so. might result in burns, This electronic moisture balance is at high temperature during and immediately after making measurements. When touching the unit only use the specified control knobs and accessories. Follow operation instruction, Correctly set draft shield sample pan supporter sample pan handler and sample pan. Hold the handle of heater lid when opening or closing heater lid. Use sample pan handler when removing sample pan, Never touch any metal parts of heater unit and surrounding parts when removing sample pan. Cool the unit down to ambient temperature in a safe location after measurement. Always make sure that the unit has cooled down sufficiently before covering it with a dust cover. Warning on high temperature, The shadowed parts become especially hot during measurement Only handle the parts marked with circles when.
Do not measure hazardous samples, Use the Electronic Moisture Balance only for measuring the moisture content in a sample by moisture evaporation. through the heating process, Set the drying temperature within the safe temperature range of each sample. The heater inside the Electronic Moisture Balance reaches temperatures higher than the preset sample heating. temperature, The surface of the quartz tube of the heater reaches approximately 500 C 900 F even during normal. measurements In addition the nickel chromium resistance wire inside the heater reaches approximately 900 C. 1700 F and is not airtight Measurements of combustible or flammable samples pose a risk of fire. Do not measure any sample which might explode ignite or produce toxic substances under high temperature. Do not measure any sample which might cause chemical reaction under high temperature. Do not measure any sample of unknown property, Do not measure any sample whose surface hardens or solidifies by heating causing high inner pressure. Immediately turn the power off if the sample should catch fire during measurement. Use with adequate ventilation and appropriate venting for sample type. Do not place flammable objects near the unit, The unit becomes very hot during and after measurements Do not place any flammable objects near it as they may.
catch fire, Do not place near any objects which are not heat resistant They may be damaged or deformed. Never place anything on top of the heater unit, Immediately turn the power off and disconnect power cable when any emergency occurs such as abnormal smell. smoke or fire,Key and Power Switch Operation,Do not turn the power on while pressing any keys. Do not operate any keys except as instructed in this manual. Turn the power off and disconnect power cable when lightning is expected. Emergency Stop, Start Stop key is always effective during measurement Press it immediately when any danger or abnormality occurs. Installation Transportation and Storage, Avoid locations subject to extremely high or low temperature high humidity direct sun light electro magnetic noise.
corrosive gas or dust,Install on a vibration free level surface. For transportation hold the unit level as much as possible. Do not drop or impact the unit, Do not pull the cable hold the connecter when disconnecting the power cable or RS 232C cable. Turn the power switch off and disconnect from the power source when not using for a long time or lighting is expected. After a power outage turn the power back ON, When a power outage occurs the power is shut off automatically Therefore once turn off the power switch then. begin operation from 7 1 Turn on the power switch page 12 again. Do not connect anything other than peripheral devices specified by Shimadzu to the moisture balance s connector. If you do the balance may stop working normally, In order to avoid trouble always connect peripheral devices in accordance with the directions in this manual. If you detect anything abnormal e g a burning smell disconnect the AC power cord immediately. Continuing to use the balance with an abnormality could lead to fire or an electric shock. 1 Introduction 1, 2 Description of Features and Principles of Operation 2.
2 1 Principles of Operation 2,2 2 Features 2, 2 3 Applications i e materials which can be measured 2. 3 Specifications 3,4 Names of Individual Parts and Components 4. 4 1 Names of Parts of Main Unit 4,4 2 Parts and Accessories 5. 5 Display and Control Panel 6,5 1 Display 6,5 2 Control Panel Operations 7. 6 Assembly and Installation of Main Unit 8,7 How to Conduct Measurements 12.
8 Specifying Measuring Conditions 15,8 1 Selecting Temperature Display Mode 15. 8 2 Types of Settings 16, 8 3 Descriptions of Individual Measuring Condition Settings 16. 8 3 1 Selecting the CONDITIONS Measuring conditions storage area 17. 8 3 2 Selecting the MODE Measuring mode 18,8 3 3 TEMP Drying temperature Setting 27. 8 3 4 Bias Setting 28,9 Menu Settings 29,9 1 Types of Menu Settings 29. 9 2 Descriptions of Individual Menu Items 29, 9 2 1 Selecting a measurement base and switching the display 30.
9 2 2 Specifying the type and format of output 31,9 2 3 Specifying sample codes 34. 9 2 4 Setting the date and time 35,9 2 5 CAL Balance calibration 36. 9 2 6 Specifying a device ID 37,9 2 7 Specifying a password 38. 10 Error Messages 39,11 Precaution on Conducting Measurements 40. 12 Predictive Measurements 41,12 1 A Description of Predictive Measuring 41.
12 2 Procedure for Obtaining Predicted Measurements 43. 12 2 1 Calculating the bias to be specified when operating in predictive. measurement mode 43,12 2 2 Evaluating Predictive measurements 45. 12 2 3 Performing Predictive measurements 46,13 Temperature Calibration Option required 47. 14 Printing Output to a Printer Option 49,14 1 Printer Output Sample 49. 14 2 Outputting Stored Measurement Data 52,15 Computer Interface 53. 15 1 RS 232C Interface Specifications 53,15 2 Setting Up and Transmitting Data 54.
15 2 1 Connecting the RS 232C cable 54,15 2 2 MOC 120H settings 54. 15 2 3 Setting Up the Computer 54,15 2 4 Starting Up the Computer 56. 15 3 Computer Output Format 57,16 Maintenance 59,16 1 Performing Maintenance 59. 16 2 Replacing Fuses 60,17 Parts List 61,1 Introduction. Thank you for choosing the Shimadzu Electronic Moisture Balance MOC 120H MOC 120H has high. reliability by employing the UniBloc cell introduced for use in electronic balances by Shimadzu in 1989. It provides WindowsDirect functions for transfer of measurement results to personal computer without. installing software This and other various functions can be used to meet the operator s objectives. In order to make full use of the functions and performance provided in the MOC 120H please read this. instruction manual before using the balance and keep the manual for future reference. For information on the following points please contact your Shimadzu Balance representative. Product warranty,After service, 2 Description of Features and Principles of Operation.
2 1 Principles of Operation, This unit determines the moisture and solid contents of samples by heating them using infrared. illumination and measuring changes in mass due to evaporation This is referred to as the drying. loss method and is the simplest method for determining moisture content and thus mandated by. many public regulations related to measurement standards. 2 2 Features,UniBloc sensor, The core mechanism of the internal precision balance is the UniBloc 1 cell which provides excellent responsiveness. temperature characteristics and shock resistance This UniBloc 1 sensor ensures excellent reliability in moisture. content measurements over a long period of use,New Auto Taring Function. The MOC 120H comes with an internal Auto Taring Function which makes it possible to perform reset correction while. performing measurements thus eliminating drift of the balance even when performing measurements over a long time. and making it possible to obtain extremely reliable measurements. Mid infrared quartz heating lamp, The MOC 120H uses a mid infrared quartz heating lamp with a central wavelength of 2 6 m This heater provides. excellent drying efficiency over a wide range of different types of sample minimizes the differences in heating due to. the different colors of samples and eliminates the overheating of sample surfaces thus making it possible to obtain. ideal drying conditions, What s more this heating lamp also provides a long service life 5 to 10 times greater 20 000 to 30 000 hours than.
older infrared or halogen lamps,A wide selection of measuring modes. The MOC 120H provides a wide selection of measuring modes automatic operation mode timed operation mode high. speed drying mode low speed drying mode stepped drying mode and predictive measuring mode which makes it. possible to perform measurements under the best drying condition for each sample. The ability to store measuring conditions, The MOC 120H provides 10 measuring conditions storage areas which may be used to store sets of measuring. conditions to be used for different types of samples thus reducing the work of programming settings before each. measurement,Data memory, The MOC 120H is able to store up to 100 pieces of measurement data in memory making it possible to output large. batches of data all at one time,Printer port, The MOC 120H is equipped with a printer port which may be used to connect to the optional printer thus making it. possible to print out text or graph data showing final measurements or intermediate drying states while performing. measurements, The ability to display changes in moisture content M in a numeric and bar graph display.
The change M in moisture content over 30 second intervals is displayed in a numeric and bar graph display thus. making it easier to estimate when a measurement should be completed This feature is also useful in helping to. determine measurement completion conditions, 2 3 Applications i e materials which can be measured. Materials for which water is the only or main component which evaporates as a result of. Materials for which no dangerous chemical reactions or other changes occur as a result of. Measurements can be performed with virtually any material meeting these conditions. 3 Specifications, Measurement format Evaporation weight loss method Heat drying and weight loss method. Sample weight 0 5g 120g,Minimum display Moisture content 0 01. Weight 0 001 g, Measurable quantities Moisture content wet base dry base weight solid content. Reproducibility Standard deviation 1, Samples with a weight of 5 g or higher less than 10g 0 05 1.
Samples with a weight of 10 g or higher 0 02 1,Measurement modes Automatic operation mode. Timed operation mode with measurement times of 1 240 minutes or. continuous measurement mode with a maximum measurement time of. High speed drying mode may be used with either automatic or timed. operation mode, Low speed drying mode may be used with either automatic or timed. operation mode,Stepped drying mode performs drying in 5 steps. Predictive measuring mode, Heater temperature range May be set within a range of 30 to 200 C in 1 C increments sample. position temperature,Display Backlit LCD display 137 x 43 mm.
External output RS 232C interface, Communications Allows for data output using WindowsDirect function. Storage of measurement conditions, Allows for storage of 10 sets of measurement conditions. Data memory Allows for storage of 100 pieces of data. Temperature humidity operating range,5 40 C maximum of 85 RH. Heat source Medium frequency infrared quartz heater maximum 625W. Power supply AC 100 120 220 240V 50 60 Hz,Power consumption Maximum of 640W. Weight and external dimensions,4 5 kg 220 x 415 x 190 mm W x D x H.
Sample pan SUS sample pan Diameter 130 mm Depth 13 mm. Items included 2 sample pans 2 sample pan handler wind shield sample pan. supporter spoon spatula 2 spare 8A fuses 20 aluminum foil sheets. power cord three prong plug adapter Instruction manual. Optional equipment Printer set includes DPU 414 printer printer interface cable printer. paper 1roll and AC adapter printer paper 10 rolls package of. aluminum foil sheets 500 sheets RS 232C cable Temperature. calibration kit, 1 When using Shimadzu standard samples and measuring conditions It is not applied to and not.

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