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Natural Gas,Baxi 100 HE,G C No 41 075 32, Baxi UK Limited is one of the leading manufacturers. of domestic heating products in the UK, Our first priority is to give a high quality service to our. customers Quality is designed into every Baxi product. products which fulfil the demands and needs of, customers offering choice efficiency and reliability. To keep ahead of changing trends we have made a,commitment to develop new ideas using the. latest technology with the aim of continuing to make. The boiler meets the requirements of Statutory Instrument. the products that customers want to buy The Boiler Efficiency Regulations 1993 No 3083 and is. deemed to meet the requirements of Directive 92 42 EEC. Everyone who works at Baxi has a commitment to on the energy efficiency requirements for new hot water. boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels,quality because we know that satisfied customers.
mean continued success Type test for purpose of Regulation 5 certified by. Notified Body 0086, We hope you get a satisfactory service from Baxi If. Product Production certified by,not please let us know. Notified Body 0086,For GB IE only,Baxi is a BS EN ISO 9001. Accredited Company,Section Page,1 0 Introduction 4. 2 0 General Layout 5,3 0 Appliance Operation 6,4 0 Technical Data 7.
5 0 Dimensions and Fixings 8,6 0 System Details 9,7 0 Site Requirements 12. 8 0 Installation 17,9 0 Electrical 23,10 0 Commissioning the Boiler 25. 11 0 Fitting the Outer Case 26,12 0 Servicing the Boiler 27. 13 0 Changing Components 29,14 0 Fault Finding 36,15 0 Short Parts List 44. 1 0 Introduction,Baxi UK Limited declare that no substances.
harmful to health are contained in the appliance,or used during appliance manufacture. NOTE This appliance must be installed in,accordance with the manufacturer s instructions. and the regulations in force and only used in a,suitably ventilated location. All systems must be thoroughly flushed and,treated with inhibitor see Section 6 2. Position of Label,Read the instructions fully before installing or.
using the appliance,1 1 Description,1 The Baxi 100 HE is a gas fired room sealed fan. assisted condensing central heating boiler,2 The maximum output of the boiler is preset at. 75 000 Btu hr The boiler will automatically adjust. Fig 1 down to 30 000 Btu hr according to the system. load If required the output can be set to 100 000,Btu hr Please refer to section 8 8. Lower Door Panel,3 It is designed for use on Natural Gas G20. 4 The boiler is suitable for fully pumped open,vented central heating and domestic hot water.
systems and sealed systems, 5 A label giving details of the model serial number. and Gas Council number is situated on the rear of,the lower door panel Fig 1. 6 The boiler data badge is positioned on the air,box door Fig 2. 7 The boiler is intended to be installed in,residential commercial light industrial E M C. environments on a governed meter supply only,8 The boiler must be installed with one of the.
purpose designed flues such as the standard,horizontal flue kit part no 236921. Air Box Door,1 2 Important Information,This product contains Refractory Ceramic Fibres. R C F which are man made vitreous silicate fibres,Excessive exposure to these materials may cause. temporary irritation to eyes skin and respiratory tract. Fig 2 Care must be taken when handling these articles to. ensure the release of dust or fibres is kept to a,Data Badge minimum. To ensure that the release of fibres from these articles. is kept to a minimum during installation and servicing. it is recommended that a H E P A filtered vacuum is. Benchmark Log Book used to remove any dust soot or other debris. accumulated in and around the appliance This should. be performed before and after working on the, As part of the industry wide Benchmark initiative all Baxi boilers now installation.
include an Installation Commissioning and Service Record Log Book It is recommended that any replaced item s are not. Please read the Log Book carefully and complete all sections relevant to broken up but sealed within heavy duty polythene. the appliance and installation These include sections on the type of bags and clearly labelled R C F waste This is not. classified as hazardous waste and may be disposed, controls employed flushing the system burner operating pressure etc. of at a tipping site licensed for the disposal of, The details of the Log Book will be required in the event of any warranty industrial waste. work Also there is a section to be completed at each subsequent regular Protective clothing is not required when handling. sevice visit these articles but it is recommended that gloves are. worn and the normal hygiene rules of not smoking, eating or drinking in the work area are followed and. always wash hands before eating or drinking,2 0 General Layout. 2 1 Layout Figs 3 4 5,1 Wall Plate,2 Flue Elbow,3 Heat Exchanger.
6 Fan Protection Thermostat,Fig 5 7 Fan Assembly,17 16 8 Condensate Trap. 2 9 User Interface optional timer available,10 Gas Tap. 11 Gas Air Ratio Valve,12 Electronics Housing,13 Transformer. 14 Flow Pipe Connection,15 Return Pipe Connection,16 Flow Temperature Safety Thermostat Black. 15 17 Flow Temperature Thermistor Red,18 Flow Switch dry fire protection.
2 2 Optional Extras,4 KIT PART No,FLUE EXTENSION KITS 110 70. Flue Extension 0 25M 241692,5 Flue Extension 0 5M 241694. Flue Extension 1M Use two kits for 2M etc 241695,Flue Bend x 2 45 Reduce overall length of flue. by 0 5m when fitting this bend 241689,Flue Bend 90 Reduce overall length of flue. 6 by 1m when fitting each bend 241687,VERTICAL FLUE 110 70.
Vertical Flue Terminal 242802,H Vertical Boiler Connection 242886. CONTROL ACCESSORIES,Integral Electronic Twin Channel Timer Kit 242834. 3 0 Appliance Operation,1 Switched Live On When the switched live. switches on pump overrun occurs,Pump Overrun,Pump Overrun. for 1 minute 2 Pump Overrun The pump is on while the fan. spark generator and gas valve are off If at any,stage during pump overrun the flow temperature.
is less than the set point and the flow switch is,Flow made then fan purge occurs After 1 minute of. temperature less pump overrun anti cycle occurs,than set point and flow YES. switch made,3 Fan Purge The pump and fan are on while. the spark generator and gas valve are off After 5,seconds ignition occurs. 4 Ignition The pump fan spark generator and,gas valve are on If a flame is detected then.
burner on occurs If a flame is not detected within. 5 seconds and less than 5 ignition attempts have,been made then fan purge occurs If a flame is. not detected within 5 seconds and 5 ignition, Ignition done attempts have been made the ignition lockout. 5 second YES,and less than 5 occurs,attempts made,5 Burner On The pump fan and gas valve are. Flow temperature on while the spark generator is off Flow. greater than set temperature is controlled by varying the fan. speed and thereby the gas rate to achieve,optimum operation If the flow temperature is. Ignition Period,greater than the set point then pump overrun.
occurs If the TRVs all shut down then anti cycle, Ignition done and 6 Anti cycle The pump fan spark generator. 5 attempts made and gas valve are switched off After 3 minutes. pump overrun occurs,Flame Detected,7 Ignition Lockout The pump fan spark. generator and gas valve are switched off The, YES boiler can only be reset by manually using the. YES thermostat knob,Anti cycle,4 0 Technical Data, Appliance Type C13 C33 Nox Class 5 Electrical Supply 230V 50Hz. Appliance must be connected to an, Appliance Category CAT I 2H Horizontal earthed supply.
Flue Terminal Diameter 110mm, Heat Input Max Min Dimensions Projection 150mm Power Consumption 80W. see note kW 33 76 10 2,Connections External Fuse Rating 3A. Btu h 115 200 34 840 Gas Supply 2 in BSPT,Central Heating Flow 28mm. Heat Output Central Heating Return 28mm Internal Fuse Rating BS 4265. Non Condensing 70 C Mean Water Temp Condensate Drain 1 in BSP Fuse 2 4 AT Control Board. Max Min Fuse 3 2 AT Ignition Board,kW 30 18 9 14 Outercase Dimensions. Overall Height Inc Flue Elbow 750mm,Btu h 102 980 31 180.
Casing Height 600mm Water Content,Casing Width 390mm litres 2 6. Heat Output,Casing Depth 320mm pints 4 6,Condensing 40 C Mean Water Temp. Clearances Static Head, kW 32 61 10 1 For unventilated compartments see Section 7 5 max 30 metres 100 ft. Btu h 111 280 34 520 Both Sides 5mm Min min 1 metre 3 25 ft. Above Casing 200mm Min, Max Gas Rate Natural Gas Below Casing 50mm Min Low Head 0 2m 8 in min. After 10 Mins Front For Servicing 500mm Min, Btu hr 102 980 75 000 Front In Operation 5mm Min System Detail.
m3 h 2 95 2 31 fully pumped open vented sealed systems. ft3 h 104 2 81 6 Weights kg lb,Packaged Boiler Carton 40 7 89 6 Gas Connection. Packaged Flue Kit 3 6 8 0 RC1 2 1 2 in BSPT,Inlet Pressure at Gas Valve Natural Gas. Min 18 1 mbar Weight Empty 38 2 84 1,Installation Lift Weight 31 5 69 3. Max 22 5 mbar boiler thermostat safety thermostat, see Section 10 1 Recommended System flow switch electronic flame sensing. Temperature Drop temperature protection thermostat. Injector Natural Gas Normal 11 C 20 F condensate blockage sensor. 6 3mm Diameter Condensing 20 C 36 F,NOTE The maximum output of the.
boiler is factory set at 22 0kW,75 000 Btu hr This can be altered. Hydraulic Resistance Chart,to 30 18kW 102 980 Btu hr 220 9 1. see section 8 8,Pressure Drop mbar,Pressure Drop in wg. SEDBUK Declaration For 100 HE,The efficiency is 90 9 120 5 0. This value is used in the UK Government s 80 3 3,Standard Assessment Procedure SAP for 60 2 5.
energy rating of dwellings The test data from,which it has been calculated has been. certified by 0086,0 10 20 30 40,Water Flow Rate litres min. 5 0 Dimensions and Fixings,DIMENSIONS,1 in 20 B 320mm. D 125mm Min,360 Orientation,The 3 1 in 20 fall provided by. the elbow is to allow condensate,to run back to the boiler for.
Tube 110mm disposal through the condensate,discharge pipe. SIDE FLUE left and right,X For every 1m of horizontal flue. length the clearance above the,3 top of the flue elbow should be. 1 in 20 55mm to incorporate the 3,1 in 20 fall in the flue from the. terminal to the elbow,Flue length Y Clearance X,up to 1m 55mm.
1m 2m 110mm,2m 3m 165mm,NOTE This boiler does not require a bypass. This boiler does not require a permanent live 6 0 System Details. These diagrams only refer to pump protection for fully TRV d systems. 6 1 Water Circulating Systems, for hot water 1 The appliance is suitable for use with open vent. fully pumped systems and sealed systems,The following conditions should be observed. on all systems,The static head must not exceed 30m 100ft. Central of water, Live feed heating The boiler must not be used with a direct.
to pump load cylinder,Drain cocks should be fitted to all system low. Boiler Boiler points, Connections All gas and water pipes and electrical wiring. S L N P F All TRV s shut down must be installed in a way which would not. boiler flow switch restrict the servicing of the boiler. causes pump to stop Position isolating valves as close to circulating. pump as possible,It is recommended that the return pipe is fitted. Switch live from with an automatic air vent as close to the boiler. programmer etc as is practical,NOTE Full TRV Systems refer to section 6 4. Where all the radiators are controlled by TRV s, Fig A Wiring to the pump feed connection of boiler then pump protection will be required This can be.
done by either of the options opposite see Fig A,B The option shown in Fig A should only be. used on a full TRV system without a bypass,Fig B shows a system with a bypass that must. be capable of allowing a flow of at least 3 l min,6 2 Treatment of Water Circulating. for hot water All recirculatory water systems will be subject to. corrosion unless an appropriate water treatment,is applied This means that the efficiency of. the system will deteriorate as corrosion sludge,accumulates within the system risking damage.
to pump and valves boiler noise and circulation,Central problems. load When upgrading existing systems that exhibit,evidence of sludging it is advisable to clean the. Boiler Boiler system prior to treatment in order to remove any. Connections sludge and reduce the likelihood of these. 3 l min deposits damaging new components,S L N P F bypass. When fitting new systems flux will be evident,within the system which can lead to damage of. system components,All TRV s shut down, Switch live from pump continues All systems must be thoroughly drained and.
programmer around bypass flushed out The recommended flushing and. junction room stat etc cleansing agents are Betz Dearborn Sentinel. X300 or X400 and Fernox Superfloc Universal, Fig B Providing a 3 l min bypass Cleanser which should be used following the. flushing agent manufacturer s instructions,System additives corrosion inhibitors and. flushing agents descalers should be suitable for,aluminium and comply to BS7593 requirements. The only system additives recommended are,Betz Dearborn Sentinel X100 and Fernox Copal. which should be used followng the inhibitor,manufacturer s instructions.
Failure to flush and add inhibitor to the,system will invalidate the appliance warranty. It is important to check the inhibitor,concentration after installation system. modification and at every service in accordance,with the manufacturer s instructions Test kits. are available from inhibitor stockists,For information or advice regarding any of the. above contact the Baxi Helpline,Copper 6 0 System Details.
Copper 0 5m,Boiler 6 3 Pipework, Copper 1 The sizes of flow and return pipes from the. 1m boiler should be determined by normal methods, Fig 7a according to the requirements of the system The. connection to the boiler is 28mm compression,2 Due to space requirements within the boiler. mm outercase pipework should comprise of solder,3 A 20 C 36 F drop in temperature across the. system is recommended for condensing boilers, 1000mm Existing radiators may be oversized and so allow.
Min 400mm this but where radiator sizing is marginal it may be. Feed Min Head,advisable to retain a system temperature drop of. 150mm 4 In systems using non metallic pipework it is. necessary to use copper pipe for the boiler Flow, Boiler and Return The copper must extend at least 1. metre from the boiler and include any branches,6 4 System Controls. Fig 8 Typical Low Head Installation 1 For optimum operating conditions the heating. system into which the boiler is installed should,include a control system. mm 22mm 2 Such a system will comprise of a timer control. Open Vent and separate room or cylinder thermostats as. 45 appropriate An integral twin channel programmer. is available as an optional extra, Air Vent 15mm 400mm 3 The boiler should be controlled so that it.
1000mm Cold Min Head operates on demand only, Boiler 4 Operation of the system under control of the. boiler thermostat TRV s only does not produce,the best results. 6 5 Low Head Installation,1 Using a close couple arrangement the minimum. head is as shown in the diagrams Figs 8 9,subject to the following conditions. Fig 9 If Conditions Require a The pump being adjusted to give an 20oC. This System Possible drop across the boiler,b The pump must be fitted on the flow.
c The pump must be fitted in accordance with,the pump manufacturer s instructions. d The open vent pipe must be taken up from a,22mm tee in a horizontal section of the flow pipe. 200mm Feed Vent, Min Pipe An alternative Low Head Installation Fig 10. 2 For heads below 400mm then a combined vent,and feed pipe may be connected This must be a. minimum of 22mm diameter It is recommended, Boiler that an air separator is fitted when using a.
combined feed and vent pipe,Return 6 6 Thermal Stores. 1 When the 100 HE is fitted in conjunction with a, Alternative Low Head Installation thermal store jumper 2 must be removed from the. 10 Fig 10 Control PCB see Fig 32a Section 8 8,6 0 System Details. Top Up Bottle,if required 6 7 Sealed Systems Fig 11. 1 SAFETY VALVE A safety valve complying with, Filling the requirements of BS 6750 Part 1 must be fitted.
Pressure Point close to the boiler on the flow pipe by means of a. Safety Gauge horizontal or vertically upward connection with no. intervening valve or restrictions and should be, positioned to facilitate testing The valve should be. pre set and non adjustable to operate at a pressure. of 3 bar 45 Ibf in2 It must be arranged to, Expansion Radiator discharge any water or steam through a pipe to a. Vessel Circuit safe outlet position,2 PRESSURE GAUGE A pressure gauge of. System Drains minimum range 0 4 bar 0 60 Ibf in2 with a fill. at Low Point pressure indicator must be fitted to the system. preferably at the same point as the expansion,Max Boiler Flow. vessel in an easily visible position,Fig 11 Temp 82 C.
3 EXPANSION VESSEL An expansion vessel,complying with the requirements of BS 4814 must. Method of determining minimum valve of, expansion vessel volume for sealed be fitted to the system by means of a connection. systems using Baxi Boilers close to the inlet side of the circulating pump in. accordance with the manufacturers instructions the. connecting pipe being unrestricted and not less, Multiply Total than 15mm 1 2 in nominal size The volume of the. Vessel Charge Initial System Water Content vessel should be suitable for the system water. Pressure Bar Pressure Bar Of System By content and the nitrogen or air charge pressure. Litres should not be less than the system static head See. 1 0 0 112 Further details of sealed system design can be. 1 5 0 207 obtained from BS 5449 and the British Gas. 2 0 0 441 publication entitled Specifications for Domestic Wet. Central Heating Systems,1 0 4 FILLING POINT A filling point connection on. 1 5 0 152 the central heating return pipework must be. 2 0 0 330 provided to facilitate initial filling and pressurising. and also any subsequent water loss replacement, 1 5 0 125 refilling The filling method adopted must be in.
2 0 0 265 accordance with the Water Supply Water Fittings. regulations and the Water Bylaws Scotland Your,attention is drawn to Paragraph 24 of Schedule 2. Example System Volume 75 litres, Table 1 Section 8 of the publication Water Regulations. Vessel Charge Pressure 1 0 bar,Guide which gives recommendations and guidance. Initial System Pressure 1 5 bar,on approved methods for filling sealed systems. Then 75 x 0 152 11 4 litres, Expansion Vessel Volume The sealed primary circuits may be filled or.
replenished by means of a temporary connection, NOTE between the primary circuit and a supply pipe. Where a vessel of the calculated size is not obtainable provided the arrangement in accordance with. then the next available larger size should be used Diagram R24 2a of the Water Regulations Guide. The temporary hose must be completely removed,at both ends after use. 5 MAKE UP SYSTEM A method of replacing,water lost from the system should be provided. either by means of a make up vessel of not more,than 3 litres 5 pints capacity mounted above the. highest point of the system or by re pressurisation. Double of the system,Stop Check Stop, Valve Valve Valve 6 VENTING A method of venting the system.
during filling and commissioning must be provided,by fitting automatic air vents or by venting. 7 HOT WATER STORAGE The hot water, Temporary storage vessel must be of the indirect coil type All. Hose components used in the system must be suitable. Mains Return, Fig 11a for operation at 110 C 230 F and at the pressure. allowed by the safety valve 11,7 0 Site Requirements. 7 1 Information, 5mm Min 390mm 5mm Min WARNING Check the information on the data.
plate is compatible with local supply conditions,1 The installation must be carried out by a CORGI. Registered Installer or other registered competent. 200mm person and be in accordance with the relevant. requirements of the current GAS SAFETY Installation. and Use REGULATIONS the BUILDING REGULATIONS,Scotland Consolidation the LOCAL BUILDING. REGULATIONS the current I E E WIRING REGULATIONS,and the bye laws of the LOCAL WATER UNDERTAKING. Where no specific instruction is given reference,should be made to the relevant BRITISH. STANDARD CODES OF PRACTICE For Ireland,install in accordance with IS 813 INSTALLATION OF.
GAS APPLIANCES Reference should also be made,600mm to BRITISH GAS GUIDANCE NOTES FOR THE. INSTALLATION OF DOMESTIC GAS CONDENSING BOILERS,7 2 B S Codes of Practice. Standard Scope,BS 6891 Gas Installation,BS 5546 Installation of hot water supplies for. domestic purposes, BS 5449 Part 1 Forced circulation hot water systems. BS 6798 Installation of gas fired hot water boilers. BS 5440 Part 1 Flues,BS 5440 Part 2 Ventilation,BS 7074 Expansion vessels and ancillary.
equipment for sealed water systems,BS 7593 Treatment of water in domestic hot water. central heating systems,WARNING The addition of anything that may. interfere with the normal operation of the, Fig 12 appliance without the express written permission. of Baxi UK Limited could invalidate the appliance,warranty and infringe the GAS SAFETY. Installation and Use REGULATIONS,7 3 Clearances Figs 12 13.
1 A flat vertical area is required for the installation. of the boiler,2 These dimensions include the necessary. clearances around the boiler for case removal,3 spanner access and air movement Additional. clearances may be required for the passage of,pipes around local obstructions such as joists. running parallel to the front face of the boiler,3 For unventilated compartments see Section 7 5. 7 4 Location, 1 The boiler may be fitted to any suitable wall with.
For Servicing the flue passing through an outside wall or roof and. Purposes discharging to atmosphere in a position permitting. satisfactory removal of combustion products and, providing an adequate air supply The boiler should. be fitted within the building unless otherwise,protected by a suitable enclosure i e garage or. outhouse The boiler may be fitted inside a,cupboard see Section 7 5. 2 If the boiler is sited in an unheated enclosure, then it is recommended to incorporate in the system. controls a suitable device for frost protection, 5mm 3 If the boiler is fitted in a room containing a bath or.
shower reference must be made to the current, In Operation I E E WIRING REGULATIONS and BUILDING. REGULATIONS If the boiler is to be fitted into a, building of timber frame construction then reference. must be made to the Institute of Gas Engineers,12 document UP 7. 7 0 Site Requirements,7 5 Ventilation of Compartments. 1 Where the boiler is installed in a cupboard or,compartment no air vents are required for cooling.
purposes providing that the minimum dimensions,below are maintained. Sides 15mm,Bottom 50mm,Front 30mm, 2 If the boiler is installed in a smaller cupboard or. compartment it must be ventilated according to,BS 5440 Part 2 and the minimum clearances given. in section 4 0 Technical Data maintained,3 Any compartment should be large enough to. house the boiler only,NOTE The ventilation label on the front of the.
outer case MUST NOT BE REMOVED when,the appliance is installed in a compartment or. 7 6 Gas Supply,1 The gas installation should be in accordance. with BS6891,2 The connection to the appliance is a 1 2in BSPT. internal threaded connection located at the rear of. the gas service cock Fig 15,3 Ensure that the pipework from the meter to the. appliance is of adequate size,22mm pipework must be connected to the.
Gas Service Cock appliance gas service cock This should extend for. at least 3 meters back towards the gas meter,Do not use pipes of a smaller diameter than the. boiler gas connection,7 7 Electrical Supply,1 External wiring must be correctly earthed. polarised and in accordance with current I E E,WIRING REGULATIONS. 2 The mains supply is 230V 50Hz fused at 3A,NOTE The method of connection to the. electricity supply must facilitate complete,electrical isolation of the appliance Connection.
may be via a fused double pole isolator with a,contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles. and servicing the boiler and system controls only,7 8 Condensate Drain. NOTE Ensure the discharge of condensate,complies with any national or local regulations. 1 The condensate outlet terminates in a 1 BSP,nut and seal for the connection of 21 5mm 3 4in. plastic overflow pipe which should generally,discharge internally into the household drainage.
system If this is not possible discharge into an,outside drain is acceptable. 2 The pipe should run internally as much as,possible and with a 10 1 in 6 fall to dispose of. condensate quickly to avoid freezing 13,7 0 Site Requirements. Terminal Position with Minimum Distance Fig 17 mm 7 9 Flue. Aa Directly below an opening air brick opening,NOTE Due to the nature of the boiler a plume. windows etc 300, Ba Above an opening air brick opening window etc 300 of water vapour will be discharged from the.
Ca Horizontally to an opening air brick opening window etc 300 flue This should be taken into account when. D Below gutters soil pipes or drain pipes 25 siting the flue terminal. E Below eaves 25, F Below balconies or car port roof 25 1 The following guidelines indicate the general. G From a vertical drain pipe or soil pipe 25 requirements for siting balanced flue terminals. H From an internal i or external ii corner i 25 ii 115 Recommendations for flues are given in BS 5440. I Above ground roof or balcony level 300 Pt 1,J From a surface facing a terminal 600. K From a terminal facing a terminal Horizontal flue 1200 2 If the terminal discharges onto a pathway or. From a terminal facing a terminal Vertical flue 600 passageway check that combustion products will. L From an opening in carport e g door window,not cause a nuisance and that the terminal will. into the dwelling 1200,not obstruct the passageway. M Vertically from a terminal on the same wall 1500. N Horizontally from a terminal on the same wall 300. 3 Take into consideration the effect the plume of, R From adjacent wall to flue vertical only 300 vapour may have on neighbours when siting the.
S From an adjacent opening window vertical only 1000 flue. Table 2 4 Adjacent surfaces close to the flue terminal. a In addition the terminal should be no nearer than 150 mm to an. may need protection from the effects of, opening in the building fabric formed for the purpose of accommodating. condensation Alternatively a flue deflector kit, a built in element such as a window frame See BS 5440 Pt 1. part no 248167 is available, NOTE The distance from a fanned draught appliance 5 For installation of the flue into an internal. terminal installed parallel to a boundary may not be less corner at the 25mm dimension the flue deflector. than 300mm in accordance with the diagram below kit part no 248167 must be fitted. 300 min 6 Reduction to the boundary is possible down. to 25mm but the flue deflector kit part no,248167 must be fitted. 7 For fitting under low sofits and eaves it is,acceptable for the flue to project upto 500mm.
from the face of the wall to the inside of the air. intake This can be painted if required using a,Top View Rear Flue suitable external paint. 8 If a terminal is less than 2 metres 783 4 in,above a balcony above ground or above a flat. Property Boundary Line,roof to which people have access then a suitable. J K terminal guard must be provided,Likely flue positions requiring Fig 17. 14 a flue terminal guard,7 0 Site Requirements,7 10 Flue Dimensions.
See Section 1 2 The standard horizontal flue kit,m allows for flue lengths between 270mm 105 8. 80 and 800mm 32 from elbow to terminal,The maximum permissible equivalent flue. length is 4 metres Fig 18a,NOTE Each additional 45 of flue bend will. account for an equivalent flue length of 0 5m,eg 45 0 5m 90 2 x 45 1m etc. 7 11 Terminal Guard Fig 19,1 When codes of practice dictate the use of.
Fig 18 terminal guards they can be obtained from most. Plumbers and Builders Merchants,2 When ordering a terminal guard quote the. appliance model number,3 The flue terminal guard should be positioned. centrally over the terminal and fixed as,illustrated. Pictorial examples of flue runs where EQUIVALENT flue length equals 4m 7 12 Vertical Flue. 1 Only a flue approved with the Baxi 100 HE,can be used. 2 For information on vertical flues consult the,Baxi High Efficiency Brochure or Notes for.

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