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9 THE CORE MODULES,19 Programme information,contact us. Why the Executive Master Class,in INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP. There has never been a more important time for innovation We believe innovation. will spark the growth that s so badly needed across the Western world And yet many. organisations struggle to prioritise innovation and bring new ideas to market. Which is why our Executive Master Class in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. is such a timely and relevant programme It turns participants into innovation. champions who are capable of successfully taking their ideas to market And it does. this because it fast tracks participants through crucial areas of thinking and knowledge. We give you and your company the skills and insight you need to defend an idea. to potential business sponsors and investors and to bring your innovation to life. The programme allows you to follow different tracks depending on your. background and needs,Entrepreneurs, This route equips participants with the negotiation skills they need to defend. new business plans to investors and business partners It also gives you the. marketing insights you ll need to bring your idea to the market. Corporate innovators, Ideal for participants working at the level of research and development unit manager. product manager or in new business development and corporate innovation. It helps you understand how to push innovation through your organisation along. with how to structure and open up your organisation to allow ideas to come to life. You ll get a comprehensive overview of the culture that s needed to foster innovation. I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas in October. Professor Walter Van Dyck,Programme Director,Sector Function.
Who is in the Executive,Master Class in Participant profiles. INNOVATION AND Sector,ENTREPRENEURSHIP IT Services Software. Professional Services,Pharmaceuticals 8,Every year we welcome a diverse group of. Machine construction,participants to the Executive Master Class in. Metalworking,Innovation and Entrepreneurship, An incredible group of people from a wide Electronics.
range of sectors including pharmaceutical Textiles. technology retail and government and their,roles range from owner managers through. Function Others,to marketeers product development specialists. technology and manufacturing experts,IS IT TIME FOR YOU. AND YOUR COMPANY Function,TO JOIN THEM General Manager Director. Project Manager, We ve had the pleasure of welcoming both R D Manager.
independent participants and people from Business Unit Manager. a wide variety of companies including Alcatel Innovation Manager. Lucent Barco Bayer CropScience Bekaert Business Development Manager. bpost Cartamundi Deba Components Devan Product Manager. Chemicals DuPont Friesland Campina GDF Suez Sales Manager. GSK IMEC Janssen KBC Newtec Septentrio Other,Taminco TE Connectivity Telenet TNO Toyota. Motor Europe Sony VIB Unilever Verizon,VITO and many more. WHO WILL YOU WORK WITH,YOUR FACULTY,Professor Walter Van Dyck. Leads the Innovation Management Research Cluster and is an. expert in technology based business models and corporate. innovation strategies In the last five years he has coached more. than 100 innovative ideas in global and multinational companies. in sectors including life sciences smart systems and clean tech. Professor Walter Van Dyck,Professor Sophie Manigart. Is an expert in entrepreneurial finance She has researched. financing strategies for more than two decades while advising. numerous startups When she saw a gap in financing startups. she became a founder of the first Belgian business angel network. Professor Marion Debruyne, Is passionate about the strategic side of innovation and.
the innovative side of strategy She helps companies think. about how to respond to changing markets and escape. commoditisation by adapting their product line marketing. strategy and ultimately their business model She believes. in market driven organisations that innovate together. with their customers Professor Sophie Manigart, As well as our core faculty you ll also meet guest. lecturers academics and practitioners from diverse. business backgrounds,You can find,the full list of. faculty speakers,and coaches at,vlerick com emcie Professor Marion Debruyne. The Vlerick DIFFERENCE After a 22 year international. career in multinationals it was time,to realise my dream start a new. LEARNING ABOUT BUSINESS company and bring an innovative. product onto the market I selected, AT VLERICK WILL INSPIRE the Vlerick Executive Master Class.
in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,YOU FOR LIFE EMCIE for professional support. My innovation A smart parcel box,at people s houses that assures 24 7. We have a unique approach to learning which focuses deliveries and returns with automatic signature when not. on bringing theory to life giving you the skills and at home The Vlerick profs and my fellow participants. insight you need to really make a difference helped me sharpen my business model and the start up. Spend time on our beautiful campuses and you of the company The choice of electives strengthened. become part of one of the most active business my B2B and B2C marketing skills in whatever innovation. communities in Europe learning in a way that will you create put the customers first In March 2014 the. help you to be a more effective and productive idea won the Harvard Business School European Venture. business leader throughout your career Competition which attracted some great investors. The Vlerick EMCIE experience has reinforced my passion. As you ll see on the next page our programmes to go for innovation in a realistic way. put you at the centre of every learning experience. And it really is an experience far away from traditional Luc Van Bosstraeten. classroom learning You ll work collaboratively with COO International GM Benelux at Parcelhome. your faculty and fellow participants to bring your. ideas to life in a robust and practical way, Our online platform V talks brings together all We created IntelliStamp as a. course material you need during the programme technological innovation But as. A tablet pc is foreseen for each participant a CTO I knew that technology. By using the online platform we not only save was nothing without a successful. trees we also provide a learning experience that market approach Thanks to. fits closer to your personal and professional the Vlerick Innovation and. digital lifestyles Entrepreneurship programme,we were able to create a strategic. business plan that we executed,and continue to execute with.
success IntelliStamp is now a critical component within. both government and private enterprise delivering a. legal electronic communication channel,Klaas Bals,CTO at Inventive Designers. Putting ideas into action, We ll encourage you to capture ideas every day and. develop them into concrete plans for your company, These techniques will help you to view the whole of. your career as a continuous learning opportunity,Live it learn it do it. We re on your side all the way Academic tools frameworks are only valuable if. Continuous learning is a way of life at they can be applied in real life As well as traditional. Vlerick Our teams have an open door learning you ll go on visits taking part in discussions. policy and they re always keen to simulations group assignments You ll also be able. share their vast experience to interact with faculty and course participants. via our online platforms,Group power Company project.
You ll work alongside experienced people Throughout our long intensive programmes. from diverse backgrounds and you can you ll channel your learning into addressing. actively choose who you mix with by choosing a challenge in your own business It s an. different pathways through your learning approach that proves real ROI to you. You ll be sharing learning and benefitting and your company. from the buzz of group energy,The big picture A network for life. Being at Vlerick gives you a great You ll meet interesting and inspiring people. opportunity to step back from daily you ll want to keep in touch with for the rest. business and let us help you take of your professional life You ll find our 17 000. a more strategic view alumni in more than 100 countries worldwide. EXTENDED ECO SYSTEM,TAILORING THE,PROGRAMME Successful. Making strategy,acquisitions execution,A WHOLE WORLD OF NEW THINKING Executive. finance Project,EXPERIENCES AND PEOPLE ARE WAITING development. STRATEGY 3 Days,management,Essentials,FOR YOU AT VLERICK In search.
in strategy Excellence,of new 2 Days in supply chain. Operational management,business Operating excellence Purchasing. Each Executive Master Class begins with four business in. opportunities management 12 Days,4 Days a global 3 Days. core modules All participants attend these Project Executive. management 2 Days master class in OPERATIONS Change. over a period of four days After that you can 4 Days. supply chain,management SUPPLY CHAIN fundamentals,select the classes that best meet yours and. GENERAL your business,PEOPLE Leadership, your company s needs With the support of Management.
MANAGEMENT to China,6 Days MANAGEMENT transition, acceleration ENTREPRENEURSHIP LEADERSHIP programme. your faculty you ll choose three electives to programme The 7 Days. young managers,study over 7 9 days 16 Days,SME manager Senior. challenge 4 Days leadership Inspirational,Service leadership. management 8 Days development Leading,management,You ll be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere. programme service,programme global,16 Days innovation.
Business 8 Days teams, of innovative thinking with opportunities to Executive SME 16 Days. coaching 3 Days,master class in 4 Days,Excellence leadership. make connections learn different disciplines B2B marketing. sales 10 Days Negotiating 2 Days,and develop your own area of expertise 21 Days. Vlerick will open your mind to a new way Essentials. performance Venture,of learning in marketing MARKETING Digital. International,management capital,management,SALES strategy finance.
equity Structuring,4 Days financing,Key account 3 Days 2 Days 2 Days. management M A deals,3 Days 3 Days,Product Fundamentals Mastering Executive. Strategic Brand Sales, management management management of financial costs master class in. B2B communication 4 Days management budgets controllership Strategic. 3 Days cost,marketing 4 Days 3 Days 21 Days,2 Days management. ACCOUNTING,Retail FINANCE,Understanding,trade Enterprise annual.
marketing architecture reports,Essentials,4 Days IT in process master class. management improvement in corporate,6 Days 3 Days,Growth finance. innovation 21 Days,IT BUSINESS PROCESS Executive,Excellence in. MANAGEMENT HUMAN master class in,business process,improvement RESOURCES innovation. entrepreneurship,business MANAGEMENT 21 Days Entrepreneurial.
Executive IT innovation,master class in 3 Days,business process Compensation. benefits Executive,management Delivering master class. management,21 Days service 4 Days in HRM,excellence 21 Days INNOVATION. Strategic Global,HRM reward,management,4 Days programme. THE CORE MODULES, EACH OF THE 4 CORE MODULES FOCUSES ON IN THE SESSIONS YOU LL BENEFIT FROM.
A CRITICAL ASPECT OF SUCCESSFULLY TAKING, YOUR INNOVATION FROM CONCEPT TO MARKET Feedback from small and large group sessions. Expert coaching and mentoring enhancing the power, You ll apply the theory of business modelling of your idea. entrepreneurial marketing and finance to your Video based feedback on your idea pitching skills. idea with hands on group coaching sessions, where the emphasis is on making it work in real You ll also learn to design a powerful business. life And remember the door is always open model for your idea and when you ve completed. You ll have every opportunity to discuss ideas all the modules in this programme you ll present. with faculty and with other participants your business case to a panel of investors business. experts and Vlerick faculty, This will allow you to fine tune your idea pitching. and presentation skills and give you the experience. and confidence that will give you the edge when you. do it for real, Innovation is all about creating capturing delivering and realising.
added value for our target customers As a prefab concrete paving. production company our strategy focuses on customer intimacy. We are currently investing in new machinery extra capacity and new. capabilities and offering co creation opportunities to our customers. In addition you need to build a sound business model to decide. which new processes products and markets need to be developed. further All this sounds very obvious and thanks to the Executive. Master Class in Innovation Entrepreneurship with the input from. the coaches and the other participants it is,Wim Van Raemdonck. Director Innovation SHEQ,YOUR LEARNING JOURNEY, VLERICK IS A PLACE THAT OPENS MINDS AND OPENS TAILORED TO YOU 9 DAYS. You choose where you want, PATHS TO DIFFERENT TYPES OF LEARNING to develop or broaden your. expertise or learn completely,new subjects,CORE MODULES. When you join the Executive Master Class you ll take all. four core modules These have been designed to give you MODULE IV. a superb basis and get you working alongside your fellow REALISE. participants and the faculty,CORE MODULES 12 DAYS, When you ve completed the core modules it will be Every participant and the.
up to you to decide what you want to learn MODULE III company they work for has different. DELIVER aims But there are common,VALUE challenges and knowledge they. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO NEXT want to gain too and the core. modules are where these are, Entrepreneurs could decide to take the Entrepreneur addressed They give you a firm. foundation to build your learning, Path to strengthen their negotiation and people MODULE II on and an opportunity to learn. management skills CAPTURE with a group that will become an. VALUE important part of your network,for the rest of your career. Corporate innovators could choose the Corporate, Innovation Path to learn how to push innovation throughout.
their organisation and manage product development CREATE. And if you want to learn completely new subjects,you can pick and choose your own path. COMPANY PROJECT When you apply we spend, Towards the end of this journey you ll use everything time talking to you and getting. to understand your goals It helps, you ve learned to carry out a project in your own company us to match you with the right. coaches and groups,AND THEN rt, You ll have the support of Vlerick for life You ll be a. member of our alumni and you ll be able to take part in. online activities Many of our alumni and the companies. they work for come back to us to learn and share more GETTING STARTED. Maybe you ll be one of them Setting off on a learning. journey with Vlerick is the,start of a relationship.
that will last throughout,your career,Enterprise,architecture IT. Delivering at work BUSINESS,excellence,3 Days MANAGEMENT. your business Essentials,to China in process,Aligning improvement. 6 Days business 3 Days,Operational,IT excellence,3 Days Project 3 or 6 Days. management,In search of Project,Supply 4 Days,new business management Purchasing.
4 Days management,opportunities Operating Finance,business in 3 Days 3 Days Change. ENTREPRENEUR,4 Days a global fundamentals,OPERATIONS. economy 3 Days,2 Days SUPPLY CHAIN,MANAGEMENT,The Business. Is an entrepreneur She has an idea she,Essentials ENTREPRENEURSHIP PEOPLE. in marketing MANAGEMENT people coaching,management LEADERSHIP manager 4 Days.
4 Days 4 Days,wants to bring to market and she s going. Choose this route,management,ENTREPRENEUR,MARKETING communication. 4 Days Negotiating Negotiation,Individual Leading,Key account SALES to create essentials. Inspirational,leadership,to learn how to do this She s also going. management value 3 Days,Product 3 Days 4 Days,3 Days 5 Days.
management Sales,management,if you want to,3 Days Self. Strategic Retail,to become an expert at negotiation and. leadership,B2B trade 2 Days,marketing marketing Digital Mastering. 4 Days 4 Days strategy budgets,Fundamentals Understanding. marketing so that she cannot only,strengthen your,of financial annual.
management accounts Corporate,2 Days 2 Days performance. management,defend her new business plan but also,Making ACCOUNTING. acquisitions Structuring,negotiation and people,work Essentials Successful financing Strategic. M A deals cost,in strategy strategy,successfully bring her idea to market. 3 Days 3 Days management,2 Days execution 4 Days,3 Days Venture.
management skills,STRATEGY INNOVATION equity,International. COMPANY PROJECT,Strategic Compensation through,benefits innovation. management HUMAN 4 Days,Now you channel all your learning. MANAGEMENT,into addressing a challenge in your,Delivering. Enterprise,architecture,own business It s an approach that.
proves real ROI to your company,excellence,3 Days MANAGEMENT. your business Essentials,to China in process,Aligning improvement. 6 Days business Operational,IT excellence,3 Days Project 3 or 6 Days. management,In search of,Project 4 Days,management Supply. new business Chain Purchasing,4 Days management,opportunities Operating Finance.
INNOVATION,business in 3 Days 3 Days Change,4 Days a global fundamentals. OPERATIONS,Is sponsored by the pharmaceutical,economy 3 Days. 2 Days SUPPLY CHAIN,MANAGEMENT,company he works at He wants to get. Essentials ENTREPRENEURSHIP PEOPLE Business,in marketing MANAGEMENT people coaching. management LEADERSHIP manager 4 Days,4 Days 4 Days.
a firm grasp of how to make innovation,Choose this route. management,MARKETING communication,Negotiating Negotiation. Individual Leading,Key account SALES to create essentials. global Inspirational,flourish in the workplace To get this he. management teams leadership,Product value 3 Days,2 Days 3 Days 4 Days.
3 Days management 5 Days,INNOVATION,if you want to learn how. 4 Days management,3 Days Self,needs to know how new ideas can be. Strategic leadership,B2B trade 2 Days,marketing marketing Digital Mastering. 4 Days 4 Days strategy,Fundamentals Understanding budgets. structured and brought to life across,to push innovation through.
3 Days 3 Days,of financial annual,management accounts Corporate. 2 Days 2 Days performance,management,various levels in an organisation. Making ACCOUNTING,your organisation,acquisitions Structuring. Essentials FINANCE financing Strategic,work Successful M A deals cost. in strategy strategy 3 Days management,2 Days execution 4 Days.
3 Days Venture,STRATEGY INNOVATION equity,International. Growth 2 Days,Strategic Compensation through,benefits innovation. management HUMAN 4 Days,MANAGEMENT,Enterprise,architecture IT. Delivering at work BUSINESS,excellence,3 Days MANAGEMENT. your business Essentials,to China in process,Aligning improvement.
6 Days business 3 Days,Operational,IT excellence,3 Days Project 3 or 6 Days. management,In search of Project,Supply 4 Days,new business management. PICK CHOOSE,Chain Purchasing,4 Days management,opportunities Operating Finance. business in 3 Days 3 Days Change,Owns a technology company He s going. 4 Days a global fundamentals,economy OPERATIONS 3 Days.
2 Days SUPPLY CHAIN,to take a whole new approach to innovation. MANAGEMENT,ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Business,Essentials PEOPLE. in marketing MANAGEMENT people coaching,management LEADERSHIP manager 4 Days. by participating in the course with Marie,4 Days 4 Days. If you need to learn,management,MARKETING communication.
Negotiating Negotiation,Individual Leading,and Behzad He s also decided that he. Key account SALES to create essentials,Inspirational. leadership,management value 3 Days,Product 3 Days 4 Days. 3 Days 5 Days,management Sales,management,needs to know more about marketing. completely new things,3 Days Self,Strategic Retail leadership.
B2B trade 2 Days,marketing marketing Digital Mastering. and strategy so he s chosen specific,4 Days 4 Days strategy. Fundamentals Understanding budgets,you can create your. 3 Days 3 Days,of financial annual,management accounts Corporate. 2 Days performance,subjects to help build his capabilities.
management,Making ACCOUNTING,acquisitions Structuring. Essentials FINANCE financing Strategic,work Successful M A deals cost. in strategy strategy 3 Days management,2 Days execution 4 Days. 3 Days Venture,STRATEGY INNOVATION equity,International. Growth 2 Days,Strategic Compensation through,benefits innovation.
management HUMAN 4 Days,MANAGEMENT,THE FINISH LINE. But this is just the beginning Vlerick,ignites your passion for learning. So as you succeed in one goal you and,your company may decide to create. even more value by pushing your learning,with us further. THE ALUMNI NETWORK,You ve now built a network of contacts.
OLD FRIENDS NEW SKILLS you ll want to keep in touch with for the rest. of your working life You ll stay in contact, We ll be looking forward to with faculty staff too Because being at. welcoming you back to Vlerick Vlerick isn t a one off experience it s a. thoughout your career lifelong source of support and inspiration. CORE Module I EINDHOVEN,CREATE VALUE 22 24 OCTOBER 2014. WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURIAL INNOVATION MANAGEMENT SKILLS. We help you understand what entrepreneurial behaviour And because you ll need people around you to get. really is and how it contributes to transforming ideas into your idea to market you ll learn how to build grow. businesses You ll also be introduced to the structure of the and manage a team. coaching sessions you ll have across all four modules. BUSINESS MODELLING PART ONE, TOOLS FOR GENERATING IDEAS You ll begin to develop the business model that spells. You ll be discovering tools to help you solve problems and out the core logic for creating capturing and delivering. generate ideas and you ll be taking part in exercises and value from your innovation You ll learn about innovation. learning from case studies across a wide spectrum of ecosystems getting to know your market committing. markets and industries to markets and stakeholders. You ll learn how to identify breaking points in projects You ll also learn the best times and places to. and look for original solutions and possibilities enter markets. During the programme it became clear to me that there is a. world of difference between having an innovative idea and. actually bringing a new product into the market successfully. Cartamundi is full of creative people who are constantly coming. up with great ideas The Executive Master Class taught us to make. the right choices when selecting ideas and then covert the ideas. into the right products with the right business plans. Steven Nietvelt,CTO Cartamundi,CORE Module II,CAPTURE VALUE 11 13 December 2014. HOW DO YOU HARNESS THE VALUE OF INNOVATION BUSINESS MODELLING PART TWO. An innovation is only worth as much as the market is Your understanding of product and service business. prepared to pay for it So you need to be able to show models will deepen You ll learn how to define your. the market that your idea is different and special service or product and to articulate it as a marketable. solution You ll learn how to do a power analysis of. You ll learn how to differentiate your innovation from your business model to convert your innovative idea. competitors You ll also find out how to make best use into business value. of partnerships,FINANCIAL PLANS, ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING To lay the foundations for value delivery this module.
You ll discover how to get the market to accept your ends with an interactive business game that illustrates. innovation by giving it reasons to buy And if there are the relationship between income statements cash flows. barriers to your idea you ll learn how to remove them and balance sheets It s a highly useful way of. understanding your idea from a financial perspective. In my business continuous innovation helps us establish new. markets and services in which we need to out perform our. competitors The Executive Master Class has given me a new angle. and tools that allow me to manage this process more closely and. profoundly in my company The key is to pursue the opportunities. that stand a chance of being successful and to abandon those. that don t at an early stage,Jurgen Heyman,Managing Director Corporate Vice President. Sales Performance International Europe,CORE Module III GHENT. DELIVER VALUE 29 31 January 2015, GETTING FUNDING FOR YOUR IDEA You ll also start to learn to value your idea using methods including traditional. For your idea to be funded you will need to demonstrate a positive discounted cash flows real option valuation and venture capital based valuations. return on investment So you ll have to understand entrepreneurial. STRATEGIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IP MANAGEMENT AND LICENSING. Protecting your intellectual property is crucially important in bringing innovations to. We ll help you to answer questions including how to manage cash and market You ll learn how to acquire and enforce IP rights including design copyrights. how much money you ll need to finance your idea We ll show you which and trademarks through to patenting. critical assumptions are most relevant And we ll help you to understand. Starting out in business with a firm understanding of IP will help you to increase. who it s best to get funding from business angels venture capitalists. revenues reduce costs to extend product lines and to prepare for shifts in technology. or corporate investors, and markets To be able to offer a technical edge IP preparation is essential. We ll make you more familiar with financial planning and project. So you ll learn about offensive and defensive IP strategies freedom to operate. valuation and you ll also learn to make maximum use of intellectual. background and foreground IP and you ll develop the skills to analyse to what extent. property and licensing,an idea can be or already is protected.
FINANCIAL PLANNING AND PROJECT VALUATION,BUSINESS MODELLING PART THREE. This is where you learn to translate your business plan into concrete. By now you re ready to understand IP based business models as they are typically. numbers You start to build the financial plan that will eventually let. used in science based and high tech settings where technology is collaboratively. you check if your business will deliver as expected and that will. developed You ll learn when to use which type of business model depending on. give potential investors business angels or venture capitalists the. the technology derived power of your idea and the business situation you re facing. information they need to assess your business idea. Biotech entrepreneurs and university technology spin offs will understand the. challenges and critical success factors of their IP based business models. Writing the business case for BlueChem the sustainable chemistry. incubator was a great challenge But the insights during the Vlerick. programme regarding ecosystems IP and finance and especially. the case studies and the personal coaching really helped sharpen. the picture so that I could see all the opportunities Besides that. I really appreciated the feedback from the other participants and. that extra step the Vlerick team was willing to take to think along. Gabrielle Van Zoeren Project leader Sustainable Economy. and Eco Innovation City of Antwerp,CORE Module IV Leuven. REALISE VALUE 25 27 February 2015, TIME TO POLISH YOUR PITCH So you ll learn the essentials of company valuation the. This is where you put all your learning into practice impact of ratchets harvesting strategies and other aspects. and your business idea to the test You value your business of shareholder contracts in techno entrepreneurial settings. and have a final coaching session Then we simulate a. business pitch where you explain your idea and needs to VENTURE PITCH SIMULATION. a panel in a prepared and compelling way Before you present your own idea for an investor and. expert jury we take you through a business simulation. We coach you through the whole experience so that when In it you ll evaluate a fully fledged venture business plan. you come to finally pitch your ideas to real life investors using all the concepts you ll have learned You ll adapt. you ll have the edge it calculate the funding needed and defend its return. on investment before a jury of finance and business. ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCE professors acting as venture capitalists. Without a good financial plan even the most game, changing entrepreneur will have difficulty securing Finally you ll do this for your own business idea which. venture capital is the masterpiece of your learning journey. The Executive Master Class has provided,me with inspiring insights and practical.
frameworks for connecting the dots in the,overall business ecosystem It means we. can effectively spot disruptive innovations,and translate them into sustainable. profitable business,Johan Dwachtere,Director Global Pricing.

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